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Partnership with the Almighty

Text for tonight is taken from Act chapter 16 from verse 25 to 34.

"25And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them.

26 And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one's bands were loosed.

27And the keeper of the prison awaking out of his sleep, and seeing the prison doors open, he drew out his sword, and would have killed himself, supposing that the prisoners had been fled.

28But Paul cried with a loud voice, saying, Do thyself no harm: for we are all here.

29 Then he called for a light, and sprang in, and came trembling, and fell down before Paul and Silas,

30 and brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved?

31And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.

32 And they spake unto him the Word of the Lord, and to all that were in his house.

33 And he took them the same hour of the night, and washed their stripes; and was baptized, he and all his, straightway.

34And when he had bought them into his house, he set meat before them, and rejoiced, believing in God with all his house."

The number one partner God is looking for is a WORSHIPPER.

In John chapter 4 verse 23 to 24, the Bible made it clear, that 'God is Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth'.

For the fact that the Father seeketh such to worship Him: students seek for knowledge, business men seek for contracts, politicians seek for power and God seeks for worshippers.

The Almighty God, the All Sufficient God, the Maker of heaven and earth, is seeking for just one thing 'worshippers'.

Just what one of my son said 'He wants to expand His choir' here on earth, and whenever He finds a worshipper, He has found a partner and He responds in a mighty way.

For example: In Psalm 108 verse 1: David said 'my heart is fixed within me, I will praise the Lord'.

And then he went on to say in Psalm 34 verse 1, he says 'I will bless the Lord at all times, even in the bush looking after sheep', and God said, 'I will promote him and make him a king'.

If you will become a worshipper, the first thing He will do - He will visit you where you are, so that He can take you to where He wants you to be.

Paul and Silas were in prison, they were bound, they were being beaten, they were in pain, they were hungry, and they were expected to be killed the following day.

If it were some of the people that I know: they will be mourning, they will be complaining, they will be accusing God.

"God why have you done this to me? Don't You know who I am?, I pay my tithes, I give my offering, I go to church on Sundays, I go to church during the week, everybody knows me and look at what is happening to me?".

Not Paul and Silas. At midnight, the Bible says 'they began to sing'.They began to praise the Almighty God.

The Almighty God sat down in heaven hearing from all over the world, people bombard Him with requests:

"God, do this for me, God, you must do this one, why are you so slow? God, why am I not yet married? God, why is this?, God, why is that? And then all of a sudden He heard two voices singing praises to Him. Telling Him - You are wonderful, You are kind, You are faithful, there is no one like You, You are the Almighty, You are the All Sufficient God; And the Almighty God said wait a minute where is that coming from? And He located the point and said it is in a prison and said 'I will go and visit those boys, I will pay them a visit'.

There is someone here tonight the Almighty God wants to pay you a visit. If you are the one, make your halleluyah to be bigger than everyone else. When you become His partner via worship, He will pay you a visit.

Some of you will remember the story of my children, who went to America on scholarship and when they got there, after first year, there was a change of Government. The Government that gave them scholarship was disposed; a new Government came that didn't know them and their scholarship was stopped.

In a given time, they had already given birth to set of twins and they ran out of money. And the children were hungry, everything was bad. They had prayed and nothing happened, and the father could not tolerate the cry of the children, he picked his books to go to the library leaving the mother to cope;

And all of a sudden the mother remembers something I have said long time ago: 'if you prayed and nothing happens, try praise'.

So she took her tambourine and began to sing and began to praise God; She was hungry, the children were hungry, and there was no money anywhere but she kept on praising God, All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. There were group of brethren doing house-to-house preaching in the neighborhood. They have been there since morning, they were tired, they wanted to go home but the leader said, just one more house. And he came and knock the door of this couple, my daughter open the door.

The children saw a tall white man and they stopped crying for a moment, and the white man came and said have come to talk to you about Jesus Christ. My daughter said, "come in, come if you want to talk to me about Jesus we want to hear". And then after sometime my daughter said 'I would have given you something to drink only there is nothing at all'. And that man said, 'what do mean that there is nothing at all, not even only a bottle of coke?'- 'nothing at all'. So, the man went and opened the fridge and saw that the fridge was empty;what happen? My daughter told him.

He went outside, he went to the grocery, I mean to the grocery store and came back loaded with food, that was a Saturday, by the following Monday he got the husband a job. And it wasn't long after that, that they bought their first house; By the last time I met them, they have already gotten two houses - because somebody was praising God: they got a divine visitation.

God is about to knock at the door of someone here tonight; if you are that one let Him hear your shout of halleluyah.

Paul and Silas were telling God, "Father, the reason we are not in church tonight is because somebody is keeping us in prison"
And God says "if you can't come to church I will come to you". And when God arrived, the Bible tells us that, "the ground began to shake and suddenly all the yokes, all the bondage became destroyed".

Why? Because Psalm 114 verse 7 says 'whenever God arises the earth trembles' And by the time the Almighty God arises with His anointing - yokes' become destroyed according to Isaiah chapter 10 verse 27. Not only that, All of a sudden, grounds begin to shake, all of a sudden yokes begin to be destroyed, Just like the Jailer here became confused when he woke up, the enemies of the partners of the Almighty are bound to be confused.

In 2Chronicle chapter 20 if you read from verse 20 to 25 (2Chronicle 20, you can read the whole story from verse 1 to 25). It tells you the story of three kings that came against Jehoshaphat; they wanted to swallow him up and God said to Jehoshaphat through his prophet: "All I want you to do to win this battle is praise me". "Just be My partner, join My choir, sing praises unto Me". The Bible says, as the people began to sing and to praise God, God confused the enemies and the enemies destroyed themselves.

I have a feeling within me that some people are fighting some battles too big for them, and God brought you here tonight because He wants to confused your enemies. He wants to turn the enemies against each other, but God is waiting to hear your shout of halleluyah. You see, each time you praise Him, particularly when you are facing some serious issue, your enemies begin to wonder what does he knows that we don't know. How can he be rejoicing at a time like this, how can he praise God in what he's going through.

And when they get confused, He gives you a gap. And they say, "be careful we don't know what their God is planning". He had planned some things before in the past, because the devil is not as stupid as you think. As a matter of fact, the Bible says the devil is wise and the devil have a good memory of what happened when the children of Israel got to the red sea.

And all of a sudden, the red sea open and the children of Israel passed through on dry land, and the enemies followed and they were drown. From that moment onward, the devil is always cautious when he sees the children of God doing something strange.
Because on that day, he just saw Moses lifting his hand against the red sea and then the red sea parted;

So, when of a sudden he sees you standing on your feet raising your hands to heaven and shouting halleluyah, he wonders what God about to do again.

And so when you learn to praise Him, when you learn to worship Him, when you become His partner by joining His choir, here are the blessings that will follow.

Number One: You will get divine visitation,

Number Two:. You will get yokes destroyed.

Number Three: The third thing you will get is prison doors become opened. Meaning obstruction to your progress will vanish instantly.

All you need to do is think of who Adam was before he sinned, because that will give you a rough idea who God created you to be.

Because many of us think that we have already make great progress but you haven't seen anything yet.

When you look at Genesis chapter 2 verse 19 to 20, the Bible tells us that before sin came, Adam was a Professor of Zoo, a Professor of biology. Every animal God created He brought to Adam and he named them without going to any university.

If you think of what Adam can do, if you think of the size of the Garden of Eden, if we were to believe the Bible scholars the Garden of Eden was about the size of Lagos State. And God put one man there and say, take care of it. For one man to be strong enough to take care of a farm as big as a State, that man must be strong.

So, Adam was highly intelligent, Adam was extremely strong, when sin came and sin imprisoned him: that wisdom, that ability, that strength, became imprisoned. But if you will learn to worship the Almighty God, suddenly, the prison wall that the enemy has built round you will begin to collapse; everything that had been hindering your progress will begin to dissolve.

I know of one son of mine who started work as cleaner. In fact, before he became a cleaner, he was a 'danfo-driver' And then, he decided to do cleaning. And today, when you look at where God has brought him, there's nobody who can believe that this boy once sufferred. And I know God has not even reached the goal where He is taking that boy.

Now, wherever you are now, it is very small compared to where God is taking you. And what is keeping you limited is an invisible wall of prison. And if you will do what the children of Israel did, when they came across the wall of Jericho, in Joshua chapter 6 verse 20 - all they did was, they worshiped God.

They gave Him a shout, that caused Him to say, "let Me go and visit them". My prayer is that, the Almighty God will open your eye tonight so that you can see where God is taking you. Because, where you are now, am sure some of you are satisfied, you think you are already great - congratulations!. But I remembered what God told me, and I have always told you, am not a Prophet, am a Pastor, but I hear from God once in a while. And whenever He says something I know it is going to come to pass - whether anybody believes it or not.

He told me long ago, He said, "son, I will make members of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, to give new definition of greatness'. So, if you think you are great now, you don't know what greatness is yet. In the name that is above every other name you will reach that level of greatness.

When we built the first auditorium near the express way, it was 100 meters by 50 meters; it was the biggest auditorium in Africa at that time. In fact, some of my children came to me, "Daddy, we don't have problem anymore, all we need to do is build wall round it and we have the biggest church"; - I laughed.

Where are we that we are already building a wall round ourselves? Two years later we had to expand. A year we had to double,

A year later we had to increase. And compared that thing with where we are now, and compare where we are to where we are going, we have not yet started. Let me hear somebody shout halleluyah.

When you become His partner, when you join His choir, every limitation to your progress will be destroyed by your Senior Partner.

And then number four: you will become a testimony.

The Bible says when Paul and Silas were singing, the prisoners heard them. And when the prisoners heard them singing, they must have taught - "what's wrong with these crazy boys?". "They don't know where they are?" "Maybe they have not been told that tomorrow they are going to die". "How can they be singing?" How can they be praising God at a time like this?

But when all of a sudden the ground began to shake, when all of a sudden their yokes were suddenly all destroyed, when all of a sudden their prison doors where flung open, "They said wait a minute! These people are different".

I have good news for somebody here, before the end of this month some people will say, your God is Almighty.

One of my boys who preached, I think it was the first one, he said, you cann't be a witness to God unless you have experienced His miracles. When, in Mathew chapter 8 verse 1 to 4, when that leper was cleansed he became a witness. In Mark chapter 5 verse 1 to 20, ....

Thank You Almighty. The Lord said, there is someone here tonight; He said, I will compel the Authority to review your case.

Daddy says, there is someone here, He said, not long ago that somebody told you that you will smell pepper, the Almighty asks me to tell you that he's the one who will smell pepper.

Halleluyah. Daddy says there is someone here tonight that you will understand, He said you used to be at the very great height but things turned downwards, He asks me to tell you, you will soon be higher than your former height.

In Mark chapter 5 verse 1 to 20, God delivered that mad man of Gadarene. And he came to Jesus after that and said, "I want to follow you wherever you are going". Jesus Christ said no, no, no, go back to your people.

They knew you, they knew you are a mad man, they knew you are so crazy - crazy people see you coming they run. Now all of a sudden, they see you sober, normal, absolutely ok, if you tell them Jesus did it, they will believe you.

I am believing God for someone here today, your life will become a testimony.

When you become His partner, when you join His choir,

Then, Number five: you will become a blessing to many.

Every prisoner in that prison that night, they benefited from miracle God worked out for Paul and Silas. It was Paul and Silas that the Almighty God wanted to set free, but in setting them free, the yokes of other prisoners were destroyed. The prison doors that were shut against them, the doors were forced open. You can become a blessing to many.

In Luke chapter 8 verse 1 to 3, when the Almighty God set Mary Magdalene free, she became a blessing to God and a blessing to humanity. The Bible said, 'she minister to Jesus Christ of her substance' - meaning what? She was financing the ministry of Jesus Christ. She was supplying for Jesus to be able to do the work and of course in the process Jesus was able to heal the sick, was able to cast out demons, He was able to do many things.

There is a lot of work to be done and God needs resources. And people like me, I am a Pastor, and you can't see me running after contracts at the same time, and yet we need to keep the finances to get the ministry going and to get the work done. So, God in His own infinite wisdom raised up Treasurers who will be financing the work; And I want to prophesy to someone here today very, very soon you will come to me and say daddy, just tell me the budget for a year. Anyone who becomes His partner will not only be blessed, he will become a blessing.

Am sure you remember the story of one of my sons. I have told you this story before, and probably all of you listening all over the world might not have heard it before. He was sick, there was something in his PSA, the normal PSA is supposed to be - I think below five, zero to five were supposed to be normal.

By the time it is twenty, sometime they suspect that you might have cancer, by the time the thing is over two hundred then you begin to talk of terminal cancer; By the time my son went to the hospital, they checked his PSA, it was reading four thousand plus. So, the doctor could not believe he was still alive. And in that hospital they have a room where they put hopeless cases, so they just put him there. People who go into that room usually come out dead.

As God will have it, I was visiting that country at that time. I go to the airport I didn't see my son among those who came to welcome me. I asked of him they said He's in the hospital, so I went there to pray for him - and this was one of the European countries, you don't pray for anybody unless the fellow requested you to do so. So, I only prayed for my son, because, if you pray for somebody else they could charge you for something else. I prayed only for my son and I left. It was a Saturday.

To cut the long story short, by Wednesday of the following week, they discharge my son completely healed. But the bigger miracle is that everyone in the same room with him was discharged the same day.

When the Almighty God went in to heal him, the atmosphere was so charged with the power of God to heal everybody else. I decree to someone here today, for the rest of your life, wherever you go, you will take miracles along with you.

Thank You Father, the Lord said, there is someone here tonight, or listening to me right now, that you had a dream and in that dream, you were bitten by a snake, the Lord asked me to tell you, I have killed the snake.

Number six: The sixth thing that happens when you become His partner is that your enemies become your servant.

Because, in the text we read to you, you suddenly discover that the Jailer, after Paul and Silas have witnessed to him, he said, 'what must I do to be saved?' And they have told him, 'receive the Lord Jesus Christ, believe the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved you and your household'. He gave his life to Jesus, he was baptized. And then he said ok, now, you have been beaten, let me wash your wounds. You had been hungry, let me feed you. The one who was supposed to keep them in prison now became the one taking care of them.

When you become a partner of the Most High God, all of a sudden your enemies become your servant. Now, God has various ways of dealing with your enemies. Various ways. He could scatter them. Psalm 68 verse 1 to 3 says, 'let God arise and His enemies will be scattered'. If that is the only reason why we shout halleluyah at all, it should be enough.

You see, I told it again and again, I said you have never heard me pray whether on this altar or whether on any other altar, at the beginning of any service or any convention or any congress, you have never heard me stand here to say, Father, now we are about to begin this service I bind the devil, I bind all demons. And people have asked me why don't you do that? That's what many other men of God will do. And I said there is no need to. You bind the devil in the morning; you bind him in the afternoon. Did he get loose between morning and afternoon? If he is that slippery, how am I sure if I bind him at the beginning of the service he will not be loose before the service is over? But I know what to do to keep him away. Nobody stays where you are praising his enemy, that's why I start by saying: Let somebody shout halleluyah. Because when you shout halleluyah, God arises and when God arises His enemies scatter. May your enemies be scattered tonight in Jesus' Name.

He can scatter them. He can bury them alive. Like He did in Numbers chapter 16 verse 23 to 34. He buried the enemies of Moses alive. He can drown them. Like He did in Exodus 14 verse 21 to 28, when Moses told the children of Israel the enemies you have seen tonight you will never see them again forever. They didn't know that what he was saying is that by the following morning the enemies will all be drowned.

Or He could bomb them. Like He did in John chapter 10 verse 10 to 11, the Bible says that when the enemy came against Joshua God began to drop hail stones upon their head and broke so many heads, and those that God killed by bombing were more than those that Joshua killed by sword. So, He could scatter them, He could bury them, He could drown them, He could bomb them;

And He could paralyze them. Psalm 23 verse 5 says 'thou prepareth a table before me in the presence of my enemy'. The enemies are watching as you are enjoying but they are paralyzed, nothing they could do about it. And He went on to say in Proverb chapter 16 verse 7...

Thank You Father. The Lord says there is someone here and you are afraid of storm that seem to be gathering, Daddy asked me to tell you it will become showers of blessings.

He went on, in Proverb chapter 16 verse 7, he said, 'when a man's ways pleased God, He will cause even his enemies to be at peace with him. When you join his choir, when you learn to praise Him, when you learn to worship Him, you just discover all of a sudden the enemies leave you alone.

And I believe there is someone here who is tired of the harassment of the enemies, if you are that one let your halleluyah be very loud.

And then finally, so that we can have some time to really praise God, because that is what we have come to do tonight. When you join His choir, when you decide I will praise God, I will magnify His Holy Name, I will worship Him, His praise will continually be in my mouth, I will blessed the Lord at all times, my heart is fixed within me I will praise God, it doesn't matter what is happening,

then, Number seven: You will laugh last. Because if you read that Act chapter 16,...

Thank You Father. Alright this one is for me, so am saying amen to it before I tell you. Daddy says there is someone here tonight He said, I will greatly increase your movement forward and upward.

If you read Act 16 verse 35 to 40, when it was morning the people who said they were going to kill Paul and Silas, send for them and said, let them go, release them.Haa! Paul said you put me in prison, and now you are sending me away secretly, that I should go! He said am not going until you come and beg me out.

I said, I like this brother Paul, you people said you are going to kill me, something happened overnight, you changed your mind.

You kept me in prison something happened overnight you changed your mind and you ask me to go quietly, no no no. Come, you who brought me in, come and beg me out - Now, that is what I called laughing last.

There is somebody here tonight, you will laugh last. I say you will laugh last. Let me here you say it one more time - you will laugh last.

I could imagined what happened when in Daniel chapter 3 verse 28 to 30, when Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were coming out of the fiery furnace, And those who got them thrown into the fire were there watching them coming out, and the king decided to promote them far above their enemies; I can imagine Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego looking at those people and laughing at them.

I can imagine what happen in Daniel chapter 6 verse 24 to 28, when those people who got Daniel thrown in the den of lions, came with their families, their wives, their children and themselves. And then they were asked to go into the den of lions and finds out what happened to the lion, and before they reach the bottom the lions finished them. I could imagine how Daniel must have felt knowing fully well no more troubles - Victory complete.

I believe God for someone here tonight before the end of this month your song will be victory at last. It is a very sweet thing when you are the one laughing last, when your enemies become your servant. It reminds me of a story, you have heard the story before some of you of a girl who gets dressed for her wedding, arrived at the registry for marriage with her relatives, and the husband didn't show up - you have heard the story before. It happened on the day my wife and I got wedded.

Poor girl, fully dressed, as a bride waiting for the husband that didn't come. Waited and waited, the boy had just set her up; promised her, "I will marry you". Am sure the boy must be laughing somewhere, saying, "stupid girl, she thought I was going to marry her, fool". The girl, of course nearly gone mad, but somehow she recovered. And she got married to another man, and that man joined the Army. In the main time, the boy that jilted her also joined the Army.

And then there was coup and the boy he now married became a Governor, and the boy who jilted her became the aid-decamp to her husband, so that whenever the lady had to go somewhere, the aid decamp had to open the door for her. Now, that was what I called laughing last.

There is somebody here tonight you will laugh last. All those who thought you are going to drown in sorrow; they will come and beg you for help. All those who thought you will not reach your goal, will one day come and beg you for help.

God is looking for partners. He is looking for those who will worship Him, who will praise Him, who will magnify His Holy Name.

But you can't become one of His partners if you are still running up and down with the devil. You can't be one of His partners, if you are still living a life of sin. You can't begin to sing praises to Him when at the same time you are still fornicating, still committing adultery, still lying, still cheating, still defrauding.

If you say you want to sing to Him, He will say no no, sing to your master, the Devil. That's why one of the first things you need to do, if you want to become His partner is that you give your life to Jesus Christ.

It is after you have given your life to Jesus Christ, after His blood has washed away your sins, after He has given you a brand new beginning, that you can now begin to worship Him and to praise and to become a member of His choir. So, if you are here and you want to give your life to Jesus Christ, do it now

If you want give your life to Jesus, you want to say bye-bye to the life of sin; you want to swap partnership and so that Jesus Christ can become your partner, begin to pray now

talk to the Almighty God now and say, please save my soul and I will serve You, just save my soul, forgive all my sins, wipe away all my sin with Your blood, and I will serve You, please save my soul. Wipe away my sins and give me a brand new beginning.

Lord God just have mercy on me, save my soul, forgive all my sins and I will serve You. I will serve You for the rest of my life, I will serve You for the rest of my life. Say, Lord, have mercy on me, I will serve You for the rest of my life, please Lord, save my soul, forgive all my sins.

Prayer Points:

(No. 1.) Worship God intensely.

(No. 2.) You say Father, I will be Your partner, please visit me this month like never before.

(No. 3) Father, please destroy permanently any hindrance to my serving You.

(No. 4) Father, please destroy permanently any hindrance to my progress.

(No. 5) Father, please let me be a testimony to Your Almightiness.

(No. 6) Father, please make me a blessing to the whole world.

(No. 7) Father, please let all my enemies be at peace with me from now on.

Pastor E.A. Adeboye

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