Thursday, February 9, 2017


Several years ago, I think it was around 1976 or something.

I began to gather a little group of young boys and young girls together, as we are preparing for our first Christ Redeemers' Congress.

And we called them Bible Study Leaders. You could call them kind of Sunday school teachers, only they don't teach on Sundays alone, but when we go to the Congress, we break into small, small groups, and we do in-depth study of the word of God.

And those who help me teach during such a program we called them, Bible Study Leaders.

We were very few in those days. I think when we started we were thirty-three, members grow of course steadily, as the program became well known.

But then, in 1985, I had a discussion with a man of God who told me, (he has gone to be with Lord now, Pastor S. G. Elton, of blessed memory), by then, I have been General Overseer for couple of years.

And he said to me, "young man, I can see a great future for you and for your church, and for you to be able to handle what is coming, you are going to need some special disciples",

And I said, 'thank you sir, I will pray about it'.

He told me that in Ilesha, and as I was driving down from Ilesha to Lagos, I was praying over what he said, suddenly, God gave me the idea that I must start a school.

It won't be a Bible College, but it will be something entirely different, and it will be called 'School of Disciples', where I will be able to pour everything that is within me into these people, teach them three basic subjects.

Subject number one - know your God. Because those who know their God shall be strong and they shall so exploits.

Subject number two - know your enemy. You cannot be an overcomer if you don't know who your enemy is. And am telling you, when we began to study knowing your enemy, we learnt some new things.

And subject number three - weapons of our war-fare. You are not a Christian if you are not a disciple, because from the day you are born again you go into warfare.

Anybody who tells you that once you are born again, all your problems are over, is deceiving you, because the day you become born again, the Devil who had been holding you captive, will discover that this fellow has escaped and he will begin to pursue.

And the elders will tell you, it is right for the slave to escape and it is ok for the owner to pursue.

And the word of God states it clearly, very clearly that, your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking for whom he may devour.

That is the truth of it and he succeeded in devouring some people, that is why you find out that some people started the Christian race they couldn't complete it, because they do not know their enemy and they do not know how to fight.

So, we know our God, our Commander-in-chief, we will discover that once you are a Christian, you have been enrolled in the Army of Christ.

Because the word of God says clearly endure hardness like soldiers of Christ.

Our Commander-in-Chief, the Lord Jesus Christ, is not a civilian, He is the Lord of Host, He is the Greatest General, the Greatest Admirer, the Greatest Marshal and all of them combined.

And once upon a day, you are enlisted in His army and He accept you, you will need to know how to fight, and He did not say run from the enemy, He said 'resist the enemy and he will flew from you'. Resist, not run.

In all the pieces of amour that God provided for you to put on, there is no piece for your back.

Because you are not to run from enemy, the devil like to see you run.

So when I hear of Christian who say he is running for witches and wizard I know he is not a disciple.

We are to cast out demons not run away from them, cast them out.

So, thirty years ago, we started the School of Disciples and I give glory to God that today the School of Disciples is all over the world.

Last month, we graduated hundreds of them in Canada, we graduated hundreds of them in America, and everywhere we go we graduated students from the School of Disciples.

So, if you have not joined the School of Disciples, you haven't even started the race, and if you joined even by the time you finished your year one, you will become a terror to the devil.

And I thought the school consistently for ten years personally: year one, year two and all the way to year ten.

Of course! As I went on, I began to recruit some of my student to become teachers, since I can't be teaching ten classes at the same time, and it was a glorious time.

We will come here at night, we will study, go to the kitchen, prepared our own food, and eat mighty mountains of eba, in the night, and when we finished, then, we go right back to work, digging foundations, concrete at night, and in the morning, we cut grasses.

And you will be amazed the kind of people who are with us - Judges of Appeal courts, Professors, Traditional rulers, they joined the School of Disciples, because they wanted to know their God, they wanted to know their enemy and they wanted to know how to fight.

Today, by the grace of God, you can hadly find any one on the altar here, who has not passed through the
School of Disciples.

So am appealing to those of you who have not joined the School of Disciples you better enroll now, before it is too late, and the Lord will bless you as you do so.

And before I go on to the message for tonight, all the Disciples who are here: all of you who trained in the School of Disciples or those of you who are still in School of Disciples, if you are here, stand up on your feet, wherever you are, all over the world, listening to me, stand up on your feet too.

Disciples, let me here you shout halleluyah. When I asked you to shout halleluyah - shout disciples halleluyah.

Am sure you know that one of our weapons of warfare is shouting halleluyah, because by so doing, you frighten the devil.

My Father and my God I want to thank You, and to thank You for these Your disciples. We want to thank You for opening the School of Disciples thirty years ago, I want to thank You for the grace we have experienced, I want to thank You for the prophecies thirty years ago that You have fulfilled in their own life time, I want to thank You Lord Almighty for the teachers who have taking over from me by keeping the school going, Father, accept my thanks in Jesus name.

Father, these are Your disciples, they know Who You are, they know You are the Almighty, they know You are the Lord of Host, they know You have never lost a war, Father, use them to do exploits for You in Jesus Name.

They know that they don't have any other enemy other than the devil and their flesh, so my Father and my God, today, again, I pray, whatever is in their flesh that can hinder the flow of anointing - crucified today.

And I ask God Almighty like never before, when they command demons - they must obey instantly.

I pray God Almighty, whenever these Disciples arrive - miracles will arrive, deliverance will arrive, healing will arrive, salvation will arrive, joy will arrive, and in their own homes too let there be always shout of joy.

I pray that in Your kingdom, I will see all of them there. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Amen.

John chapter 10 verse 10...

John chapter 10 verse 10 "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I Am come that they might have life and that they might have it, more abundantly".

What is life?

There are some things in the world that you think you know how to define but you really don't know.

If I say, what is distance? You will say, distance is the gap between two points. I said okay.

So, what is gap? Oh! Gap is a distance.

If I say, what is time? You will say, oh! Time - that is what is measure in hours and minutes and seconds.

Am not saying how is time measured, I said, what is time?

But if you are very deep, you know real philosophy, and when I say, what is time? You will say, time is a fragment of eternity.

Then I say, what is eternity? Oh! Eternity is time without end.

So, what is time? Time is the fragment of time without end.

Suddenly, you will discover you can't define some of the things that you think you can define. The same goes for life.

When I say, what is life? Life is living.

So, what is living? Living is being alive.

So, in higher mathematics or higher philosophy, when you come across something you cannot define, you will go around it, by defining it by what it is not.

For example, you can say, life is the opposite of death - that's easy, and that's correct, because death is easy to define.

What is death? Death is permanent separation from people, places and things - that is death.

Then you know the word permanent, because when you travel, you are separated from the people you left behind, you are separated from your home, you are separated from your bed - temporarily, because you will come back.

But when you are dead, the separation is permanent.

So, what is life? Life is the opposite of death.

And so, that is going to help us tonight to understand what we are about to say.

And I want to appeal to you to pay serious attention tonight. This is the second times ever that I have made such an appeal because all night are special.

But I remembered, several years ago, I gave a lecture on curses and blessings, that night, I appealed to everybody to pay special attention.

Since life is the opposite of death, to understand life you need to know the direct associates of death:

those things that are associated with death so that when you have life those things that are associated with death will be absent from you.

Sorrow. Sorrow is a direct associate of death.

In Mark chapter 5 verse 38, by the time Jesus got to Jairus house whose daughter has just died, there was a lot of weeping. Sorrow is an associate of death.

And that is why, when Jesus comes into your life, what He wanted to say to you first is, 'weep not'.

In Luke chapter 7 verse 11 to 15, when He saw a widow going to bury her son, and everybody was weeping, He said, "weep not".

So, when Jesus said 'I have come, so that you will have life, you can take it straight away from Me, if you can allow Me to come into your life, I will dry your tears'

because sorrow is linked to death, it follows that joy is linked to life.

That is why He said in John 16 verse 24, ask, till your joy be full.

Another direct associate of death is:

Loss. When somebody dies, you lose him, invariably, he/she is gone.

In Mark chapter 5 that I was referring to, verse 20 to 24, Jairus had only one daughter, her death means loss of heritage, loss of somebody to continue in the land.

In John 11 verse 39, when Lazarus died, the sisters were heartbroken, because he was their only brother, and now, it looked as if he was gone forever.

Loss is associated with death, restoration is associated with life - because restoration is the opposite of loss.

So, Job chapter 2 verse 25 to 27, God promised that He will restore.

So, if there is anyone who has lost something that the enemy has stolen from him, in the Name of the One who have come to give life there shall be restoration. Amen

Another thing that is a direct associate of death is Loneliness.

In Luke chapter 7 verse 11 to 15, the reason the Widow was so sad, that she lost her only son, was because there would be nobody to stay with her in the house:

Her husband was dead, the only son, now also dead. Thank God for a solution.

Some years ago, one of my professors, when I was a Lecturer, small lecturer at the University of Lagos, lost his wife, and he was a strong man, nobody ever thought he could shed a tear, and then he began to weep like a baby.

First day, second day, third day, So, the children became alarmed and they sent for me because they knew we are associates.

And I rushed down there, I said daddy, I understand you're weeping - the fellow you have been together for so long, was no longer there, I understand.

And he said, "thank you, I know you understand".

In the name that is above every other name, everything that is causing you loneliness God will take it away.

That is what Jesus is saying in Hebrew 13 verse 5, He said 'I will never leave you, I will never forsake you'.

When Jesus is by your side, loneliness is removed. It becomes as separable from you, as your shadow
Psalm 121 verse 5, the Lord is your shade on your right hand.

And apart from the associate of death, because we need to understand life is opposite of death.

Apart from the associates of death - sorrow, loss, loneliness,

we have agents of death/messengers of death. Sickness/disease.

Why do people get worried if somebody becomes sick? It is because sickness can lead to death.

2King chapter 13 verse 14, it said Elisha was sick whereby he died.

Sickness can lead to death: it is an agent of death.

That is while it was said about Jesus in Exodus 15 verse 26, He said, I Am the God that healeth thee.

Sickness is the opposite of healing. Sickness is an agent of death, healing is an agent of life.

And He can heal anyone.

Mark chapter 5 verse 25 to 34, tells us about the woman with the issue of blood, she walked from Doctor to Doctors up till she came to Jesus Christ and she got her healing.

I Have good news for us those of us who are here in particular, my Daddy told me in the prayer room, He is going to concentrate on healing here tonight.

Oh thank You Father. May be He is waiting for me to announce it, He said there is someone here that your pain started between your shoulder blades, from the back of your neck between the shoulder blades, it started and began to spread downwards till now, it has almost become unbearable, He said may be you didn't noticed, but it is already gone.

Thank You Father. The Lord said there is someone here, He said, the Doctors called it pneumonia, but they have done all they could and the pneumonia refused to go, Daddy asked me to tell you, it is already gone tonight.

Sickness is an agent of death.

Some of you have heard the testimony again and again of one of my children that has terminal cancer in Britain.

And the Doctors called the parents; 'sir, if you want your son to sees his native land again, take him home now, because he has, at most, two weeks to leave'. Some of you have heard the testimony, that was way back in 1983,

And then somebody said, 'take him to the Camp they will pray for him' and they brought him, and when I take a look at him, even my faith shook.

But because I am the General Overseer, I had to pretend - there is no problem God will take care, thank God He took care.

I saw him in London two months ago, still as healthy as ever. They told him two weeks in 1983, today, more than thirty years later, he is still healthy still strong.

They told him because hypnotherapy that he shouldn't bother to marry, he went ahead and married and has his own child - glory be to God forever more.

And I stand here on behalf of my Father in heaven to say that every sickness, every disease; every agent of death in your body will disappear tonight.

Believe it or not, another agent of death is Poverty You said no, no that can't be.

Well! In 1King chapter 17 verse 10 to 12, the widow of Zarephath said to Elijah, we have only one meal left for me to eat with my son and die.

Oh! some of us think you are poor, you are not poor at all -

In the mighty name of Jesus you will never know poverty. I repeat that again, In the mighty name of Jesus you will never know poverty. Amen

Several years ago, I went to a nation, I won't mention the name, because now, they are listening to me all over the world.

And when you get to the nation, my host said, I want to show you something, kilometers upon kilometers of burial grounds/grave yards. They buried those who died in the Second World War there.

And over each slam, there is a little tent, they said those who are so poor and they have nowhere to stay are living in the cemetery, and they called the place, City of the Dead.

And these people, every day, they go out: father, mother, children, they go to refuse dumps, to go and search for grain of rice, and bones people have thrown away.

I pray for you one more time, you will never know poverty.

In 2king chapter 6 verse 26 to 29, it was a famine that went really bad in Samarian, two women living together reached an agreement: both of them had a son, 'you kill your son today and we eat him, and tomorrow we will kill my son and we shall eat him'. So, one day they killed the son of one woman they ate the son.

Now, tell me, what killed that boy, if it is not poverty?.

The second day, the other woman turned to the other woman and said, 'let us kill your son',

Ha! No oooh! She has gone to hide her son. The woman who fell cheated, ran to the king, that was how it was recorded.

That can't happen in Nigeria? Think again.

Couple of years ago, they arrested a woman for selling her son and she said, 'you can do whatever you like with me, but, hear my story first'.

"We are dying of hunger, the reason I sold him is at least whoever is buying my son will feed him; I have nothing to feed him".

What of the money you collected? "It will keep me alive".

And then, if you read in the newspaper that there was a riot in an institution, on naira land. Why?

Because a student went to an hospital and they wouldn't treat him because there was no money to pay deposit in Nigeria, so the boy died, because there was no money to pay deposit.

Poverty is an agent of death.

And I decree in the Name that is above every other name, poverty will leave you alone.

That is why the One who have come that you may have life, said about Himself in Philippians 4 verse 19, 'but my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus'.

Another agent of death is Hopelessness.

When a man has hope, no matter how little, it keeps him/her alive, if there is a hope, there is life.

And that is what is keeping many people going "that your tomorrow may be alright, you never can tell help may come".

But when a man has lost all hope, it yields to death.

In John chapter 5 verse 2 to 9, the Bible tells us about a man who was at the pool of Bethesda for thirty-eight years, waiting for an opportunity to get into the pool first, after an angel who came once a year, to trouble the pool.

Thirty eight years, that was how long he had been sick, but he came to life. Okay, he had hope, that one day will be one day.

Fortunately for him, the day came, Jesus walked to him and gave him healing.

I don't know for how long you have been coming to Holy Ghost night, but tonight is the night Jesus will visit you. Amen

In 1 King chapter 19 verse 1 to 4, when Elijah, champion, great champion of God, when he thought he had brought revival to his nation, everybody was bowing down, saying, Jehovah is LORD, and he came down to discover that Jesebel the wife of the king had not changed at all.

In fact, she wanted to kill him; he concluded that, there was no hope.

What was it, that he said to God? "Please kill me any day".

When a man loses hope, he could even commit suicide to kill himself.

Thank God for Jesus Christ. Ephesians 1 verse 27 say 'Christ in you, the hope of Glory'.

As long as you have Jesus Christ, there is hope.

I was talking with one of my sons some days ago, and he said, it was the news, just the news that his sister had cancer, was what killed her, not the sickness.

There was no sign of sickness yet, nor of any trouble, but she heard that she had cancer, weeks later, she was died.

Because somehow she just felt there was no hope.

But there is a hope for the hopeless, His Name is Jesus - you will never be hopeless in life. Amen

I have told you the story of my uncle before.

Things got bad, really really bad for him, so bad that he was taking the 'rapa' of his wife to make the 'buba and soro', things were bad.

One day he decided, death is better than shame. So he made up his mind he was going to commit suicide.

He decided he will go to church first, that he will sing, he will dance like never before, that everybody will notice him, and then, he will come home and commit suicide.

And everybody will say, 'but we saw him in church', he said, they will attend his funeral.

But as the Preacher was preaching, he heard a word; and you will hear a word tonight,

The Preacher said, when Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego was going into the fiery furnace, they did not know how God will deliver them - they did not know how but God did it.

He said, 'I don't know how God will deliver me from my present situation, but I refused to die.

If He did it for Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, He will do it for me, he refused to die.

The day he was sharing his testimony, he had just bought fourteen cars in a day, because, hope came, prevented him from dying and brought him to his prosperity.

So, if you are here tonight you are already considering dying, don't die, tomorrow will be alright. I say tomorrow will be alright. Amen

Turn to your neighbour and smile, say, my tomorrow will be alright.

Thank You Father. Daddy says there are some people here battling with dizziness, you can't walk a long distance before you begin to feel dizzy, you can't do any heavy job before you begin to feel dizzy and some of you had even almost fainted but the Lord asked me to tell you, don't worry that is over now.

So, when we talk about life, the kind of life Jesus was talking about is Abundant Life.

It means much more than words.

Some people think when we say that a fellow has abundant life, it is not because he has a big house, car or that the children have bicycle and so on - no no no.

Abundant life means much more than words.

Luke 12 verse 15, says that 'a man's life does not consist in the abundance of what he has'.

There are people who are rich financially but if you get close to them, you will say I don't want this kind of life - I know one or two, they are not here tonight, no problem, I have told you this story before.

I spent a night with a friend of mine - a very rich man.

It was time for breakfast, he asked me to wait for breakfast, and I said no problem.

And it took him thirty minutes to decide what he will eat.

The Cook said, what do you want? Baking, sausage, fish, chicken, this, that, and he struggled and struggled and finally he decided he will eat bread and egg.

By then, it was about twenty-five minutes since it started 'permutating and combinating'.

And then the Cook said okay, how do you want the egg? Scrambled, fried, boiled or this or that? Finally he said boiled.

Okay. How do want the egg to be boiled? Half boiled, medium boiled, rear boiled? He said medium.

And the Cook said medium boiled or medium reared? And he said medium reared.

And I was seating there, hungry.

Finally, the Cook turned to me and said, 'Sir, what do you want me...?

I said anything you have, just put it on the table.

He said rice? I said, sir, I will eat, just put it on the table.

I don't have money, but I have appetite, I can eat anything. Anything you don't want me to eat don't put it on my table.

Those of you who have appetite, who can eat, let me hear you shout halleluyah.

Life, real abundant life, include


Nehemiah chapter 8 verse 10 says 'the joy of the Lord is your strength', and it is Jesus who gives joy. Psalm 16 verse 11, in His presence there is fullness of joy.

Good health is part and parcel of abundant life.

Deuteronomy 34 verse 7 tells us that Moses at 120 years was strong, vibrant, that man was still ready to marry a new wife. Good health.

Companionshipis part of what abundant life is made up of.

Ecclesiastics chapter 4 verse 9 to 12 says, two are better than one.

No matter how much money you have, if you are lonely, you are lonely.

Some people have all the money in the world but they don't even have anybody to share their life time with. If you discover something funny, almost immediately you look for someone to share it with: companionship is part of what makes up abundant life.

Glorious hope is part of abundant life.

Roman chapter 5 verse 5 say 'hope maketh not ashamed'.

Ecclesiastes chapter 9 verse 4, says 'a living dog is better than a died lion'. When there is hope that is part of life. That is why we say, 'when there is life there is hope' - they go together.

Thank You my Lord! This is a big one, the Lord says there is someone here the Doctor has queried enlarged heart, He asked me to tell you, go for another test you have a brand new heart.

Thank You Father! the Lord said there is someone here too, they said that it is very little they can do with your liver as it is, my Daddy asked me to tell you, He has given you a brand new one.

So, when we talk of abundant life, so many things are involved.

Good sleep for example - ability to lie down and sleep, that is part of life, abundant life.

I told you about a man who came to us several years ago and said, he has fourteen houses, but in spite of all, the sleep dose that am given, I cannot sleep more than one hour a day, he said Pastor, 'if you pray for me, I will be healed'.

Heal me and take the fourteen houses.

I said thank you Sir. I will pray for you, Jesus will heal you for free.

I don't want your fourteen houses because I want to continue to be able to sleep.

I can sleep standing up and I know that there are one or two people like that here.

Many at times when you knee down to pray, nobody will wakes you up may be till tomorrow morning - am I telling the truth?

If you have the ability to sleep, let me here you shout halleluyah.

You see, there are some things money cannot buy, some things that are precious, far, far more precious than money.

And then, like my son who spoke before me said, whether or not to have life, is a matter of choice, and I heard him quoting Deuteronomy chapter 30 verse 19, when the Almighty God said 'i am placing before you blessings and curses, life and death', but I advise you to choose life - So you have a choice.

If you want to choose life, listen carefully in addition to the various things he had told you about.

Read Psalm 34 verse 12 says 'there are conditions you must fulfill'; it says any man who desire life, who live many days, who want to feel good: (now take note of those statements), because one could live long and live in sorrow- that is no life, one could live long and live in pain- that is no life, one could live long and barely survive - that is no life, no life at all.

If you want to live long, and desire that those days will be good ones, He says there are certain things you must do.

Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking guise.

The word of God is saying your mouth can decide whether you live abundant life or not.

Proverb chapter 18 verse 21, it says 'death and life are in the power of the tongue'.

The elders will tell you, they said "it is the mouth of the one who is coughing that he uses to invite death". When he coughs once, twice, he look as if this cough is going to kill.

I pray for every one of you here today, your mouth will not kill you.

Next thing you are asked to do is Depart from evil.

Proverb chapter 10 verse 27 says 'the days of the wicked shall be shortened'.

And the Almighty God has appointed to every man days, certain number of days.

But when He discovers that you are wicked, you refuse to repent, you refuse to do the will of God, He said, those days can be shortened.

He went on to say not only must you depart from evil, He says You must do good.

Proverbs 11 verse 8, share the law of restitution, and it says, 'the righteous is delivered out of trouble, the wicked cometh instead'.

In order words, if death is about to swallow a good man, God will say no, no, no, that is a good man, death you can't kill him, leave him alone, I will give you somebody else to kill.

You said where did I find that in the Bible? I can give you several examples.

Daniel chapter 6, read the whole chapter.

In Daniel chapter 6, some people conspired against Daniel, an innocent servant of the Most High God.

So they got him thrown into the den of lions, the lions saw him coming and say, 'hey, here comes food',

and God said, 'no, you are not going to eat this one'.

'But God, you are the One that made us to eat flesh', God said, 'wait, tomorrow you'll have plenty of food'.

After one night they brought out Daniel alive. And the king said those who conspired against Daniel will go down and find out what happen to my lions, but before they reach the bottom of the pit, the lions finished them.

The righteous is delivered out of trouble, the wicked cometh instead'.

That is one of the major reasons you must not wast time to win every member of your family to Jesus Christ, otherwise, when God is looking for a substitution for a righteous man, it will not be you - 'the righteous is deliver out of trouble but the wicked, cometh instead'.

What is the next thing you have to do if you want to live long, He said You must seek peace and pursue it.

That is because, it is the law of harvest. Galatians 6 verse 7...

Thank You Father! the Lord says, there is someone here, when the sickness started, you were seeing traces of blood in your urine, now you are urinating blood, He asked me to tell you, you can go to the toilet now and check, the bleeding has stopped.

Galatian 6 verse 7, the law of harvest, 'whatever you sow that is what you are going to reap'.

If you seek peace, peace will follow you. You pursue peace, peace will pursue you.

And the other conditions for you to have life and have it more abundantlywill be as follows:

Love God.

Deuteronomy 30 verse 20, said 'God is your life; love Him for He is your life'.

Proverb 8 verse 36, the first time I read that passage it shook me, God said in His word, He said, 'those who hate me love death'.

If you love God, you love life. You hate God, you love death.

Love God, and the brother who took the offering said something, I don't know if you listen, he said, one of the ways to demonstrate how much you love God is by how much you give to Him.

Love is demonstrated by giving: for God so love the world, He gave. That woman sacrificed her precious ointment because she loved God. You want to live long? - love God.

Another thing that will help you to live long is

Fear God.

Proverb chapter 10 verse 37...

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He says, you can't really call it headache, it is as if it is sharp pain in your head - sharp, hot, painful in the head, and the Lord said, it is gone now and it won't come back.

...Proverb 10 verse 37 says 'the fear of God prolongeth days'.

Just a minute or two ago, I said the days can be shortened, the days of the wicked shall be shortened, the days of who fear God can be lengthened.

Love Him, fear Him; obey Him, that is another one.

Proverb chapter 3 verses I and 2 says 'if you will obey God, it will add to you length of days, long life, and peace'.

Obey Him, it will add to you length of days, long life and peace.

Next thing you must do, this is very important if you want to live long, you want abundant life, is that

You must beware of curses: Stay away from actions that can attract curses.

Human curses can kill.

Number 22 verse 1 to 6, a king called Balak, saw the children of Israel that they are many, he said, 'how am I going to defeat these people?',

So, he went to look for a man called Balam and said 'please come: pronounce a curse on these people, and then I will be able to destroy them'. 2King chapter 5 verse 20 to 27...

Oh! Thank You Father! The Lord says there is someone here tonight He said, I have heard your cry I will be merciful.

Thank You Father! He says there is someone here tonight, He said, they called you a loser, I will make you a winner.

...In 2King chapter 5 verse 20 to 27, you see how quickly a curse can bring death.

A man called Gehazi lied against a man of God and the man of God pronounced a curse on him- and said, 'the leprosy of Naaman shall cleave unto thee and unto thy seed forever'- immediately, that man became a leper and in those days leprosy was incurable, that means his days were numbered.

There is a story in Genesis 31 from verse 25 to 34. Laban was pursuing Jacob; he said, 'you are running away, why have you taken my idols with you?'

Jacob said, what do I need your idol's for?.

If you find your idol with anybody in my company, let that fellow die, but Jacob didn't know that Rachel was sitting on the idol.

So, they searched the whole place, they couldn't find the idol, Rachel told the father, 'please, I didn't stand for you because my monthly period has come, that was while am not standing';

So they didn't see her sitting on the idol but because the curse had fell from the husband's mouth, by the time you get to Genesis 35 verse 16 to 19, Rachel died.

That is while am appealing to all husbands whatever the offense of your wife, don't curse her because curse can kill.

In Act chapter 5 verse 1 to 11...

Ha! I think I can say amen to this one before I tell you. Almighty God says, there is someone here tonight, He says, it doesn't matter how you feel now, I am still on your side.

Act chapter 5 verse 1 to 11, Ananias and Sapphira lied to a man of God, he pronounced a curse on them and they all died the same day. Beware of curses.

And of course if the curse of a man can have so much power, how much more a curse from God.

Mark 11 from verse 12 to 14 and 20 to 21, Jesus curse a fig tree, the tree died over night.

Run away from the curse of God, that is while Malachi chapter 3 verse 8 to 11 is very important, don't rob God- don't rob Him of His tithe, don't rob Him of His offering so that the curse will not be upon you.

It's a dangerous thing to be under the curse of God. Avoid curses.

Thank You Father! The Lord says, your home has suddenly become a battle ground, He asked me to tell you, He will show that He is the Lord of Host and restore peace to your home.

Thank You Father! The Lord asked me to tell a story, some of you have heard it before, some of you who were here when it happened. An American came to greet us several years ago when we were very small, and we were all very poor, and as he was preaching like the Americans do, he just came down from the pulpit and stood in front of one young man and said, thus saith the Lord: if you will serve Me, I will make you a millionaire, and he said amen, and he went straight back to the altar and continue preaching;

Am telling you we were all envious, how did he prophesizes to one man, what about me; and within 6 months the young man has become a millionaire -

I mean miraculously. Before you knew what was happening he had moved out of one room in Mushin, where himself and wife and five children were living to a flat, bought a new car for himself for his wife -

I mean the money was just flowing, but then we didn't see him in church anymore, and we try to follow up, and he said oh! No, no, no, it is business now, today am in there, tomorrow an in Switzerland, ha ha!

But God said "if you will serve Me, I will make you a millionaire" - I would have served your God; its just that my business partners find it easier to attend to me at weekends.

And then, one day I heard that he had a heart attack. Young man, so I send people to pray for him, they prayed for him. I said,

"tell him when he gets better he should come and see me" and he came.

When I asked questions he told me he lost a contract worth hundreds of millions of naira.

In those days, when you can buy a Mercedes car for twelve thousand naira, so you will know what hundreds of millions would mean, that was why he had the heart attack.

I told him God said "if you will serve Me, I will make you a millionaire",

Turn back to God and all will still be well.

The Lord ask me to tell you that story, there is someone here tonight God ask me to tell you, your level is about to change, please don't forget God.

Do I hear amen now? Aaaaaameeeeen

Now you want to live long. You want to enjoy abundant life?

Avoid fruitlessness.

When the Lord saved your soul, it is so that you too will save others to the saving knowing of Jesus Christ.

God hates barrenness, Luke 13 verse 6 to 7, the Lord tells us a story of a man who has a vineyard.

He visited the vineyard and saw a tree there, big, full of leaves but no fruits, he said to the guard man, 'cut it down, why cumbereth the ground'.

When He visits your church, and sees you there - big man, big woman, dancing, jumping up and down and He says, how many souls have you brought to Me, you have to give your answer.

John 15 verses 1 and 2, He say "I Am the Vine, my Father is the Husbandman; I Am the Vine, you are the branches.

Any branch in Me that beareth fruit He purgeth so that he can bring forth more fruits.

Any branch in Me that beareth not fruit He will cast it away".

If you are not a soul winner, it means you love death rather than life.

I was talking to a 90 years old man, not too long ago: 90 - still healthy, strong, you shake his hand you think you are shaking the hand of a twenty something year old man.

I said, 'sir, what is the secret of your health and strength?' He said, I am a soul winner.

Every Sunday, I bring somebody new to church, every Sunday: every Sunday somebody new.

And in last week I had of somebody who in one week won fifty nine people to church - fifty nine! One week! One man!

And there are some of us since the year began we have not brought a single soul to Jesus Christ; God is not going to tolerate fruitlessness for long.

And then, the next thing my son had already mention

Honour your parents.

Exodus chapter 20 verse 12, 'honour your father and your mother, that your days might be long'.

Why must you honour your parents? It is because of the law of harvest: if you honour your parents, you will live long to become a parent.

If you honour your parent, you won't die young, so that you can become a parent, so that your children can honour you - the law of harvest.

No matter how bad you think your parents are, they are the one who took care of you before you became anybody.

Have you forgotten those days when you are absolutely helpless?

Have you forgotten those days all you could tell them you have a problem is cry because you couldn't talk yet?

Have you forgotten those days when they didn't sleep because you are not sleeping?

Honour your parents that you may live long.

The blessing of your parents will take you far.

I have told you before, I said am where I am today by the grace of God, and the blessing of my mother.

I told you any time I did something that pleased her, when I was young, she had only one prayer for me, but she will say it in Yoruba because she couldn't speak English, so she couldn't pronounced, Enoch very well,

"Enoku' wa pe enikan, eniyan igba ada'elohun" (you call one fellow, two hundred will answer),

I didn't understand what that meant but today you see the fulfilment of her prayers.

Honour your parents biological.

Then, Honour parent spiritual.

God was speaking in Malachi chapter 1 verse 6, He says 'if have been your father where is my honour?'

God except us to honour our spiritual parents.

I have told you before when your spiritual parent told you, you are blessed - it means you are blessed.

I have said it before, many a times, I say it on credits, knowing that one day you will wake up and I say God bless you.

But, blessings don't come free. No no no, Isaac said to Esau, go and get me the kind of food I like that I may be able to bless you from the bottom of my heart.

While Esau was gone, Jacob came in, gave papa good food, papa poured the blessing on Jacob;

Jacob walked out, Esau came in, and papa said ha ha my stomach is already full, have already poured out the blessings.

Don't you have anyone left?

Well, I have already made him your lord, I can't change that.

Blessings from your parent can prolong your life but blessings don't come for nothing - honour your parents.

I told you the story of two boys, two young men who saw me in Heathrow years ago, carrying two heavy luggage, because there was not enough money to pay for excess luggage,

I packed all the heavy things, the books into the hand luggage because they wouldn't weigh those ones.

I was sweating carrying them, and then, I met two of my sons - 'ha, good morning daddy good morning daddy',

I said good morning to the first one.

The second one rushed to me, 'oh, let me help you carry your luggage',

I said, God bless you.

The first one turned to me and said, 'daddy, you didn't say 'God bless you to me', I said for what?.

You said good morning, I said good morning; this one honoured me, so I said, 'God bless you'.

I will do it on credit again tonight to those of you who are my children - God bless you.

Honour God. He is the Father of all fathers. That is what He said in Proverb chapter 3 verse 9 to 10, He says honour Me with your first fruit. God doesn't need your money, He needs honour.

And then finally,

Be Holy. Am sure you know that is where I will end.

Thank You Father! Two weeks ago, we were in Canada for our convention, and we have testimony time,

One of the greatest testimonies I have heard in my life, and God is asking me to share the testimony with you because He wants to do something for someone.

A lady stepped forward and said she was born without ovaries and her Fallopian tube were not properly formed, which means there is absolutely no way she could have a child.

So, she said then we came for one program in Canada, my wife and I, and when we finished everybody was struggling to sit on my chair and she decided am not going to sit on Daddy's chair, am going to his wife chair.

She said she got to my wife chair and said to God, Daddy just said to us that you have spare parts in heaven, even if you don't have my own spare parts, give me the ovary of the woman who sat here, give me her Fallopian tube, she doesn't need them anymore.

And God answered her because she stood before us with two beautiful children.

So, the Lord asked me to tell some here tonight, tonight, you are getting brand new Fallopian tube.

Ha! Thank You Father. I can hear a song, and is coming from a home of someone, and I want to sing the song to you, is an old song,

Singing praise to the Lord

Singing Halleluyah

Singing praise to the Lord

Singing Halleluyah

Halleluyah halleluyah

Singing halleluyah

Halleluyah halleluyah

Singing halleluyah

Singing praise to the Lord

Singing Halleluyah

Singing praise to the Lord

Singing Halleluyah

Halleluyah halleluyah

Singing halleluyah

Halleluyah halleluyah

Singing halleluyah

Thus saith the Lord, before the end of this month that song is coming from the home of someone.

Oh! Thank You my Father.

be Holy.

Roman chapter 6 verse 23, says 'the wages of sin is death'.

So, if you don't want to die, stay away from sin.

If anyone tells you that once you are born again you can continue in sin, that fellow wants to kill you.

The wages of sin is death and the word of the Lord is forever settled; and you know what?

All sins are bad but one of the most dangerous of all sins is the sin of adultery.

1Corithians chapter 3 verse 6 to 7, the Almighty God says 'when you are born again, you become the temple of God, the Spirit of God now dwells in you'.

And He says 'if you defile the temple of God, God will destroy you' - stay away from adultery, stay away from fornication, keep the temple of the Almighty God pure so that you may live long.

I close as my son told you, in Jesus is life.

If you abide in Him, His life will abide in you: you will be fruitful, you will be joyful, you will be successful.

So, those of you who are not yet in Christ, those of you who have not yet surrendered your life to Jesus, I appeal to you, come to Him tonight, in Him is life.

So, am going to count from one to fifteen, because I can see some of you very far away, and if you are far away start coming straight away: if you want to give your life to Jesus come now - in Him is life.

And as you come, keep praying, ask Jesus for mercy to save your soul,

Now those of you who are already at the front and those of you who are on the way, cry to Jesus - I prefer life, I don't want death, please save my soul, forgive all my sins, and I will serve You for the rest of my life.

And the rest of us let us stretch our hands towards these people and intercede for them.

Let us pray that the Almighty God who saved our souls will save their souls also.

Intercede for them brethren, intercede for each and every one of them; and those of you who are still on the way keep coming, don't stop and pray as you come - that Jesus should have mercy on you, to forgive all your sins, save your soul and promise Him you will serve Him for the rest of your life.

Thank You Father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Saviour, I want to thank You for Your word, I want to thank You very very well for these Your children that have come forward to surrendered their life to You.

Please, on their behalf accept my thanks in Jesus' Name.

Father, remember Your promises, that 'whosoever will come unto You, You will in no wise cast out',

They have come to You now, Father, please receive them in Jesus' Name.

Let Your blood wipe away their sins in Jesus' Name.

Save their souls, write their names in the Book of Life and don't let them go back into the world of sin in Jesus' Name.

As from tonight onward, anytime they call on You, please answer them by fire.

And I pray Lord Almighty, in Your kingdom they will not be found missing- in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Amen.

May be You want to write down the following prayer points; even if someone is dead you will knows that God is here tonight and He is going to answer your prayers.

You want to praise Him for bringing you here tonight and for tuning in, those of you who are in other nations of the world. Praise Him for making you partakers of tonight.

Say Father, please keep away from my family every form of death. That is, physical death, financial death, marital death, mental death, spiritual death; just keep away from my family every form of death.

Father, if I have done anything to deserve Your curse, please forgive me and help me to destitute all my ways.

Father, help me to be fruitful particularly in soul winning.

Father, please help me to be holy.

Father, I choose life, help me to love You more and obey You totally.

Father, breathe life, Your life, into me, into my finances, into my home and into Your Church.

And then, if there is anything you want to add on your own, you can add it.

So, am going to give you some 30 minutes to pray. And as usual, you can pray standing, you can pray on your knees, just go ahead and talk to the Almighty God.

Thank You Father. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Now, I want you to join your hand with your neighbour and say, Father, banish death from the home of my neighbour. Go ahead talk to the Almighty God. Banish death from the home of all Your children. Thank You Father; in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Still with your hands joined, I want you to pray for our youth and say, Father, Keep death away from our youth. Go ahead talk to the Almighty.

Thank You Father. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

And finally, with all your heart, you say Father, this Your child that am holding from now on let him enjoy abundant life. Go ahead talk to the Almighty God. Thank You Father. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

The Almighty God Himself will answer your prayers.

Because life is the opposite of death, death will stay away from you, death will stay away from your home. Anyone that is precious to You, death will see them and run.

Because sorrow is an associate of death, in the Name that is above every other name you will not know sorrow again.

Because loss is an associate of death for the rest of your life you will not suffer a loss.

Because loneliness is an associate of death you will never know loneliness again.

Because sickness and disease are agents of death from today onward you will enjoy divine health.

Because poverty is an agent of death, in the Name that is above every other name poverty will stay away from you.

Because hopelessness is an agent of death, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ from today onward your song will be, hope rising
The grace to be fruitful particularly in soul winning receive it right now in Jesus' Name.

The grace to love God, to obey Him completely because He is your life, receive it right now in Jesus' Name.

Everything you have done to deserve the curse of God, be forgiven right now in Jesus' Name.

The grace to restitute your ways so that you will be doing the will of God, from now on, receive right now in Jesus' Name.

The grace to honour your parents - biological, spiritual, and God Himself receives right now in Jesus' Name.

The Almighty God will breathe life into you, He will breathe life into your business, He will breathe life into your marriage, He will breathe life into your home, and He will breathe life into your churches.

From this hour onward, you will begin to enjoy abundant life.

He will answer your prayers and your joy will overflow.

So shall it be, and you will serve the Lord -

in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Amen.

If you receive that let me hear you shout halleluyah.


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