Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fulfilling Destiny

Our Topic for today centered on 'FULFILLING DESTINY'.

We open our Bibles to Genesis chapter 50 and read from verse 15 to 21. Genesis 50 verse 15 to 21. And while you are opening your Bibles, I think we should give a round of applause to the choir, they did very well tonight.

That was beautiful.

Genesis 50 verse 15 to 21. "15. And when Joseph's brethren saw that their father was dead, they said, Joseph will peradventure hate us, and will certainly requite us all the evil which we did unto him.

16. And they sent a messenger unto Joseph, saying, thy father did command before he died, saying,

17. so shall ye say unto Joseph, forgive, I pray thee now, the trespass of thy brethren, and their sin; for they did unto thee evil: and now, we pray thee, forgive the trespass of the servants of the God of thy father. And Joseph wept when they spake into him.

18. And his brethren also went and fell down before his face; and they said, behold, we be thy servants.

19. And Joseph said unto them, fear not: for am I in the place of God?

21. Now therefore fear ye not; I will nourish you, and your little ones. And he comforted them, and spake kindly into them."

God is the Master builder. He is not only build houses as we read in Exodus chapter one verse 21, the Bible tells us that because the mid-wife fear God; He built houses for them. God not only build houses He build cities.

Hebrew 11 verse 10 tells us that Abraham was looking for a city whose maker and builder is God.

He builds cities and he specializes in building people, He specializes in building people, 1 Corinthians chapter 3 verse 9, it says you are God buildings.

Like any master builder He builds according to plan, you will never find a good builder, building without a plan.

As a matter of fact, God is not only a Master Builder He is also a master architect.

He builds according to plan, and am appealing to the engineers please let everybody hear me tonight because this night would probably be the most important Holy Ghost service you ever attended,

Because am believing God that beginning from today, you we begin to fulfill your destiny.

'Am not a medical doctor but I read in a journal several years ago that when a woman conceives, everything that, the child would be either tall, short, dark, light, thin, fat, is settled within 72 hours from the moment of conception within 72 hours every detail is already sorted out.

Ephesians 1 verse 3 to 6 goes far far beyond that, Ephesians 1:3 to 6 says even before the foundations of the world, God has already chosen those of you who are here tonight; chosen before the foundation of the earth.

In other words, before He began to say let there be light, let there be fish, etcetera etcetera, He had settled your case.

You are not here by accident it was already in the plan of the Almighty God.

Paul the Apostle said in Galatians chapter 1 verse 5, He says God has chosen him form this mother's womb.

In Luke chapter 1 verse 13 to 15 it is already settled before John the baptize was born that He shall be great, the prophecy came that He shall be great.

So when we talk of the Destiny we are talking about the plan of God concerning your life and it has been settled before you were born.

So that destiny earns its origin in the sovereignty of God. The Bibles says in Psalm 115 verse 3, it said our God is in the heaven, He does how He pleases.

He's the original Majesty, He does how He please nobody can query Him.

In Romans chapter 9 verse 15 to 16, He stated clearly in His word I will be merciful unto whom I will be merciful, I will show compassion unto whom I will show compassion.

Thank God He has shown me mercy, I don't know about you. that's why Paul said in 1 Corinthians 15 verse 9 to 10, he said I am what I am by the grace of God.

Whatever you are today, it is by the grace of God and by the grace of God alone.

Maybe two passages in the Bible would clarify this- Psalm 33 verse 8 to 11 tells us certain things clearly Number one it says when God speaks it is done. It said let the whole earth fear the Lord, let a whole stand in awe of Him, why? Because He spake and it is done.

number two: from that passage, it says He makes the devices of the people of none effect in other words whatever the enemies may be trying to do by blocking your destiny, God has the power to reduce all their power to nothing

number three: it says the counsel of the Lord stands forever, in other words what He has decided to do is a matter that is settled forever. Another Bible passage that would lay a foundation concerning destiny is found in Isaiah 46 verse 9 to 10 Number one it says God is God and there is none like Him.

It said I am God alone and there is no one like Me; it's a settled matter and you need to understand that.

He can declare the end from the beginning and this makes God special. He knows the end from the beginning because the end and the beginning meet in Him.

Revelation chapter 1 verse 8 - Jesus Christ said I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning as well as the Ending.

The two of them gather together in Him.

He says, He declares from ancient times, the things that are not yet done, in another words, God can tell you what will happen in thousands of years before it happens and everything that is going to happen.

And then number four: His counsel stands. That is it again, whatever He says He will do that's it it is done.

And then number five: He said He will do all His pleasures. If He says this is what is pleasing unto Me, then that's done; He will do all His pleasures.

So when we talk about destiny we are talking about the plan of God concerning your life and He made that plan before your father met your mother.

The reason your father and your mother produce you is because they are the only two people in the plan of God that can produce you.

I was telling some people in another nation who have always complaining that they don't know their dad, I said you don't have to worry, the assignment given to your father was to meet your mother, he finished his assignment and he disappeared.

Thank God for those of us who have fathers, but if don't have any father you don't have to worry yourself about it at all, that may not affect your destiny.

Now God usually gives a hint as to what your destiny would be - He would give you a hint; He would tell you what is His plan for your life just a little glimpse of it - a glimpse.

Before delays or diversion begins to come, He would give you a hint; and if He has never given you a hint you will get a hint tonight in Jesus' Name.

And I will give you some example

First, Joseph. In Genesis 37 verse 5 to 11, Joseph had two strange dreams: he had the first dream he narrated it to his brothers and without him saying a word the brothers interpreted the dream accurately.

They said what are you saying; are you saying we are going to bow down before you?

The boy said all I had is a dream.

Then he had the second dream and this second dream was even bigger. Not his brothers alone, now even the father also was alarmed.

That was a hint given to that boy. Of course then the enemy attempted that the dream should not come to pass. in Genesis 37 from verse 18 to 28, the brothers said here comes the Dreamer, let's kill and see what will become of his dreams.

They wanted to snuff out the dreamer so that the dreams will not come to pass.

But you know the rest of the story, they were just wasting their time, they sold him into slavery when he got into slavery he became slave in the house of Potiphar.

The Almighty God who already promised what He was going to do was there with him and as he began to prosper over there, one day the wife of Potiphar said if you don't come and lay with me there will be problems and you know the rest of the story.'

He refused to compromise and he ended up in prison and here is somebody God had already told "you are going to be a Ruler, your brothers are going to bow down before you"

And he found himself in prison; because there is someone also coming to prison who is a link to the journey of his destiny.

That's why God sent him to prison:

Wherever you are today is not by accident you are going to meet someone that is going to help your destiny.

The rest is history.

In the text I read to you, the same brothers came, fell down at his feet and said sir we are your servant and the Bible says Joseph wept.

Why was he weeping?

He remembered what God told him. A day is coming where somebody here is going to weep for joy.

Moses is another example. The first thing concerning the destiny of Moses came in Genesis 15 verse 13 to 14.

Hundred of years before Moses was born, God spoke to Abraham, He said I know today you are still barren but out of you will come a Nation. And this Nation will be in a foreign nation for four hundred years, and after four hundred years I will bring them out to serve Me. And they won't come out empty handed, that was the first hint.

And then of course you know the rest of the story the children of Israel landed in Egypt.

Years passed, and then all of a sudden the devil knew and have been counting the number of years, that very soon, the Deliverer of Israel was going to be born.

And he spoke to the new Pharaoh who began to kill all the boys that are born in Egypt.

The death was waiting for Moses but the Almighty God, the One who fulfills destiny, kept death away;

The reason you are still alive today is because God has a purpose for your life and that purpose will be fulfilled in Jesus' Name.

But you know the rest of the story, in Exodus chapter three from verse 1 to 12, at the back of the desert where Moses had gone to hid after he had killed an Egyptian, after he discovered that delivery the children of Israel is not going to be by human strength, God met him there and said your destiny is about to fulfill;

So, I have good news for everyone here tonight, no matter how old you are God will fulfill your destiny.

Let me give you another example, David in 1Samuel chapter 16, if you read it from verse 1 to 13, the Almighty God spoke to Samuel and said go to the house of Jesse I have chosen one of his sons to be my king.

You know the rest of the story: Samuel came, Jesse brought out seven boys and David was kept out of the show and God refuse the seven and say the one I have in mind is in the bush.

My brother and sisters anywhere you are destiny will locate you.

It might be in the back side of a desert, it might be in the bush looking after animals, it might be an office when your time comes destiny will locate you.

So they brought in David, and when he was being anointed king, there was another king on the throne.

David was about seventeen years old when the oil first landed on his head but he didn't sit on the throne until thirteen years later, all he got was a glimpse of what was coming.

What happen after that?

Oh the devil tried to kill him, he sent a lion the lion died, he sent a bear the bear died, he sent Goliath, Goliath died.

That is while I can assure you anyone who want to truncate your destiny between now and the end of this month they shall be no more.

Several times king Saul as soon as he realized this is the boy who will succeed me, several times, at least three times, he threw a javelin at David but three times the javelin missed.

But you need to understand king Saul was very good man with the javelin but to miss David first time, second time, third time, is simply that the Almighty God was the One, who can fulfill destiny, that was at work.

And I am prophesying to someone here this evening the Javelin of king Saul will miss David tonight.

When King Saul was no longer around David find himself on the throne and the Bible said he reigned for forty years.

Let me take another example and I will take Apostle Paul. In Galatians chapter 1 from verse 13 to 17, Apostle said clearly that he had been chosen from his mother womb but then this man who was chosen to be an Evangelist for Jesus Christ, an Apostle for Jesus Christ, is the one who was chairman of the stoning of Stephen.

Acts chapter 7 verse 57 to 59, when they were killing Stephen he was the one supervising the operation because the devil wanted to divert him from his goal but ultimately in Acts chapter 9 if you read it from verse 1 to 30, the One who can bring destiny to pass arrested him on the way, so he was able to say that the one who was the chief of the sinner, became a chief Apostle because that was his destiny.

Whatever may be the diversions that had already taken place concerning your destiny in the Name that is above every other name that destiny shall be fulfill in Jesus' Name.

And I can give several examples. Probably I will give you more as you go along, but am just laying foundation so that you will know that what we are discussing is very serious issue and I will want you to be absolutely sure of what destiny is and how to reach there.

We need to know that destiny can be truncated, destiny can be truncated. What exactly do we mean by that? We've already said that the enemy may try, the enemy will fail because what God has spoken and it is done.

It is God who can fulfill destiny, the One who have the plan, He's the Master builder but if He discovers what the person is trying to build is not yielding to Him after a lot of persuasion He may tear the plan.

It is my prayer that the plan of God for your life will not be destroyed by your actions.

Let's take one or three examples:

Samson. In Judges 13 verse 1 to 5. Samson, a hint concerning the future of Samson was given; the Lord sent an angel to tell his mother, the mother was barren, the angel came and told her you are going to have a son, he's going to be powerful, he's going to be filled with Holy Spirit even from the womb.

Before he was born at all the power of God was going to be mighty in him.

But then when Samson was born the Spirit of God moved him just like the Almighty God has planed ; Samson began to live as he can live without God: every law, every rule that the Almighty God said he must obey, he broke them all.

As someone who is peculiar to God, he was not supposed to touch dead body of any type, but he kill a lion and saw honey in the lion. he picked the honey forom the carcass of a dead animal and he began to eat, it didn't bothered him.

He was not supposed to marry among the strangers, he said who was talking I as the powerful man am the anointed of God, shut your mouth, that is the woman I want to marry, he tried to marry the woman he failed, but he kept on going and going and going doing everything contrary to the will of God including going into the house of a harlot.

You can read the rest of the story Judges 16 and read the story from verse 1 to 30. Special man of God, anointed man of God, fills with the Holy Spirit from the womb, he was going in and out from harlot house, and he was doing everything he wanted to do.

Finally God said okay enough is enough and God withdrew, and he died a young man.

Am praying particularly for all the youth here today whatever you will do that will cause the Almighty God to tear your destiny I pray you will no longer do it.

What about king Saul, he was an ordinary farmer's boy but God chose him to be the first king of Israel. He got a hint that he was going to be a king in 1 Samuel chapter 9 from verse 25 to 27; and very soon in 1 Samuel chapter 10 verse 1 to 9, he began to manifest all the signs that the Spirit of the Almighty God was already upon him - I mean he woke up a farmer's boy before the evening he was prophesying like any prophet and the he began to reign, he became very popular among the people and then in an attempt to please the people rather than please God; his kingdom was taken away from him.

1Samuel 15 verse 1 to 29, the Almighty God sent him on an errand instead of obeying God completely he decided to obey the people and God said fine Am the One who arrange the original plan, now that you are not complying with my instructions I tear the plan.

I pray for every one of you listening to me tonight, what you will do that cause God to tier is plan will not be done by you.

Not only that destiny can be truncated, destiny can be totally reversed. Not just truncated but totally reversed.

In the case of Samson we said his destiny was truncated, even in his death God still use his death to fulfill God's purpose, only he was not there to enjoy the fruit of it; but in some cases God will reverse the destiny completely.

1Samuel chapter 2 verse 30, God said to Eli indeed you and your father's house shall stand before me forever, God said that was my plan: you, you children, great grandchildren for generation to come would be my priest, but God said now I say be it far from me - in otherr words the original plan, I erased it.

In fact, He said later on, listen those who do not die young in your family will be begging priest for bread: they were supposed to be priest but now they will be coming to the priest to say please can we have some food to eat.

I pray with everything that in me, in the Name that is above every other name your destiny will not be reversed for evil.

God said there is someone here tonight, He said you should relax the mountains are already crumbling.

And says there is someone here tonight, He said like Joseph in whatever situation you find yourself you shall have dominion.

Another example of destiny being completely reversed - I have told the story before but some of you might not be here then, is about a man called Ephraim.

In Genesis 48 verse 8 to 20, Joseph brought his children to his father Israel for blessing, Joseph had two sons in Egypt: the first was Manasseh and the second born was Ephraim, he brought this two sons to his father so he could bless them, and because Manasseh was the first born, he place him where the right hand of his father will land and Ephraim where the left hand will land.

Now, at that time, Israel was getting blind, he was old, so he couldn't see clearly, when it was time for him to bless this two boys he cross his hands, and place the right hand on the head of the second born and left hand on the head of the first born.

And he blessed the two of them with his hand crossed.

Within few years, according to Deuteronomy 33 verse 17, the younger had prospered more than the elder ten times.

For every one thousand that the first born had, the second born had ten thousand - he had prospered ten times more than the brother because of the hand that was crossed.

Because that was the destiny that God had for Ephraim.

But then as soon as Ephraim prospered, he began to ignore God.

God will send him on an errand and he will refuse to go.

"Ephraim, we're all going to battle, there was war in a nation, come let's go and fight"

Ephraim will say who will look after my sheep? who will look after my wealth?

All of you can go, leave me alone, am a rich man.

After some times, he even began to worship idols, God began to send message upon message to him:

Eeeh , "Leave me alone am enjoying myself".

I pray for somebody here today, the kind of position that you will reach and you will forget God, May you never reach that position.

After some time in Hosea chapter 4 verse 17, God said okay have heard enough, he said Ephraim has joined himself to idols, leave him alone.

'Am the One who wrote the plan for his life, he has forgotten Me, leave him alone, no problem, and then in Hosea chapter 5 verse 9, God now said, I have written a new plan, He said Ephraim shall be desolate, have prosper him have made him great he forgot Me he joined himself to idol.

Because they said, destiny Changer changes my destiny today. How do you know how the original destiny is? If it is evil, may it be change in Jesus' Name.

If it is good, may it be fulfill in Jesus' Name.

Now destiny can be reversed, In other words, the original plan may be bad and it will be reverse so that it will become good.

I will give you one example because of time, again I have spoken about this before to those of you who are older, is about a certain man called Levi...

Thank You Father, amen. The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said from tonight onward you will be on a fast lane to your destiny.

I believe God is talking to me tonight, amen and amen, because the Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said, from today onward, all you will be saying is, things are getting better and better.

There was this young man called Levi, in Genesis 49 verse 1 to 7 that's where you find the story.

He had something years before that offended the father preevously and the father waited until the day he was going to died.

The father laid on his bed and call all his children together, and said, "come let me tell you what's going to happen to you in the future"

And he began to tell them one by one, one by one concerning their destinies.

When he came to Levi, he said Levi, because of your violence temper, he said "you will become nothing".

He said, "you will be scattered throughout the land", as soon as he finished, the father died so there is not even room to say, "sorry daddy", it was sealed but the God in heaven decided I will reverse that destiny.

If there is anyone here to tonight whose destiny have been cursed, in the Name that is above every other name I cancel the curse.

But God didn't just reverse the destiny of Levi, it was because something happened.

In Exodus 32 you can just read the entire story but verse 25 and 26 would highlight the point; Exodus 32 verse 25 to 26.

Moses had gone upon to the mountain to collects the ten commandments, while he was gone the children of Israel said, "he had gone for too long, we don't know what happen to him, maybe he had died on the mountain we don't know"

They turned to Aaron and said, "make us a god, in any case, we need the god we can see"

So Aaron said, "fine, give me your jewelry and I will make you a god".

They gave him all their gold and he created a calf.

By the time Moses was returning form the mountain the people were singing and dancing worshiping the idol: dancing naked.

When Moses came and saw what was happening, he was furious but he knew the children of Israel.

In the past they have threatened to stone him over ordinary things, and yet he knew they must be punished for what they have done and he knew he couldn't do it alone.

So he stood by the gate, lifted up his voice and said "anyone who is on the side of the Lord should come over to me"

And the Bible said Levi and all his children crossed over to the side of Moses.

So God looked down from heaven and said "Levi, you all are supposed to become nothing you say you're on my side"

God said, "in that case, Iam on your side"

That original destiny, that original plan made concerning your life I wipe it out I write down new one.

So God spoke to Moses in Numbers chapter 3 verse 11 to 13, He said to Moses, "bring Levi near Me, I have chosen Levi to become My first born".

The one that the father says he will become nothing, God says, he will be my first born, he will be special.

Because even though God's discovery, even though God does as he pleases in heaven, God is not arbitrary, He said in Proverb chapter 8 verse 17, He said I love those who love Me, those who seek Me early shall found me.

In James chapter 4 verse 7, the bible stated clearly, if you draw near God, He will draw near to you. If you are on the side of the Lord, He will be on your side also.

Do I hear somebody say amen?

Now, how do I know what is in my destiny?.

Many of us without knowing it, God has spoken to us in the past. He has spoken to us in parables, He has spoken in prophesies, at that time, may be we didn't realized it, but He has spoken, He has given it.

And I can use myself as an example, have shared it with some of the older ones: several years ago as a little boy going to school, in those days when you are going to school, primary school for the first time, they make a plate for you, those who are old will know what is called a plate.

Today now you are using the computer, the iPad; our own iPad then was cut from wood, and dyed black and give you a chalk so you can write ABC on your plate.

How many of you know what am talking about?, and those of you who are old to know let me hear you shout halleluyah.

So one day I was coming back from school, my plate on my head all my face covered with chalk and an elderly man saw me and and said, "senior academician"

I didn't know what he was talking about: with the plate on my head with chalk on my face but that old man saw in that little boy somebody who will get a PhD.

He saw it, he didn't know how to say it but he painted it that way.

One other day, I was coming from school and I met another old man who looked at me and said 'Baba Eko',

Ha ha, and in those days in Ife wara, when you talk of Lagos, it is almost like you are talking about Jerusalem.

We know that there is a place somewhere, because even in those days to go to even Ilesha or Ife those are the two nearer towns, is like going on a pilgrimage.

And he called me "Baba Eko"

I never knew I could end up in Lagos, but that man saw it.

Another hint, I think I have shared this one before because am telling you this, so that you can think back, there might be some hints that God has already given you concerning your destiny:

I think it was 1951, at that time, the Anglican Bishop based in Ibadan, what used to be called Oyo Province, came to visit the little Anglican church in Ife-wara.

And we in St. Stephen primary school lined the route to welcome him, the local hunters didn't go to the farm, they were shooting into the air giving him gun salutes.

He came in a brand new black car.

And you need to understand in 1951, in Ife-wara, there were only two lorries that came to town in a day; one was "Bedford" lorry and the other one was "Austin"lorry

And we can tell which one is coming by the noise they make.

Some of you don't know what is an Austin or Bedford lorry, that's okay,

And so, he came in a brand new car, I have never seen a car before.

He was dressed in a bishop dress, all the beautiful things, the red, everything beautiful.

And when he was coming out of the car, he was wearing a pair of black shoes, polished and shining.

Whether you believe it or not, there were only five people in the village that had shoes, only five.

And the head of the primary school was one, his own shoes was tennis shoes, my mouth fell open. I have never seen anything so beautiful - the car, the dress, the shoes;

And then, when he was about to leave, everybody began to give him gifts: the farmers brought yams, some people brought chicken, some people brought eggs, I just open my mouth wide.

When I got home that day, I told my mother, "I am going to be a bishop".

And it was 1951; of course years passed, I left home, I went to secondary school, secondary school to university, I left church for years I didn't enter into any church at all.

And then, one day I got born again, one day I became general overseer, one day I decided to visit our little parish in Ife-wara.

And because my people wanted to welcome me home, the school children lined the route, the hunters didn't go to the farm, they were firing guns to welcome me home.

I went in a brand new black car, I was wearing black shoes well-polished.

As I entered the town, and I saw the children lining up, singing and the guns firing, I remembered 1951, I remembered thirty years before that I said I was going to be a Bishop.

I prophesy to someone here today that dream that God gave you years ago shall be fulfilled now in Jesus' Name.

But now specifically, according to the word of God, what are the things that I know that I know that I know are in your destiny?

If you are a true child of God, the following things among others are in your destiny.

Number one: Healing, 1Peter chapter 2 verse 24, says by His stripes you were healed. More than two thousand years ago your healing has been settled. And if you would receive it, nobody will leave here with any sickness in Jesus 'Name.

Number two: In your destiny, is divine health, Exodus 15 verse 26 stated clearly if you will obey God you will not even know sickness at all. It is possible my brothers and sisters never to know sickness again till you see Jesus Christ, and that will be you portion in Jesus' Name.

Number three: Deliverance is in your destiny. John chapter 8 verse 32 stated clearly, you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. If you know Jesus Who is the Truth and you have surrendered your life to Him; every force holding you captive must let you go by force.

Number four: In your destiny is protection. Psalm 91 verse 5 to 8, the Almighty God made a promise years ago and got David to write it down for you that a thousand may fall by your left, ten thousand may fall by your right it will not come near you.

Number five: Security is in your destiny. Psalm 23 verse 5, it says thou prepareth a table before me in the presence of my enemies. In order words, the Almighty God had decreed it long ago that irrespective of how many enemies you may have, your joy is in abundance.

Number six: Anointing is in your destiny, the same Psalm 23 verse 5, says thou anointed my head with oil my cup runneth over. Anointing is not just reserve for special people; it's in your destiny also.

And then number seven: Long life is in your destiny. It is not in the plan of God for you to die young or to die before fulfilling your days. In Psalm 91 verse 16, God said with long life will I satisfy him. You are going to live long. How long you want to live is actually left to you.

I know some of you want to live for a long time to come; in my own case I have a rough idea of how long I want to be around.

I Have told the story of some people praying for me when I was seventy:

"daddy you will live to be eighty", I said amen, "you will live to be ninety", I said amen, "you will live to be hundred", I didn't answer them.

One fellow said "you will live to be one hundred and twenty years' I said ha, what will God say I have done.

I have cut a glimpse of heaven, I don't want to stay in this wretched world for too long. One fellow really got to be excited and said "you will live to be one hundred and forty years" I said na lie.

But with long life He will satisfy, long life is in your destiny.

Number eight: Honour is in your destiny. Psalm 91 verse 15, He said I will honour you, that's what God promised, it is there.

Number nine: Joy is in your destiny. Psalm 16 verse 11, says in the presence of God there is fullness of joy.

That is while am decreeing to somebody here tonight, from this day onward you shall weep no more.

Number ten: Peace is in your destiny. John chapter 14 verse 27, Jesus said more than two thousand years ago, He said my peace I give unto you: peace.

Number eleven: Abundance is in your destiny. Deuteronomy 28 verse 11 to 12, the Bible promised long, long ago, that God will so bless you, you will be lending to nations - it is there in your destiny.

Number twelve: Promotion is in your destiny. Deuteronomy 28 verse 13, the Almighty God said, you shall be head you shall not be tail, Almighty said you shall be above only you will never be beneath - promotion is in your destiny.

Number thirteen: Fruitfulness is in your destiny. John 15 verse 5, He says if you abide in Me and my word abide in you, you will bring forth much fruit.

That's why I can boldly declare that from now on fruitless effort would end in your life. That's number thirteen.

Number fourteen: Certainly heaven is in your destiny. In John chapter fourteen verse 1 to 3, Jesus Christ said clearly "believe thou in Me let not your heart be troubled"

He said, "in My father's house there are many mansions, if it were not so I would have told you". He said, "Am going to prepare a place for you; there is a place prepared for you in heaven. And He said, "When I finished preparing your place I will come for you again". Heaven is in your destiny.

That's why I decree in the Name that's above every other name all of you who have decided to make Jesus Christ your Lord you will not end up in hell.

Is all in your destiny.

That brings us to the crucial part. What must I do to fulfill my destiny?

Ha, thank You Father. The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said a day is coming when you tell people that you used to be poor they will not believe you.

Thank You Lord. The Lord said there is a family here tonight, He ask me to encourage you, He said, that fellow behaving like Saul of Tarsus in your family is going to end up an Apostle of Jesus Christ.

What must I do to fulfill my destiny? Very simple. Find out what those who fulfilled their destiny did and do it.

And find out what those who did not fulfill their destiny did and avoid it; very simple.

Those who fulfill their destinies find out what they did, follow their example; those whose destinies were either truncated or reversed, observe them, and avoid their mistakes. And let me pick some of them for you;

Let's start with Joseph. Genesis 39 verse 7 to 12, when the wife of Potiphar said to him "sir you are already great in this family everything is under your control, all I want you to is lie with me.

Joseph said one thing that you must never forget, he said, "How can I do this thing and sin against God".

"I know Who gave me the vision of what I will become; I cannot afford to offend Him"

My brothers and sisters the reason I also cry, "be holy be holy be holy" is because I know that if only you will not offend God, it doesn't matter what anybody may try, you will fulfill your destiny.

That's while in 2 Timothy chapter 2 verse 22, the Bible says flee youthful lust; and again I hope the youth are listening to me, the Bible says you are to run from all the lust of youth, you see others doing evil don't join them so that you can reach your goals. Joseph fled.

The woman said, "by force, you must lie with me", he fled. Flee from sin.

Example two: Moses. The plan of the Almighty God for Moses is that he will lead the children of Israel into the promise land.

He never made it because something happened in number chapter 20 verse 1 to 12, the people annoyed him and they've been annoying for forty years. He has being tolerating them, then on this occasion he lost his temper.

God aked him to speak to the Rock, he stroke the Rock twice: water still came out for the people to drink but God now said to Moses, "come let Me show the land, look at it from afar off because you will not get there.

Moses didn't make it to the promise land because he lost his temper - watch your temper.

People who want to destroy your destiny will try their hardest to cause you to be angry, refuse to be angry - watch your temper.

And I will tell you a story very quickly. Several years ago, we started what we used to call Christ the Redeemer Congress, today now we call it Holy Ghost Congress.

And we were moving it from town to town, we started in Ilesha then we went to Ilorin and then we were going to go to Ondo and the choir had been practicing, the choir at the headquarters they've been practicing the song that they will sing at the congress and I think it was going to be during Easter period.

The night before we were to leave for the congress some people spoke to my father in the Lord that "why should the headquarters be empty during the period of the Congress?" "He should not allow all the choir to go".

And so my father in the Lord called me, he said, "son, I have been advised that we should leave some choir members behind to sing at the headquarters on Easter Sunday so only half of the choir will go with you".

Ha, all these people had been practicing, Baba, you yourself are going with us to Ondo, how do I face these people?

Which of them will I say you shouldn't go? and something called anger began to well up in me against those people who had gone to advise my father in the Lord in this manner.

Suddenly I heard a voice of God;

I pray for someone here today anytime destiny destroyer come near you God will speak to you.

I heard God speak to me loud and clear and said, "son, don't say a word, don't say a word"

Well, since he's my Commander-in-chief, I just said thank you sir to my daddy and turned back.

The choir, they were looking at me wandering aren't you going to intervene?, aren't you going to do something?

But I have already heard from heaven, "don't say a word"

if I began to speak I will say the wrong thing, so I went to my car and I drove to Ondo

The following day the congress was to begin I was already there.

the stage was set everything was ready and then, somebody came running in, "sir, in those days everybody is brother or sister, bro, bro, something has happened",

What was it?

There was a Volkswagen car coming from Lagos, if I can remember, I think about nine people was in that ejapa, because everybody wanted to come to the congress.

Because those who didn't have transportation money, they lap themselves in the Volkswagen car. At the very junction leading into the venue there was an accident: a vehicle hit the voswagon from behind another one from the front and crossed it with nine people inside.

Eight of them are members of my family and by the special grace of God only on person had an injury.

Little injury that require no hospital treatment at all.

When I heard the news, God spoke to me and said, "son, if you have lost your temper yesterday all nine would have been dead and that would have been the end of Congress.

Anything that will destroy your destiny, the Almighty God will divert it from you.

Watch you your temper. Anyone who is going to grow must learn to control his temper.

Let me take the example of Eli. What happened that cause Eli to miss out, that cause his destiny to be reversed?. 1 Samuel chapter 2 verse 30, God said, "those who honour Me I will honor and those who despise Me, I will lightly esteem"

Honour God so that He may honour you.

honour Him that you may fulfill your destiny. When we read Proverb chapter 3 verses 9 and 10, where it says, "you are to honour God with your first fruit".

Many of us think it as a light matter: God says those who honour Me I will honour.

Couple of years ago, Almighty God said to me "son look at Pastors all over the word, look at Pastors from history up till this moment, majority of their sons never follow in their footsteps, and He said you know why, because their fathers do not honour Me - they don't give me their first fruit.

My prayer for every one of you here tonight is that your children will be greater than you

Honour God. You destiny is far, far crucial than money, is far far more crucial.

Let me pick another example. Saul. The reason he didn't fulfill his destiny was because his obedience was incomplete.

1Samuel chapter 15, you can read the whole story from verse 1 to 29, God sent him on an errand, He told him to wipe those people out, because of what they did to Him in the past

"I want to revenge, take revenge, wipe them out".

He went, he killed the people, he spared their king, he spared the fattest of their animal and God said "kill everything" he didn't: that's while he lost out.

Please let your obedience be complete, obey God in all things.

Anytime you want to obey God, please read what He said and do accordingly.

For example, when He says bring all the tithes into My house, He said all not half, not part, He didn't say use part of it to do some work for me, He said bring all.

I explained to some of my children years ago, suppose a light company, in those days they use to call them NEPA, I don't know what they call them now, the name have change so often, its their action that we are praying will now change for the better, they used to call them NEPA then.

I said, suppose NEPA gave you a bill of one thousand Naira and you took the money you are going to the office to pay, on the way you saw one of their poles has fallen down and you hired some people to lift up the pole, and they charged you three hundred Naira and then you arrived at NEPA office and said, yes your bill me one thousand, I was coming with your one thousand but on the way I saw your pole falling down and Ihave helped you erect it back this is your balance, what will NEPA do to your light?

Cut it off. God didn't say use part of my tithe to do something for Me, He said bring all-

Let your obedience be complete.

Let me take one or two more examples about David. As great as David was he never became 100 percent of what God wanted him to be; why?

2Samuel chapter 11 you can read it from verse 1 up to 2Samuel chapter 12 verse 14, David was sleeping at a time he was supposed to be going to war, he woke up in the evening, he went for a stroll on his roof top and saw a woman bathing.

You know the story, by the end of the day he had laid with the woman and when he heard that the woman became pregnant, he plotted the death of her husband and then took the woman to his house.

And God sent a prophet to him and said, "as much as I love you, as much as I have promoted you, you killed a man because of his wife, you think I didn't see you and God added to the destiny of David and said from now on a sword will never depart from his house"

It was not there originally, it was added.

Please run away from sin, please don't rests until you reach your goal.

One of the greatest problems of success, one of the greatest problem of prosperity;

And am telling you this, because in the mighty name Jesus you will succeed, you will prosper,

Is that, these things may bring you comfort that may hinder your work with God.

Be careful.

No matter how comfortable you become, no matter how rich you become, stay close to God.

There are some of us who are here tonight who are simply because we have workers meeting: some of us have become so comfortable, we now prefer to watch the Holy Ghost night on television.

In the past, we were the first to get to the Holy Ghost ground, at that time many of us don't have television but we had God; we would be the first to arrive, at times we would be the last to depart. we would come. At that time we had no problems serving God, we had no cars then, so we have no problem talking about traffic jam, after Holy Ghost service.

I know a man who trekked all the way from Lagos to the Holy Ghost ground because he had no money, he had no job, he got up early in the morning and trekked by the time he arrive the Holy Ghost service, the service was already on, and he was so tired he was fainting, they have to pour water on his head, some of the people here would remembered the occasion, he said, "if I want to die let me go and die in the presence of God"

That day, he got six job offers.

When comfort comes be careful, because God knows how you used to seek Him when things are not so rosy, now He has made you comfortable please don't stop seeking Him so that something else will not be added to your destiny.

Well, finally before we go, and pray don't rest until you reach your goal.

In the case of Paul, Philippians chapter 3 verse 7 to 14, he said I just keep on forgetting those things that are behind and I keep on reaching forward.

Many people don't reach their destiny, they don't fulfill their destiny because they stopped too soon, they stop pressing forward too soon, they relax soon, they look at themselves they say "ha this is good enough"

How do you know how far God want to take you?

Somebody ask me one time and said sir, "what are we still fasting for?, what else do you want to become"? - I laughed.

Am just beginning, my journey is still far and there are people am looking at here today, your journey is still far.

God will take you to great height- I didn't hear your amen; but don't stop too soon.

There are some of you now who cannot fast anymore, there are some of you even among pastors who use to fast with me whenever the Holy Ghost Service is coming - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, they are fasting and praying, some of them now Lord have mercy, because in those days, we were few.

As they are coming in with me to pray, I can look at their faces and know the face of someone who is fasting and who is not fasting.

Now, there are so many I can't look at their faces, how many faces am I going to look at?

But am seventythree and am still fasting, if I can still go on fasting and praying at seventy three, what excuse does somebody who is forty or fifty has to stop fasting and to stop praying? -

You must keep on pressing forward until finally God will say alright, now, you have reached the level I want you to reach.

Let me tell you one thing finally, it dosn't matter how high you are now, you can be much higher, because when God begins to promote people, He keeps promoting everlastingly, the Bible says, underneath is My everlasting Arms and nobody is too old to press forward.

Moses was eighty when his journey to destiny began, you are not too old to keep pressing forward.

In conclusion, Deuteronomy chapter 30 verse 19 to 20, Almighty God said

Thank You Father. Thank You Father. Amen and amen. Daddy says there is someone here tonight He said very soon it will be your turn to leap for joy.

The Almighty God said, yes Am sovereign but Am not arbitrary.

He said, I call heaven and earth to be a witness, that I have set before you, life and death, blessings and curses, and I advise you, chose life.

In other words, He said, yes, Am the Almighty, yes, I speak and it is done, yes, I do as I please but I give you a choice between two destinies: good and bad, He said I advise you chose the good one, and I will back it up.

You, each time we make an altar call, some of you don't know the meaning of surrendering your life to Jesus;

Remember the story of Levi, when Moses said, "who on the Lord side?" and Levi said, "I am on the Lord side", God said, "the curse your father pronounce on your destiny, I canceled, I re-write it".

God can re-write your destiny for the better, tonight, but you must surrendered your life to Him first, you must be willing to do His will absolutely, obey Him completely, honour Him totally, then and only then, can you be sure that you will reach your destiny.

Let's think back, consider in all ways that we had disobey God or our obedience have been incomplete and begin to confess all these sins to the Almighty God and ask for forgiveness so that our destiny will not be tampered with.

Let's spend some three to four minutes examining our lives in the past whether we have robbed Him of His tithe, we have failed to honour Him with His first fruit or in any other areas which we have been disobedient to the Almighty God.
Let's think back, and begin to ask God for forgiveness and for the grace to restitute to put things right again,

Prayer for salvation:

Saviour, we want to bless Your Holy name because You made a promise that whosoever will come unto You, You will in no wise cast out, we thank You for Your word and we thank You for these Your people that have come forward to surrender their life to you.

Tonight, please receive them in Jesus' Name, forgive them in Jesus' Name, all their sin that could have tampered with their destinies, Father, wipe away with Your blood in Jesus' Name.

Save their souls, write their names in the book of life and please, Lord God Almighty, from today onward, let them serve You wholeheartedly.

Don't let them go back into the world, and any time they call on You from today, answer them by fire, thank You Almighty God, in Jesus mighty name we have pray. Amen

prayer points:

Number one: You want to praise God that He kept you alive till this moment. As long as you are still alive, it means God has not finish with you yet. So thank Him for keeping you alive till this moment.

number two: You will say Father, please let me fulfill my destiny.

Number three: Father, if there is any evil in my future please cancel it today

Number four: Father, if there is any storm coming my way please diverts it.

Number five: Father, all opportunities that I have lost, please restore to me fully. All opportunities that would have helped me to reach my goal earlier, all opportunities that I have lost, please restore to me.

Number six: Father, with Your mighty hand eradicate all destiny destroyers in my life

Number seven: All those great dreams that I had in the past let them be fulfilled this year.

Number eight: lay your hand on your head and pray with all your strength and say, in the Mighty name of Jesus, my head I command you, don't refuse the plan of God.

You're going to pray for thirty minutes. The altar is open, as usual you can pray lying down, seating down, kneeing down, standing up, just forget everybody, it is your destiny you want to discuss with God now, forget everyone else and discuss your destiny with Almighty God.

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