Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jehovah El Shaddai

1 Peter 2:24 It said, "By his stripes ye were healed." Or He may even just speak and bring healings. In Psalm 107:20 He sent his word and He healed them.

Years ago I used to lay hands on every person who needs prayers and then all those who needed operation God would slay them in the Spirit and He would perform the operation.

But then I found that some people began to copy what God was doing and they were doing it not exactly the way it should be done because some people, when they lay hands on you and you don't fall they begin to push you. And when they are about to break your neck, you say, Oh, well, if you want me to fall, I think I better go down!" I mean, you may not believe, I have seen an evangelist giving them a shove.

I mean well, if you don't fall gently, you will fall by force! Now, you don't have to fall in order to be healed! If you don't need an operation there's no reason why God will put you to sleep!

So, I prayed to God. I said, " Daddy! Instead of me having to lay hands on them why don't You just let me speak and send Your Word and heal them? When You do it that way Lord, nobody will say that I am the one who did the healing. You will get all the glory and I will be blessed and I thank God that since that time He's been doing it. and He's going to do it here again tonight!

Not only can He heal you, He can even fill you with so much health that you yourself, anybody you stumble into will receive healing. Gods does not want you to be sick, He wants you to live in Divine health. He said in His Word, "If you will hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord My God, to observe and to do all these things that I command you this day," He said, I will bring none of those diseases that I have put on the Egyptians upon you". He said, "Because I am the Lord that healeth thee." He says, I will be your personal doctor.

I give God the glory, it's almost 24 years now the doctors have not paid me a visit and I've not visited them. Because I have a doctor who is the greatest of all doctors. You too can become absolutely healthy, in fact, I am sure that there is someone here tonight who will never be sick again. (Amen!) If you are the one say Amen! loud and clear! (Amen!)

The question is, if you don't fall sick then how are you going to die? I've told you how I will go if the Lord tarries. It will be Sunday. I will go to church. Have a wonderful service. Come back here. Eat pounded yam and go! That's how I want to go. I don't know how you want to go. I want to go healthy! I want to go strong! I want to go alive! Is there anybody who wants to go that way too? (Yes!) Let me hear you say Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

The Bible says, when Moses was 120 years old, his eyes were bright and his natural forces were not abated; which means, if he wanted, at the age of 120 he could still have had children because his natural forces were still there! He was a vigorous man at 120! Don't let the Devil deceive you, that because you are already over 60, that's why this pain and ache is coming. Oh! It is old age! My God says, "I shall renew your youth like the eagle."

In other words each time you say Happy New Year you'll be getting younger. In any case when you say you are old - how old are you? The Bible says that before the mountains were brought forth God is God. 1000 years in His eyes are just like one hour; which means that the oldest man around us is only a few minutes old. And the Almighty God! made you in His image; the Ancient of Days made you in His image; the One who is ever young; the One whose Name is I Am made you in His image. I don't know about you but as I grow older, I will grow stronger! Say it loud and clear! (Amen!)

He can not only heal you, He can heal others through you. He said, "these signs shall follow them that believe, In my name they will lay hands on the sick and they shall recover." And they will recover...And they will recover!

Not only can He make the barren fruitful and heal the sick, He can pay your debt. In fact, I know that there is someone here tonight who will never borrow again.

I mean, you know the story in 2 Kings 4:1-7. It tells the story of a woman, a widow, who was so heavily in debt that the creditors came and said, the only two things you have that is precious, the 2 sons that you have, we will sell them to pay. And she ran to the man of God and the man of God said what do you have in the house? She said only a bottle of oil but, I have neighbours who have plenty of empty vessels.

The man of God said go and gather all the empty vessels together and began to pour oil. The God we are serving, kept on multiplying the oil. This woman sold the oil; paid her debts and for the rest of her life she never borrowed again. Somebody is here tonight. God will pay your debts and you will never borrow again (Amen!)

Again and again people have asked me, "Why don't you borrow to do some of the works you are doing? I had borrowed before. Debt is not a good thing. It is like tying a rope round your neck. Each time you see your creditor, your breathing is reduced. Everyone of you here tonight, you will never borrow again (Amen!)

But not only can God pay your debt, He can make you very rich. I mean, the Bible says, concerning Abraham, God had made Abraham very great. He had a lot of liver, gold, menservants, maidservants, asses, camels.

I am telling you brethren, I told you yesterday. I am repeating it today - some of you came to the Convention this year in public transport. Next year you will come in your own car. and not only that, you will have an additional bus that will bring people in! (Amen!)

If Abraham is our Father, the father of faith and he was that rich, then there is nothing wrong with those of us who say we are of the seed of Abraham, if we say also we want to be rich.

I've said it before, I know some of you are afraid of prosperity, but yesterday God has dealt with fear. I'm sure some f you, if God says He wants to buy you a car, you will say, "God make sure it is second hand, a Volkswagen 2nd hand. For some of us who are here tonight from now on it will be brand new cars.

I mean, if unbelievers, those who are not related to our Father at all, if they are sitting down in those big cars and we the children of the All-Sufficient One have to stand by the roadside, waving down public transport - no wonder many people don't want to follow our Jesus. Things will change from tonight!

Oh! I told those of you who came for the special Holy Ghost Service for Businessmen, I told you my own Rolls Royce will soon come. Some of you received your own that day too.

And I told you, that we can use that kind of vehicle to advertise the programme...1000 Rolls Royces gathered together at the Redemption Camp; we cover the entire body with posters and then we form a convoy and drive right through Lagos to the crusade ground. You don't need any other advertisement.

I know Lagosians. 1000 Rolls Royces going in the same direction, they will come to find out what's happening there. How many of you will have one of those 1000? Let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Thank You Daddy!

The Bible tells us that Isaac became so wealthy that he became the envy of a nation. I don't know how many of us here that can say Nigeria is talking about your wealth.

There are very few of us here that Nigeria even knows at all that we have any money. If you ask anybody in the street and you say, "Mention ten rich Nigerians." They are not likely to mention your name. But before the end of the year, as my Lord lives, things will change for you.

In fact, the plan of God for you according to Deuteronomy 28:12 is that you are to lend to nations. Nations should come to you and say, "Sir, Ma, Please we can't balance our budget. Can you give us a loan of 500 million dollars. Now, I know nobody has enough faith to say Amen to that! (Amen!) Then you will say, "Oh! that's no problem.

I'll give you, only one condition - on all the television stations in your nation, on every radio for one hour a day I must be allowed to preach the gospel. That's the only condition. Is anybody ready for that kind of money?

So there are some of you who have maybe one million or two and you are already satisfied. You better change your mind. Ask the Almighty God to enlarge your coasts. I know there is someone here tonight, I have no doubt in my mind at all who is going to come to me in January 1999 and say, "Daddy, the convention of this year, I am paying for it!" (Amen!) Is there anybody like that here? Yes, it shall be so, in Jesus' Name!

Now I know what it is to be a poor man. I have been poor and I'm not going to be poor anymore! No more! I know what it is to need money for the work of God and be without. Now, I've shared this testimony with you before: - Now we were having the Convention; we were still very, very, very few.

The crowd had gathered and my wife came to me in my old office there and said, "Darling, we need N5000 to buy condiments". So I said to her, "When do you need the money? Now? Or today? She said, what's the difference between the two?" "Don't ask me just answer my question - is it now or today!"

Because at that time there was no kobo in my pocket. If she had said "Now", I would have been in trouble. She said, "well, Okay, today." I said, " Okay, you can go." She left and when she left, I prayed, "God, your children had gathered. They are expecting food. No kobo in my pocket - You know that. And I have no money in the bank. Over to You. I can't do more than that.

" Some minutes after I prayed one big man came in, in flowing agbada and said." I didn't know that so much is going on here. Next year I will be part of it! I said, "We are talking of today. You are talking of next year." {I didn't say it out oh!, I said it within me!" But then he said," But for now..." He put his hand in his pocket and brought out an envelope. He gave it to me and said, "..take this one for now!" I said eheh, now you are talking! So I blessed him and he left and I opened the envelope - N1000! Now naira was powerful in those days, so I said," Lord, thank You, one down, four to go."

Some minutes after the big man left, two young boys came in - "Daddy, when we see how you are fasting and praying, we don't think you should be carrying the burden of the convention too! We don't have much...." Something within me said, "Stop preaching; give me whatever you have." And then they gave me an envelope and I prayed for them and they left.

I opened the envelope N2000. I said, "Daddy, 3 down, 2 to go!" To cut a long story short, very soon, I had more than five thousand naira so I sent to my wife and I said, "By the way, how much did you say you need?" some of you will never go empty-handed again in your life? (Amen!)

He can pay your debt, make you rich and you can become a lender to nations. And then He can help you pass your exam. Some people don't know that God is interested in students. He said in James 1:5, "If any of you lack wisdom just ask me. He said, I will give to him liberally. Some of you have been doing I-CAN, U-CAN 5 times, 7 times and have been failing. This time now you are going to pass (Amen!)

Not only can He make you pass your exams He can make sure that you are always first. I think parents will say Amen to that! (Amen!) You see because God said, in Deuteronomy 28:13, He said you will be head, you will not be tail. he said, "You will be above only, you will never be beneath."

That is the plan of God for everyone who is His child. When you find a child of God doing very well and the people say, "How come you're doing so well? You say, "What do you expect?" I mean, if you have Jesus Christ and the Bible says Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God, then how can I have the wisdom of God and fail exams?

So He can heal you, He can make the barren fruitful, He can pay your debts and make you very rich and He can help you pass your examinations. And then, He can help you get a partner! I thought some people would say Amen to that! (Amen!)

Why? How do I know that He can help you get a partner? Because in Genesis 2:18 He's the One who said, "It is not good that man should be alone. And if God says it is not good to be alone then that God can solve that problem. As a matter of fact, do you know that Adam never prayed for a wife? He didn't go to God.

He didn't even know there's anything called a partner. It is God who volunteered and said, "I'm going to give this fellow a help mate. all of you who are of marriageable, this is your year! (Amen!) I don't know how the Lord is going to do it but I know that there will be many wedding bells before the end of this year!

Now you see, Adam did not ask for a partner. God gave him one. So, even if you don't ask for one God should be able to give you one. He is more than sufficient.

But then He can even do more than just get you a partner, He can get you a partner that will become a king! (Amen!) or a president (Amen!) That's what happened to Esther and you know now for some time I've been praying that all you, my daughters, you will marry somebody who will become somebody (Amen!) Why?

Well something happened not too long ago. I travelled to one of these foreign countries and the plane landed and parked. They announced my name: "Will Pastor Adeboye please identify himself." "Ah!" I said, "What happened? What have I done?" Anyway so I got there and said, "Yes, I am Pastor Adeboye." And they said, "Well, this officer wants to see you.." Right at the mouth of the plane and the fellow said, "Yes, the High Commissioner said we should meet you." Me? So he took my bag, I followed him and when we got to the immigration there was a long queue but we just went straight to the top of the line because of the badge the officer was wearing.

And he got there and said, "He's a guest of the High Commissioner." They said, "Welcome, Sir." I said, "Me?" So I threw up my head and began to walk like glory be to God. He picked my loads and we got to customs. They saw his badge and they were all saying, "Welcome, Sir", "Welcome, Sir" and I just walked through like that. And I said, "Well, I don't know where I knew the High Commissioner." They said, "One of your daughters married him!" I said, "Is that so?"

From now on every one of my daughters will marry somebody who will become somebody so that I will be treated like royalty. Glory be to God for ever more. Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Not only that, if you marry somebody who will become somebody, God can use you to save a whole nation. That's what God did to Esther.

You too can become somebody that God could use to save as nation. The same is true of brothers too. You will marry good girls in Jesus' Name. (Amen!)

Not only can God do all these things for you, He can give you great spiritual power. I know that's what some of us want because, I mean, I think I told some of my children, some time ago. If God lays two things before you and He says on the left is 1 billion dollars and on the right the ability to wave your hand and the dead will rise.

And He says you must pick only one of the two - which one will you pick? Thank You, Father!

This God that we are talking about is able to give you tremendous spiritual power! Thank You Lord! Thank You Father! Thank You Daddy!

In Acts 3:1-8 the Bible tells us that Peter had the power just to touch the lame man and the lame man began to walk. Those of us who were here last Friday, we had a similar testimony - somebody whose back was broken and God settled the matter. I believe God will do the same tonight. But then God can move from you healing by touching to a special case like we have in Acts 19:11-12.

The Bible says, God performed special miracles by the hand of Paul - that from his body aprons and handkerchiefs were taken to the sick and they were healed and demons departed from them.

God can go from there and so give you so much power that like Peter your shadow can heal. I've told you the story before - some of you were there when it happened; when God said He wanted to heal some people with severe backache, so bad they could not bend to touch their toes and He asked me to call them out and when I called them out He asked me to dance round them. I said, "Dance? If you ask me to slap their back I don't mind, but dance? Why will I say I'm dancing? I'm rejoicing because you have backache?" But then God wanted to show His power so I told the band to begin to beat and I began to dance. Now, I tell you the truth, I looked like a fool when I was dancing round those people; but after I've danced for 5 minutes God said, "That's enough. Tell them to touch their toes!" And they were all healed, every one of them! (Amen!)

God can give you so much power, that your shadow will be healing the sick. Is there anybody who wants that kind of power tonight. You will get it in Jesus' Name! (Amen!)

Now why is God able to do all this? Why is He able to make the barren become the mother of seven? How come that He is not only able to heal you but to give you the healing touch? How come He cannot only pay your debt, He can make you a lender to nations? How come He cannot only pay your debts but He can make you so rich that a whole nation will be talking about you? How come that He can not only help you pass your exams but can make sure that you are always coming first in class? How come that He can not only just get you a partner but it won't be just a partner but somebody who will be somebody? How come He is able to give you as much spiritual power as you want?

Because in John 1:1-3, the Bible says, "In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, the Word was God and the same was with God in the beginning and by him were all things made and there was nothing made that was not made by him." Now because He made all, therefore He owns all. Ps.24:1 says, "The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof." And then He said in Jeremiah 32:27, He said, I am the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for me?" Tell your neighbour :" My own will not be too hard for God tonight!"

But then the Bible says in Psalm 115:3, "Our God is in the heavens - He does as He pleases." He has the ability to do everything, He made all things. He owns all things. He controls all things. But then He does as He pleases. But tonight, I believe it will please Him to do my own. That's why I want you to pray now - I want you to stand on your feet and say, "Almighty God! I know you can do all things. You have the ability to do it.

You created all things! Oh! Lord, I know you can do all things! Do my own Father! Do my own tonight! I know You do as You please in the Kingdom of Heaven. Please Lord! Do my own tonight! Do my own tonight." Open your mouth and cry unto Him! "Oh! Lord! Do my own tonight!" If it is healing, cry unto Him! If it is prosperity, cry unto Him! If it is success in your examination, cry unto Him! Or if it is a future partner you need - cry unto Him! If you need power, the anointing of the Almighty God, cry unto Him! Call on Him! He can do your own. He's able to do it. He made all. He owns all. He owns all. He controls all and He does as He pleases.

Ask Him, "Lord! Let it please You tonight to do my own. Let it please You to do my own tonight! Oh! Lord! (Let it please You to do my own tonight!) Let it please You to do my own tonight! Please Lord, Let it please You to do my own tonight! Let it please You to do my own tonight! Blessed be Your Holy Name Lord.

Increase Your anointing upon my life, my Father and my God; so mightily that Your work will be easier to do! Yes, Lord! Prosper me so mightily that I'll be lending to nations.

Lord God Almighty! Let me find favour with You like never before. I know You can do all things - draw me closer to You, let me know You more! Father, let me know You more; let me know the power of Your resurrection more than ever before. Do my own tonight and I will glorify Your Name for it, in Jesus' Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Please let's join our hands together and pray corporately. Pray for the fellow you are holding and say, "Father, surprise him or her tonight!" Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God. "Surprise him tonight Oh! Lord! Meet all His needs tonight! Father, surprise him tonight. In every sphere of his life surprise him.

Physically surprise him; materially surprise him; spiritually surprise him; surprise him tonight Lord in your own supernatural way, surprise him! Oh! Lord God! Surprise him tonight! Give him a surprise packet tonight; a surprise packet tonight.

To the glory of Your Holy Name - give him a surprise packet tonight! That the whole world may know, my Father and my God that you are the All Sufficient One, surprise your son tonight! Oh! Yes, Father! Surprise him tonight; to the glory of Your Name, Surprise Him tonight. Thank You Father! In Jesus' Mighty Name we have prayed!

Brethren! Let us pray for all the singles in our midst tonight, that before the end of this year they will be settled in their own home. Let's pray for them, let's pray for them! Pray for the singles, that they'll all be settled in their homes before the end of this year; in God's own supernatural way they will be settled in their own homes, married to somebody who will become somebody, to the glory of Your Name, Lord. Blessed, blessed be the name of the Lord! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Oh! Glory be to God! Blessed be Your Name forever more! Alleluia! Lord! Everyone of them settled then in their own homes to the glory of Your Name, Lord. In Jesus' Mighty Name we have prayed!

Now this prayer is a prayer few people can pray. If you believe you are one of them then you can pray it. Just say, "Lord! I want to be lending to nations!" Go ahead! Talk with the Lord! "I want to be lending to nations, Lord! I want to be lending to nations! Prosper me so much that I'll be lending to nations! Very, very soon I want to be lending to nations. I don't know how You will do it Lord, but I know You can do it and I know its in Your Word. So fulfil Your promise, Lord! Prosper me so mightily Lord that I'll be lending to nations. Thank You Lord! Glory be to God. In Jesus' Mighty Name we have prayed!

One more. One or two more prayers. Now I want you to say, "Lord! Empower me with Your divine power, so that when I wave my hand, the dead will rise! Oh! Lord, empower me! that as I speak Your Word the lame will be walking, the blind will be seeing, the deaf will be hearing....all kinds of miracles the world has never seen before will begin to happen Father! Empower me tonight, like never before, to the glory of Your Holy Name! Lord! Empower me! Empower me Lord! Anoint me afresh to the glory of Your Holy Name! Thank You Jesus! Oh yes Lord! let it be done now! In Jesus' Mighty Name we have prayed!

Second to the last prayer. The last prayer is so important you have to pray this one first. Just say, "God!" (God!) "Increase my faith!" (Increase my faith!) Go ahead! Talk to the Lord. Thank You my Lord! Increase my faith so that Your Name will be glorified. Thank You Jesus! In Jesus' Mighty Name we have prayed!

Now the last prayer for yourself. You see, the Bible says it will be unto you according to your faith. That's why I asked you to pray that God will increase your faith. This last prayer is that whatever you want from God, go ahead and ask God now!

Thank You my Lord and my Saviour. Alleluia! Father! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Alleluia! Thank You Lord! Glory be to God! Alleluia! Father! Glory be to God! Thank You Father! In Jesus' Mighty Name we have prayed!

Now let's round up this segment with a prayer for Nigeria; that the good work God has started in Nigeria by giving us a new beginning, that God will complete it quickly.

Let's talk to the Lord. "Lord, the good work you have started in Nigeria, please complete it, complete it quickly. Restore the fortunes of Nigeria! Restore to us all the years that the cankerworm, the caterpillars and the palmerworm.

Help us, Oh Lord solve all the problems plaguing the nation and glorify Your Name thereby! Thank You my Father and my God. Have mercy on Nigeria. Thank You for the leaders. Bless them, help them, Oh! Yes, help them...In Jesus' Mighty Name we have prayed!"

Father we thank You! We give You glory! We give You honour, because You are the All Sufficient One. Thank You for all of us who are here tonight! Thank You for Nigeria! Thank You for our new President! Thank You for the new work that You have started! Thank You because you will complete it!

Thank You because tonight You are going to surprise us more! Glory be to Your Holy Name Lord! Every prayer your children had prayed before this day is out - let them become testimonies! Before this day is out, every request let it become a testimony! Thank You Father! Glory be to Your Holy Name! In Jesus' Mighty Name we have prayed!

Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

Pastor E. A. Adeboye


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