Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Tonight is a very, very special night. Basically it is going to be a night of deliverance. Like the brother who spoke before us said, “Stones will be moved tonight!” And the stones that you cannot move yourself angels will come down and remove them for you. If you believe that shout “Alleluia!” (Alleluia). But then without any doubt somebody will get the biggest of all miracles. If you are the one, let your Alleluia be the loudest! (Alleluia!!!) Thank You Father. Alleluia! Glory be to God.

There is someone that is known as the Unchangeable Changer and He is going to change certain things in your lives tonight, so let’s go before Him and worship Him because He alone can do marvelous things…………….There is none holy as the Lord; Holy, holy, holy………..

Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

Tonight is deliverance night. Shake hands with one or two people and say: ”Tonight is my night!”. If you believe that shout Alleluia. God Bless you, you may be seated.

Luke 5:4-6

We discussed last time we were here that when the Almighty God asks you to launch out into the deep, He’s saying: ”Step out of the ordinary into something great. Now He says to Peter here, “Let down your nets for abundance so that at least this time you’ll have more than sufficient”. And I believe God is here and is saying to someone “Let down your nets and bring in abundance”. Now when the Almighty God said “Let down your nets for a draught.” He was telling Peter that there is abundance of fish somewhere. And somewhere today there is abundance hiding. You see, like those of us who came for the special Holy Ghost Service for Businessmen must have discovered; you discover that everything God created, He created in abundance. The book of Job 36:26-31; the Bible says, ”God is great. He makes the raindrops tiny but He made them abundant.” And then He provided abundance of meat for everybody. The very nature of God is a nature of abundance. His name is Jehovah El-Shaddai, the God who is more than enough. So wherever God is there is bound to be abundance. And I know that God is in the house of some people here tonight. And wherever God is abundance just has to be there.

I mean when you read 2 Sam.6:9-12 the Bible tells us that when the children of Israel were bringing the ark of the covenant into Jerusalem and something happened on the way, David said I'm afraid of this God, so he took the ark of the Covenant and put it in the house of one fellow called Obed-Edom. This Obed Edom he wasn't a Jew, so what David was saying was if God can kill you let Him kill you. So he put the Ark of the Covenant in the house of this man. But you see wherever God is there will be abundance. Suddenly everything that OE touched began to prosper and news got to D that Obed Edom instead of dying has become a wealthy man. David said, “ Is that so. I'm coming to get my ark.” If God is in your house, abundance will be there. And I know that some of you who are here today, the stone that had been hindering your abundance will be removed in Jesus' name, Amen. You see David said in verse Psalm 16 verse 11. He said In the presence of God there is fullness of joy. And at His right hand there are pleasures for ever more. And so he said in Psalm 23:6 he said, “ surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell (where) in the house of the Lord for ever and ever.” I want you to know that beginning from now anything called poverty will become a stranger to your house, (Amen!) because wherever God is abundance must be there and where there is no abundance before He arrives He will create abundance. As soon as He arrives, abundance will follow.

You see, because in this story Peter had fished all night and he caught nothing. But that was before Jehovah El-Shaddai came into his boat. As soon as the one who is more than enough arrived on the scene matters changed completely and when you look at 1 Kings 17:8-16 you will discover that the widow of Zarephath had only one meal left. Before the HG carrier arrived on the scene. And the moment the Holy Ghost carrier arrived, the last meal became the first. What was absolute poverty suddenly became absolute prosperity. Because when you study that story very well you discover that this woman never had to go to the market again. She will just wake up and find that the pot is full of food.

I don't know how God is going to do it, but I have a conviction within me, that all of you who are genuinely born again, within the next few months you will be saying "God this is too much" (Amen!). I don't know how He will do it. I am not even going to bother to ask Him. All I know is that abundance is coming and it is going to begin in my house. Are you sure? When you read John 6:1-13. There were 5000 men, not counting children and women, and they were hungry and the only food that was available was the lunch of a small boy. Five tiny loaves of bread and two tiny fishes but the moment it touched the hand of Jehovah El-Shaddai it began to multiply. There are some people here tonight, the little you have will begin to multiply (Amen!).

Years ago I remember a case, a brother who was heavily in debt, and he came for prayers and the Lord said to me "Give him some money". Uh! Me, myself, I didn't have much. But I always obey my God. So I took the little money and I gave the fellow and God said tell him that the money you have given him will never finish. Today it hasn't finished! As a matter of fact, the man has built a house; he has got a Mercedes Benz car. The money has not finished. Now, I'm not going to distribute money to you this evening. But I have something bigger than money to give to you. (Amen!) Whatever you have now will never finish! (Amen!). It will just keep on multiplying. (Amen!).

So, wherever God is, there is abundance, If there is no abundance there before He arrives He creates abundance. Because I have always wondered, why did Jesus Christ say there is abundance of fish when Peter had fished all night and he caught nothing? I discovered that if He wants, He could create abundance of fish immediately. Because all He has to do is say "Abundance". And once He says it it is done. According to Psalm 33:8&9 He said: Let the whole earth fear the Lord, because He spake and it is done." All He has to do is say "Let three be light”. And there'll be light. And if you look at Genesis 1:20 & 21, when He created fish originally, that's how He did it. All He said was "Let the waters bring forth abundantly." And the moment He said that, it was so. So, if the Almighty God, says, as I am sure He has said tonight, that abundance will always be in your house, it shall be so. So He said to Peter, "Peter, there is abundance, all I want you to do is launch out into the deep and bring out the abundance." So He is not only saying Peter, there is abundance, He's saying to Peter, the abundance is reserved for you. In other words, I believe Jesus Christ is saying, at least to me tonight, Adeboye, there is abundance reserved for you. And you know, because His name is the God, who is more than enough. He can give abundance to everyone of us and there will still be left overs.

I was sharing with some people, only, last Saturday. I told them a dream I had when I was a small boy. I'm talking of more than 40 years ago. At that time, in my village, the biggest car was Morris Minor. This Morris Minor is a relative of Volkswagen Beetle. It was so small that my people used to call it "Calabash". Now, in those days we used to travel in lorries, you know, the kind of lorries that you back where you are going. And if you sit with the driver in the front seat, then you are sitting in first class. And then there is a space between the driver's seat and the very back; they call that one, second class. How many of you know the kind of....alright. Those of you who are city boys you don't know what you are missing! The seats are such that when the driver enters into a bump, the seat will fall and you will have to shout igi ye o! so that he will wait and adjust the seat. So you could imagine how I felt when, all of a sudden, somebody rode a Rolls Royce into town. When I saw this Rolls Royce - Is this a car? Or is it a house on wheels? And In those days, you will usually see aeroplanes faaar off. In fact we used to call it “balloon” in those days. So I thought that maybe it was one of the balloons that decided to land. I was a small boy, and I saw this magnificent car. Something within me said: One day I will own a Rolls Royce. Now I know that even as I was saying it last Saturday, there are people who will say, Pastor keep on deceiving yourself. But don't worry, my Rolls Royce will soon come and I will give you a lift when it comes.

Let me tell you one thing, which you may find a bit difficult to swallow. There are many of you sitting down here; very soon your Rolls Royce will come! (Amen!). Why? Because there is abundance reserved for you. Many of you didn't know it before. That's why tonight is deliverance night. Many of you know it, but you can't lay your hands on it, that is why tonight is deliverance night. The Lord said to Peter - there are several people here who are fishermen. You are the one I picked out and I'm telling you now, launch out into the deep and then let down your nets for abundance. Because the abundance there has been reserved for you. Tell the fellow next to you: "It seems as if God is talking to me tonight."

You see God promised in Deuteronomy 33:19 He said you will suck of the abundance of the seas. In Isaiah 60:1-5 He said the abundance of the sea will be converted unto you. (Amen) Now very few people could say Amen to that one (Amen!!). Well, I just want to advise those of you who do not believe this thing that when the abundance begins to come, please don't fight us. How many of you really want abundance. Let me hear you say Amen, loud and clear. (Amen!!!). You see when you read 2 Chronicles 17:3-5 the Bible tells us of a certain king called Jehoshaphat who decided to serve the Lord. The Bible said God gave him riches and honour in abundance. In other words, when this king suddenly decided that he was going to serve God, God now caused his friends to bring him abundance of riches and honour. Now, when you now read 2 Chronicles 20:20-25 we discover that what the friends of Jehoshaphat did not bring, his enemies brought.

I want to say to you, categorically, tonight, that all the blessings that are being held by your enemies will be converted unto you. So Jesus told Peter, Peter there is abundance; the abundance is reserved for you and I know where the abundance is. I want you to know that the Almighty God knows where your own abundance is. He knows where the abundance is because according to Psalm 24:1 says the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. And then in Isaiah 45:3 the Almighty God promised that He would give to us the hidden riches of secret places. There are riches that are hidden. I mean for years Nigeria, up to 1960 Nigeria was going abroad, cap in hand, begging for money. I remember then that the Minister of Finance was Okotie Eboh. they can never put down the budget of Nigeria until he has gone abroad to beg people for money. And then all that time we were sitting on oil. We were sitting on abundance and going a-begging.

There are many of us like that now. We are sitting on abundance and we don't even have the money to pay our house rent. But the Almighty God is promising you tonight: I will show you where your abundance is. (Amen!!!) , I know where the abundance is Peter, come along, let me show you. in Isaiah 42:16 God said I will guide even the blind because I will make darkness light. The Bible says in Psalm 48:14 He said, this God is our God. He will be our guide for now and even unto the end. I think I share with those who came for the Special Holy Ghost Service for Businessmen. If God guides you to what He wants you to do to be rich. You become rich quickly. Because you might be doing carpentry when God plans for you to be a tailor. Until you begin to do your tailoring, you'll be laboring in vain. And I told those who came there was a man who was an accountant. He was in a big position. A big accountant. But he still has to say Yes Sir every morning, And then God spoke to him and said Go and be selling groundnut. If you don't know the voice of God, how can an accountant go and be selling groundnut? Today, he's selling groundnut. He has three aeroplanes; the day they were swearing in Clinton as President, it was his groundnut that they ate there, because his groundnut is slightly different; whenever he wanted to roast it he will add a little honey. If God asks you to be selling water, if that is where your abundance is suddenly you can discover you can sell water and become a billionaire.

He says Peter, I know where your abundance is and I want to show you where. And I know God is speaking to someone saying, before you leave here this morning you will suddenly know where your abundance is. (Amen!). In Isaiah 30: 21 the Bible says you will hear a voice behind you saying, this is the way. God is going to speak to someone today and just say this is the way (Amen); this is the way to your abundance. My own abundance is not going to hinder your own because God has more than sufficient we can all go to the Atlantic Ocean and load as many tankers as we want, there will still be water there. I know many of us are afraid of abundance, God is going to deal with that one tonight too.

I mean can you imagine how beautiful it is, if all of you here today were to prosper mightily towards the end of the year, so that by the end of the year, each one of you has a plane. (Amen) Some of you think that is too big for God to do. How many of you know that God is the Almighty? How many of you believe tat He will do your own? Let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!!!). So where God is there is abundance. Wherever He arrives abundance must be there. And if there was no abundance there He will create it. And all He has to do is say “Abundance”. And once He has said it it is done. And this abundance is reserved for you. You may not know where it is but God knows. And then He will show you.

But then the next thing now is that you must follow His instructions because He told Peter,” Launch into the deep. Throw in your nets. And bring in the abundance.” Only three things He told him to do: Launch into the deep. Let down your nets. Then use the nets to bring in the abundance. You see, those who are going to move from now into this supernatural abundance, must follow His instructions. In Isaiah 1:19, He said if you are willing and are obedient, you will eat the good of the land and the good of the land as far as you are concerned, is the good of Nigeria. And believe me, honestly, there is supernatural abundance in Nigeria. I don’t believe everything I read in newspapers but I understand one paper said some people are sleeping on mountains of money. Now whether that is true or not, I don’t know. I don’t want to sleep on it; if I have it I put it in the bank. All I say is that there is abundance in this land and I’m going to get my own share. Two things God said you must satisfy for you to have the abundance: You must be willing and you must be obedient. You must be willing because if God wants to give you abundance and you say you don’t want it, He will send it to Adeboye. If He wants to give you an aeroplane and you say ehn ehn eh just give me a good car, that’s enough. He will say that’s fine I can give it to someone else. If He says He wants to give you a Rolls Royce and you say Morris Minor is good enough. He will give you Morris Minor. You must be willing. How many of you are really willing? willing, willing to live in abundance from now on? How many of you are tired of poverty? How many of you are tired that you have to wrack your brains before you can make ends meet? I want you to say loud and clear. “Abundance, welcome”. (Abundance, welcome!!!). Because, believe it or not, the days of abundance have come. (Amen!!!) Oh, yes, it has come, for me. Oh yes, the days of abundance have come in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

You see, when they invited Jesus Christ to the wedding in Cana of Galilee, he produced 120 gallons because His name is abundance. But you see, not only must you be willing to have abundance; whatever He says unto you, you must do it. And like He told those of us who came for the businessmen’s Special Holy Ghost Service, He said one area we are all disobedient, is in the area of soul winning. He said in John 15:16 You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you and have ordained you that you may go forth and bring forth fruits, and that your fruit should remain; that whatsoever you ask the Father in my name, He may give it to you. I want to encourage all of us, that from now on, like nobody’s business, that you must win a soul a day. Everyday witness until somebody will say, all right, I will accept Jesus. And if you are not sure how to get these people, okay, invite them to the Holy Ghost Service, by the time God finishes with them here, they will surrender to Jesus.

You see, because God’s business is soul winning and when you are minding His business, He will mind your own. I have to share this testimony with you. And tonight its part of the Testimony Night because I know some of you here will have testimonies tonight. What’s wrong with you, I said you will have testimonies tonight! (Amen!). :

I was busy winning souls for Jesus Christ while the devil was trying to fight over my Ph.D. thesis. I have finished, I have submitted. They’ve sent it to the man who will examine; he read it and said: go and give him his Ph.D.; and the big one said ‘no that’s not the way it is done. After he has written, he has to sit down and answer some questions.’ The man said: who is the expert? You or myself? I say I have no question for this boy, give him his Ph.D.! They say it is not done. Well, he said, This is the way you will do it this time. If I had been a girl, they would have said that there’s something between me and the examiner. But what was happening is that I was busy working for Jesus and Jesus was busy working for me. At the end of the day they agreed. Oh all right, give him his Ph.D. and let him go. Is anybody here ready for abundance? Is anybody here ready for soul winning? Let me hear you shout alleluia. (Alleluia!!)

You see, because you must play your part. Just like the brother who preached before us. In John 11:39-44 when Jesus arrived at the tomb of Lazarus, He saw some hefty men there. He said, Move away the stone. You can’t raise the dead, but you can roll the stone away. So you roll away the stone, and then I will raise the dead. You play your part and then let the Almighty God do His own. You see, because the abundance that is coming is not going to be to marry ten wives, no, no, no, when I say you are going to have Rolls Royce, it is true; you may not believe me now. But very soon the greatest number of Rolls Royce in the world is going to be in Nigeria and some of you here are going to be owners. (Amen!) But we will use it to win souls. How? Suppose we want to have a programme say, in Lekki in December, which we are going to have and we want to advertise – so we gather together all the Rolls Royce in Lagos. Glory be to God. And you know yourself that even if one Rolls Royce is passing everybody will look at it. Suppose there are one thousand Rolls Royce, lined up? My own will be one of them. (Amen!) And then on each Rolls Royce now, we have put posters and we are going very gently, we are causing a little go-slow! We don’t need to say anything! Everybody will say, the God who can provide these people with Rolls Royce, I better pay Him a visit!!

I told the people who came for the Businessmen’s Holy Ghost Service one of the reasons the devil wants you to be poor is so that you will not be able to witness. Because if you are poor and you are preaching to the rich man, the rich man will say you are after his money. And if you are poor and you are preaching to the poor, the poor will say if your God can supply all my needs why has He not done your own. And then the Bible says, the poor man is hated by his own brothers, so that if you now want to preach to your relatives, they will say, shut your mouth. You know very well, brethren, that if you are the richest man in your family, anytime they are holding a meeting they will say let us wait for him. If you are the poorest in the family, even if you are the oldest, and they want to hold a meeting, and they look round and they say, who is not yet here? And they say Baba Wilderness, heh heh, they say, let us continue with our meeting! All those of you that they have been saying, let us continue with our meeting, we can't wait for him; your time has come, in Jesus name! (Amen!) Just obey His instructions. Play your own part.

And the interesting thing is, He will not ask you to do what you cannot do. He told Peter, Let down your nets, He didn't say, Peter, jump down, and begin to swim under the ground and look for the fish there! No! He's not going to ask a messenger to go and preach to a King. No! He will ask a King to go and preach to another King, a lawyer to go and preach to another lawyer, housewife to go and preach to another housewife; He's not going to ask you to do what you cannot do. I mean when you read Matthew 17:24-27, there was a day when Peter needed money to pay the tax collectors. He said, What I want you to do is, take your hook, go to the river and catch a fish . And the first fish you catch, open its mouth. The money is there. He didn't ask Peter to go and farm because He knew that Peter was a fisherman. He will only ask you to do what you know how to do.

And like I told the brethren, at the Headquarters last Monday, there is a fish, somewhere, with your money in its mouth. God will show you the fish. very soon, in Jesus name. (Amen!!) There is a river, not far from where you live and there is a fish there, swimming, with your money in its mouth! All you have to do is catch that fish. That's why soul-winning is called 'fishing for souls'. I know a lot of sisters who are waiting for husbands. Your husband is there. From the day God created you, He created your husband! There is a bone of your bone and a flesh of your flesh. And he's not far away. He's swimming, in a river, very near you. He’s waiting for you to come and bring him out; come and fish him out. Your money is in his mouth. Your house is in his mouth. Your car is in his mouth. Even your children they are there, in his mouth.

The same too is true for brothers. When David was asked to fight Goliath. Saul put on his armour on him. David said, I'm sorry sir, I can't use this. I'm not used to this one. I know how to use a sling. God knows that there is something you know how to do. And if you will allow Him, He will use what you know how to do, to bring in your abundance. And do you know that what you need to become a multi-millionaire is already implanted in you? It wasn't the day Jesus met Peter that He taught him how to fish. No, no, no, no. Peter was already an accomplished fisherman. That which you are going to do to become a millionaire, God had already taught you long ago.

Thank you Father. I want you to lift your hands up. I thought we would do this at the end, but Daddy says He wants to do it now. The Almighty God says He wants to anoint some hands so that they begin to make money. I just want you to close your eyes and talk to Him and say, Lord, I am willing and I will be obedient. Anoint my hands Oh Lord. Just anoint my hands Lord, Anoint my hands, that whatever I touch from now on will prosper. Oh, yes Lord from now on give me that supernatural touch that from now on will change everything I touch to supernatural abundance. Oh yes, Lord. Thank You my Father. Anoint my hands oh Lord Anoint my hands to succeed, anoint my hands to succeed, Anoint my hands to prosper, anoint my hands seriously oh Lord tonight and let your name be glorified as a result, thank you my Father, blessed be your Holy Name. So shall it be in Jesus Name.

If you believe that, say 'Amen'. (Amen!)

Shout Alleluia! God bless you. You may be seated. Thank you Jesus. That's why I pity those who don't come to the Holy Ghost Services. Little by little, God has been changing our lives. There are some people now; anything they sell will bring in money. (Amen!). You watch. You'll see before the end of this year, the real millionaires in this nation will be Christians. Amen. And I will be one of them.

Now in Ephesians 3:20 the Bible says God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, mor4e than you can ask or think. But he said according to the power that worketh in us. In other words if you are a child of God there is a power that is already planted in you that God can use to do exceedingly, abundantly more than you can ask or think. What you need to succeed is already in you. All you have to do is to use that thing to bring in your abundance. He said to Peter, Let down your nets. The nets were already in the boats. Peter did not need to go home to get them. He didn't need to go and buy them. They were already there. All he had to do now is use them. You see, whenever God wants to do a miracle, He doesn't look for something from somewhere, He uses what you have already.

One of my sons was sharing with me some time ago. He has tried all forms of trade and failed. And then all of a sudden, one day, God spoke to him, Sell water. Water? Where will I get the water to sell? God said, Drill a borehole at the back of your house, filter the water, bottle it and sell. So now the money is in his back yard. He doesn't have to go to anybody now to look for contract. All he does is go to the tank there, fetch water, and the people are buying are there, he's collecting money from them and bringing abundance from his backyard. In 2 Kings 4:1-7 when the widow of the prophet came to Elisha and said, " Help me, I'm in debt. Then the man of God said, "What do you have in the house? She said just one bottle of oil. The man of God said, that's all you need. That one bottle of oil in the hand of the Almighty will become all you need. By the time God finished with the woman not only had she paid all her debt, for the rest of her life herself and her children were living off the money. There is something in your house, there's a miracle waiting somewhere in your house. And the Almighty God will show you today in Jesus name.

When those five thousand men and several women and children were hungry and Jesus said, How are we going to feed them? The Bible said, He was saying this just to test Philip because He already knew what He would do. He already knew how you would become prosperous before you left home tonight. He knew it before you were born. He knew that tonight you would come and He would show you the way. I am sure God decided long time ago that some people would come here tonight who would never be poor again. (Amen!) And by the grace of God I am one of them. And at the time He was talking to them, He knew that there were five loaves of bread and two fishes. Philip was saying, ah ah! where will we get the money to buy for all these people? He said, I'm not talking about buying, get me whatever is here and we will use it. I pray tonight, that before we disperse, wherever your abundance is hidden, God will show you in Jesus' name. (Amen!)

When He said to Peter. Let down your nets. He didn't say, Let down one net. Even though as we discovered later, Peter let down only one. Almighty God wants those of us who want abundance to be ready for hard work. Because according to Hebrews 11:6 God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. You say God give me abundance. He says, No problem but what I will do is, I will give you plenty of job so that from there abundance can come.

I remember years ago, when I was lecturing at the University of Lagos, and I began to pay my tithe for the first time. I remember saying God now I'm paying my tithe you said you will pour in blessing that there'll be not enough room to receive. How will a lecturer have more money than he can spend? I mean, when I was a young Christian I used to ask Daddy a lot of questions. I will simply say Daddy; I just want to ask oh! You don't need to answer. Don't be angry, I'm your son but if I don't understand something, I think you need to explain. How? Because I know what my salary is, and this salary, I can tell you how I will spend it sir! He said, You want more money than you can spend? I said yes! Are you ready for hard work, I said of course, I am. And the first thing He did was one day my Dean called me and said, we have discovered you are a good teacher of mathematics and they desperately need someone to coach the final year students at Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar School. They will pay you well. Will you do it? I smiled.

Number one. You dare not disobey your Dean. Number two; you are asking a monkey whether He wanted to eat banana. So I said, I will do it sir. I went. It was very easy. I mean, in fact, as I was teaching mathematics they were giving me tea and cake. By the time those people did the exam and they passed so well, the Principal of C.M.S. Grammar School heard about it and sent for me. Please help me; help me with my own boys too. I'm a lecturer in the University; I'm a busy man. We will pay you well. All right, All right! Shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Are you ready for hard work? Because God will surprise you soon in Jesus name.

Now, if you are willing to prosper, and you are ready to work hard, then leave the rest to Him. You see there are certain things that you cannot think how it will happen. When I told the Businessmen, that the kind of abundance that is coming messengers will be riding Mercedes. (Amen!) Many of you cannot dream, how can that be. You see but when Elisha said by this time tomorrow there will be abundance in Samaria, who could imagine that God will use lepers to bring in abundance. You see whenever we are talking about the Almighty God, don't try to use your brain to understand Him. Because by the time you have used all your brain to try and understand. All you will get is headache, that's all. Because each time, I go around at night praying, and I look at this auditorium, and I know that three years ago this was jungle, and this is the time when we have financial problem in Nigeria. And God did this without anybody sweating. That God can do anything brother! I say, God can do anything! In any case, I know He will do my own.

In Matthew 19:26 Jesus Christ said, What is impossible with man, is possible with God. In Luke 1:37, the Bible says, With God nothing shall be impossible. In Jeremiah 32:27, He said, I am the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for me? Our God can bless you in a way you cannot even dream about. He can use people you do not even think. He can bring your miracles from any part of the world. He can use an ordinary well to turn you to a millionaire. There's one important thing that you need to notice. The amount of abundance you get will be determined by you. It's just as if God is saying, "Here is the ocean. Take as much water as you want. So you can go there with a bucket, and another fellow can go there with a tanker. And another fellow may say not one tanker but one thousand tankers. By the time you've all taken what you want to take the ocean will not know that anybody had visited it.

By the time you read 2 Kings 4:1-7, the Bible told us this story of this widow of the son of the prophet, the one that was in debt and creditors were about to take her sons away. She ran to the man of God and said, I need help. The man of God said what do you have in the house. She said, a bottle of oil. The man of God said, 'Go and borrow empty vessels. Borrow not a few. So the woman left and borrowed vessels and began to pour the oil into the vessels, and the vessels kept on filling. The Bible said, when there were no more empty vessels.....What happened?........the oil stopped! Somebody once said to me, the auditorium is not yet full; you are making an extension. I said, I know, how matter how big I make the extension, as soon as there's the extension, there will be people to fill it. But if all you want is one small church, that's what you'll get. You have to ask God tonight, God expand my coasts. Increase my ability to absorb abundance. There are many of us who may be thinking, abundance, what is abundance. Abundance to some of us will be one million naira and by the time he sits down and he calculates what he will spend one million on, he's already satisfied. May the Almighty God expand your coasts in Jesus Name!

When I travelled to America in 1979 and I saw Kenneth Hagin Camp Meeting with 17,000 people. EEHH. What a crowd! Because at that time, during our own convention we are less than 1,000. So I thought, “ God, one day I will also have a congregation of 17,000!” Four years later I travelled to Korea and I saw a church where the Pastor used to beg people: “Those of you who come this Sunday, please don't come next Sunday so that those who could not come in this Sunday will be able to come in!” I said God. Not 17,000 that's not what I want now. How many of you want abundance? Let me hear you shout Alleluia loud and clear. (Alleluia!).

You know the Bible said in Job 22:23-25 the Bible says, if you will return to the Lord, if you begin to seek the Lord the way you should seek Him. He said you can have gold as dust. In other words gold will become so plenty in your house it will be like ordinary dust. Just in case you don't think that is possible. All right say Amen, loud and clear. Just in case you don't believe that that is possible. The Bible says in 1 Kings 10:21, it says, in the time of Solomon nobody paid attention to silver. Anytime they brought silver to the palace they will say, go and put it at the back of the house as if it were a dunghill. I tried to imagine that. And I want to put it in a language that I am sure you can understand because your day of abundance has come. Can you imagine a businessman, that his servants want to give him accounts in the evening? And they said fifty naira notes that we brought in today 10 billion naira. The twenty naira notes...and he says stop, I've told you anything from twenty naira down that's your own, take it away, I don't want. If fifty naira is gold, twenty naira will be silver, ten naira will be bronze, and five naira will be iron. In the time of Solomon anytime they talked about silver, Solomon will say, I don't want to hear. You see it is when you don't have enough that twenty naira is a big amount. When God blesses you sufficiently those who are working under you will be riding Mercedes 600. And then, you know when we talk about Rolls Royce; there are categories of Rolls Royce. Anyway we will talk about that one when they begin to arrive. But you see, the Bible says it will be unto you according to your faith.

Pastor, why are you talking of abundance, all of a sudden? I didn't talk about it last year because the time hasn't come, but now the time has come, for somebody at least. If the time has come for you, Shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!). It depends on how big your faith is. There might be somebody here tonight for example, who is already dreaming, God, hurry, hurry up Lord, bring this abundance, because within the next one year, I want to build at least a church in every town. Anybody who wants to build a church in every town knows he needs, not just some millions, he needs billions. It will be according to your faith. You will determine how much you want.

Then the Bible says, in 2 Corinthians 9:6.....

This is a funny one but you're going to do it all the same. You will turn to your neighbour and you say "PUSH"! Say it loud and clear! Come on say it once again! I am sure some of you can guess. At least women can guess. They know the meaning of push. The Lord says there's someone here, you are about to give birth to a miracle. (Amen!) And that's why we are asking you to PUSH. Say to your neighbour once again...(PUSH) Say loud and clear...(PUSH!) Shout Alleluia! Oh! Lord! Give the Lord a big hand. . Come on Give the Lord a big hand.

Now 2 Corinthians 9:6 says, if you sow sparingly, you will reap sparingly. Then if you sow bountifully, you will; reap bountifully. God is not going to entrust His abundance into the hands of misers. He knows that for years now the work of the gospel has been slowed down because a lot of money had been in the hands of misers. So God is going to bring the money, the abundance that is coming, He will put it in the hands of those who will use the money for His glory. And I'm one of them in Jesus Name.

Now, let down your nets also means some other things. It means.. I know you have been trying before, but this time now, try again. Because like Peter told the Lord, I have toiled all night, I have thrown these nets all night, I caught nothing. God is saying, try again. You see, God has a timetable for everything. If you do something before its ready, you'll be wasting your time. If you plant when it is not the time for rain to fall, you have wasted your seed. But thank God, He has told us that it is going to rain. (Amen!) So when He said, Let down your nets, it means, I know you've tried before but now things are different - try again. You have prayed before, nothing had happened, but this time, pray again. You have sowed before, nothing had happened, sow again.

Let down your nets is also saying, pick up from where you lost hope. You see, because, the time Jesus found Peter he was already washing his net, he had lost hope. No fish tonight. I'm going home hungry. The Lord said eh! Eh! Lets pick it up from where you lost hope. And those of you who have already lost hope over one thing or the other, the Almighty God is saying to you tonight, Start again. (Amen!) Because the Bible says in Psalm 30:5, Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. Tell your neighbour, "Joy cometh!" (joy cometh). Say it loud and clear! (Amen!)

And you know according again to the passage that the preacher who preached first talked about to us in John 11:39, if you read it from there on, when Jesus said, "Take away the stone," the sister said, "Lord, by now he stinketh. It's too late. It's over. Jesus said, I told you if you believe, you will see the glory of God." In other words, "It is not over until I say it is over." Some of you may think it's already over with you. Some of you may think you are already too old for this abundance God says is coming. Some of you may think that you are going to die soon. No, no, you are not going to die yet. Great days are coming now and until God says it is over, then it is not yet over. If the world had written you off, don't mind the world. They will change their mind very soon. Those who told Bartamaeus to shut up, they are the same people who said "Cheer up, He's calling you. They changed their saying within a day. Those who had already written you off in the family, that they said, this one can never amount to anything. Well, very soon you will give them ride in your Mercedes.

But you see, there is something here that is very, very important. And that is where we are going to do a lot of work later this evening. Which is why I want to advise if you are not ready for serious business, don't come back for the second session. The Almighty God spoke to Peter: "This is your opportunity Peter, Your abundance is here. This is where it is. Put down your nets and gather in the abundance. Peter dropped only one net. Only one. The Almighty was in his boat; there with him, physically present with him. He heard with his ear. Not that Pastor Adeboye said. Throw all your nets, he threw only one. What is it in a man that will make him to be satisfied with a river when God wants to give him an ocean? That is what we will be dealing with when we come back. And it is going to be serious. If you are not ready to fight, don't come. Because every Nebuchadnezzer in our life is going to die tonight. Every Goliath will lose his head tonight.

But in the meantime, I think there are some people who came just to watch but they may change their mind and become participators. I'm talking of those who are not yet born again, who have not surrendered to the Jesus Christ who can do anything. If you are here in this congregation and you are not yet born again, you better come now, quickly; you see, because this is a very peculiar night, this is a night when destinies will change, this is a night when the Almighty God will say, "Alright, from today onwards, you cross the boundaries of poverty forever. So if you are here, and you are not yet born again, hurry up quickly, the Almighty God is calling you now. Keep coming! Keep coming! Quickly! Hurry up! I won't call you too long. It's up to you, if you want to remain in your sin, and in your suffering; that's up to you. But if you want to be free tonight. And you want to come to the Almighty God who can set you free from sin, from Satan, from poverty. Come tonight. Hurry up now quickly!

Now the rest of us. I want you to pray for these people first before you pray for yourself. You see, because of the law of harvest; whatsoever you wish for others, that is what you will get. As they are coming for salvation, pray that the Almighty God will save their souls, forgive their sins, wash them in His blood, make them children of God, and make their salvation complete. And pray that anyone who is not yet born again wherever they are, God should push them forward, now! Let's begin to pray.

Those of you who are coming forward, you call on God. Say: Father, save my soul! Have mercy on me! I want to become a child of God! I want to be free from sin! I want to be free from Satan! I want to be free from every power of darkness! Please Lord, have mercy on me! Pray as you come! Pray for the salvation of your soul! Pray from the bottom of your heart! Call on the Almighty God for salvation and keep coming, keep coming, those of you who want to give your life to Jesus. Come on now the Lord is calling you! Amen! Father, I just want to thank you this evening for these people who have come forward. What a beautiful sight! Accept our thanks in Jesus name!

Your word says no man can come unto me except My Father draws him. Thank you for drawing these people. Glory be to your Holy Name. (Amen!) As they have come, Father, save their souls. (Amen!) Forgive their sins. (Amen!) Wash them in your blood. (Amen!) Write their names in the book of life. (Amen!) From today let them become true children of God. (Amen!) And every yoke of the enemy in their lives break them tonight! (Amen!) When you begin to release abundance into our lives, include them in Jesus name! (Amen!) And let them remain your children forever! (Amen!) Thank You Father, for we pray, in Jesus Mighty Name! (Amen!) Amen! Praise the Lord!

Congratulations to those of you who have come. I'm happy to see all of you. And we will love to take down your prayer requests so we can keep on praying for you. So if you will turn to my left, which is your right, there's a man waving a piece of wood there. He's going to take you somewhere where some pastors are waiting for you to take down your prayer requests.

Your prayer while we wait for these people to come should be a prayer of thanksgiving. "God, thank You because my day has come at last." Go ahead, talk to the Almighty God, "Lord, I thank You because my day has come at last! Oh! Yes, today, I know I will discover where my abundance is. I know my day has come at last! Oh! Yes Lord, I want to thank You, I want to bless Your Name, because my day has come at last. My day has come at last!

And I want you to go ahead and talk to the Lord and say:

"Father! Enlarge my coast! Enlarge my coasts! Father, enlarge my coasts! Expand my vision! Expand my ability to handle abundance! Enlarge my coast, oh Lord! Enlarge my coasts! Enlarge my coast oh! Lord! Expand my vision. Expand my ability to handle abundance! Enlarge my coast, oh Lord! In Jesus' Mighty Name we have prayed! Father, we thank you, because the day has come at last! We had waited for this day, but the day has come at last! Glory be to your Holy Name Lord! Father, enlarge our coasts! (Amen!) Increase our faith. (Amen!) Increase our capacity for abundance. (Amen!) Today, the kind of miracles you have never done before in our lives, do it for us in Jesus Name! (Amen!) Thank You Father for we pray in Jesus' Mighty Name! Amen! (Amen!) Praise the Lord! (Alleluia)

Now, there may be some of us who need ministration.

We give you adoration. We are very, very grateful oh Lord! Thank You for peace. Thank You for progress. Thank You for a new beginning. Father, we are very, very grateful. From the bottom of our hearts we say Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord. Thank You for a very new beginning. Father, we are very, very, very grateful. Thank You that there is no bloodshed; there is no problem; there is no confusion. Father we are very grateful. We appreciate You. We thank You. We thank You so much. We are very grateful. Thank You for a new beginning. Thank You for a New Year. Thank You, thank You so much. We are very grateful oh! Lord we appreciate You. We will always glorify your name. Thank You for giving Nigeria another opportunity. Thank You for giving us a new beginning. We are very grateful Lord. Thank You Jesus. Blessed be your Holy Name Lord. Thank You Lord. In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed. Father, we just want to thank You. You are such a wonderful God. Thank You for giving us a new beginning. Thank You that there's no riot; no bloodshed. Thank You for peace. Thank You for harmony. Thank You for progress. Thank You for the New Year. Glory, glory be to Your Holy Name! Accept our thanks in Jesus' Name. Thank You Father for we pray in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen. (Amen!) Praise the Lord (Alleluia!) Praise Jesus! (Alleluia!)

God bless you, you may be seated.

Now I said that tonight we would do things slightly different. Ah! Because once we begin the last part of it, only God knows how everything will end.

Father! Without You we can do nothing. But then, You are the Lord of Hosts. With You backing us we cannot fail. You have never lost a battle and we know that tonight we will surely be more than conquerors. Father, we come before You, humbly, as Your true children. Whatever You need to do in our lives tonight; if you need to rebuke us; if you need to chastise us – because whomsoever the Father loves, He chastises – whatever you need to do that we will break through finally tonight, do it in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!). Wherever our abundance is hidden, show it to us tonight. Glorify Your Name. Thank You Father for we have prayed in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen (Amen!)

Peter said, “Lord we have toiled all night and we have caught nothing, but according to your word I will let down a net. I’m not going to waste my time throwing all the nets because there is no fish here tonight. If there is any I would have caught it. But in order not to disappoint You, I will throw one net”. And he threw one net. The Lord didn’t quarrel with him for throwing one. That’s all he wanted. Only one net, but that one net was overfull with fish. If he had thrown all the nets only God knows what would have happened.

You see, when we look at this story, there’s no doubt that Peter believed that there was abundance of fish in the lake. That’s why he took several nets when he was leaving home. And that’s why he fished all night, believing that it was possible to get this abundance. But when his opportunity came, he lost it. Why? What causes a man to be satisfied with a river when God wants to give him an ocean?

I use that term because of an incident that happened some time ago. When our church in Zambia started. We had one little church meeting in one man’s house. There was a Pastor in Zambia who had 5 churches in two nations and God spoke to me and said, “Tell him that I want him to team up with you and become a Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. I said, “Oh God, how can I say that? I’ve just come to this country. This man is a big man here. How can a stranger just come and say to Landlord, “Landlord, come and be my servant!” I said, “Daddy, You know I’ve never disobeyed you. But this one, you will have to help me. Help me by telling him that I have something to tell him. “ I was to leave. Throughout midnight. The man came. He said he couldn’t sleep. Because God told him that I have something I must tell him and I’m leaving tomorrow. I said, “Thank You Daddy, Thank You Daddy! You know Daddy loves me so He treats me like a small baby. So I said, “Well, you are the one who said, God told you that I have something to tell you. It is true. This is what God asked me to tell you.” He looked up and said, “AHHH! No, no way! ….Ahhh! How can? I mean!!….Ahh! N o, no, no, no, no, no!!! “ I said, “Thank you, I mean, I too said so.” God said after he left, ”This man has a river, and he’s boasting – I have a river that flows into two countries – And I wanted to give him an ocean.” You know, within one year our churches in Zambia multiplied so rapidly that we had more than a hundred. And then we moved on to Zaire, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Swaziland and so on and so forth. And God keeps on reminding me that this man would have been the Overseer of all these churches. But today he is still doing well with his five churches. What makes a man, what is it that happens to a human being that will make him satisfied with a river when God wants to give him an ocean. Tell your neighbour. “I want an ocean!” Say it loud and clear.

Now, I want to appeal to all of us tonight to please, just be patient with me and listen very carefully to everything I’m about to tell you because I don’t say some of these things I’m saying lightly. Some of the prophecies you have heard earlier today may sound impossible to you. But as we were driving to my office after the first session one of my sons reminded me that on 31 December 1991 said very soon there’ll be at least 70 Mercedes Benz in the mission. People laughed because at that time there were only two. Today, it will be good if you can just go out and count. I’m sure you’ll be able to count one thousand. So those of you who think that No, this idea of Rolls Royce, that one is sweet talk. Please don’t throw away your opportunity. How many of you are sure that you will get your own? Let me hear you shout Alleluia. (Alleluia!). I know people today, whose first car in this whole world is a Mercedes Benz car. They never had any car before; God just took them straight from footwagon to Mercedes. The same God can take you straight from footwagon to Rolls Royce. That is if that is what you want. But you can tell God, ”No, just get me a Peugeot 306. That’s good enough.” But I want the best. I want an ocean.

There are three possible situations that could cause a man not to get into the abundance that God has for him. We will take them one by one and we will pray as soon as we finish with one. We are going to pray. I told you that if you don’t mean business don’t come back for the second session. The first one is if God Himself is angry with the fellow. Because if God pronounces a curse on someone, it is difficult to handle the matter. I’ve told you before, if your father curses you, you can run to the Pastor and he can cancel the curse. If your Pastor curses you, you can run to the General Overseer that ordained him and he can cancel the curse. If the General Overseer curses you, only God can cancel the curse. Now, if God curses you, it’s a case of God has given judgement and you say you are appealing. We will now see who will be the judge who will settle the matter. Because in 1 Samuel 2:27-36 God cursed the house of Eli and He said, ” you used to be an employer of labour, your children will begin to beg to apply.” I pray that if there’s any one of us here tonight who is groaning under the curse of the Almighty God, may God have mercy in Jesus’ Name.

In Malachi 3:8-12 where God talks about those who robbed Him of His tithes. You know some of us take the issue of tithes very lightly. And we think that, “Don’t mind Pastors, they want to take ten percent of my money. God said that those who rob Him of His tithes are cursed. And He said if you repent, and you now begin to bring all the tithes to His house, He said, "I will rebuke devourers for your sake.” And then one day I asked, “Who are the devourers and where do they come from? And God pointed me to Joel 2:23-27 He calls the devourers “My army”. He said He’s the one who sent cankerworms, palmerworms, the army that He sent against those who had annoyed Him. Brethren I’ve told you before. If the whole world is against me and God is on my side, I will just be smiling because I know the One behind me is the Lord of Hosts and He can finish the whole world just by waving His hands. But if God says He is against somebody, who is going to deliver you? I’ve said it before that if there are demons standing in your way and you command them to get out of the way in Jesus’ Name, they know that at the name of Jesus every knee must bow.

I was sharing with one of my children. He said, “When you go around at night with your dogs, do they stop as they go?” I said, “Yes. They stop when they see a snake. That’s how I know there’s a snake near. And they stop when they see an angel. Whether you believe it or not, there are many angels on these camp grounds. That’s why there are no walls. We have our own divine bodyguards. So he said, “But what if they see demons?” How can I be going with the Lord of Hosts and a demon will stand? Before we leave here tonight every demon standing in you way, we will deal with them. But if an angel is the one God sent to go and block your way, and you tell the angel. “Get out of the way!” He said, “In whose name?” You said, “In the name of Jesus.” He says, “He’s the one who asked me to stand here. Ask Him, ask Him. He’s the One who asked me to block your way. “

Brethren because your abundance is reserved and I don’t want any of you to miss this opportunity; this wonderful opportunity. Because what God told Peter was “let down your nets for a draught”, a draught, just one, not many. Your opportunity had come. You are not here by accident tonight. I don’t want you to miss this opportunity. So you need to repent. Every one of us who had been robbing God, we need to do what? Repent. The beautiful thing is…When I asked the Almighty, “Supposed you had cursed somebody? Is there a way out? Because I know somebody You have cursed no Pastor can pray for the fellow. And then He referred me to Isaiah 55. I will read verses 6 and 7 to you. “Seek ye the LORD while He may be found. Call ye upon Him while He is here. Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts, and let him return unto the LORD and He will have mercy on him, and to our God for He will abundantly pardon. “ Thank You Lord. But those of us who know that one way or another we have robbed Him, we are going to stand on our feet and we are going to cry to God: “Daddy, have mercy! I promise you I will repent! Just forgive me this once!” Shall we call on the Almighty God now, “Father. Have mercy! Have mercy on me! I can’t fight You! Where is the strength with which I will fight You? Have mercy on me, Lord! Please, forgive me! Forgive me oh Lord! Pardon me abundantly! I call on you for mercy oh Lord! Have mercy on me! “ Call on Him now.

Now in the case of Eli that we mentioned, the curse came down on the generation. So we are going to call on the Lord. If there is anything my father or my grandfather had done that could sentence my generation to poverty, Father forgive tonight! Let’s call on the Almighty! “If there’s anything that my generations gone had done that could cause You Lord to pronounce a curse on me and my children. Please forgive! Oh yes Lord, Please forgive tonight! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have prayed.

Father I just want to thank You because I know You are a merciful God and I know You are clearing the ground, removing obstacles from our ways. Accept our thanks in Jesus’ Name. Father, many of us have offended You. In fact, we deserve curses, but then You are a very merciful God. As many of us as have repented tonight. Who said, “Lord, we will be faithful; we will be faithful in the payment of our tithes, in the giving of offerings” Forgive in Jesus’ Name. All the armies of devourers that you have sent against us, withdraw them tonight in Jesus’ Name. Every generational curse that had been coming down from our father, forefathers, that may cause some of us always to almost succeed and then fail, forgive tonight in Jesus’ Name! Break the curses Yourself, in Jesus’ Name! Beginning from tonight, let Your Face continue to shine upon us! Thank You my Father for we pray in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen! Praise the Lord. (Alleluia)

All right, let’s be seated. That takes care of the divine one. The next cause of people failing to enter into the fullness of what God has for them is they themselves because many of us after several failures our faith is no longer as strong as when we started. I mean, for example Peter, you can hardly blame him. He has thrown the net several times and what came out of it ? Nothing. Some of us here have tried seven businesses and they had all failed. Some of us had bought land before thinking that we were going to build a house. At the end of the day we sold the land. So after prayer upon prayer and nothing happened suddenly faith begins to grow dim. That’s what happened to Peter. “Throw your nets!” “I’ve been throwing these nets all night.” You see, the problem was, Peter did not know about the timetable of God. And I’m happy that you know better than Peter because you know that your day has come. Peter had nobody’s history to learn from. But we can learn from him now.

So those of us who might be shaken in our faith may I encourage you to remember Romans 14:23. It says. “Whatever is not of faith is sin.” And then remember Matthew 9:29 says, “According to your faith be it unto you”. And then Mark 9:23 says, ”All things are possible to him that believeth.” And then Romans 1:17 says, ”The just shall live by faith.” And all that faith means is simply that I know with God all things are possible. With me, there might be problems. If I’m looking up to my father, there might be problems. If I’m relying on one Minister or Commissioner, there might be problems. But with God all things are possible. And believe me honestly; If only you could understand how big your God is you will never doubt Him again.

By His grace, I have walked with Him in faith for some time. Several times when I hear Him say something if I had not known that this God can do anything, it will be difficult for me to open my mouth and say, “This is what He said....”. The little science I know tells me that when they have cut off the tubes of a woman she cannot have babies. But we heard a testimony tonight. When we talk about the Almighty God giving you abundance, all you need to do is believe. And if the Devil is trying to tell you, No, it is not possible, tell the Devil to shut up. Tell the Devil, ”You will be around when I give my testimony”.

I’ve given this testimony among the Pastors. You know, I don’t give many of my testimonies because, like I told somebody, If I tell all God is doing for me people will say, God is partial. And if anybody is willing to walk with Him by faith He will show you that He can be partial to you too. Several years ago, when we were still in the old auditorium, when one naira was still almost equal to one pound. I said to God, in fact I announced from the altar, I want God to give me three men that will give one million naira to the work of God. Three men, oh God! And as I left the place God said, “How about you being number one?” I laughed, because I didn’t even have one million kobo! Where am I going to get it? Am I going to steal? Because I can’t do business. I am a full-time Pastor. Lord, give me three men. There are businessmen around. And He said, “Son, If I give you the one million, will you give it back to me?” “Oh, yes!” You know poor people are always generous! God give me money, I will show you!” And all of a sudden, people began to give me gifts, and they will say, “For your personal use.” They’ve never done that before. They always say, “This is for auditorium, This is for that. This is….. Suddenly they began to come and they say “For your personal use”. Suddenly the money began to come and I realized…. I know where God is going. Before long there was one million naira. Glory be to God. And then of course temptation came. How can I give..I’ve never seen one million naira before, how can I give it away? And I began to think of various ways I can cheat God a little. I mean if I buy a new car from it, I will use if for your work. Thank God for the Holy Spirit. He gave it to me and I gave it back to Him. Glory be to God forever more.

The point I’m trying to make is this. If God says He’s going to lead us into abundance, how He will do it is not your business. I’ve told you again and again, don’t try to use your brain to understand my God. If you are looking at yourself now and you see yourself as a messenger, and you say, “God, if you can give me second hand Volkswagen, that will be my Rolls Royce…” You will be limiting the Holy One of Israel. I’m praying tonight that the Almighty God will increase your faith. When somebody had tried several times, and failed several times, suddenly he begins to replace some of his statements. You will begin to change “I shall succeed” to “Maybe I will succeed”. I want you to get rid of ‘maybe”. Tell the fellow next to you: “I am going to make it”. (I am going to make it!) Say it loud and clear! “I’m going to make it financially. I am going to make it physically. I am going to make it spiritually. I am going to be the best! Say it loud and clear! I am going to be the best! Because the Word of God says in James 1:5&6; it said, I f you are going to get anything from God, don’t waver. Because if you waver, you won’t get anything from Him. So make up your mind tonight. It doesn’t matter what the situation may be now. I am going to make it! And it will be so in Jesus’ Name!

Then when we find some people who had failed several times then they despair. They surrender to fate. “Oh! By now he stinketh! It’s too late! Mmmh. I mean, Grandfather was poor; father was poor so…You know when God cursed the children of Eli. God could have changed His mind. But what was it that Eli said? “It’s God. Let Him do whatever He likes. If He wants me to die in poverty, mmh mmmh; it’s up to Him. If He wants me to be a messenger all the days of my life. Mmh Mmmh! He’s God. Whereas when we find Jacob….tomorrow He was going to die. Esau was coming to meet him, to put an end to any hope of prosperity in his life. The Bible says he came face to face with God and he grabbed hold of God and he said, “I will not let You go until You bless me.” The Bible says that as they struggled, this man was not going to surrender; God even dislocated one of his legs; he said, “dislocate both of them; I am saying, I will not let You go until You bless me. “ And when you read about Hezekaiah in Isaiah 38:1-5 it is God who said, “Your majesty, you are dead. Put your house in order because no way you can live, you are dead!” And the Bible says, “Forever, oh Lord, thy word is settled. God said, “Any word that has gone out of my mouth will not return void!”. Hezekaiah said, “God, this time You will change Your mind. That Word that You say is settled. As they say, it is the white man who made pencil; he also made eraser. You said it that I’m going to die; say it again that I will live!

Tonight our second prayer is that you are going to call on the Almighty God. I don’t care what was the original plan concerning my life, but tonight God, I’m holding on to You and I’m not going to let You go until You pronounce a blessing on me because I must be the best. I am going to reach the top. Shall we stand and call on the Almighty God.

Father, tonight. I don’t know of others; I don’t know of other people; but as for me, no! I’m not going to let you go until You have blessed me! You have to change my Destiny for the better! Tonight Lord….

Now, I want You to pray and say, ”Lord, wherever my fish is, with my prosperity in its mouth, show me tonight! Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have prayed. (Amen!)

I want you to pray immediately: “Father, You are the Lord of Hosts. You are the Controller of the angels. Send Your angels to the four corners of the world. Wherever my abundance is, let them bring them quickly! Come on, pray! “Father, You are the Controller of the angels! Send them to the four corners of the world……

One more prayer quickly on this. Many of us have lost some golden opportunities, but our God is so mighty that He can reverse the irreversible. So let’s call on Him and say, “Every opportunity that we have lost. Father, bring them back, bring them back, bring them back……

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Father, I call on you this morning on behalf of all Your children. Many of us have annoyed You because our faith was weak. We have doubted Your Almightiness. Some of us have resigned ourselves to fate. We have forgotten that You our God, You never change. Please forgive us in Jesus’ Name. Now tonight Father, we all cling unto You, and we are saying, “Daddy! We will not let go unless You bless us! Father! Pronounce Your blessing on us in Jesus’ Name! Pronounce abundance into our lives in Jesus’ Name! Pronounce life into our lives today in Jesus’ Name! Pronounce success into our lives tonight in Jesus’ Name! Pronounce greatness into our lives in Jesus’ Name! Father! For every man there is a fish with golden coin in its mouth. Father! Wherever our fishes may be, Bring them out! In Jesus’ Name! Bring them out! In Jesus’ Name! Father! You are the Lord of Hosts. The angels never dare disobey You. Tonight, send them to the four corners of the world. Wherever our abundance may be hidden, let them bring them in, In Jesus’ Name! By special delivery. Let them bring them in Jesus’ Name! Every opportunity that we have lost, bring them back in Jesus’ Name! Renew our youths! And glorify Your Name! Thank You Daddy! Blessed be Your Name! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have prayed. Amen! Praise the Lord! Let somebody say, “I receive that.” (I receive that!). Amen! God bless you! Be seated!

That brings us to the third and last bit. And that is when Satan decides to block the way. And there are various ways he could do that. One of the ways he does it is so funny. Is by creating in you the fear of men. “If they suddenly see me riding a Rolls Royce, what will people say?” You seem to have forgotten that people will always say something! If you are dying in poverty. They will look at you and say, “He has gone since last year what has he brought!” If you are begging before you can eat, they are the people who will say, “Where is your God?” So if they are going to say something why don’t they say something good that, we don’t know how he’s making it!” Or they may begin to say; I mean, could put fear in you and say, “If I suddenly begin to live in VI now…what about robbers?” As if there are no robbers in Mushin! As if there are no robbers in Ajegunle!

The Bible says in Proverbs 29:25, it said the fear of man brings about a snare. And then I saw a passage in the Bible that I thought I would read to you – Isaiah 51:12 God said, “I, even I, am he that comforteth you. Who art thou that thou shouldest be afraid of a man that shall die? And of the Son of man that shall be made as grass?” When God decides to bless you, why should you be afraid of man? Let me tell you, if you are riding a secondhand Volkswagen, if robbers will rob you, they will rob you. If you are riding a Rolls Royce if they won’t touch you, they won’t touch you. The Bible says that it is only those that God keeps that are safe from evil. And if God is the one who brings abundance into you, He will not bring it in so that somebody will come and steal it. I am telling you God knows how to protect His own. Provided your ways are clean before Him nobody can touch you unless He allows.

I mean, when you study the story of Job very well, even the Devil has to get permission from God before he could touch Job. He said, ”God, you have made a hedge around him. I want to touch him but everywhere I go there is a hedge round about him. Give a gap, let me touch him, and then you will see!” Now I know some of us will say, “Well God gave him a gap! No, God gave Satan a gap to touch Job. Maybe He will do the same thing to me!” No! If you read your Bible very well, you will see that Job was a servant of God. If you are born again, You are not a servant you are a son. There is a lot of difference.

I remember when I used to live in Mushin, and robbers were terrorizing us and we formed what was called a vigilante. Who were the people in the vigilante? The servants, houseboys and so on and so forth. Where were the children? Inner bedroom! David said in the time of trouble He will hide me in His pavilion. Don’t let anybody tell you that what happened to Job can happen to you…it will never happen to a child of God. So if the Devil brings fear into your heart, tell him to carry his load and go. The Word of God is clear. He said, “I will keep your going out and your coming in”. For how long? From now and forever more! Let me hear you say ‘Amen’ to that! (Amen!)

But then the Devil may use another technique. He may lay a siege on you. You know the story. We have treated that one here before. You know the story in 2 Kings 6: 24-29. The King of Syria came and lay a siege on Samaria. So much that the people of Samaria could not go out to do their normal duties. And they became so poor that they were eating their children. And yet just outside the gate there was abundance. There may be some of us that the enemy had laid siege on our finances. But tonight in the name of the One who made Heaven and earth, the siege will be over. (Amen!) All you have to do is be like one of those poor lepers that you read in 2 Kings 7:3-16. They looked at themselves, they said, “One, we’re poor, sick, waiting for death. Inside the city no food. In normal times things were difficult. Now, what are we going to do?” These four lepers took a decision. That decision you must take it early this morning. They just said.” We refuse to die. We refuse to die where we are. So thy got up. They got up and they said: “Enemy, you who came to lay siege we are coming to pay you a visit!” Somebody is going to say to the Devil tonight, “Devil, you are receiving a visitor tonight!” And as they got up and they began to go to the camp of the enemy, the Almighty caused the enemy to hear a noise. Somebody’s going to shout Alleluia tonight (Alleluiaaaaa!!!!) Well, that’s a good one. But the one I’m talking about, the enemies at home will hear. (ALLELOOOOOOYAAAAAAH!!!) Thank you very much.

See, I so thank God for the brother who spoke first this evening. Th Holy Spirit spoke through him. I was almost crying for joy where I was sitting there. Because he brought one point out, which is so crucial to everything, we are going to do next. There are stones that I can move myself. I can repent. I can promise God that from now on I will be faithful in the paying of my tithe. I can call on God to forgive me, but I am not strong enough to fight the Devil alone. There is a stone I can’t roll away on my own. Thank God that angels can come down and roll them for me. Four lepers cannot defeat the Syrian army. What weapons are they going to use? They don’t even have hands to hold the weapons, but God caused the enemy to hear a noise. All those enemies that have been laying siege against your prosperity, that all these years you have been struggling and struggling and struggling and there’s nothing to show for it and you Have been praying and calling on the Name of God. You’ve been coming to Holy Ghost Services and there’s nothing to show for it. Tonight, the One who sent me is going to fight your battles for you! (Amen!)

So you are going to get on your feet now. This prayer, this time you are not going to pray gently at all! This one is not a case of gentleman or big man. Your first prayer will go like this: Nebuchadnezzar said to Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego. He said, “ Who is that God who will deliver you out of my hand?” The Devil may be saying tonight, “Who is your God who will deliver you out of poverty? But it wasn’t long before Nebucadnezzar became an animal. You are going to pray now: “Anyone that had been blocking the way to my prosperity, Lord, let them become animals! Come on pray; “Let them become animals.

Like I said earlier on, David was anointed to be king. The shepherd boy was to live in supernatural abundance, Goliath said, “no way. Before you become king I will make the whole nation of Israel slaves. But that very day Goliath lost his head. You are going to pray now, “Every Goliath that says I will not reach the throne; that says I will not reach my goal, Father let them lose their heads!” Come on pray!…..

There are some of us, the enemy has bound our hands so that whenever we want to catch our blessing somehow we drop it. Some of us the enemy has bound our feet so we cannot make as much progress as we want to make. We can’t climb as fast as we want to climb. Some of us the enemy has bound our eyes so we cannot see the opportunities….the fire of the Holy Ghost, fire of the Holy Ghost! Send it down Oh! Lord and consume every yoke in my life. Go ahead! Call on the Almighty God!!! Send down the fire of the Holy Ghost and consume everything that is binding my hands, my legs, my eyes, binding my brain! Send down the fire Oh! Lord! The fire of the Holy Ghost! Send down the fire! My Lord and My Saviour send down the fire! The fire of the Holy Ghost to consume every yoke that is binding my hands, or binding my legs, or binding my eyes, or binding my ears, or binding my brain! Send down the fire Oh! Lord! The fire of the Holy Ghost! The Consuming Fire! Thank You my Father! Glory be to Your Name Lord! Thank You Jesus! Glory be to God. In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

One more prayer. I want you to pray this with all your heart because we are just about to step into it now. We say, “Father, every stone that I can’t roll myself, send Your angels, let them roll them away now!” Call on the Almighty God! “ Every stone that I can’t roll away myself, Father! Send Your angels now! Let them roll away the stone! Let them roll away the stone! Let them roll away the stone! ……..Thank You Jesus! ……… roll away the stone!……Let the angels come from heaven and roll away the stone……Thank You Father…. roll away the stone! By Your mighty power Oh! Lord! Every stone that is blocking my joy, blocking my prosperity, blocking the abundance you have reserved for me, blocking the way, My Father and My God, to higher ministry, roll away the stone Yourself! Glorify Your Holy Name Lord! Thank You Jesus! Glory be to God! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have prayed.

I heard the Lord saying to me some nights ago that I would have to perform an operation here tonight. Glory be to God! So may I request that you all kneel please and raise your hand to the Almighty. Daddy told me that many of you have been bound for a long time. But He asked me tonight to represent Him and loose you. (Amen!!!) I want your Amen to be loud and clear. (Ameeen!!)

In the Name of Jesus! In the Mighty Name of Jesus.! Father, I thank You because the day has come at last. I thank You because Your Blood has never lost its power. Accept our thanks in Jesus’ Name. I plead the blood of the Lamb over all of us here tonight. The blood that conquered Satan let it cover us all in Jesus’ Name. Satan, I say, in the Name of the One who made you, in the Name of Jesus, the Word from the beginning, Satan, I say tonight the Blood is against you in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) The Blood of the Lamb is against you in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) I command every host of hell every demonic influence that has been laying siege on the prosperity of these children of God, all of you be bound in Jesus’ Name (Amen!). I hereby decree in the Name that is above every other Name, that Name that is recognized in Heaven and earth and underneath the earth, that wondrous Name of Jesus, I hereby command every one of you that had been bound, be loosed in Jesus’ Name! Oh! Yes! Lord….Be loosed in Jesus’ Name! Be loosed now in Jesus’ Name! I hereby decree that any leg that is stamping upon you, any leg that the enemy has placed on you, any leg that the enemy has placed on your prosperity, I decree that such legs be cut off in Jesus’ Name! Oh! Yes!…..Yes, Lord!!! I decree tonight that anyone who says you will not reach your goal will become a stepping stone to your glory, in Jesus’ Name! Oh, yes Lord! Thank You My Father! Oh! Thank You Lord! Every child of God here tonight, from poverty you are loosed! (Amen!) from sickness, you are loosed!! (Amen!) from sorrow you are loosed! (Amen!) from doubt, you are loosed (Amen!)from unbelief, you are loosed! (Amen!) from every curse you are loosed! (Amen!) you are loosed! (Amen!) you are loosed! (Amen!) you are loosed! (Amen!) you are loosed! (Amen!) you are loosed! (Amen!) you are loosed! (Amen!)……….Blessed be the Name of the Lord!! OH Yes, so shall it be! , so shall it be! , so shall it be! , so shall it be! , so shall it be! , so shall it be! , so shall it be! , so shall it be! Thank You Father! Glory be to God! Go ahead! Praise the Lord! Praise Him! Praise Him! Praise Him ! Praise Him! Praise Him!…..Oh! Thank You my Father! Glory be to Your Holy Name Lord. Thank You Jesus! Blessed be Your Holy Name! Oh, Thank you Father! Thank you Lord! Thank you Lord! Thank you Lord! Father, I promise on behalf of Your children that when the abundance comes we shall use it for Your glory. We shall not use it for sickness (Amen!) We shall not use it for Satan (Amen!) We shall use it for Your Glory! (Amen!) In Jesus’ Mighty Name we pray! (Amen!)

Alleluia! Thank You Jesus! Glory be to God! Come on give the Lord a big hand. Give the Lord a big hand!! Thank You Jesus! Blessed be Your Holy Name! Thank You Saviour! Alleluia Father! Thank You Lord, thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Give the Lord a big hand. Thank You Father ! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Alleluia Father! Thank You Lord! Amen!

Well the Lord said there is someone here, who is going to receive a visitor of joy. And He says there is someone here, there’s a miracle waiting for you at home! (Amen!) And the Lord asked me to tell all of you, He said, I have an investment in You now and I will protect my investment! Let me hear you shout Alleluia!!! (Alleluia!!!)

Well I think our thanksgiving tonight ought to be a special one. Because, believe it or not, this is the greatest day of your life so far. So let’s do our thanksgiving and show Him that we appreciate what He has done. Oh, thank You my Father. Glory be to God! We will dance. I say, we will dance. That will be part of the thanksgiving offering to the Lord. Show Him that you appreciate what He has done and show the Devil that he has lost the battle. Glory be to God!!!!

Pastor E. A. Adeboye

© 2016. RCCG Internet Outreach

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