Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Second Boat

We continue with our series, "The Holy Spirit in the life of Peter." Luke 5 v.1-7 Somebody's going to get boat-sinking blessings tonight! (Amen!)

You know the story. We have been following the story up to this moment. There were 2 boats, empty. The fishermen had worked all night and they caught nothing. And the Lord came and wanted to use a boat.

He chose the boat that belonged to Peter. You must have wondered why He chose the boat that belonged to Peter. Because the people in the other boat could have said, " What is the difference between his boat and our boat? I think we've talked briefly about that but we'll talk a little more about that now.

The person that the Almighty God is going to bless abundantly must be someone who is willing to share. As soon as Peter observed that he had more fish than his boat could carry he beckoned to the 2nd boat. Many of us want the blessings of the Almighty God but we don't want to share. And yet the Bible says in Prov.11:25, it says: The liberal soul shall be made fat; and he that waters shall be watered himself.' When you read Luke 4 from verse 25 to 26 the Bible tells us that there were several widows in the time of Elijah but Elijah was sent to only one - the widow of Zarephath. Why? Because that widow was a chronic sharer. When Elijah got to her and said, " Give me food, she said, " I have only one meal." Elijah said, "Give me that one. The woman said, " You can have it!" The fellow who is willing to share the last meal definitely will survive any famine.

In Luke 4 v. 27 the Bible says during the days of Elisha there were many lepers in the land, but he was sent unto Nahman the leper for cleansing because Nahman was a generous leper. When you read 2 Kings 5. If you read from v1-5 here you'll find that when Nahman was coming to Elisha for healing, he did not come empty-handed. As a matter of fact he came with a generous gift. And when you read 2 Kings 4 from v.8 - 17 you'll find the story of the woman of Shunam and you will observe something about this woman that blessed are the generous because their greatest needs will be met. You can write that down and put it somewhere in the Bible: Blessed are the generous for their deepest needs shall be met

The Bible says in Acts 19:11 and 12; it said, " God performed special miracles by the hand of Paul, so much that from his body aprons and handkerchiefs were taken to those that were sick and they were healed and the devils departed from them.

Many of us want the power of God; we want the anointing of God; we want the sweat on our faces to heal the sick but God is not going to release His anointing to those who are miserly because He knows that if you get that power you won't release it. He who cannot be generous with money, surely will not be generous with anointing. If you cannot be generous with spiritual things Paul said in 2 Cor.12:15; he said, " I am willing to spend and be spent. I have spent a lot of time studying the stories of great men of God. Whenever I found a man of God that was seriously powerful, I study him because the Bible says if you walk with wise men you will be wise. So if you study powerful men you are likely to become powerful. I've told God from day one that I became born again - I don't want to be a powerless Christian.

One of the greatest secrets of Paul is that he was a sharer. The people that God will hand over his keys to are people who are determined to be generous. Anybody who is going to be blessed abundantly must be somebody who is ready to share. Is there anybody here tonight who is willing to be a sharer from now on? Let me hear your Amen then! Amen!

But you see, actually, our attention tonight is on the 2nd boat. I could imagine how the people in the 2nd boat felt, when the Lord came and chose Peter's boat and He apparently ignored them. But I've studied the 2nd boat and I've found out that there are a lot of joys in being number 2.

Oh, it is wonderful to be No. ! but I've discovered that there are a lot of joys in being number 2. At least from my own personal experience, when my Father in the Lord was alive. He was Number one. I was only a Pastor - all I had to do was whatever he asked me to do - I did it. anytime I asked for his permission to do something and he gave the permission...oh..oh...let the Devil stand in the way...I will jump over him because I say my Father is at home, he sent me. Then Papa died and poor me, they pushed me to number one and now instead of being carried, I have to carry some people.

The people in the 2nd boat - they didn't throw the net; they didn't catch the fish but their boat was full. The greatest joy of being number 2 is that you will drink from the wells you did not dig. You will live in a house you did not build. You will wear clothes that you didn't even know how it came about. When you go through the Scripture you will find the number two's when you read Genesis 22:15-18. You will find that Abraham was the one who made the sacrifice, Isaac is the one who got the double blessing. God said to Abraham, "Because you have done this I swear, in blessing, I will bless you and then He turned to Isaac and said, "In multiplying, I will multiply you..." I think there is a lot of joy in being Number Two. When you read Deuteronomy 34 verse 9. The Bible says, "Joshua, the son of Nun, was full of the spirit of wisdom because Moses had laid his hands on him. Moses, poor Moses...40 years in the wilderness, he saw the bush burning without being consumed, he faced Pharaoh, crossed the Red Sea, was tormented by the children of Israel. And Joshua, all he did was he knelt down and Moses laid hands on him and everything that Moses has stored up over the 80 years, entered Joshua in 1 day! I believe it is my turn tonight!

When you consider Elijah and Elisha - you know the story very well. We didn't know where Elijah went to Bible College. All we know is he spent time with the widow and then he ran and ran from King Ahab. He went through all kinds of problems but Elisha, number two, he just came and said, " That which you have, multiply by two and give to me." Study the life of Elisha very well. There was never a time he had to stay alone with birds - he was moving from one palace to another. I think it is a good thing to be number two.

Oh, but let's go a little further and consider God, the Father and God, the Son. The Bible says God has spoken once, twice have I heard that power belongs to God. Then the Bible tells us, the Father loves the Son and has given everything into His hands. So Jesus came and said, " All power in heaven and earth had been given unto me and the Bible went further to say that God had so highly exalted Him and had given Him a Name that is above every other name! Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!). So if you are not the first one chosen by God, just rejoice because your turn will come today.

Oh, it is true God chose Peter's boat first; because God is sovereign,. According to Ps.115 verse 3 the Bible says, "Our God is in the heavens, He does as He pleases." He decides who to bless, when to bless and where to bless and nobody can challenge Him. Aren't you happy that they don't vote before God will save your soul? If it is by voting, many of us will never get to Heaven, because the people you thought are your friends; the people that you think will vote for you to go to Heaven, they will say, "No, that fellow? If that fellow goes to Heaven who are we going to shake hands with in Hell?" Thank God that God is not a democrat. He does whatever He pleases and I have good news for you - it has pleased Him that today will be your day. God does as He pleases. Just like our brother has shared in John 5 from verse 2 to 9. He can come to a multitude and heal only one. And walk away from there - nobody can challenge Him; after all He wasn't paid for the healing.

But He can also heal all because in Matthew 12 verse 15 the Bible says, "A great multitude came unto Him and He healed all of them! If yesterday He healed only one and today He decides to heal everybody, who is the fellow big enough to say. "Why do you do it that way?" His method may vary - the fellow He blesses first is His choice; the fellow He blesses second id His choice. The important thing is that He blesses everybody. In John 9 v. 1 to 7 He wanted to heal a blind man. He spat on the ground, made mud out of the ground and put it on the eyes of the blind man and said, " Go and wash." and the man washed and came back seeing! But when He came to Bartimaeus, he too was blind. God didn't waste His time spitting in the ground, He just said, " What do you want?" "Eyes" "Eh-eh? OK, get eyes!" He can use whatever method He wants!

Now, the more total the failure seems, the greater will be the manifestation of the power of God. The people in the second boat thought that they had failed and failed. They toiled all night, they caught nothing, the Almighty God came and chose another boat and left their own! But before the day was out they discovered that it doesn't matter whether He chooses you first or second. No matter how great the failure, when the Almighty God intervenes, the testimony becomes great. So is anyone here tonight with the biggest testimony of all!

Even when God told Sarah, "Sarah you're going to have a baby," she laughed because she believed that it was too late. But God said, " Because it is your turn and I believe tonight someone is thinking it is already too late, God is saying - "It's your turn!"

The people in the second boat thought that God had forgotten them. They thought that God had forsaken them - that they must be inferior somehow, that he had to choose another boat and ignore them. But God never forgets. He cannot even possibly forget you. In Isa. 49:15 and 16 God asked a question: "Is it possible for a woman to forget the child of her womb? He said, " It is possible - after all the mother may fall asleep, but God can never forget you. He said your names have been written in the palm of my hand. So even if I want to forget you, I can't forget my hands. That's why I tell people who threaten me, I said my future is not in your hands, my future is in the hands of the Alpha and Omega and it is not possible for God to forget you. There are some of you who would think that God has forsaken you....all these years you have been praying, just like we have heard, trusting God for one miracle or another. Holy Ghost night after Holy Ghost night you had come and you will come and you will hear testimonies, which means God is at work - healing, setting people free, performing miracles! You say God, "What about me? Could it be that you have forsaken me? No! He said in Heb.13:5.. He said, " I will never leave you, I will never forsake you." He said in Psalm 27 verse 10, He said, " Even if your parents forsake you, He said I will receive you." He said, in Isaiah 43:2, He said, " Even if you have to pass through fire, I will still be there with you. The Almighty God says in Acts 10:34 and 35 that he is no respecter of persons. Anybody who fears Him, everyone who will do His will is accepted by Him. So if God could perform a miracle for one person, definitely He can do your own because He is more than sufficient for all. His name is Jehovah El Shaddai, the All Sufficient One.

Now your own turn for your miracles is now. (Amen!) Why? Now, I know that God works according to a time-table. According to Ecclesiastics 3 verses 1 to 8 for everything there is a time and God will not do anything until the time is ripe. In Acts 2 verses 1 to 4 the Bible says, "When the day of Pentecost was fully come..", "When the day of Pentecost was fully come..", when the time-table was right. When the plan of God for that particular day came. Suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing, mighty wind.... I mean, you know the rest of the story. You see, when your day comes, the miracle you are expecting will come suddenly. That's why I'm sure, your day will come! (Amen!)

Hannah's day came. If you read her story...she's been going to the temple every year for years! But one day her day came. Bartemeus for years he had been placed by the roadside - begging. In fact, he didn't even have any hope at all. But then one day came according to the timetable of God and Jesus was passing by. The man you read about in Acts 3 verses 1-8, that man was born lame, had been placed by the gate that was called Beautiful for 40 years. They would just place him there, the service would go on and he was suffering outside there. But his day came at the time he wasn't expecting at all. Suddenly his sorrow ended and this man that we were told about (that's why I said the Bishop had preached my sermon) had been there for 38 years hoping, hoping, hoping that one day would be one day. And then one day was one day!

So I know that God brought somebody here tonight. The fellow may be coming for the first time. The fellow may have been coming for years! But I know that the situation today is different. I know that the day has come for someone. If you are the one let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) How do I know that today will be your day? Because it was the day for Peter that was also the day for the second boat. Oh, yes! It was Peter's boat that was chosen first but before the day was out 2 boats were full of fish. That of Peter and that of the second boat and you know what? Whenever you begin to think: "Maybe this is not my day, remember the story in John 2:1-11. There was a wedding in Cana of Galilee; they lacked wine; the mother of Jesus came to him and said they lacked wine. Jesus said to her: "Woman, what do I have to do with you? My hour is not yet come." Now, when did the hour come? It came that day. As a matter of fact, it came some minutes later!

I believe there's someone here that within the next few minutes something is going to happen to you! There's no reason why that day can't be today. After all the woman with the issue of blood had suffered for a long time but she made up her mind that enough is enough. I have been hearing testimonies - it is my turn! If the mountain won't come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain. If Jesus won't come to my house, I will go to His house! Is anybody here who's going to touch Jesus tonight? Let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

If there's anybody here tonight who's not yet born again, I pity you because right now the power of God is about to descend and if there is sin in your life that is not yet cleansed in the blood of the Lamb you will just hear the miracle happening but if you want to give your life to Jesus now you can come very quickly and hurry up, hurry up because we don't have time to waste because the wind is blowing already. The Almighty God is here already and He's going to do marvellous things in our lives. So if you are here and you are not yet born again, hurry up now because the Lord is waiting. He wants to save your soul so that when He begins to touch people you can receive your touch too. So if you want to give your life to Jesus come from allover now. This is the Hour of Salvation. It is your turn now to be saved. It is your turn now to get out of the Kingdom of Satan. It is your turn now to come out of darkness and come into His glorious light.

Keep coming, keep coming. I know some of you are coming from a long distance so I'll wait for some ten seconds. But you must hurry up, hurry up - this is the Day of Salvation. The Lord is here tonight and He wants to save your soul. He wants to wash you in His blood. He wants to make you clean. He wants to touch you tonight. It is your turn to have a testimony. It's your turn to have a testimony of salvation. It is your turn to be washed in the blood of the Lamb. It's your turn for your yokes to be broken. Oh, He has saved the soul of some people before but it is your turn now. Maybe you are in boat number two and it is your turn to receive your blessing. So those of you who are coming for salvation - hurry up, hurry up, hurry up. The Lord is calling you now, the Lord is calling you now.

Brethren, those of us who are already born again, let us begin to intercede on behalf of these people that the Almighty God will save their souls tonight; that He will cleanse them in the Blood tonight. Oh, yes, let's begin to pray for them! And those of you who have come forward - you too begin to talk to the Almighty God and say, "Lord, save my soul today. It is my turn to be saved! Save my soul tonight! Cleanse me in Your Blood! Have mercy on me, oh Lord! Father, have mercy on me tonight! Forgive all my sins and write my names in the Book of Life! Oh, yes! Keep coming! Keep coming now! This is the Hour of Salvation! This is a great day, this is a great day! Come on now! The Lord is calling! He wants to be merciful unto you! He wants to save your soul! Come on now! The Lord is calling you! Oh Thank You Father! Call on Him! Ask Him to save your soul! Ask Him to cleanse you in His Blood! Ask Him to write your names in the Book of Life! Tell Him from now on He will be your Lord. He will be Your Saviour. Promise Him from now on you will obey Him. Call on Him now! This is the Hour of Salvation! Those of you who are still coming, please hurry up, hurry up, hurry up! This is the Day of Salvation! This is the Day of Salvation! The Lord is calling you now! Thank You Jesus! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Oh my Lord and my Saviour! I just want to bless your Name, Lord! This is your Hour of Salvation. Thank You for these people! Blessed be Your Name O Lord! Hurry up those of you who are still coming! Hurry up! Hurry up! This is the Hour of Salvation don't miss this opportunity! That's why He brought you here! This is the last call; this is the last call now. Come on now quickly. He loves you that's why He's calling you. Oh! Blessed be Your Name! O Lord! Hurry up! Hurry up! He's still waiting! God is still waiting for you! We are about to pray now, so you better hurry up! Come on now! Come and give your life to Him! When He saves your soul then every other miracle will follow. Salvation must come first! Oh, yes! You must be saved first! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! In Jesus Mighty Name we pray!

We are going to pray now but those of you who are coming keep coming! If you get here before I finish the prayer, that's fine, but if you are in the congregation and you are not saved and you are sitting down there, I pity you because a day like this will never come again! So if you are not sure of your salvation before, I want you to make sure you get to the front! Oh! Thank You Jesus! Be glory to Your Holy Name! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! They're running, instead of walking before! I'll wait another 5 seconds because this is the greatest of all miracles. Blessed, blessed be the Name of the Lord!

My Lord and my Saviour, I want to thank You! I know that tonight is going to be a special night. Thank You for bringing these people forward. You are the Saviour of mankind. Glory be to Your Holy Name! Father! Glory be to Your Holy Name! You said no-one can come unto you unless my Father draws him. Thank You for drawing these people. Thank You that they have not refused your drawing. Accept our thanks in Jesus' Name! Father! They are here now. It is their turn for salvation. Save their souls (Amen!) Forgive their sins!(Amen!) Cleanse them in Your Blood! (Amen!) Write their names in Your Book of Life! (Amen!) From today let every yoke of Satan in their lives be broken! (Amen!) Every miracle they need that will make their joy full give to them now In Jesus' Name! Amen! Thank You Father! for we pray In Jesus' Mighty Name! Amen! Oh! Glory be to God! Amen!(Amen!)

Now, those of you coming out tonight your case is special. I promise you I will be praying for you specially, so I want you to follow the counsellors so they can assist, get down your prayer requests, so that I can have something to work on. So if you turn this way - or that way - they will lead you to where the counsellors are waiting. Let's begin to go now - clap for Jesus as you go! I say, clap for Jesus as you go!

Turn your faith to the Almighty God and touch Him tonight. Say, "Lord - today must be my day of testimony. It's my turn! It's my turn to give testimonies! Today must be my day! " Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God now: Lord! Lord! Lord! - It has to be my turn today to have a testimony! I've waited long for it, but the day has come now. It's my turn to have a testimony! It's my turn to have a breakthrough! Its my turn O Lord for the supernatural to begin to manifest to the glory of Your Name! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus Mighty Name we pray!

Father! it is your turn to do what you alone can do! Everyone of us here tonight Father! - give us a testimony...that breakthrough that we have been waiting for! Give it to us tonight In Jesus' Name!. Father! we cannot surprise you, but you can surprise us. Surprise us tonight In Jesus' Name! Thank You Father! Glory be to Your Name! for we pray In Jesus' Mighty Name! Amen! Praise the Lord!

Very quickly now, we'll move on to ministration...

I want you to remain in a worship mood because the power of God is present here tonight like I've never known it. Tonight, when you sing, sing with the consciousness that God is present. If you dance tonight, dance with the consciousness that God is present and those of you who want hands to be laid on you, for the laying-on of hands go with the consciousness that God is present. There is a place on our right, at the extreme left and behind the altar. Go to which ever one is nearest to you.

With you nothing shall be impossible. Every mountain before me, reduce them to nothing, O Lord! reduce them to nothing! My God! Every mountain before me, reduce them to nothing and glorify your Holy Name! King of Kings and Lord of Lord! The I AM that I AM! The Ancient of Days! Every mountai8n before me reduce them to nothing! Blow them away Lord, to the glory of Your Name! Break every mountain before me to pieces! Let Your wind blow them away! O, yes Father! I know that you can do the impossible - every mountain of sickness; every mountain of disease; every mountain of poverty; every mountain of failure blow them away, every mountain before me Lord, let them vanish tonight - that Your Name might be glorified. Thank You my Father. Glory be to Your Holy Name!. In Jesus' Mighty Name we pray! Amen!

I want you to lift your hands to the Almighty God and say, "Father!" Say it loud and clear! "Father, I lift my hands to You!" (Father, I lift my hands to you!") "I want to be one of those who'll be lending to nations! Touch my hands tonight that from now on whatever I touch will prosper!" Come on! Talk to the Almighty! Father I lift my hands to you tonight. I want to be one of those who'll be lending to nations. Touch my hand, O Lord, that from now on whatever I touch will prosper to the glory of your Holy Name. O yes Father! Glorify Your Holy Name like never before. I lift my hands to You Father, I want to lend to nations in every sense of the word. Touch my hands O Lord that whatever I touch from now on will prosper to the glory of Your Holy Name. Thank You Jesus! Blessed be Your Holy Name. Thank You Father! Glory be to Your Holy Name! forever more. In Jesus Mighty Name we pray! Amen! (Amen!)

I want you to pray for Nigeria and say, 'Lord! The good work you have started in Nigeria conclude it very soon! Let's talk to the Almighty God The good work you have started in Nigeria, O Lord! conclude it very soon! Oh yes! Almighty God!, the good work You have started in Nigeria, conclude it very soon. My Lord and my Saviour, the good work You have started in this nation - conclude it very soon! That the whole world may know that we are serving the living God. Blessed be Your Holy Name! lord! The good work You have begun in this nation conclude it my Saviour and my God and we will praise You forever! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Glory be to God! In Jesus' Mighty Name we have prayed!

Finally, I want you to cry to the Almighty and say, "Father! from tonight let my life be a testimony!" Go ahead! Talk to the Lord! "Father! Let my life be a testimony, let my life continue to be a testimony, a testimony to the whole wide world that it pays to serve the living God. O Almighty God! let my life continue to be a testimony that it pays to serve the Almighty God. Blessed be Your Name! forever Lord. Father! I pray that from tonight onwards my life will become a living testimony to the whole world that it pays to serve the living God. Glory be to Your Holy Name! Lord! Thank You my Father! Thank You my Saviour! Blessed be Your Name! for ever. Thank You Jesus! IJMNWYHP

Well, you may have a special prayer request of your own. Tell the Almighty God now - tell Him - that special prayer request of yours. Talk to the Lord now. "Yes, Lord.. oh, yes Lord!" In Jesus' Mighty Name we have prayed! Amen! Father, you are the Almighty. There is nothing too hard for you to do. Surprise us tonight. Every request of your children turn them to testimonies. In fact, Father!, beginning from now let all our lives be living testimonies that the world may know that it pays to serve the living God. Let it be so in Jesus' Name! Thank You Father for we have prayed in Jesus' mighty Name. Amen! Praise the Lord!

Back to the story..I think that God is actually telling us through that story that the empty shall be full. (Amen!) Its one of the prophecies that God gave us at the beginning of the year and I believe the time has come.

Remember He told us at the beginning of the year that He would move mountains. Now He told me last night that the time has come to begin to fill the valleys (Amen!) Mountains have been moved, now valleys are to be filled. That's why I agree 100% that it is our turn!

The two boats were empty when the Holy Ghost carrier arrived. When Jesus Christ, the carrier of the Holy Ghost arrived on the scene, the two boats were empty. But by the time He finished with the two boats, they were full. But its not just the boats that were empty, the owners of the boats themselves were empty. They were empty physically because they were tired. They were empty materially because they fished all night and they caught nothing. They were empty of joy because there was nothing to rejoice about. They were empty of hope because they h ad tried again, hoping that the next throw of the net would bring in a catch and nothing had happened. And they were empty of confidence. They used to think that they were great fishermen, that if there's any fish in any river, they will go there and they will catch the fish! But after fishing all night and catching nothing - they were empty of confidence. But when the Holy Ghost Carrier came - the empty became full.

I believe that there are some people here tonight who are empty physically - thy are tired, they have carried their problems for so long, they have prayed for so long they're tired. Oh, I know what it is to be in problems. I know how you can be so deep in a problem that you can't even pray. I know how far down you can be in a problem that the only thing you can say is "mmmmh!" I know there are some of you who know what I'm talking about. but tonight the empty shall be full (Amen!) Because Is.40:29-31 says that our God gives strength to the weak. In fact, it said that those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. So those of you who are empty physically - you have carried a burden for so long there is no more strength to carry the burden - tonight He will renew your strength. O some of us know how to be empty materially - I've told people before, when the toll gate used to be at the Lagos end. There had been days when I had wanted to go to Lagos and I could not go because there was no two naira for the toll fee. So I know what it is to be poor - I know what it is to put your hand in your pocket and there's nothing to come out! Of course, I believe in the mighty name of Jesus Christ that those days are gone forever! (Amen!) If you are in that situation tonight, I have good news for you - the empty shall be full! (Amen!) Because when the Holy Ghost carrier got to the widow of Zarephath in 1 Kings 17 verses 8 to 16, the woman said there is nothing left in the pot. But from that day the pots were continually full! Tell your neighbour "Your pockets will never be empty again!" Ah! Say it as if you mean it now!!! "Your pockets will never be empty again!" because the empty shall be made full In Jesus' Mighty Name! (Amen!)

These men were empty of hope until the Holy Ghost carrier came and all of a sudden hope came because he found that with God on your side you can throw one net and fill your boats. Many of us have tried. Some of us have tried several business. You hear that if you do this, people who are doing it are succeeding, so you did it and instead of succeeding you failed and you tried another and you tried another and you tried another and now you are even afraid to try. But as God has spoken to us tonight this is the year of new beginnings and from now on according to Colossians 1:27 Christ in you, the hope of glory. I know that your tomorrow is going to be alright (Amen!) because the empty shall be full!

Oh, these people were empty of joy because there was nothing to rejoice about. I told you Peter was there because he was afraid to go home because mother-in-law was at home and there is no food to take home. If there is no food to take home and the only fellow you have to deal with is your wife then you can use bold face. "Where is the fish, Peter?" You can say, "Which fish? If it is easy to fish why don't you go out!" But you can't say that to mother-in-law. Peter was sad but when he threw that one net and he found fishes leaping up and he saw his boat full of fish, suddenly joy came again. And those of you who have not known joy for a long, long time - from today your joy will bubble up (Amen!) Why? Because the empty shall be full.

These people had lost confidence until this miracle happened. Suddenly confidence came and now they realised that according to Philippians 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me. I believe there are some of us here who have lost confidence in ourselves. As a matter of fact the Lord spoke to me concerning a particular student who had failed so many examinations that now he's even afraid of the word "exams". The Lord asked me to tell you you're going to end up a professor! (AMEN!) because I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me, I can move mountains according to Mark 11:23 and 24 because I have a God on my side. With God on your side there'll be no more failures. Why? Because He says we shall be head and we shall never be tail! That we will be above only - there's no possibility of us being above today and down tomorrow - it will never happen again! (Amen!) No, no, no! I know that there are enemies that will want to fight; but the Bible says in Psalm 144 verse 1, it said, " the Lord has taught my hands to war. from now on any enemy that steps in your way shall be stepping stone to glory (Amen!) And because the Lord will meet all your needs you will never want again because the empty shall be full.

These people had worked very hard, but there were no fruits to show for their labour. The only way we can know that a fisherman had worked hard is if there is plenty of fish but when the HGC arrived on the scene the fruitless suddenly became fruitful. So I can say with confidence to the barren that very soon the barren shall say that I am the mother of seven - because the empty shall be full!

These people were empty spiritually. All they were concerned about was fishing, to get food to eat but then before the Lord finished with them He said to Peter for example, "Today you are catching fish but from now on you'll begin to catch men." I know there are people here tonight - before they leave this place tonight they will become fishers of men. But then, when the boats were full, the Bible says - they began to sink - it wasn't that they sank but they were beginning to sink. I wish we had time to look at the difference between the two. Maybe if God wants we'll pick it up from there in October because there's a difference between 'they were sinking' and 'they sank'. They were sinking but they never sank which means that they ought to sink to the ground but there is something supporting them that refused to allow them to reach the ground - because the Bible says - underneath are the everlasting arms!

You see many of us are afraid of abundance because we believe that if God blesses us too much we might backslide. No. no. no! He can overload you but He can make sure that you don't sink - remember He told us that its going to begin to rain and I've asked Him again and again, "Lord, don't make it ordinary train - make it torrents of rain!" I know some of you are already expecting your Rolls Royces. You can be sure they are on the way (Amen!) And we are not going to backslide because of it because the everlasting arms will keep us floating.

But the fact that the boats were sinking means that the boats were overloaded and that tells us something about our God - whenever God decided to fill the empty, He will make sure they overflow! David said that, "Thou anointest my head with oil, my cup runneth over.." When God begins to fill your cup, He's not going to fill your cup when the cup is full! He will only stop when the cup begins to overflow! Everything God does, He does in supernatural abundance - the air we breathe is so much that we can never finish it. It doesn't matter how many millions of fish may be in the ocean - there is more water than fish,. It doesn't matter how many millions of birds fly in the air; there is always more space than the birds. So don't be envious of your brother when God begins to bless him because there is more than enough with our Father!! He can bless you and bless you and bless you and there will still be enough for me. Remember He said in Malachi 3 verse 10, He said, "When I open the windows of heaven." and He's going to open the windows tonight! He said, "I will pour in a blessing that there will not be enough room to receive! Our God is a god who keeps on pouring even when the cup is full.

In Deuteronomy 28:2 God said, "That when the blessings He gives you are too many and you begin to run away from the blessings, the blessings will pursue you and overtake you. Several years ago when I got born again and my Daddy and I talked together, you know we had been friends for a long time, I used to say, "Daddy, you're too much!" "Daddy, you're too much!" and then one occasion came and He decided to prove to me that He's actually too much. I'm going to tell this story; some of you have heard a little of it before but I'm telling the story for a purpose because there's somebody here today who very soon must be saying : "Daddy, you're too much!" Amen! (Amen!)

I told you I was to travel outside Nigeria, to Canada, for the first time in my life. I've never even been to London before talk less of Canada but they told me what to do so I boarded the plane but as usual our beloved Nigeria Airways was late in taking off. By the time we arrived in London the plane that was to take me from London to Canada had left. What am I going to do? I don't know anybody here. I've never been here before! Then one of the hostesses in British Airways said, " don't worry, we'll check you into a hotel and Nigeria Airways will pay. So she checked me into a hotel. As soon as she finished, gave me the ticket and the pass and everything, I think the fellow just said, "Ah, I better tell Nigeria Airways.." I could hear someone saying "What did you do? Who told you to check him ......" I began to run! Anyway, I got to the hotel -a very comfortable place. I told some of you the story before. It was time to eat, and when I got there, there were two restaurants, one on the right and one on the left. I didn't know which one to turn to, so I said, "When I get to Heaven I will turn right!" So I turned to the right. And wow! The food was fantastic! I ate there that afternoon...; ate there the following evening, ate there the following morning! When It was time to leave and I gave them my ticket they said, "You should not be eating here. You should be eating there. This is for first class passengers, - that is for your people! I said, "That's very good...I'm already going!"

Anyway, so we arrived in Canada. It was cold. There was a long queue as we were registering. I was the only black mathematician there and I was shaking in the cold. Suddenly one woman, right from the top of the table, got up and came to me with a cup of tea and sandwiches. She said, "That's for you!" I said. "Thank you!." I didn't wait for her to say it the second time. I grabbed the thing. Before she had said anything, I had finished the tea. "Want more?" I said, "Yes, ma!" Then she asked for my name and went away. By the time she was bringing the second cup of tea she brought my registration and then she asked me to sit down because somebody's coming to take me to my room. I said, "Lord! "Daddy, you're too much!" Glory be to God! I got to my room; took a hot shower and I slept away! The following morning when the conference was to start - there was a lot of noise all over the University that woke me up. I was almost late for the conference but as I was going and I kept hearing the noise I asked somebody, "What's the noise about?" They said, "Oh! They are rejoicing because the sun has come out for the first time in six months!" I didn't tell the fellow that the sun came out because of me! Because God knows I don't like cold so He sent the sun. I said, "Daddy, you're too much! Glory be to God!"

And the conference started and the first man who gave his paper began to talk about the mathematics of rain. Everybody who gave a paper before me - they tore them to shreds. So I was afraid; then it was my turn. So I said the little I knew and everybody started clapping! "Ah!", I said , "Daddy, you're too much! Glory be to God!"

And all the food they were serving, they were good food but they were oyinbo food and I was saying, "Oh, God! How I wish there was pounded yam!" Suddenly, somebody came and knocked at my door. And he introduced himself. He said his name is Yesufu or something. I know if his name is Yesufu, he must come from Nigeria. He said, "I saw your name and I know this is one of my people!" He said, "Tonight you are going to eat in my apartment!" And he prepared very good pounded yam. So I said, ", , "Daddy, you're too much!"

The following day, they took us to a government farm, just for relaxation and they prepared oh! Very nice food and I took my food and I went outside. The grass was very green - I wanted to sit down but when I touched the ground, it was very cold and so I got up. And there was a young Englishman who came for the programme so he looked at me and said, "You want to sit down?" I said, " No, no!" Then God spoke to me and said, ", Sit down son! After all you are the son of the King of Kings! I said , "Daddy, you're too much!"

Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

We came back home and my friend, "Yesufu said, " Tomorrow I will take you shopping. The following day came - I waited and waited. He didn't come. Then he phoned to say, "I'm sorry, my supervisor is holding me." Some minutes later, he telephoned again. He said, " You know what? The place I wanted to take you to today announced that tomorrow they will be 35 years old and everything in the shop has been reduced by 35%!" I said , "Daddy, you're too much!" We got there. I bought everything I wanted to buy and then I saw a jacket. I liked it but the money left in my pocket is the money that will take me from where we are back to Toronto. So I just looked at it and said, " Well, you can't have everything." Yesufu saw me looking at it, he said nothing, When we got back home he said, " Why didn't you buy that jacket?" I said, " The money I have left is for transport." He said, " I will take you to Toronto - let's go back and buy that jacket!" I bought the jacket, I put it on, I said , "Daddy, you're too much!"

There is somebody here tonight, from tonight onwards - you will be saying - "Daddy, you're too much!" Let's stand on our feet! I want you to pray a prayer very quickly and say, "Father! I am lifting my cup to You tonight! " Fill it up and let it overflow!" Go ahead and talk to Almighty God! Father! I want my cup to overflow tonight! Fill my cup - full to overflowing, physically, materially, financially, emotionally, in every area of my life. I lift up my cup to you tonight. Father! fill it up and let it overflow! Let the cup overflow! Let the cup overflow! O Father!, O Father!, My cup of joy, let it overflow! My cup of blessings, let it overflow! My cup of prosperity, let it overflow! Oh, yes Lord! I lift up the cup of my life to you tonight! Fill it up, Lord and let it overflow. Oh, yes Father! anoint my head with oil and let my cup run over that Your Name might be glorified!" Go ahead and talk to the Almighty God! Fill up my cup O Lord and let it overflow! Let it overflow! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Oh! Glory be to the Name of the Lord! Fill up my cup O Lord and let it overflow! Let it overflow! Financially, materially, physically, spiritually, anointing-wise, joy-wise. Fill my cup O Lord and let my cup overflow! OYL because the day has come when you have decided my Father! and my God, to pay us a special visit. Let our cups overflow tonight! Let the whole world know, my Father! and my God, that we are serving the living God! Fill our cups Lord! Fill it up and let the cups overflow! Yes Lord! Thank You my Father!Glory be to Your Holy Name! In Jesus' Mighty Name we have prayed!

Father! I know you are too much and I want you to prove it to these your children before they return next month. I want everyone of them to be able to say - "Daddy, you're too much!" (Amen!) The kind of joy, the kind of miracles, the kind of signs and wonders that will cause people to say "God , this is too much!" give to your children In Jesus' Name!. Bless them O Lord and we'll give all the glory to You. Thank You Father for we have prayed In Jesus' Mighty Name! Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Is that all you can do? Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Thank You Jesus! Glory be to You! You may be seated. Thank You very much! O Lord! Thank You!

There are miracles and there are miracles. Many a time when I hear Daddy say something, if I don't know His voice very well it will be difficult for me to repeat what He has said. When He said last month that there was someone here who wanted to be taller and God said He's going to be taller by 2 inches and that he would discover because his trousers would become too short - I was almost afraid to say it. How can somebody grow 2 inches in one night! But now I think I can say with all boldness - Daddy you are too much. That's why I'm sure that whatever God has promised you will come to pass (Amen!)

There's a message God asked to deliver, but He asked me to deliver it actually to the Redeemed Christian Church of God, It's a tough message but you see this is how we know how much God loves us because whomsoever the Father loves He chastises. So if you are here and you are not a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, if this message does not concern just say, "Ah, thank God, its for those poor people." God has already blessed us tonight abi?" (Amen!) Is there anybody here who has been blessed tonight? Let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) So, if what you are about to hear is tough just remember that it is for Redeemed Christian Church of god, its not for great people like you. The only reason I'm sharing it here is because if you come to the Holy Ghost Service I believe you are part of me and whatever is good for me is good for you.

I was thanking the Lord after the Convention when I consider all that God had done. When I remember, for example, that in 1982, one fellow came carrying a baby who was barren in 81 and we prayed for her. We were all so happy .... Only one woman! But this year those who were barren before who came with their children, they were over 4,300!! And several other things that God did last month So I was thanking Him and I said to Him, "Lord! Please don't let me annoy You because I know if these people get angry with me and they all go away, provided You are not angry with me - we can start from scratch and become great again. One thing I don't want to do O Lord - I don't want to annoy You!" "Oh!," He said, "Son

! It's good that you know that but the church doesn't know it. Go and tell them, that He's angry with some people already!" That frightened me. And then He began to mention the people that He's angry with. Now if God is angry with you and He tells you He's angry with you, it's a good thing because then you can run to Him and say, "Lord, please forgive!" and the problem will be over. When He's angry and He doesn't talk, that is when you are in serious danger. He said He's angry and He began to list them. I will mention just a few of them because I believe the rest may not concern you.

Number one group that He says He's angry with are those that are lukewarm, those that are one leg in, one leg out, with one mouth they are praising Jesus, with another mouth they are serving the Devil. God says He wishes that you are either hot or cold, but if you are lukewarm He says He will spew you out of His mouth!

The second group that He's angry with are those who refuse to win souls - he said, " I am the vine, my Father is the husbandman. He said, "I am the vine and you are the branches. Any branch in Me that will not bear fruit My Father will tear away." God says He's angry with those who will come to the House of God, sing, dance, hear the Word of God and will not tell others about Him. He said, "When you were serving the Devil, you were telling others about the Devil: when you discover one herbalist, one witch doctor that is good you tell others! Now that you are in Christ and you are enjoying His blessings you are keeping your mouth shut!" He says He's angry.

The third person that He says He's angry with are those who are still committing adultery and fornication. He said, in His Word, that if somebody stole because he was hungry, if you catch him you will cause him to repay you sevenfold and that's the end of the story. He said even if somebody killed and the avenger of blood is chasing him; if he can reach a city of refuge before the avenger of blood he can stay there safe until the avenger dies. But He says, if anybody commits adultery He will not send the angel to punish him. He said He himself will supervise the destruction of that fellow! So anyone committing adultery or fornication - God says He is angry!

Number 4 group God says He's angry with - those who are robbing Him. He said it is a terrible thing for anyone to even rob at all, but it is worse for anyone to rob God! And He said those who are not paying their tithes correctly - God says He is angry. He said He will curse them! And like I told those of you who came to the Convention: if your father curses you, your Pastor can cancel the curse; if your Pastor curses you, the General Overseer who ordained him can cancel the curse; if the General Overseer curses you, you can appeal to God Almighty and He can cancel the curse; if God curses you - that's the end of the story. And now He says those who are robbing Him of their tithes, He's angry with them and they are asking for His curse!

And then, number 5. He's angry with those who refuse to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. He said because those who refuse to accept the Lord, they won't even see life but the wrath of God is upon them!

He mentioned several others, many of them I know would not apply to you at all. And He asked me to tell those of you who are concerned, if you repent...take a real decision - Lord no more lukewarmness, Lord from now on anyone I find I will tell them about you! Lord, adultery, fornication is not going to be heard in my life again! Lord, till I die I will never rob you again! He says His mercy endureth forever. So I'm going to giver you three minutes to pray. You will continua your prayers when you get home.

It's a very simple prayer: "Lord, don't be angry with me. Just give me another opportunity. I will put things right! Please Lord! Don't be angry! I know I've annoyed you. I know I've been guilty of one or more of these! Please Lord! Don't be angry with me! Just be merciful! I promise you, O Lord, from now on things will change. I will serve You whole-heartedly. No more lukewarmness; no more one leg in, one leg out! I will serve You whole-heartedly. I will win souls for You. I will tell people about You day and night! In my home I will tell them! In my place of work I will tell them! In the bus I will tell them! Everywhere I go I will tell them. I will tell them about You. Adultery, fornication Lord, it will never happen in my life again. Father, I will never rob You again! Oh! No, no, no! I will never rob You again just have mercy on me, Heave mercy on me!

Talk to the Lord! Talk to Him! Because many of us are suffering today unknowing that God is angry. But if we repent..ooh..He is a very wonderful friend. But He is a dangerous enemy. So please ask Him now and say: "Lord! Have mercy on me. I will never offend You again! I will never offend You again! I will never offend You again! Please, just have mercy on me. I know that I am guilty and I know it is because You love me that You are chastising me. I promise You O Lord, by Your special Grace, I won't annoy You ever again!

I won't annoy You ever again! Just have mercy on me this time. Give me another opportunity and Father, You will find that I am a good child; that I am a good child. To the glory of Your Name! Thank You Father! Blessed be Your Holy Name!

Have mercy O Lord! Have mercy on your children! You said that those who will confess their sins and forsake them will obtain mercy. Have mercy, O Lord! Have mercy on all Your children! You know we love You and we want to do Your will. We just ask for mercy. Thank You for loving us. Thank You for even telling us that we are walking on dangerous grounds because You are angry. We promise, we will serve You whole-heartedly. We will win souls for You on a daily basis. We will tell the whole world - if they refuse, that will be their own fault - but we will tell them By Your Grace, Lord, we will stay away from adultery, we will stay away from fornication. You will help us. We will never rob You again. Have mercy tonight. Thank You Father! In Jesus' Mighty Name we have prayed!

Father, I stand before You today on behalf of these Your children. And I pray that as many of them as are genuinely repentant - You please forgive them! In Jesus' Name! (Amen!) Whatever they've done contrary to Your will; as many of them that have made up their minds that they will restitute their ways., forgive them In Jesus' Name! Amen! Give us a new beginning (Amen!) and we will glorify Your Name Amen! In Jesus' Mighty Name we have prayed! Amen! (Amen!) Praise the Lord! Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

Is that message for you? Are you sure? Well, if it is fir you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Well, finally now, I'm not saying God said this one but we all know it. That everybody hates someone who is ungrateful - the elders have a saying; they aid, if you do good to someone and he doesn't show gratitude it is like as if you had been robbed! God has been good to us and we are going to show him that we have been grateful children so we a re going to have our thanksgiving service now - we will remain on our seat while the ushers come round to help us because it helps the ushers to do their job easily and when they are finished we will sing and dance for about five minutes and then we begin to go home.

Is there anyone here tonight who wants to say Thank You Jesus!? Let me hear you say Thank You Jesus! Loud and clear!

Pastor E. A. Adeboye

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