Wednesday, February 7, 2018


"Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity."
There are those who will tell you that: once you are born again, you have nothing more to do to get to heaven. That is not true.
This passage says, if you are naming the name of the Lord, you have an assignment... what is that first assignment?
Depart from iniquity!
You cannot say because you are born again, you will continue in sin. If you continue in sin, you will go to hell...
Let me assure you, there are a lot of preachers who are not going to heaven; but I will see you in heaven.
I did not hear your amen.
...because you are going to face your own responsibility and depart from iniquity
Then, He says, but in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth; and some to honour, and some to dishonour.
And then He says, If a man therefore purge himself (who is to purge man? I cannot hear you) ....
"If a man purges himself"! You have responsibilities my sons and daughters
Thank God for the grace that saved us.
Oh! It is by grace we are saved; but after we have been saved, washed clean in the blood of the Lamb, we are not to just sit down and fold our arms and continue to live a careless life and expect to be in heaven - it is not true.
The Almighty God expects you to demonstrate the appreciation from His grace by departing from iniquity; by purging yourself of things that are contrary to His will.
Now, these wonderful children have defined vessels.
Somebody gave us a dictionary definition to vessel.
He gave us a definition from many points of view.
He gave us a definition from a biological point of view.
I was even waiting for him to give us a definition from engineering point of view; etcetera, etcetera.
Wonderful children
But, briefly, a vessel is just an object that transfers a product or products from the source to the final destination.
For example, 2Chronicles chapter 2, you can read it from verse 1 to 16 (2Chronicles 2 verse 1 to 16); when Solomon wanted to build a house of God, the king of Tyre said to him (in verse 16 there), he said, we will cut wood out of Lebanon, and send it to there in floats by sea to Joppa; then, you will get men to carry the wood from Joppa to Jerusalem.
The wood was in Lebanon; the wood was need in Jerusalem; some men cut the wood down in Lebanon; they send it by floats to Joppa - the Floats were the vessels; and some men carry the wool from Joppa to Jerusalem - men can also be vessels.
There are two kinds of vessels mentioned:
· Vessels unto honour, and
· Vessels unto dishonour
Let us talk in practical sense of the world; in every house we have all these vessels.
One of the vessels for example that we find in every house is a dust-bin - it is a vessel, but a vessel unto dishonour: it is a vessels that carries the refuse from the house to dunghill or to wherever you are going to deal with it.
And that one should tell you one thing straight away -"you must not be a dust-bin".
Because several years ago, we had a house-help: it does not matter who ate, whatever is left over, she will help you consume.
So, my children, and you know children can be funny, the children named her Dustbin.
What is a dustbin?
A dustbin is that which is always receiving - always receiving, never giving.
Tell your neighbour, don't be a dustbin.
And then, of course, we can look at other kind of vessels: you have cutleries; you have drinking cup; you have forks; and so on and so forth.
A fork is a vessel unto honour - it picks the food from the plate and transfers it to the mouth where the food is needed.
A cup is a vessel unto honour - it takes the water or the tea from where it is produced and takes it to the mouth where it will be send down into the stomach.
Now, they said, in the great house, there are many vessels, that tells you one thing straight away: many are called but few are chosen.
Matthew 22 verse 14, many are called (we are many here), but when it comes to vessels unto honour, may you be counted among them in Jesus' name.
And then to be chosen in the text, they said the priority is cleanliness - the vessel must be clean.
Thank God the blood of Jesus cleanses from all sins 1John chapter 1 verse 7.
But the passages tell us that the cleanliness they are talking about must be beyond the ordinary; a man must purge himself - to purge means to cleanse within.
Whatever is inside that should not be there, must be vomited out - that is the meaning of purge.
In other words, the vessels that the Master is going to use will not only be clean on the outside, it must be clean inside also.
Clean inside; clean outside - it is cleanliness beyond ordinary: clean in words, clean in thoughts not just clean in deeds because it is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks -Absolutely clean.
The Bible says in Ephesians chapter 5 verse 27 that Christ is coming back for a church without spot, without wrinkle, with blemish; completely clean. And He said, ready for good works; ready for good works.
A vessel is an object that serves, it does not serve himself, he serves the Master.
When you go to through all the vessels, you will find that they all at one time or the other served.
Samuel served Eli.
Moses served Jethro.
Joshua served Moses.
Elisha served Elijah.
David served King Saul.
Philip served as a Deacon, serving tables.
One major characters of a vessel unto honour is that it must have a servant spirit.
The greatest vessel unto honour of all is the Lord Jesus Christ, and He said, I have not come to be served but to serve.
A vessel unto honour must serve.
So, if you want to be a vessel unto honour and you don't want to be a servant, you don't want to serve, you are far from being one.
Now, let me quickly go to, the benefits of being a vessel unto honour; because my children have covered almost all the grounds and some of them mentioned some of these benefits; so, I just want to highlight them; just emphasized some of them; and to help us to pray.
If you consider the table is set, the Master is seated, the vessels unto honour are on the table: the cup, the knife, the forks; but of course you know we are talking about human beings like one of our boys pointed out, because that passages said "if a man purge himself", so, the vessels unto honour we are talking about is a human being; the Master we are referring to is the Almighty God.
The table is set; the vessels unto honour are there on the table, what is the first thing - what is the first benefit of being a vessel unto honour?
The number one benefit is that the vessel unto honour hears the conversation of the Master.
He is sitting down there quietly on the table; is a cup or a plate or a knife and the Master is sitting down - maybe He is talking to the Angel or ..., and he is hearing.
Vessels unto honour do hear the words of the Master.
Exodus 3 for example, verse 1 to 8 (Exodus 3 verse 1 to 8), long before Israel knew what was happening, God has spoken to Moses: Moses, I have seen the suffering of my people, I Am about to do something concerning it.
In Joshua chapter 1 verse 1 to 8, Joshua was alone when God was speaking to him: Joshua, the work that Moses did not finish, you are the one who will finish it.
1Kings chapter 18 verse 1, when there had been no rain for years, God spoke to Elijah and said, alright now, I Am about to send rain to the earth.
2Kings chapter 7 verse 1 to 11, situations were horrible in Samaria: women were already eating their children; God spoke to Elisha and said, alright, within twenty-four hours the tide will turn.
And I believe that is a message for Nigeria in Jesus' name.
At the point is that God is always speaking, it is only vessels unto honour who can hear Him. Because when He speaks, He speaks in small still voice.
I remembered the first time I attended a fellowship meeting at the University of Lagos: we have been worshiping God, everything was going fine and then all of a sudden everything became silent and then, one brother began to prophesy -'thus saith the Lord...' and he went on and on
And I notched the man who took me there; I said when did God say that?
I say I didn't hear anything.
He said, shut up, God is speaking.
God was speaking, one man was hearing; and I was there I wasn't hearing anything at all.
Vessels unto honour, they hear from God.
Bible says, God would not do a thing without telling His servant, the Prophet.
I pray that God will open your ears and you will begin to hear from Him.
One of my son, he is here tonight, and I am happy that he is here, Bishop Francis Wale Oke, he is here with us.
Way back in 1979, December 24, 2:00pm in the afternoon, God spoke to him and gave him a word of prophesy for me and he wrote it down - he just wrote it down as God told him - and he brought it to me.
1979, you know how young he must be then, so, those of you who are young-adults; I think he was in his twenties, because he is only 60 now.
Then, he brought it to me.
As soon as I saw it, I knew it is from God.
As soon as I read through, I knew this is from God.
So, I sat down, I broke it down into piece. As a mathematician I love to analyze.
And I saw in that message that he brought to me twenty-eight promises of God for my future.
Do you know that today, out of the twenty-eight; twenty-seven out them had been fulfilled.
That was what I am talking about when I say hearing from God.
So, I am not talking about those prophets who will stand up and say, hey, thus saith the Lord, it will rain tomorrow.
Haa! it is raining season.
I don't have to be a prophet if I look into the sky and I see the cloud, I know rain is coming.
I am talking about hearing deep secrets of God.
I give you another example.
Some years ago, there were two people contesting to be president of Nigeria: Abiola and Tofa; and we held a meeting - we held a meeting of Pentecostal Preachers somewhere in Lagos; and they were all saying: now we have two Muslims contesting; which of the two are we going to vote for?
Finally, they turn to me, you are not saying anything?
I said, well, I want to hear from you the elders.
They said okay, what is it that you have to say?
I said, neither of them will be President.
They looked at me; what kind of prophecy is that!
I mean when you throw a coin up, it has to be either head or tail - there are only two of them - one must be...; but I heard from God.
And I have heard from God tonight that it is going to be well with somebody here.
Thank You Father.
Thank You Father.
The Lord ask me to tell somebody here, He said before the end of the year, you will know that I have not forgotten you.
So, I want you to stand on your feet; you are going to pray a prayer now; lift your voice to Him and say: Father, I will be a vessel unto honour, please open my ears.
Open my ears O Lord; open my ears; I want to be hearing from You; I want to be hearing from You. Open my ears Lord so that I can be hearing from You. Open my ears Lord so that I can be hearing from You. Open my ears, open my ears. I will be a vessel unto honour Lord, just please open my ears so that I too can hear from You. Open my ears Lord. Open my ears. Open my ears so that I can be hearing from You, I too want to be hearing from You; so that nobody will be able to deceive me; no fake prophet will be able to deceive me. Open my ears Lord, I will also be a vessel unto honour, I want to be hearing from You; I want to be hearing from You. Open my ears Daddy, I will be a vessel unto honour, I will be a vessel unto honour. Thank You Father.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
So shall it be in Jesus' name.
Please let us be seated.
The second benefit of being a vessel unto honour is that every vessel unto honour will from time to time feel the Master touch.
If the Master is going to drink water from the cup, He has to carry the cup before He can drink from it - the touch of the Master.
And you know from scripture that whenever God touches anything at all, a miracle will happen.
When He touched five loaves of bread and two fish - what happen? - Tremendous multiplication.
When He touches the incurable; the incurable will became cured.
Mathew chapter 8 verse 1 to 4, the Leper came unto Him and say, I know You can make clean if You are willing.
He touched him and became completely whole.
In Mathew 8 verse 14 to 15, the Bible said, Jesus came into Peter's house and saw the mother-in-law sick of fever, the moment He touched her, she was completely heal.
And then, see what happen, as soon as she was healed, she began to minister to Jesus Christ - vessel unto honour.
Probably, one of the major reasons why some people have not been healed is that God is wondering; If I heal you, of what use will it be?
May be if you make up your mind tonight that God from now on, I will serve You; your healing we come, because He will touch you and He does not need the hand of human been to do it.
Even while you are sitting down there, He can come and touch you.
I have shared my testimony with you before.
Before I became born again, I had malaria every two two weeks - it was regular; and it was very very painful to me because I was a sport man.
So, when I became born again, my first cry to Him is, God, heal me and I will serve You; and He heal me immediately; and I am talking about more than forty years now.
I have had two challenge of also since then but it has nothing to do with fever.
I never had fever since I prayed that prayer: 'heal me and I will serve you'; and He healed me; and today by the grace of God at seventy-four, I am as strong as I was at forty.
You don't believe me, ask those young men who try to go on a walk with.
Usually they will wait for; I say, when you are returning, I will be waiting here for you.
On the average, I do eight kilometers a day - that is on the average.
When I have real opportunity to really stretch out, I can go sixteen kilometer; I can go more - at seventy-four, that is not bad.
I want you stand on your feet and say: Father, touch me today and just make me completely whole.
Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.
I will be a vessel unto honour, touch me Lord. Touch me, touch me today. Touch me and make me completely whole. Everything that is not of God in me, flush it out. Every ache, every pain, just make me completely whole. Touch me O Lord. Touch me Lord and make me completely whole. Touch me and make me completely, completely whole. Touch me and make me completely whole. Touch me Father and make me completely whole. Thank You Father. Thank You Father.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
So shall it be in Jesus mighty name.
Please be seated.
When I was 60years old, one of my daughters who is an Optician said daddy by now come into my office let me test your eyes so that I can give you glasses.
I smiled.
Please don't misunderstand me; there is nothing wrong with using glasses.
I am sure God knew in advance that some people will need glasses; that is why He position two ears to carry the glasses.
He knew in advance, so, there is nothing wrong in using glasses, don't misunderstand me; all I am saying is that: when I say touch me, way back in 1970-something, He did not just touch me to heal me of malaria; He touched my entire body.
That is why by the grace of God, I am seventy-four and I am still reading without glasses; and I am going to be like this till I see Him in glory.
He will touch you tonight.
Let me hear your amen loud and clear.
Thank You Father.
How I wish I am younger; because Daddy says, one of the greatest sons of Africa will be conceived this month.
I heard the testimony of that sister, she said, haa! just when God restore my menses, they ask my husband to come to the village, to come and bury...
She said, what kind of joke is this.
She said, husband, come back joor
After that prophesy, if I were younger, I would have said to my wife, how now?
Let somebody shout hallelujah.
Oh, thank You Father.
The Lord said Joseph had just one breakthrough that fulfills all his dreams. He said there is someone here tonight; He is going to give you one breakthrough that will fulfill all your dreams.
Now, let me continue.
I said,
One) a vessel unto honour hears the voice of the Master.
Two) a vessel unto honour feels the touch of the Master.
Do you know that some of the vessels unto honour even touch the mouth of the Master - they get a kiss from the Master
In Numbers chapter 12 verse 6 to verse, God said, if there is any prophet among you, I may talk to him in dreams and visions of the night; He said but my servant Moses is not like that, I talk to him mouth to mouth.
You will say what are you saying Daddy?
Are you saying it is possible for man to kiss God?
I don't want to go to too much detail now.
I have told you before that there are testimonies that are I don't even have to share.
Because if I share them, you won't believe me anyway; so, let us just forget that.
But, a Kiss is a show of exceptional love.
In John chapter 13 verse 21 to 26; the Bible says, the disciples were with the Lord during the last super...
Oh thank You Father.
Daddy ask me to tell someone, He said, relax; I Am the Almighty God I will take care of you.
Well! The boys have done the preaching; a day will come, (I have told you before) a day will come, the boys will do the preaching and I will just come: prophecy once or twice; pray for you and we will go home.
Maybe God is getting us ready for that time.
Because the Lord asks me to tell someone here, He said, the pain is gone; and it won't return in the mighty name of Jesus.
Now, in John 13 verses 21 to 26, the Lord was eating with His disciples and Jesus said one of you will betray me; and they were all asking which of us? which of us?
There were 12 of them with the Lord; but even among them, they knew that yes we are all close to Him but somebody is closer than others.
Peter beckon to John and said, ask Him.
If he won't tell anybody else, He will tell you.
Exceptional Love!
Well, Jesus said, don't let me mention the name of the fellow.
I will take a bit of bread, put it in the stew and I will put it in the traitor's mouth.
The Lord was seated with twelve of His disciples and Himself; and just one, there were talking in codes - exceptional love.
I know if I say God loves me more than you, you will retaliate and say, no sir, He loves me more than you.
No problem, don't let us argue; but God knows who are His favorites.
How many favorites of God are here?
Well, let your hallelujah show that you are a favorite of God.
And I will tell you are story. This one is easy to believe - there are some that are difficult to believe.
I went to Canada for the first time in my life way back in 1970-something to attend world conference of Applied Mathematicians.
And then during our break time one evening, they took us to Government farm to go and show us how big their cows are and so on.
And then, they did a barbeque for us; and the farm was beautiful.
The weather was fairly nice.
The sun was shining but it was still a bit cold.
And I took my food and I walk into the field.
The field was green and I wanted to seat down and just enjoy a quiet time.
And there was this white man who had been there when I gave my own paper, when I presented my paper; and he followed me.
So, when I got there, I bend down and I touched the grass I wanted to seat.
But it was very cold.
Haa! so, I quickly change my mind about seating down.
And this white man turned to me and said you want to seat?
I said yes but the grass is cold.
And he removed his jacket, spread it on the floor and said, seat down.
I said, no sir.
And I heard God speak, my son, seat down - you are a son of the Most High.
White man! Removed his jacket! Spread it on the floor! For a black man to seat on! and God was watching while that was happening!
God loves somebody more than other people.
Stand on your feet, lift your voice to Him and say: Father, make me Your favorite.
Open your mouth and cry unto Him.
Make me Your favorite; I want You to love me with an exceptional love. Make me Your favorite. Make me Your favorite. Make me Your favorite Lord, I will love to feel Your kiss; I will love to enjoy your exceptional love; I don't just want to be an ordinary vessel unto honour, I want to be Your favorite O Lord; I want to be Your favorite; I want You to treat me special; I want You to treat me special, special Lord, special Lord. I want You to treat me as special, I want to be Your favorite. Thank You my Father.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
So shall it be in Jesus' name.
Please be seated.
Now, the forth thing about a vessel unto honour (the benefits) is special protection.
Like one of my boy mention that one.
You see, even in my own little family, I have my own plate that is reserved for me.
I have my own drinking cup; I have my knife; I have my fork.
I can eat with anything but nobody can eat with my own.
Special protection - not anybody can just come and grab my fork, and grab my knife...; eh en! this is for daddy.
I pray that from tonight onwards, the devil will know, this fellow is for God.
The elders have a saying.
They said, the reason you don't toil with the albino is because he is consider special to the deity.
That is the rough translation I can give it in English.
In Yoruba, they said, 'owo orisa ni a 'nbu fun afin' .
When you see an albino, you will say hey hey...
Witches don't touch albino because they said this on belongs to the deity.
I pray that from today onward, demons will see you and say, this one belong to God.
Special protection!
I will just give you one more example quickly because of time.
2Kings chapter 6 verse 8 to 17; a King sent an army to go and arrest Elisha - a whole army to arrest just one man - vessels are different from vessels.
And when the servant of the man of God woke up in the morning and came out and saw that they were surrounded by an army.
He came back and said my master what shall we do? We are in trouble.
The master said, relax men; those who are with us are more than those who are with them.
The young boy said sir; maybe you don't know what I am talking about.
They are only two of us, it does not matter the way I do the counting, either: one, two or two, one; just two of us; outside there, there is an army.
The man of God said, God please open his eyes.
And when God opened his eye; he saw that Elisha was surrounded by horses and chariots of fire.
He could go out there and say: you want to fight, come.
I am praying for all of you will become a vessel unto honour that horses of fire, chariots of fire will surround you.
Special protection
I just returned from the US where we went to hold some Holy Ghost service - and am I sure they are all listening to me now.
And I heard a testimony: we finished in one town, we are going to the other town.
And where we are holding the Holy Ghost service in the second town; they brought the testimony of what happen in the first town.
One of the boys who was at the Holy Ghost service there, travelled shortly after that in a bus -they were going to play in another town.
And they got to a place where they got down to rest and so.
And then, by the time they were to go back to the bus, somebody had gone to seat where he was seating beside the driver.
So, he came in and said haha, why are you taking my seat, go back to your seat.
That one said, don't bother me, this is where I am going to seat.
And if you know boys, they can fight over something like that.
But this boy is my boy.
He knows is father is a gentle man; so, rather than fight, he picked his bag and went to go and seat at the back.
Few minutes later, the bus had an accident; and the driver and the boy who took his seat, died instantly - Special protection.
When you are a vessel unto honour; when God see danger coming, He will relocate you.
Stand on your feet.
Lift your voice to the Almighty God and say: Father, keep me save forever.
Open your mouth and cry to the Almighty God.
Special protection; special security; for those who are vessels unto honour. Special, special, special protection; special security, Father, just keep me save forever. I will be a vessel unto honour; that is what I want to be. I want to be a vessel unto honour. I want to serve you all the days of my life. I want to be a vessel unto honour. Thank You Father. Keep me save. Relocate me so that evil will not be able to touch me; just move me out of the way of trouble. Lord, move me out of the way of trouble. I will be a vessel unto honour. I will serve you all the days of my life. Thank You forever. Blessed be Your holy name. Thank You Lord.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
So shall it be Jesus' name.
Please be seated.
I am about to round up now.
And the fifth thing (which I am sure of the boys also mentioned) because of this special protection, the vessel unto honour get divine preservation.
Because not just anything can touch a vessel unto honour; a vessel unto honour is preserved.
Deuteronomy 34 verse 7 says that even at the age of one hundred and twenty, Moses was still vigorously alive - even at one hundred and twenty.
Joshua 14 verse 6 to 13, the Bible tells us that at eighty-five, Caleb was still saying to Joshua, give me this mountain - that is preservation - at eighty five, he was still strong.
2Kings chapter 2 verse 9 to 12, Elijah even did not taste death because he such a valuable vessel unto honour in God's hand.
God just sent His chariot to take him home - Preservation.
Many of you know papa, Papa Oke Owo.
I met him shortly after he became born again; he came to see me here at the camp.
He said son, I am going to be eighty-four in two weeks' time; and I met a prophet forty years ago who told me everything that will happen to me in detail.
How many house I will built; what job I will do to prosper; etcetera
But then, he told me that at the age of eighty-four I will die.
Everything he said have come to pass.
So, I am going to be eighty-four in two weeks' time; I have come to this holy ground; I want to finish it here; I just want you to pray for me to prepare me for heaven.
I laughed.
I said, sir, you are born again now?
He said yes.
Are you ready to serve God?
He said of course, I have committed my life to serving Him.
I said then you are not going to die.
He said, haha! You don't know this prophet.
He said this prophet really knew what he was talking about.
I said, Papa, by the grace of God, there is a greater prophet here.
You are ready to serve my God, He will preserve you.
That was when he was going to be eighty-four.
When Papa was almost a hundred, he send for me and said, I have done enough, I want to go now, release me.
If God knows that you are determined to be vessel unto honour; you have determined to serve Him with all you have, with all you are, with your influence, with your connection, with everything, He will preserve you.
Vessels unto honour don't die before their time.
Stand on your feet and cry to the Almighty God and say: Father, I will be a vessel unto honour, preserve me, preserve me; preserve me.
Open your mouth and talk to the Almighty God.
Preserve me O Lord. Preserve me. Preserve me. O yes Father, preserve me. Preserve, I will be a vessel unto honour; I will be a vessel unto honour, preserve me Lord. Keep death away from me. Keep sickness away from me. Preserve me O Lord, keep accident away from me. Preserve my Father and my God. I will be a vessel unto honour, preserve me my Father and my God. Preserve me; preserve me; preserve me. I will be a vessel unto honour, preserve me. Thank You Father.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
So shall it be in Jesus' name.
Please be seated; let me conclude.
Thank You Father.
The Lord says there is someone here, as the message has been going on, you are contemplating doing something for God. He asked me to tell you that you should go ahead and do it and I will reward you seven fold.
Thank You Father.
Let me say amen to this before I tell you because the Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said, as the season is changing, new doors will begin to open unto you.
The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said between now and December, He is going to give you five major breakthroughs and He said the purpose is for the work of His kingdom - so, He is going to share it with you fifty-fifty as you go along (take note of that, that is important)
Now, ...
Listen to this very carefully; I know is for someone very special to God.
The Almighty God says, I have reversed the irreversible before, and I am going to do it again specifically for you.
I want to conclude and He is speaking, what can I do
The Lord says, Elisha was a vessel unto honour, he woke up one morning and he was an object of mockery, his colleagues were mocking him: do you know your master is going today?
Daddy son; daddy son; do you know that that is going to end today.
But before the day was over, all those who are mocking him are bowing down before him.
The Lord asks me to tell someone, your day of rejoicing is at hand.
Now, let us conclude.
Like we said at the very beginning, the number one qualification of a vessel unto honour is that it must be clean - clean inside; clean outside.
Clean! Absolutely clean!
So, if you are here and you are not yet born again, you cannot be a vessel unto honour, covered in sin.
You cannot be a backslider and be a vessel unto honour, it is not going to happen; God does not use dirty things.
And I have shared this story with you, with some of you before.
There is this young lady at the University of Lagos who had been praying: God use me; use me for your glory. Lord used me. I want to be used to heal the sick, to cast out demons. I want to be used...; and the God did not say a word.
Then, one day the girl was feeling highly pressed, she wanted to use the toilet.
And at that time for one reason or the other, there was acute water shortage at the campus; so, all the toilets were piled up (if you know what I mean).
And she was pressed and wanted to use the toilet.
She opened the first one; oh God! she close the door.
Second one - it was worst - quickly close the door.
Finally, she left the toilet.
And then God spoke to her, my daughter, haa, yes Lord.
I thought you want to use the toilet?
Yes Lord.
Why are you not using the toilet?
O! it is too dirty Lord.
And the Lord said, I too want to use you, but you are too dirty.
If you want to give your life to Jesus Christ, come now.
There is power in the blood to wash you clean.
The blood of Jesus cleanses from all sin.
I am going to count from one (some of you are very far away), from one to fifteen.
Before I say fifteen make sure you are already standing before me.
You cannot be used if you are still in sin.
So, if you want to be clean, so that you can become a vessel unto honour; come quickly now as I am counting.
One, two..., and as you come begin to pray; begin to cry to the Almighty God; say, I am coming for salvation, I want you to wash me clean; I want to free from all my sins, so that I can become a vessel unto honour.
Three...; thank you for those vessels unto honour who are clapping for Jesus. Keep clapping; He will keep on using your hands for His glory.
Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen...
Those of you who are already in from talk to the Almighty; ask Him to have mercy on you; ask Him to forgive all your sin.
Tell Him I have come to surrender my life to You, I want to be clean so that I can become a vessel unto honour.
The rest of you who are on the way, hurry up and continue to pray even as you come.
Please the rest of us let us stretch forth our hands towards these our brothers and sisters and intercede for them, that the One who saved our soul will save their own souls also.
Let us pray for them.
Let us pray that the Almighty God will wash them clean and save their souls completely, completely; completely. And let the counselors come quickly, there are quiet a crowd here, so, come and meet them here.
Let us intercede for them brethren and pray that every one of them would receive genuine salvation today. That the blood of Jesus Christ that cleanses from all sins we wash them clean, absolutely clean tonight.
Pray for them.
And one or two of you might still be one the way - come; come and be save. Thank You Father. Hurry up those of you who are still on the way. I will wait ten seconds more for you and then I will pray. Just make sure you get here before I finish praying.
Thank You Father. Thank You Saviour.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Saviour I want to bless Your name; I want to give You all glory and honour for Your word that has gone forth too night, please accept our thanks in Jesus' name. Father, please remember your promise that whosoever will come unto You, You will in no wise cast out, these people have come to You now Father, receive them in Jesus' name. Please save their souls tonight. Let You blood wash away their sins. Please write their names in the Book of Life. And from now on Father, let them serve You alone; don't let them go back into sin; and anytime they cry unto You from now please answer them by fire.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Those of you in front let me hear you shout hallelujah.
Congratulations, I am rejoicing with you because from now by the grace of God I will be praying for you.
So, I am going to need your names, your address and your prayer request.
The counselors will give you some cards now which I want you to fill very quickly, so that you will return it back to them; and I promise you I will be praying for you.
Glory be to God.
Now, we have present here with us tonight the entire Legal team of the Redeemed Christian Church of God - the Lawyers in our Legal team - they are all here from all over the country; and I will want them to come to the altar and I will pray for them.
Let all the members of our legal team begin to come to the altar now.
Let us give the Lord a big round over applause for Lawyers who are vessels unto honour - a vessel unto honour in God's hand.
Thank You Father.
Thank You Father
Brethren, will you kindly rise on your feet and stretch hands towards these vessels unto honour and just wish them well; pray for them. They are the one serving God true the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Legal matter; please pray for them that they will succeed; pray for them that they won't fail. Pray for them that God will keep them secure; that He protect them from all evil; that He will preserve them; that the Almighty God who is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him who reward them much more than any human being can do. Pray for them. Pray that all their needs will be met. Pray that this day will mark a turning point for their better - for their profession; in their family, everything that has to do with them. Pray that they will never lack. Pray that they will be healthy; they will be strong; that God will keep evil far away from them.
Please intercede for them.
For just one more minute, intercede for all of them.
Thank You Father.
Glory be to God.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Father, I just want to bless Your holy name; I want to bless Your holy name for making me a Blessed man. Look at sons and daughters who are Lawyers; who are quietly lifting up our hands in their own ways; serving you Lord God Almighty so that we will suffer no harm; I thank You on their behalf; I thank You on my own behalf; thank You on behalf of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, I say Father, accept our thanks in Jesus' name.
Father, I joined my voice to the voices of all the members of the congregation and I say concerning anyone of you here in the Legal department, it shall be well with you. Receive anointing for success. You will never know failure again; you won't know sorrow; you will not know disappointment. You will excel. My Father will promote you. He will protect you. He will keep evil far away from you. There will only be shout of joy coming from your home and you will serve God till the end. Everything you need to make your joy full, receive it right now. Even before the end of this month, in all your home, there will be shout of joy. And in the kingdom of God you will not be missing. So shall it be.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Praise the Lord.
God bless you gentlemen and lenient ladies.
It will be well with you.
Keep the flag flying and God will continue to protect you and bless you.
Let me hear you shout a big hallelujah.
Pastor E. A. Adeboye

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