Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Tell the fellow next to you - whether you believe it or not, tonight is my night.
Luke chapter 5 verse 1 to 7
1. And it came to pass, that, as the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God, he stood by the lake of Gennesaret,
2. And saw two ships standing by the lake: but the fishermen were gone out of them, and were washing their nets.
3. And he entered into one of the ships, which was Simon's, and prayed him that he would thrust out a little from the land. And he sat down, and taught the people out of the ship.
4. Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught.
5. And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net.
6. And when they had this done, they inclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake.
7. And they beckoned unto their partners, which were in the other ship, that they should come and help them. And they came, and filled both the ships, so that they began to sink.
That kind of blessing that would need people to help you carry them will come your way today in Jesus' name.
God loves fruitfulness.
His first commandment to man in Genesis chapter 1 from verse 27 to 28; after He blessed them, He said, be fruitful and multiply.
That was the first commandment of God to man.
God loves children.
Somebody said Daddy G.O, I can see that you love children.
I said like father like son.
My Father loves children; that is why I love them.
The happiest moment during convention for me is when they brought forward those thousands of children - brought forward by those people who used to be barren.
I love children and God loves them.
He loves them because He said they are His own.
Psalm 127 verse 3 says children are the heritage of the Lord; the fruit of the womb is His reward.
He loves them.
As a matter of fact, in Mark chapter 10 verse 13 to 15, He said, let them come to me; forbid them not; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
You do not become like a child! You are not going to heaven.
And the reason He loved children so much is illustrated in Mathew 21 verse 15 to 16, He said, out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise.
Children know how to praise God; you don't have to beg them.
It is you elders that have problems praising God.
It is you who think of your position when it comes to praising God and you cannot dance - you hardly move - Children don't care.
I look forward to visiting the children during the convention.
When I visited the and I am sure through my Father in heaven.
When we say let somebody shout hallelujah, and you can hear the shout of those little children.
They don't care who is looking.
Let somebody shout hallelujah.
You see, Psalm chapter 50 verse 23, He said, who so offereth praise, glorifies Me.
God says, if you offer praise, You give Me glory.
God loves children because they glorify Him.
He hates fruitlessness.
He does not want to see barrenness in any form;
So, if you think you hate barrenness, God hates it more. He hates fruitlessness
Even in a tree - ordinary tree.
When He sees a tree that is not bearing fruit, He says cut it down
Luke chapter 13 verse 6 to 9, He says, why is the tree growing and not producing fruits; it is just cumbering the ground; cut it down.
God hates abortion; God hates miscarriage; whether in human beings or even in animals.
Exodus 23 verse 26, He said, none will cast their young, nobody will miscarry.
And I am saying to somebody here today, if you have been miscarrying, no more from tonight onward.
Philippians chapter 1 verse 6 says, once He begins a good work, He will complete it.
Every one of you that has been considered barren, you are taking-in this month and there will be no miscarriage; there will be no still birth.
The only time God allows barrenness is as a punishment.
So, I want you to get ready, the sermon tonight, is going to be like the sermons of the convention which will be in two parts: I will make altar call even before we continue.
In 2Samuel chapter 6 verse 20 to 23, the only woman we hear about in the Bible who died barren was Micah, the wife of David.
Because David was praising God; was dancing, was jumping up and down; he forgot he was king; he just was praising God so much so his belly came out from under his agbada.
And then he got home and the wife looked at him: what kind of king is your won! What kind of majesty!
Look at the way you are dancing like a common man.
David said, I am dancing for the One who make me king; I am dancing for the One who took the kingdom from your father and gave it to me; and he said, woman, you have not seen anything yet, I will praise Him more than ever before.
Is there somebody here who will praise God?
Let somebody shout hallelujah.
And God heard in heaven.
He said to David later on.
He said, David, there will always be somebody to sit on your throne because of the way you have praised Me.
As for that woman who said why are you praising Me?
He said, she will never have a child.
She died barren.
Because the Bible says, like mother like daughter.
Why, if the mother won't praise God, the children won't praise God either.
So, God says, there is no praise coming from this direction, so, let me shut the door there.
Remember David said, I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth.
Why don't you lift your eyes to the Almighty God and promise Him - I will bless You at all time; Your praise shall continually be in my mouth.
There was another time He allowed barrenness as a punishment.
It is a story you can read about in Genesis chapter 29 verse 31.
A man ended up with two wives.
He wants to marry Rachael; they played him a trick, they gave him Leah and he was disappointed.
It was not Leah's fault and so at the end of the day, the man hated Leah and loved Rachael.
God said no, you cannot do this.
So, He said to the one that who was hated, He said you just keep on producing children. The one he said he loved, He said, I shut the door.
But thank God, He is a merciful God.
Because the Bible tells me, out of His great mercy in Genesis chapter 30 verse 22 to 24, He remembered Rachael.
God will remember somebody here today.
And the Bible says, thou would arise and have mercy on Zion for the time to favour her, yea, the set time has come (that is Psalm 102 verse 13).
That is why before we continue..., this is an unusual night; extra ordinary night; the presence of God here tonight is different.
The best prayer a sinner can pray is Lord, have mercy on me (Luke chapter 18 verse 10 to 14)
Two people went to the church to pray:
One was telling God all he had done: I pay my tithe, I give my offering, I pray, I fast...
God said, what is it that you have done for Me that I didn't do for you.
What did you give Me that you did not get from Me.
But there was a man there who said, God, just have mercy on me - miserable offender.
God said, alright; I will grant your request.
Before I proceed any further because we are about to get into some serious situations now.
If you have not yet surrendered your life to Jesus Christ, run forward now. Come and ask God for mercy. Let Him save your soul out of His mercy so that He can hear all other prayers that you may want to pray.
I am going to count from one to twelve because I can see some of you far away; but before twelve, come and stand before me if you want to surrender your life to Jesus so that He can save your soul, out of His mercy wipe away your sins and give you a brand new beginning.
I am counting now.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, thank you those of you who are clapping, your hands will be carrying beautiful children; eight, nine, ten, eleven,... thank you those of who are clapping
Now, those of you who are still on the way, come on quickly.
Those of you who are already in front, talk to the Almighty. Tell Him I have come to surrender my life to You; I want You to save my soul; I want You to forgive all my sins; I will serve You for the rest of my life; please, let Your blood wash away all my sins today
And the rest of us, let us stretch our hands towards these people and intercede for them that the Almighty Saviour, the One who saved our souls would save their own souls also tonight and give them a brand new beginning.
And please Counselors, could you kindly come over and attend to these people in a moment so that we can finish on time.
Counselors, please, come.
Let us intercede for these people that the Almighty Saviour will save their souls tonight.
Pray for them that the blood of Jesus Christ that cleanses from all sin will wipe away all their sins, that they would have a brand new beginning from today; that the Almighty God will have mercy on each and every one of them.
Pray for them brethren.
And those of you who are already at the front, talk to Jesus: just say, have mercy on me Lord; save my soul; forgive all my sins; just have mercy, have mercy on me Lord and I will serve You for the rest of my life. Have mercy, have mercy Lord. Have mercy Lord. Have mercy on me O Lord, have mercy and I will serve You for the rest of my life. Please have mercy, have mercy Lord, have mercy Lord. Thank You Father.
Counselors, can we move a little faster. God bless you.
Thank You Saviour. Thank You King of glory.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Saviour i just want to bless Your holy name. I want to thank You because You are so full of mercy. You said anyone who will come unto You, You will no wise cast out. These people have come to You now Father, please, receive them in Jesus' name. Let Your blood wash away their sins in Jesus' name. This very moment, those who are here and those who are standing all over the world surrendering to You, receive them in Jesus' name. Save their souls, write their names in the book of life. Give them a brand new beginning. And from now on, any time they call on You, please answer them in Jesus' name. Thank You my Father and my God.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Praise the Lord.
Now, those of you who are in front, I want to rejoice with you, because by the grace of God from now I will be praying for you. So, I need your names, your address and your prayer request.
The Counselor will give you card which you will fill very quickly.
And those of you who are listening all over the world, you have surrendered your life to Jesus, please get in contact with us as soon as possible with your names, your address and your prayer request.
I promise you by the grace of God, we will continue to pray for you.
The rest of us why we are waiting for these our new brothers and sisters to quickly finish filling their cards, I want you to begin to thank God in advance for what He is about to do in your life tonight. Because this is a night you are not going to forget for the rest of your life.
So, let us spend about three or four minutes praising God now on your own.
If you want, you can sing to Him.
If you want, you can clap to Him
If you want, you can even dance
If you like, you can just keep on worshipping Him in your own way..., Just for about three to four minutes.
Let us do that very quickly.
Thank You Father.
Thank You Father.
In Jesus mighty name we worshipped.
In the mighty name of Jesus, you will have something to praise God about.
Let us be seated if you are standing.
How do I know that from tonight onward there will be no more fruitless effort in your life.
I have several reasons why I am sure.
I will just mention a few.
Number one: I know that from tonight onward, you will corporate with God.
The fruitless effort of Peter ended because he chose to corporate with God.
When Jesus entered into his boat, he welcomed Him in.
Why Jesus was preaching in his boat, he did not leave Him there and just go away, he stayed with Him.
Psalm 23 verse 6 says, surely goodness and mercy shall follow me, all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
I am confident that many of us here tonight shall make up our minds, we have nowhere else to go, Jesus is our last bus stop.
I thank God for the testimony we heard.
The first one says, we have been trusting God for all these 33years, we never missed any Holy Ghost service; we never missed any Shiloh hour; it got to a stage, they took a decision, God, whether You give us a child or not, You will be our God.
It was at that stage they wrote, Lord Himself give them a reply that they will soon testify.
In the Name that is above every other name, by this time next year, all of you who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb, you will testify
Because when God is on your side, it is impossible for you to fail. That was why I said we should sing the hymn that we sang very gently, very gently.
It said, You are the Fruitful Vine; (one of the verses said) You are the Fruitful Vine and I am depending on You, I rely on You; You will supply the strength from within that will make me fruitful.
You abide with Jesus Christ; He will supply whatever is missing so that you can become fruitful; not only fruitful biologically, but fruitful in every facet of life.
You see, when we talk about barrenness, we are not just talking about the fruit of the womb alone.
Anyone who keeps failing examination is mentally barren.
I used to be in the academic world, when there is a lecturer who is not publishing papers in journals and without publications there will be no promotion - we also says, he is academically barren.
Somebody is considered barren if he is working and there is nothing to show for it.
Some of you had been labouring now, you have been in the same job for more than thirty years; there is nothing to show for it - that is going to change tonight in Jesus' name.
Because you will corporate with God, financially you can become fruitful the moment you begin to corporate with God - Corporate with God.
I have told you the story before, of a time I visited Kenneth Hagin camp meeting in Tulsa 1979 and it was offering time and a man came further and say, please I want to talk to the people; he called his wife and they stood together; and they gave them permission.
He said please brethren, everything all of you contribute tonight is what me and my wife will contribute.
There were seventeen thousands all of us there.
He said whatever all of us give that is what he alone will give, and we thought this man is in trouble. Because we wanted to get him into trouble we gave more than we wanted to give.
At the end he said they should count everything, he counted - 3.5million dollars.
We said ehen! You are in trouble now.
The man, add and said brethren, is that all you can do?
Haha! I said this man knows something that I don't know.
I said, I must see this man and find out what is his secret - what is he talking about?
I finished, I went to him, Sir, what is your secret? What is happening?
He said, I know what I am doing.
He said, I used to be a failure, then, I started a business with five hundred dollars and I made a covenant with God: I told God, every profit I make, instead of giving You ten percent, I will give you ninety percent and I will keep ten percent.
He said within five years, five hundred dollar has become 50 million.
I said, I see!
That change my life; because many at times we see the glory we don't know the story.
I am not at the level of ninety percent yet but I am going.
I want you to stand on your feet, you are going to pray a prayer with all your heart tonight and say: Father, I will corporate with You, make me very fruitful.
Open your mouth and pray.
I will corporate You, O yes Lord, I will corporate with You, make me very fruitful; make me very fruitful; make me very fruitful; make me very fruitful. I will corporate with You, Lord, I don't know about others but I will corporate with You, kindly make me very fruitful, very very fruitful. Physically, materially, spiritually, make me very very fruitful. I will corporate with You. I will corporate with You. From now on, more than ever before, I will corporate with You, just make me very fruitful. Yes, Lord, that is what I will do, I will corporate with You. I will corporate with You fully, Father, make me very very fruitful. Make me very very fruitful. Make me very very fruitful. Thank You Father.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
So shall it be in Jesus' name.
Please be seated.
Number two: you will obey Him to the latter.
Peter said, I have fished all night I caught nothing...
Incidentally, I have given that word to some of you before: there are some of us who think fishing should only be done at night, the Almighty God said, there is nothing wrong with fishing during the day.
I am sure you understand the proverb.
Nobody said that husband and wife should fish at night; they can fish early in the morning.
Almighty God is ready to supply all your needs anytime.
Glory be to God.
But Peter said, "at thy word", because You have spoken, I will take Your word.
Many at times when the word of God comes on occasion like this, it does not make sense even to me who hears from Him.
I mean when God said, there was someone in the crowd who had no fallopian tube and the Doctor said there is no way she could ever be pregnant but God said, I will give you a new fallopian tube...;
Listen brethren, I am a Scientist, you don't get Ph.D in Mathematics without knowing a little bit of science.
It does not make sense, it does not make scientific sense for a woman without fallopian tube to have a child but when God speaks, what is science?
When God speaks, who is the Doctor?
And God had already spoken to somebody here tonight, He said, it does not matter what the situation may be like, this is your night.
You see, when God speaks, many at times I almost tremble before I can repeat what He had said.
It does not make sense, there is no science that can explain when He said to somebody, there is someone there who said, I wish I were taller now you have already grown taller.
How do you grow during a service - how do you grow taller?
That is God!
That is God!
That is God!
And that God that I serve, He is saying to somebody here tonight, very soon you share your testimony.
When God speaks...
Thank You Daddy.
There is a word coming to somebody but I will remind you or maybe I need to remind you of story of someone.
We are having Holy Ghost service in London and there is this Lady who came from America to attend; she came to visit her younger ones and they said there is Holy Ghost service going on, she said I will go with you
She has been barren all her life - she had already passed the age of child bearing, no more mensuration; just like you heard in the testimony tonight.
And the word of God just came and says, there is some one here, passed the age of child bearing, God said, I Am going to reduce your age by ten years.
And the woman said, haa! that is me and told the siblings, hey, don't call me aunty any more, I am younger than some of you now - Taken God at His word.
Shortly after that, the Lord says there is someone here, they said you will never have a child, get ready for your baby.
She said, I know this meeting was called because of me.
Nine months later, she was showing us her baby.
The Lord asks me to tell somebody here tonight, He said I will reduce your age and then make you fruitful.
If you are the one, let me hear you shout hallelujah.
Just let us learn to take Him at His word.
You see, that is one of the reasons why God loves children; they don't reason like you do.
They believe; it is easy for them to trust God.
That is why my prayer for myself always: God, please don't let me get so educated, so advanced in knowledge that I cannot behave like a baby when I am with you.
How old are we brethren?
The oldest fellow here is less than a hundred.
When you are hundred years old, you are still a baby in the hand of God - you are baby in the hand of the One who was here before the mountains were brought forth.
You are a baby in the hand of the One who has no beginning, who has no end.
You are a baby in the hand of the Ancient of days.
You are baby in the hand of the Almighty God.
Why don't you say Father, I believe you.
If you will just take Him at His word - take Him at His word; and then obey Him
Obey Him.
He has asked me to do a lot of things, humanly speaking sound to me very foolish, I just obey.
You remember the time he asked me to dance round those who are having back ache.
Dance round them!
What for?
I did.
By the time I finish dancing, foolishly before some people, every one of them has been healed.
Why don't you just obey Him; take Him at His word, take Him at His word.
My Father in the Lord, said to one woman in Ilorin some years ago.
He went to visit the church in Ilorin and the woman came and said Daddy, please pray for me, I am barren.
Baba did not bother to pray.
He just said to her, what kind of baby do you want? Go and buy the dress.
She went to the market, bought the dress, brought it back home; relatives said, this thing has gone into her brain.
Nine months later, somebody was wearing that dress.
Take Him at His word.
I am going to ask you to pray a prayer now; stand on your feet and say: Father, I promise You, I will obey, please make me fruitful.
Open your mouth and cry unto Him.
Make me fruitful. Make me fruitful. Make me fruitful Lord. I will obey You in all things; everything You ask me to do, I will do it. You ask me to witness, I will witness. You ask me to pray, I will pray. You ask me to sing, I will sing. You ask me to study Your word, I will study Your word. Everything You ask me to do, I will do; I will obey. Father, make me fruitful. Make me fruitful. I will obey You; I will obey You to the latter, I will obey You. Almighty God, I will obey, I will obey. Thank You Father.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Please be seated.
Number three: why I am sure that fruitlessness is ending in your life tonight is that: you are going to enter into a covenant with God.
In Luke chapter 5 verse 11, Peter became a permanent partner of Jesus Christ
He forsook Paul and followed Him.
In 1Samuel chapter I from verse 9 to 20, Hannah entered into a covenant with God - give me a son and you can have him.
God was looking for a prophet; Hannah was looking for a son
Hannah said, let us become partners: give me a son then you can have Him.
When you make up your mind that you are going to be a covenant partner of the most High God, in every area of life, you will suddenly begin to become fruitful - fruitful biologically; fruitful mentally; fruitful spiritually; fruitful in all areas; in all areas; fruitful mentally
And I can tell stories upon stories of people who made up their mind, I want to be a partner with God and God will say alright let us show you.
I told you a story of a fellow who came to me and said, Daddy, I want to be one of the three people who will be sponsoring the convention, just pray for me.
And I looked at him, a very young man; well, if that is your covenant with God, fine; let us pray.
We prayed.
The following week, he came running: Daddy, I say I want to be partner with God and they sacked me in my place of work.
I said, congratulations.
How can you be congratulating me?
I said, are you going to sponsor the convention on your salary? - Salary that is less than one thousand naira a month.
I said, God has heard your prayer, so, He has to shut one door to open another.
I pray for somebody here tonight, the kind of door that you don't even know they are there, may God open them unto you.
Within a year, he came back to say, I don't know maybe this is enough to form one-third but at least this is something.
I remind how I use to think I was cleaver before I gave my life to Jesus; and then I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and I was doing my Master degree then and my supervisor travelled and gave me some problems to solve why he was away.
By the time he came, when he saw what I have done, he wants to surrender everything to God; it takes over your brain, it takes over everything.
My supervisor went through, he said, no, no, Enoch, I know you are a Christian now
I said, yes sir.
He said, I know you will tell me the truth.
I said, yes sir
He said, you are not the only one who did this work?
I said, no sir.
He said, I know you will tell the truth.
He said who helped you?
Because he was an India, he does not believe in Christ.
If I said Jesus, he is going to laugh at me.
I said, Professor Emmanuel.
After all, He is name shall be called Emmanuel.
My secret came out when he said, of which department?
I prayed for somebody here today, because you are going to enter into a covenant with God, everything you touch will prosper.
Let me go a step further; I just filled the auction of the Holy Spirit here today in a mighty manner.
That kind of success that people will ask you, how do you do it, shall soon be your portion.
Maybe you should pray a prayer straight away and say: Father, make me Your partner so that I will never fail again.
Go ahead, open your mouth; talk to the Almighty God.
Just make me Your partner Lord so that I will never, never, fail again. Make me Your partner Lord; make me Your partner so that I will never, never, fail again. Make me Your partner Almighty God so that I will never, never fail again. Make me, make me Your partner Lord so that there will be no more fruitlessness in my life. No more fruitless efforts, just make me Your partner. Make me Your partner. Make me Your partner. Make me Your partner. Thank You Father. Glory be to Your holy name.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Please be seated.
Oh! Thank You my Lord.
Number one: The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said, right now when they want to describe you, they call you the Barren one; He asked me to tell you, very soon your middle name will be Mama Sam
I think this one must be my own.
Because God says there is someone here tonight, very soon you are going to get a new nick name and that nickname is going to be BABA OLOWO
For those of you listening all over the world, who does not know the meaning of baba olowo - it simply means 'the extra wealthy man'.
I think that is going to be my own in Jesus' name.
Oh thank You Father.
If you are not in the habit of writing down prophecies, please, either you write this one down or you memorize it; because it is going to happen so soon.
The Lord says there is some here tonight (and I know it must be me), He said there is someone here tonight, I am going to give you one breakthrough that will cancel all your failures.
So, why do I know that fruitlessness is going to end in your life?
Maybe one or two more reasons; because I know God is already working:
Number four: Is that God Himself will decree your fruitfulness.
God decreed to Peter, 'cast your nets for a big haul'.
God had already decreed that two boats will be full of fish even before Peter cast the nets.
You know, many at times when we preached on this passage, we blame Peter; because God asked him to cast nets and he cast only one.
If he cast one and two boats were full and sinking! What will have happened if he cast all the nets?
He would probably have finished all the fish available there.
See, when God decrees, when God speaks, it is done.
The One who said, let there be light and there was light.
He is the One who said, be fruitful - that is a decree.
In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I decree tonight, be fruitful.
The One who spoke to the waters in Genesis chapter 1 verse 20 to 22, who said, let the water bring forth plenteously.
And all of a sudden, mighty fish wales, catfish, tilapia; all manners of animals filled the ocean.
The same One is also the One who said, multiply.
In order words, He is not asking you to have just only one child - He said, multiply.
Don't let anybody deceived you; the plan of God for your life is not to manage.
He said, I have come that you may have life and (have it how?) more abundantly.
I know there are some people who are listening now, it is most likely in the newspaper by Sunday, somebody is going to criticized what I have just said.
That is no problem; they are doing what they are created to do.
But I decree in the Name that is above every other name, you will not die poor. No, no, you are not going to die poor.
Let us be seated.
Well, they said, why are you talking to people about prospering in life? You should focus your attention on preparing them for heaven.
Haa! I am doing that.
I never preached a sermon without talking about holiness - I am preparing you for heaven.
But if the Almighty God says, there is a mansion waiting for me in heaven, at least I should have a flat here - I should have a flat here.
If He says there is Manson waiting for me in heaven built with gold, why should I die a tenant here - why?
When the same God who is seating in heaven, His leg is here on earth; if He is going to prepare a mansion for me in heaven, He will give me a house here on earth
In the Name that is above every other name, you will not die tenant.
And those who don't like it will attend your house warming ceremony.
I like a friend of mine who said once, way back in 1975 or something; when some people were complaining: there are too many cars in Lagos that is why there is traffic jam.
He said what are you saying, I have not bought my yet.
Under the auction of the Holy Spirit that is here tonight, you will never borrow again. And if you are owing anybody, in the Name that is above every other name, God will help you pay up your debt.
Now, when God speaks, it is done.
And when He decrees: when He decrees your fruitfulness, nobody can stop it.
In Genesis chapter 18 verse 9 to 14: when He said to Abraham, tell Sarah your wife, she is going to have a son, and Sarah said, what are you talking about.
Oh thank You Father.
Daddy says, (and I like this), Daddy say, laughter can begin as an individual laughter, and then become a family laughter, and then become a town laughter. He asked me to tell someone, your laughter will become a national laughter.
Thank You Father.
I am trying to be a gentle man but the anointing on me tonight..., I fill like jumping down there to come and...
Oh thank You Almighty God. Thank You Father.
Daddy says, for those of you who have already made up your mind that you will become His covenant partners, He said, I will give you fresh anointing for easy success.
You know there are two ways of succeeding: you work hard and then you will succeed - you will sweat and then you succeed.
But there is an anointing that causes you to succeed effortlessly. An anointing that you just do a little and you get much - that is the anointing God is releasing on you right now.
So, like I was saying, when God said to Abraham, tell Sarah, she is going to have a son, and Sarah began to laugh; but the laughter did not stop God because God had decreed - God had decreed.
When God decrees, your doubt won't stop Him.
In 2Kings chapter 4 verse 8 to 17: when Elisha said to the Shunammite woman: woman you are going to have a baby.
She said, man of God, don't deceived me - that was what she said.
But when God had decreed, either He said it directly Himself or He says it through His servant, is settled - forever O Lord Your word is settled.
You know testimony of a husband and wife, the two of them came to us, they asked for prayers and I just felt led: alright, how do you want your baby?
And the husband jumped and said a boy; the wife said, a girl.
I said, okay.
How about a set of twins?
Less than a year later, they stood here on this altar - the husband was carrying the boy, and the wife was carrying the daughter - because the decree has gone out.
I am going to ask you to pray a prayer now, (I am about to end); I want you to think very well before you pray because opportunity like tonight comes only once in a life time.
Biologically, how do you want your children?
Mentally, how far do you want to go academically?
Career wise, how high do you want to go?
Spiritually, how mighty do you want to become for God?
So, you are going to tell God, I am going to give you two to three minutes to tell God, explained to Him what you want and then I am going to use the authority He has given me to do a decree.
Go ahead. Stand on your feet and tell God. Tell God what you want. Tell Him. If you are trusting God for the fruit of the womb, tell Him: you want a boy; you want a girl; you want a set of twins; you want triplets; you want four at a go - tell Him. You want to become the richest man in Africa, go on, tell Him, don't be afraid; He is God, He is not man. You want to raise the dead for Him as a man of God, go ahead, He has done it before, He will do it again. Don't limit Him, go ahead. Tell Him. Tell Him. Tell Him. Tell Him. O thank You my Father. Thank You Father. Thank You Lord.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Now, lift your hands to the most High God as I pray.
My Father and my God, I want to bless Your holy name. When You called me, You assured me that You will not let Your word fall to the ground in my mouth; and I thank You for Your faithfulness. I thank You for Your presence here tonight. I thank You for the auction of the Holy Spirit upon me tonight. So, in Your name I decree concerning everyone listening to me right now, you will never fail again. In every area of life, you will be among the best. In your career, you will reach the top. If there is ever any miracle that God can do for any man, He will do it for you. The Almighty God will perform wonders through you. This very night, in all your families, He will terminate barrenness. He will give you wonderful children, and your children will be greater than you. You will never fail again. Very very soon, your joy will begin to overflow.
So shall it be. For so, I have decreed it in Jesus mighty name.
If you receive that let me hear you shout a big hallelujah.
God bless you, you may be seated.
Oh thank You Father.
Tonight, because of the heavy presence of the Almighty God, we are going to lay hands on everyone.
And those who are coming to lay hands on you are going to tell you loud and clear just one sentence: 'Be fruitful in Jesus' name'.
As they lay hands on you and they made that pronouncement, physically you will become fruitful; mentally you will become fruitful; financially you will become fruitful; spiritually you will become fruitful; and in the service of God you will become fruitful.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye

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