Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How dependable are you?

“And he came to the second, and said likewise. And he answered and said, I go, sir: and went not” (Matthew 21:30).

A father came to his son and requested him to carry out a task. His reply was prompt and polite, "I go, sir", meaning, I'm going for it right away, in fact, I'm on my way. So immediate and so convincing was his reply that the father rested on it and counted the job done. He came back hours later to examine the progress made and alas, the boy was nowhere to be found, nor was there any sign that he had been around. This is the face of irresponsibility.

In life, the pattern of progress often follows a cycle of responsibility – opportunity - responsibility - and opportunity. So, opportunity seldom comes to the irresponsible boy or girl. Even if it does, he/she may not see it. Think about youthful Joseph. Whether with his father or with his boss, with his prison friends or even with Pharaoh, he demonstrated responsibility. He was always rewarded with ever increasing opportunities for greatness.

Now be sincere. On a rising scale of I-10, how would you rate yourself on dependability, consistency, diligence, and availability? Add up the scores, divide by four, and that is your responsibility index. If you score below 7, you need to redirect your life towards improved ratings. If you score above 7, you are on the right path, seek more responsibility.

CHALLENGE: Don't just talk responsibility, act responsible.
PRAYER: Lord God, please rid me of all acts of youthful irresponsibility.

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