Saturday, February 25, 2017


But let me start by reading the text for the congress itself: Joel chapter 2 verse 25 to 27 - this is the Almighty God speaking to me and possibly to my wife; and maybe He is also speaking to one extra person.
God said, I will restore to you the years that the locust has eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.
And ye shall eat in plenty, (it does not matter what the economy may be saying) and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, that hath dealt wondrously with you; and my people shall never be ashamed.
And then in verse 27, and ye shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I Am the Lord your God; and none else: and my people shall never be ashamed.
Again one more time, tell the people to your right and to your left, in the mighty name of Jesus, I will never know shame again.
Now, just for about five to ten minute, I want to talk to those of you who probably have not given your life to Jesus.
Or you gave your life to Jesus once and now you are backsliding.
We need to settle your case very quickly before you proceed.
You see, there are many advantages of being a son of God.
One of the major advantages is the miracle provision.
In Mathew 15 verse 21 to 28: The Lord Jesus Christ said clearly that miracles are children's bread.
In order words, if you are not a child of God, forget miracles.
If you are not born again and you said you are asking for miracles - no no no, what you are asking for is magic not miracles.
And I can assure you, the devil can give you as many magic as you want; as long as he knows that at the end of the day he will have your soul.
Miracles come from God and God is holy.
The Angels are always singing - holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty.
When you get magic from the devil, from the magician, from false prophets..., with one hand they are giving you something, with the other hand they are giving you burden far far bigger than the one you say you brought to them.
But the blessings of the Lord maketh rich and added no sorrows.
When a miracle comes from God, it comes clean, no strange attached.
Not one that, one of the blessings of being a child of God is Divine protection.
You see, in John chapter 8 verse 35, the Bible says a servant does not abide in the house forever but the son abides in it.
If you are a child of God, you have the privilege of abiding in the house of God.
And Psalm 91 verse 1 to the end says, he that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
And then, He went on to catalogue for you.
What will happen if you abide?
He said, thousand will be following by your right; ten thousand will be following by your left, they won't come near you.
Divine Protection.
Some people have said that we thought that Job was a man of God, how come he had all those problems?
They have said that to me to try and convinced me that if Job can get into trouble, I can get into serious trouble too.
I said, no no no, you seem not to understand.
Job is a servant of God, I am a Son
There is a word of difference between a son and a servant.
You can perform experiment with a servant.
Nobody performs experiment with his children.
I remember years ago when we were living in Mushin and things were very rough in Mushin those days (I don't know if they are still rough or not); and those of us living in that section of the place decided to organize what is called 'vigilante'.
Nobody among us included his children among the vigilante - all the vigilante were servants.
Sons, they were kept in the bed room.
When you are a child of God, you are secure, your future is secured
Romans 8 verse 16 to 17says if you are child of God then you are heirs of God, you have heritage in God.
You are a joint heir with Jesus Christ.
Whatever is available to Jesus Christ is available to you.
If you are a child of God, you have Divine guidance - God will be guiding you.
Romans chapter 8 verse 14 says that: as many that are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.
One funny fellow came to me years ago, he said Sir, I have a prophecy for you from the Lord - he came from Akure.
I said, okay, speak up.
He said, thus saith the Lord, tell my "servant" Adeboye...
I said, shut up; Stop right there.
He said, what do you mean?
I have not even spoken.
I said, no no no, just stop right there.
Your message is not from God.
He said, how can you know; you have not heard it.
I said, my Father does not address me as servant, He calls me son.
When you are a child of God, you enjoy a peculiar kind of love.
1John chapter 3 verse 1 to 2, He said, behold, what manner of love God has bestowed upon us that we should be called children of God - special love.
I remembered years ago when I was talking, I will be saying, my Daddy said, my Daddy said, and then some people said, who is this your Daddy?
They said, how can you be calling God Daddy; He is Father - our Father which hath in heaven
I said, don't let us quarrel.
He may be you Father, but He is my Daddy
There is a different between the two.
Special love when you are a child of God
And because of this special love, Romans chapter 8 verse 37 says, we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.
I am not boasting; if I am boasting, I am boasting in the Lord - I am more than a conqueror - only a true child of God can say that through the Love of the Almighty God.
If you are a child of God, He loves you specially, and what it means to be more than a conqueror? I think I have explained that to you before.
'More than a conqueror' means you win without fighting because your Father will be fighting your battles for you.
So, if you know you are not a child of God, you are missing a lot.
You are missing the love of God.
You are missing the victory that only God can give.
You are missing the protection that is available only for the children of God.
You are missing miracles that are the bread of children.
You have a future that is very very uncertain.
And some of you probably have heard me tell this story before; listen carefully because now I am about to call those of you who are not yet born again forward to give your life to Jesus.
A man came to me and Sir, I hear that you are a prophet of God
I said, I am a Pastor.
He said, we know you to be a Prophet.
I said, I am a Pastor.
He said, but they said, whatever you say, come to pass.
I said, God has been faithful.
He said, in any case, can you tell me my future?
I said, that is simple.
Answer a simple question and I will tell you your future.
He said, what is the question?
Are you born again?
Are you a child of God?
He said, no.
I said, haa! Your future will be terrible.
He said, how do you know?
You have not even prayed; you don't even know my name.
I said, no need - it is written, woe to the wicked, he shall be ill with him (Isaiah chapter 3 verse 11)
I said, there is no prophecy that can cancel the word of God, it is written.
He said, supposed then I have answered, I am a child of God
Then, I would have told you your future will be glorious because in the same Isaiah chapter 3 verse 10, He said, say ye to the righteous, it shall be well with him.
He does not matter what anybody may say, I know my tomorrow will be alright.
What about your own?
So, if you are within this auditorium, or you are in the old arena, or you are in any of the viewing centres all over the world, and you want to surrender your life to Jesus Child so that you can become a child of God, come quickly now.
I am going to count from one to fifteen because I see that some of you are very far away.
But before I say fifteen, you want to give your life to Jesus Christ, you must be standing before me so that I can pray for your salvation and become a child God and then you can partakers of all the blessings that will follow.
I am counting now
Now, anybody who want to clap for Jesus Christ, do so very well.
If you cannot do it very well, don't bother yourself.
You want to give your life to Jesus Christ, hurry up because I still have a lot to do tonight.
...two, three, four, five, six, ...
Those hands will never be empty. The hands you are clapping for Jesus, they will never wielder and they will never empty., eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve,
Those of you who are still very far away, just keep on coming, don't stop, make sure you get here before I finished praying.
Thirteen, fourteen,
Just keep coming, keep coming, don't stop, we are about to pray now. Keep coming, keep coming.
Now, those of you who are already in front and those of you who are still on the way, pray as you come and ask Jesus Christ to be merciful unto you and save your soul; forgive all your sins and make you a child of God.
Go ahead, talk to the Almighty God.
And the rest of us, let us stretch forth ours towards these people and intercede for them that the Almighty Saviour will save their souls even as He has saved our own souls.
Let us intercede for them and counselors, please, you need to come and attend to these people here, they are quite a number.
So, counselors, could you begin to move forward and come and attend to them here.
Those of you who are still on the way, keep coming, keep coming, I can see you are still running, that means you are coming from a long distance, so, keep coming, keep coming and pray as you come.
Pray that the Almighty Saviour will save your soul, that He will forgive all your sins and accept you to the family of God, so that you can become a child of God.
Promise Him you will serve Him as Lord and Saviour for the rest of your life.
Call on Him just one more minute.
Yes, I see you running, just keep coming, keep coming; I will wait ten seconds more then I will pray but just make sure you get here before I finished praying that is important.
Thank you counselors.
Let us move very quickly and surround them so it will reach every one of them.
Thank You Father.
Thank You Lord.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Saviour, I just want to thank You for Your word; I want to thank You for Your promise that whosoever will come unto You, You will in wise cast out; these people have come to You now Father, please receive them in Jesus' name; have mercy on them; let Your blood wash them clean; save their souls now; and please write their names in the Book of Life. And I pray that from today onward, they will never go back into sin. From this moment onward, anytime they call on You Lord God Almighty, answer them by fire.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Now, those of you in front I want to rejoice with you because from now by the grace of God, I will be praying for you.
So, I am going to need you names, your address and your prayer request.
The Counselors will give you a card straight away; fill that card and return to the Counselors and as soon as you have done that, you are free to go back; we will be in contact with you.
God bless you.
I will appreciate it if the choir would sing some worship songs for few minutes that these people need to fill their cards.
God bless you.
In the next one hour or so, I will be calling on you to stand up and pray - it is not going to be one time or two; not going to be five or seven; I will keep on calling you to stand and pray.
But I will make it easy for you if you cannot be standing and seating, standing and seating, no problem, relax and pray, God will still hear you.
But I am just appealing, because a day like comes only once in a life time; when I asked you to pray, do not pray like ladies and gentlemen tonight, pray like warriors - I guarantee you in the Name that is above every other name, before the sun rises in the morning, you will testify.
Ezekiel 37, I am reading from verse 1 to 10, I want to talk about complete restoration.
1)The hand of the Lord was upon me, and carried me out in the spirit of the Lord, and set me down in the midst of the valley which was full of bones;
2)And caused me to pass by them round about: and, behold, there were very many in the open valley; and, lo, they were very dry.
3)And he said unto me, Son of man, can these bones live? And I answered, O Lord God, thou knowest.
4)Again he said unto me, Prophesy upon these bones, and say unto them, o ye dry bones, hear the word of the Lord.
5)Thus saith the Lord God unto these bones; Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you, and ye shall live:
6)And I will lay sinews upon you, and will bring up flesh upon you, and cover you with skin, and put breath in you, and ye shall live; and ye shall know that I am the Lord.
7)So I prophesied as I was commanded: and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone.
8)And when I beheld, lo, the sinews and the flesh came up upon them, and the skin covered them above: but there was no breath in them.
9)Then said he unto me, Prophesy unto the wind, prophesy, son of man, and say to the wind, thus saith the Lord God; come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live.
10)So I prophesied as he commanded me, and the breath came into them, and they lived, and stood up upon their feet, an exceeding great army.
I stand here tonight as a representative of the most High God and I prophesy to someone here, your dry bones shall live again.
I told those of you who have been here from Monday that Restoration, Complete Restoration is a process.
Using the example of this dry bones, I want to point out points maybe about fourteen of them you know, of the process that will lead to your complete restoration.
The first thing is, as you see from this story, from the fact the bones were not just dry but very dry, whenever God want to begin the process of total restoration, He remembers the forgotten.
This bones have been there for a long time, they were dry, they were very dry, they were forgotten; but one day, God remembered dry bones.
Whenever God remembers the forgotten, miracles are bound to follow.
In Genesis chapter 8 verse 1, the Bible says, God remembered Noah that had been shut up in the Ark for days, suddenly, God remembered Noah and the time of hiding was over.
In Genesis chapter 30 verse 22 to 24, God remember Rachael and open her womb.
In Exodus chapter 2 verse 24, God remember Israel after four hundred and thirty years and their years of suffering ended.
Some of you have heard me tell this story of something that happen in 1952.
A half-brother of mine travelled out of our village and came back with a face cap with many colours - beautiful - those of us in the village we have never seen anything so beautiful before. It looks great on his head.
And we all gathered round him admiring it.
Then, all of a sudden, he took it from off his head and put it on my head.
And all other children were beginning to say huu, haa, because he allowed me to even wear this face back.
And then he said something; something unbelievable, he said, it is yours, I bought it for you.
I almost fainted with joy; I could not believe it.
Years passed, more than thirty years passed.
Then, one day, I was just remembering things that happened in my childhood, things that make serious impact upon my childhood; and I remembered that occasion.
And it occurs to me, the one who did such a great thing for me, I have never done anything for him.
So, I made up my mind that I will do something.
I bought a car and sent it to him.
When the car arrived, he thought it was me visiting.
He came out, saw my driver and said, haha, where is Daddy?
He is not here.
He said, I should go and give you this car: he will be responsible for your driver; he will be responsible for the maintenance of the car...
Your own is just to get into the car and go wherever you want to go.
My driver said, when he heard that, he began to look for a chair to seat on - he was dazed.
I said that is good, that was how I felt some thirty years ago.
God remembered him.
I want you to stand on your feet and lift your voice to the Almighty God and say: Father, remember me today.
Open your mouth and cry to the Almighty God.
Remember me today. Almighty, remember me today. Remember me today. Remember me today. If only you can remember me, I know things will change, Almighty God, remember me today. Remember me today. Remember me today. Thank You Father. Remember me today that is my request number one Almighty God, please remember me today. Remember me today. God remember the dry bones that was when their story began; Lord remember me today. Remember me today. Thank You Father.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
So shall it be in Jesus' name.
Please be seated.
We will make the prayer short short and sharp but please pray with all your heart.
Next thing that follow in the process of complete restoration is that God visited the dry bones - He did not just remember, He took a further step, He visited the dry bones.
And whenever God visit somebody, something miraculous must happen.
In John chapter 5 verse 2 to 9...
Thank You Daddy.
I have not even started.
Daddy asks me to remind you or tell you (you don't need to be reminded) of Holy Ghost Service we held at stadium in Surulere some years ago.
"And there was a man there who had lost a kidney through operation and the second kidney was now beginning to misbehave - he was there at the Stadium.
And the word of God came, there is somebody here, one of your kidney had been removed; the second one has been misbehaving. God said before the sun rises I will give you two new kidneys.
The following morning, the man was healed; he shouted for joy.
He ran to his doctor; Doctor examined him and say I cannot believe this.
He said, what is it that you cannot believe?
The Doctor said, I remember you very well, the day we removed one of your kidneys, everything that could go wrong, went wrong; the operation lasted eighteen hours, so, I cannot forget you.
The man said, yes, yes; and what did you see now?
The man said, you have two new kidneys - brown new."
Now, the Lord asked me to tell you that story to tell you this, that there is someone here tonight, every organ in your body that has been damaged shall be replaced.
John chapter 5 verse 2 to 9 - there was a man at the pool of Bethesda, he has been there for thirty-eight years waiting for an Angel to come and stir the water - he has tried for thirty-eight years and had failed for thirty-eight years.
The day God paid him a visit, his suffering ended.
In 2Chronicles chapter 1 verse 6 to 15 - when God paid Solomon a visit in the night, that boy got a blank check from the Almighty God: God said, ask whatever you wish; anything.
The boy asked for wisdom and understanding.
God said, is that all you can ask?
He said, I will give you much more.
When God pays you a visit, He will not only grant your request, but he will do more.
When God paid Abraham a visit in Genesis chapter 18 verse 1 to 4, the laughter of Sarah began.
I am believing God for someone today that God is going to visit and your laughter will begin.
I will tell you a funny story.
I was visiting one of my friends and it was dinner time they invited me to the table - myself, himself, his wife
And then, I saw some four young ladies and one or two other girls they were there; and the wife was a very good cook; she gave me a big leg of a chicken and I enjoyed the thing; and before you knew it, I had finished the whole thing and I was cracking the bones when she turned to me and said, you want more?
I said, if you don't mind.
So, she gave me another leg and I was devouring that second one when that man who was seating by my left suddenly coughed to get my attention.
So, I turned and said, Daddy, I want to tell you something.
The moment I turned, one of the ladies seating on my right hand side grabbed my plate and she began to run into the kitchen.
And other ladies followed her
I did not know what was happening.
Three of the were believing God for a future partners; within three months they were all married.
One was believing God for a mighty promotion, she got her own even before the other got married.
God visited and their laughter began.
Stand on your feet, lift your voice to the Almighty God and say: Father, if You are visiting two people here tonight, let me be one of them.
Open your mouth and cry to the Almighty God.
If You are visiting two people, let me be one of them, so that my own laughter can begin, visit me tonight. Visit me tonight Lord; let my own laughter be begin; visit me tonight. If You are visiting only two people let me be one of them, let me be one of them Father. Visit me tonight. Visit me tonight. Visit me tonight.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
And so shall it be in Jesus' Name.
Please be seated.
Number three) God did not visit the dry bones alone, He came with a Prophet.
You see, in Amos chapter 3 verse 7, the Bible says, surely, God will not do anything without first of revealing it to His prophet.
When God told me that the theme for this year congress is going to be Complete Transformation (or Complete Restoration rather), I danced for joy because I knew He is up to something.
Hosea chapter 2 and verse 13 says by a Prophet, He brought Israel out and by a Prophet, He preserved Israel.
He took a Prophet in 2Kings chapter 2 verse 19 to 22, He took a prophet to put an end to all the terrible things happening in Jericho, He took a prophet to cancel the curse that had been tormenting them that city since the days of Joshua.
I don't claim to be a Prophet but I hear from Him once in a while.
And when He says this is what is going to do, you can consider it done.
Some of us here will remember, we held a Holy Ghost night at Liberty Stadium in Ibadan.
We had a wonderful time: souls were saved, healing, etc.
We are about to roundup when God spoke to me and what He said was difficult to believe.
He said, there was a woman there, under her armpits instead of hairs, it is feathers.
And she had been living with this horrible secret all the days of her life.
Very early in the morning before the husband can wake up, she will run into the toilet and pluck out the feathers.
By tomorrow night, the feathers are back.
The Almighty God said, call her out, I will deliver her out of her misery.
I said to God, Daddy, you know I will do whatever you ask me to do.
If You say there is somebody here with feathers under her armpit, then, there must be somebody here; You won't lie.
But, this is a Stadium: light full on, cameras all over the place..., How will this fellow come forward?
Daddy, we have had a good time, let us go home.
He said to me, Son, do you want her to die with her problem?
I said, no.
So, I made the announcement; some of the people here who are on the altar will remember the occasion very well; we were not expecting anybody to come out.
But a well-dressed woman came forward.
I thought maybe she did not understand.
I explained.
She said, I know what you said.
And when she began to speak very good English, highly educated person; we prayed a simple prayer, she checked her armpit and the feathers where gone.
It takes a Prophet for God to begin the process of total restoration.
Stand on your feet.
Lift you voice to the Almighty God and say: Father, in Jesus' name, send a Word through Your son to me today.
Open your mouth and cry to the Almighty God.
Just send a word through Your son to me today. A word that is mine directly, send a word to me Lord. Just send a word to me Lord, I am waiting for a word, send a word to me, send a word to me Lord. Send a word. Send a word. Send a word. Thank You Jesus. Send a word. Send a word through Your son to me Lord. Send a word to me tonight. Thank You Father.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
So shall it be.
Please be seated.
Number four) As soon as God and the Prophet arrive, God spoke.
He started talking to Prophet: can this born live?
And the first time God spoke, a miracle happened.
Genesis chapter 1 verse 3, ...and God said, let there be light and there was light.
Whenever God speaks, light breaks forth.
In Mark chapter 10 verse 46 to 52, when Bartimaeus has been crying to Jesus, have mercy on me, have mercy on me, and they brought him to Jesus.
And Jesus said, what do you want?
He said, I want to receive my sight.
He spoke.
Suddenly, a man who has been in darkness for forty years suddenly saw light for the first time.
You see, it is written in Psalm 107 verse 20...
Thank You Father
I want to say amen to this one even before I tell you.
The Lord says there is some one here today, He said, before the end of this year expect a visitor of joy.
I know it is going to be great night.
Amen and amen
Daddy says there is some one here tonight, He said your achievement in the coming year will dazzle all your enemies.
Psalm 107 verse 20, He sent His word, and healed them, and delivered then from their destruction.
You see, whenever God spoke, the irreversible becomes reversed.
In John 11 verse 39 to 44, when He got to the tomb of Lazarus, all He did was He spoke and Lazarus who had been dead for four good days came forth.
Many of you know the fellow I am talking about, married for several years, no issue.
And one day, her relative brought her to the first auditorium and the word of came that there is some one here that, they said you will never have a child, God said, you are going to have a set of twins.
And she received it with joy and within a month she became pregnant.
When the pregnancy became three months old, she went to the Gynecologist who had already told her she will never have a child; and the Gynecologist said, haa! I don't know how it happen but you are pregnant with a child.
She said, no no no no, not a child!
God spoke through my Daddy and said twins.
The Doctor said, I can only see one.
Well, you have seen your own.
The next time she went back to the Doctor; I don't know what happen but I can see twins here.
The word of God coming to us too shall be fulfilled.
Then the time came for delivery, you know the fellow I am talking about, at least some of you do, and because these are special children she did not want to take any chances at all, so, she went Abroad to deliver and say, Doctor operate, just bring them out so that they won't say they die during labour.
When she came out from anesthetic, she saw everybody looking at her strangely.
What is the problem? Where are my children?
They told her your children are okay.
Because after they brought out the two children, the husband said to the Doctor, please, these two would be enough, tie the womb, I don't want any more - that is when they discover the miracle.
Because the Doctor said, I have been performing operation, I think for thirty-four years, this is the first time I saw a woman pregnant without a womb.
She had no womb!
Twin came out of there.
I am talking about the Almighty God.
I am talking about the One who can do what no man can do.
I want you to stand on your feet and lift your voice to the Almighty God and say: Father, in Jesus mighty name, speak a word into my life.
Open your mouth and cry to the Almighty God.
Speak a word. Speak a word into my life. Speak a word. Speak a word. Thank You Father. Speak a word into my life tonight. Speak a word. Thank You Father. Thank You Jesus. Speak a word Daddy. Speak a word tonight.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
So shall be in Jesus' name.
Please be seated.
Number five) God spoke and a Prophet prophesy.
He commanded the Prophet, prophesy.
And when God is behind the Prophet, whatever the Prophet says will come to pass.
Now, there is a different between the word of knowledge: 'when says there is someone here'; and prophesy: when the prophet is operating under the auction of the Holy Spirit when he begins to speak.
1Samuel chapter 3 verse 19, the Bible says, God did not allow the word of Samuel to fall to the ground:
That means, if you are His prophet, when you speak, He will back it up.
In Job chapter 22 verse 21 to 28, the word of God says, you satisfy certain conditions, you will decree a thing, and it shall be established unto you.
In 2Kings chapter 7 verse 1 to 11 - when there was a siege on Samaria and Elisha said within 24hours there will be abundance; he did not say, I have just prayed; God has just to me..., no no, he prophesied and God back it up.
I am going to prophesy into the life of someone very soon but you will remember the story; I will use it to illustrate my point.
I told you I went to a place to minister in Ikoyi, only the big mighty gather there.
But there is this young man, somehow he mange to sneak in.
When I finish preaching, he came to me with a gift.
And I said, haha, I have never held this kind of preaching before, so I want to bless you.
He gave me ten thousand dollars.
I took it from him.
I said, God bless you, next time will be more.
He was upset.
Haha, what kind of greedy Pastor is this!
I gave you ten thousand dollars, that is all I have; and you are saying next time will be more.
He did not know I was prophesying.
By the time he gave me that money, he had ten petrol stations.
By the following year when I return to that place, he had a hundred and ten; so he brought me another gift.
And this time when I say, next time will be more, his amen was loud and clear.
I want to say to somebody here today, no matter how great your blessing now, next year, you will be far far greater.
But I want you to lift your voice to the Almighty God loud and clear and say: Father, prophesy abundance into my life, I am tired of merely surviving, just prophesy abundance into my life.
Prophesy abundance into my life. Prophesy abundance into my life O Lord. I am tired of just managing, merely surviving, prophesy abundance into my life. Thank You Father. Prophesy abundance into my life so that I won't have to crack my brain when I want to do anything for You, let me have more than sufficient so that anything I want to do for You will be easy. Prophesy abundance into my life. Thank You my Father.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
So shall it be in Jesus' name.
Please be seated,
Number six) After the man of God prophesy as commanded by God, the Bible says, there was a noise.
Anytime God comes to camp and He want to do something special, there must be a noise.
In 1Samuel chapter 4 verse 5 to 6, the Bible says, when they brought the Ark of Covenant into the camp of the children of Israel, they shouted.
In Joshua chapter 6..., amen; don't worry...
In Joshua chapter 6 verse 20 - when the wall of Jericho was about to fall, there was a noise.
In 2Kings chapter 7 verse 1 to 11- when that siege was against Samaria and God was going to lift the siege, He caused the enemies to hear noise.
There was a woman who for one reason or the other for years, anything she ate she vomited.
The Doctors have done everything they could, she was not pregnant, she just kept on vomiting everything she ate.
And as I just said, somebody should shout hallelujah.
As she opened her mouth to shout, ...
As she opened her mouth to shout, a worm came out of her throat.
The worm did not show on x-ray because it was not an ordinary one; and from that moment onward she became normal.
I want you to stand on your feet, raise your voice to the Almighty God and say: Father, let my enemies hear a noise today.
Go ahead, talk to the Almighty God.
All my enemies, just let them be hearing a noise; let them begin to hear a voice so that they will leave me alone; let them hear a noise. Let my enemies hear a noise from heaven so that they will leave me alone. Let my enemies hear a noise tonight. Let them hear a noise. Let them hear a noise from heaven, any enemy: they that are inside, let them hear a noise so that they will jump out; those that are outside, wherever they may be, let them hear a noise; let them hear a noise; let them hear a noise; let them hear a noise. Thank You Father.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Let somebody shout hallelujah.
Please be seated.
And then, number seven) The Bible said, there was a shaking.
Whenever God is present, there is bound to be a shaking.
Psalm 114 verse 7 says, the earth tremble before the Almighty God - there was a shaking.
In Acts 16 verse 25 to 26, there was an earthquake when God arrive at the prison where they were keeping Paul and Silas - there was a shaking that shook the prison doors open and every one bound was loose.
In Mathew 28 verse 1 to 2 - on the resurrection morning, when Jesus rose from the dead, when there was brown new era, a new beginning, the Bible said, there was an earthquake - there was a shaking.
Haa, thank You my Father.
Daddy says I should tell somebody, He said, fear not I will support you all the way.
And He ask me to tell a woman, and I am rejoicing with that woman because He said, I will clean up your womb in readiness for my special servant.
I have told you the story before.
My Father-in-the-Lord, myself, and four other, we went to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend Kenneth Hagin camp meeting, 1979.
We stayed in a hotel, and then one morning my father-in-the-Lord called all of us together in his room and told us that he will soon be living and that I will be succeeding him.
Haa! We are completely unprepared for such an announcement.
So, we all fall down and began to pray.
If you are told that your life is about to change completely, that all your plans will soon come to an end because God's plan is about to begin; you don't pray small prayer.
Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and I was the one near the door.
I open the door and the engineer of the hotel was there.
He said what kind of instrument are you people playing?
I said, we are not playing any instrument, we are praying.
He said no.
He came into the room, he looked round, he looked under the bed, he looked in the wardrobe, there were no musical instrument - he was puzzled.
When he was about to the leave the room, he turned back to me: what do you say you are doing?
I said we are praying.
I said, why?
He said, because the hotel was shaking; and we have traced the source of the shaking to this room.
We left; they shut down the hotel because they did not believe it is prayer that shook the hotel.
They dug round the foundation to see what is wrong.
They could not find any problem.
And because the hotel shook, they shut the hotel down for thirty years.
Thirty years later I was visiting Tulsa with my children and I took them to the hotel, this is where your father prayed and the hotel shook.
It was still closed after thirty years, and I fell a companion with the owner of the hotel.
So, I laid my hand of the hotel and I prayed a simple prayer; within a year it was open again.
A new era was beginning in the Redeem Christian Church of God even though we don't know it then.
We only have forty churches: headquarters and 39 parishes, when we pray that prayer and there was that shaking.
Today, by the grace of God, we are in hundred and ninety-two nations of the world because there was shaking.
Stand on your feet, cry to the Almighty God and say: Father, because of me, let there be a shaking tonight. Shake the heaven, shake the earth, shake whatever You need to shake, let there be a shaking because of me tonight.
Because of me so that I can begin a new era, so that I can have a brown new beginning, let there be a shaking tonight. Let there be a shaking that will begin a brown new era in my life. Let there be a shaking tonight. Let there be a shaking; in the heaven let there be a shaking; on the earth, let there be a shaking. Shake the heaven; shake the earth because of me tonight, so that I can begin a brown new era in my life, let there be a shaking. Let there be a shaking. Let there be a shaking. Thank You Father.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
So shall it be in Jesus' name.
Please be seated.
Number eight) After the shaking, the Bible says, bones came together, bones to bones.
You know what that means?
According to Genesis chapter 2 verse 18 to 23 - the Almighty God said, it is not good that a man should be alone.
By the time God finished what He said there, Adam was able to look up and said, haa! Haa! This is the bone of my bone; this is the flesh of my flesh.
Bones come to bone, that means loneliness is over.
But then, when you consider the fact that these were dry bones, how were they able to find their corresponding bones? Because the bones were assisted.
When you read Genesis chapter 24 from verse 63 to 67, you will discover that Isaac did not even make any effort to get a wife; he just went on a stroll and came back with a wife; Somebody else did all the donkey walk.
Unlike Genesis 28 verse 15 to 30, where Jacob had to labour for fourteen years before he got the lady he wanted.
You know, last Saturday, there were three weddings at the Redemption camp - three weddings, one Saturday.
My Daddy ask me to do something tonight, this one you are not going to pray; He has allowed me privilege of prophesying that from now on, in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, there will always be mass weddings.
I am going a step further by saying this is my night.
Is this your night also?
In the coming year, in the coming year, our homes will be filled with joy of marriages.
If you receive it, let me hear you shout hallelujah.
Please be seated.
Number nine) As soon as the bones came to bones, flesh as came to cover them.
You know the meaning of that?
The naked of the bones was covered.
And when they say, your nakedness is covered, it means what would have caused you shame was prevented.
The Almighty God is going to cover your nakedness tonight.
In 2Kings chapter 4 verse 1 to 7 - there was this widow who was in debt and the creditors said within 24hours if you don't pay, we will sell your children.
Before then, she had been pretending that all was well.
But now, the secret is coming out.
But, she ran to the man of God.
Then man of God prophesy abundance and her nakedness was covered.
When the creditors came to collect their money, she was waiting.
Not only was she able to pay, she had enough to live on for the rest of her life.
I pray for somebody here today; you will never know shame.
In 2Kings chapter 5 verse 1 to 4: Naaman has a shame that could not even be hiding - he was a leper; but God covered his nakedness - instead of leprosy, He gave him brown new skin.
I can give you several other example, but the text that we read at the beginning, Joel chapter 2:25 to 27, God said it again and again: my people shall never be ashamed.
I was telling my wife; I was reminding her of an incident in my life years ago.
There was a program in Tulsa that I wanted to attend.
I had no money, and the Airline at that time for one reason or the other say, if you want to Europe, we will take you on naira ticket.
From Europe to America, you have to pay a hard currency
I did not have a semi-hard currency, not to talk of a hard one.
But, I said, God, I must attend this meeting.
I will go by faith to London.
God, You are the great Provider, I left by faith; I arrived in London, no money.
And I have never known how to beg...
And I decree to every one of you, from this moment onward, you will never beg.
But, two days before the Programme was to start, a Lady, I don't mind mentioning her name, of blessed memory, Mama Ayida; and just met - Pastor, how are you?
I said, I am fine.
Suddenly, she said, you need some money don't you?
I cannot say no.
I said, well, but, don't worry ma, God will provide.
She said, I felt God is the One asking me to ask you: what is it you need?
I said, Ma, since you are the one who ask, I need three hundred and fifty pounds to buy a return ticket - economy, from London to Tulsa and back.
I know once I get to Tulsa, Pastor Silvaratus is there, he will take care of me, house me, he will feed me.
He was not a rich man then but I know whatever he had, we will share.
He had a car that we had to pray that God will not allow the brake to fail; but he is my friend; once I get there, I know anything he had, we will share.
Mama took me to her bank and withdrew five hundred pound.
I said Mama, I need only three-fifty!
She said yes, what about pocket money.
She covered my nakedness.
Stand on your feet and cry to the Almighty God and say: Father, cover my nakedness.
O Lord, cover my nakedness; cover my nakedness; cover my nakedness Almighty God; cover my nakedness; cover my nakedness; cover my nakedness, don't let the world discover my nakedness. Please Daddy, cover my nakedness; remove every reproach from my life; please, cover my nakedness. Thank You Father. Cover my nakedness. Cover my nakedness. Cover my nakedness Lord. Cover my nakedness today. Don't let my shame be seen. Don't let my secret become open to the world. Cover my nakedness. Almighty God, please cover my nakedness. Thank You Father.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
And so shall it be in Jesus' name.
You will never be ashamed.
Please be seated.
Number ten) When the bones came together, flesh cover them, skin cover them; man of God said but there was still no breath in them - there were bones, covered with flesh, covered with skin, they are still lifeless.
And then something happen, God spoke again.
He said, son of man, you have not finish this job, speak again
God spoke again.
God normally speak once.
Psalm 62 verse 11 says, God has spoken once, twice have I heard this that power belongs to God
He does not need to speak twice; all he need to say is: let there be light and there will be light.
But he spoke again, why?
Mark chapter 8 verse 22 to 25, they brought a man to Jesus Christ, he was blind; Jesus touched him and was alright.
He said what is the situation now?
He said, I see men like trees.
Jesus said, you need a second touch.
He was given a second touch and he saw clearly.
There are some people who need a second touch from God.
Before their restoration can be complete.
They need a second touch; they need God to speak again.
I can give you examples.
You know the story of the woman who came to Holy Ghost service in London to see her siblings.
Suddenly the word of God came that there is someone here, you have just lost ten years of your age.
She was glad; she was telling her sibling, don't call me aunty anymore now, I have even younger than some of you.
And almost immediately again, God spoke that there is someone here, you have already gone passed the age of child bearing but now, you are going to have a child.
She jumped and said, thank You.
God spoke to her twice.
Nine month later, she was carrying her baby.
I was in London preparing our Sunday School pamphlet when God spoke to me and said son, what do you want for your birthday?
I know His voice.
I could not believe that God will be interested in my birthday; I did not even know He is interested in the birthday of anybody.
I had to say, Lord, please forgive me.
If that is You, speak again.
And then, He said, that is Me; I said what do you want for your birthday.
I said, what I want is that every member of my congregation will get a miracle.
He said, when you get home, call them together, and I will do what you ask for.
The result of God speaking to me twice in one day, this is what you are seeing now.
He spoke twice.
I want you to stand on your feet and cry to the Almighty God and say: Father, give me a second touch.
Go ahead, talk to the Almighty God.
Give me a second touch tonight. Give me a second touch tonight. Give me a second touch tonight. Give me a second touch tonight Father that will take care of my situation permanently. Give me a second touch tonight. Almighty God, give me a second touch tonight. Thank You Father.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
So shall it be in Jesus' name.
Please be seated.
I know we normally end around two, but this is a special night, there is still quite a bit we are going to do. We will go by three, it cannot be earlier because God want to do something extra ordinary in your life in Jesus' name.
The Prophet prophesied again.
The Prophet could have said to God; I have prophesied once.
But Amos chapter ...
Thank You Father.
The Lord said there is woman who is pregnant and the baby in your womb has been kicking hard since the evening; He ask me to tell you because that baby is extra-ordinarily anointed.
Daddy said there is someone here, He has the record of everything you have lost, I will restore all.
Now, this one is for me specially and I feel like jumping.
The Almighty God said, there is someone here, I Am about to open a new chapter in your life.
Amos chapter 3 verse 8, the Bible says the lion has roared, who will not fear? The Lord had spoken, who can but prophesy?
When God tells a prophet to prophesy again, he prophesied again.
And when you read 2Kings chapter 20 verse 1 to 6, you will get the full impact of that.
God send His prophet Isaiah through king Hezekiah, He said, put your house in order because you are about to die.
And as soon as he finished prophesying, he turns to go.
The king turned his face to the wall and began to weep and say, God, I don't want to die yet.
And God told the prophet go back and prophesy again.
I am prophesying second time, every prophesy that is against your destiny is cancel now.
I am prophesying again, I am saying that in the Name that is above every other name, all the problems in your life, will vanish very soon.
And then, number twelve) The wind blew.
When the man of God prophesy the second time, the wind blew.
Now, whenever the wind blows, all manners of miracles will happen.
In Exodus 14 verse 21 to 28 - the wind blew and suddenly in the Red Sea where there was no way before, He make a way.
And there is going to be a way for somebody here tonight.
In 2Kings chapter 2 verse 9 to 15, when Elisha said, I want double portion of your spirit, the man of God said, if you can see me when I am taking away from you, you will get what you asked for - and the wind blew and the man of God got what he wanted.
That which your heart desire more than anything else, you will get it tonight.
In Acts chapter 2 verse 1 to 4, on the day of Pentecost the wind blew and power came.
This congress is not just for you to receive complete restoration, that is while we still have a service tomorrow, and tomorrow night I will be sharing on the Mantle;
The Almighty God does not just want you to have total restoration, He wants you to leave here as an agent of restoration.
Whenever the wind blows, unbelievable things happen.
Couple of years ago we want to hold a programme in one nation, I won't mention the name because they are listening all over the world.
I have some children in the University there and they said I should come - they have started a church in the campus; and they went to get permission from the Authorities; they said no.
Don't you know the nation you are in?
But one way or the other they convinced them to let me come.
And I am telling you, the wind blew.
A couple of weeks later, they highest Authority in that section of the nation, sent for my boy who was a Pastor and said, you see this church building
The boy said yes
It has been closed for years.
The boy says yes Sir
The man said, I will give to you; go and be using it for your church.
When the wind blows, there will be a way when there is no way.
When the wind blows, what they say impossible will become possible.
So I want to stand on your feet and pray this prayer with all your heart and say: Father, on my behalf tonight, let the wind blow.
Let the wind blow; let the wind blow. Let the wind blow, let there be a way where there was no way. Let the power of God descend upon me mightily. Let the wind blow. Let the wind blow on my behalf tonight. Let the wind blow. Thank You Father. Let the wind blow. Let the wind blow. Let the wind blow Daddy. Let the wind blow. Let the wind blow. Let the wind blow. Let the wind blow Daddy on my behalf, on behalf of my family, on behalf of Your church. Let the wind blow Lord. Let the wind blow. Let the wind blow. Thank You Father.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
So shall it be in Jesus' name.
Please be seated.
We have done very well; we are almost there now.
The wind blew; the dry bones receive lives; and suddenly, a great Army arose.
When will are talking about the greatness of an Army: the greatest of an Army is not really determine by the number; it is determined by the victories they win.
You know, out of here tonight, an Army is going to go forth - an Army that will conquer the world for Jesus Christ.
So, there are victories and there are victories.
Haa, thank You Father.
Now, this one again...; let me say yes to this...,
Because Daddy says (and you better believe) that there is someone here, from beginning to the end of the coming year, you will swim in joy.
Daddy says there is someone here, you think that all is well, you are not even sure things can get better, the Lord asked me to tell you, you wait till you see what I Am about to do for you.
Now, this one is for businessman.
The Lord simply say I should tell you, your business will bounce back.
I want to stop but Daddy is talking.
Now, we want you to write this one down, so that when it comes to pass, you will be able to give the accurate date.
The Lord said, can a man be greater than a nation? yet, I will make you greater than a great nation.
Daddy, You have been great - You can give us more tomorrow - thank You Father.
A great Army is known by...
Oh Lord God Almighty.
Daddy says (and please, please, I warned you at the beginning, keep your doubt to yourself), Daddy says there is someone here, He said, it is not only the earth that would rejoice, the heaven will rejoice because of you.
You know, when we talk about victory, 1Samuel chapter 17 verse 34 to 51 tells us about victories that David won.
He won great victories: he fought a lion and won; fought a bear and won; fought Goliath with a carter port and won - great victories.
But there is no victory like victory without a fight.
I mean, when you read 2Chronicle chapter 20 verse 1 to 25, not only did Jehoshaphat defeat all the kings that gathered against him without a fight; the wealth of three nations were converted to me.
From now on, you will never need to fight before you win.
You will remember those of you who know the details.
Nigeria was living under a siege at a particular time - it was a reign of terror by a military president.
And then he wanted to transform to a civilian president, and then, his herbalist told him: this your plan cannot come to pass because of a certain man who is praying at a place called Camp; unless you remove that man, your plan won't work.
And so, information came to me: Sir, they are coming for you.
And in those days when they come for you, that is the end of the story.
As an ordinary human being when I heard that, I was troubled.
I did not tell my wife; but I got out, I say, I am going for my prayer walk - it was not an ordinary prayer walk that day.
I have just been praising God for a while before I prayed when God spoke to me: hey son, don't worry yourself, I will take care of the situation.
I prophesy to somebody here today, every force ganging up against you shall be scattered.
It was a Tuesday of the week of the Holy Ghost service.
And Daddy said to me, son, as soon as your children gathered, ask each one to greet his fellow and say, Happy New Year.
In June!
I came.
Because I know His; He is my Commander-in-Chief; I announced it to the people; crazy as it may sound; I say go ahead, greet one another and say Happy New Year.
They did not query me, they just greeted.
By the following Monday, we knew why we were celebrating.
Can you shake hands with one or two people and say happy new year; because a new year is beginning for you now.
Let me close because...
The conclusion of the matter is this, whenever God want to do complete restoration, everything He spoke to will obey Him.
Bones obeyed Him - bones joined to bones.
Flesh obeyed Him.
Skin obeyed Him.
Even the wind obeyed Him.
The question is, will you obey Him?
I want to encourage those of you who have waited this long and are moving - you are about to missed the best part of tonight.
If I were you, I will wait because we still have some things to do that He ask me to do.
I want you to pray one final prayer before I do the other things he asked me to do.
Stand on your feet and say: Father, I will obey You, let my restoration be complete.
Open your mouth and cry to the Almighty God.
I will obey You in everything, whatever You ask me to do I will do, let my restoration be complete, let my restoration be complete. Let my restoration be complete. Thank You Father. I will obey You in all things, I will witness, I will win souls, I will pay my tithe, I will honour You with my first fruit, I will obey You in everything Lord, let my restoration be complete. If bones obeyed You, I will obey; if flesh obeyed You, I will obey; if wind can obey You, I will obey Lord, let my restoration be complete. Thank You Father.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
And so shall it be Jesus' name.
Your dry bones shall live again, and you will become part of the mighty army of the most High God. You will never know shame again. Not only next year but for the rest of your life, you will swim in joy.
So shall it be.
In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Let somebody shout a big hallelujah.
God bless you.
Pastor E. A. Adeboye

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