Monday, August 15, 2016


Deuteronomy chapter 7 verse 14.
14And the Almighty God speaking to someone here tonight and He say "thou shall be blessed above all people; there shall not be male or female barren among you, or among your cattle.

15 the Lord will take away form thee all sickness and will put none of the evil diseases of Egypt, which thou knowest, upon thee; but will lay them upon all them that hate thee"

Waow! That is good news.

There are some people here tonight, that people have been calling barren, the good news is - it is people who said so, not God.

God says you will not be barren.

And when Jesus says yes, nobody can say no.

So, next time somebody looked at you and say you are barren, tell him you are the one saying so, not God - God says 'I am not barren'.

Tell your neighbour, God says, I am not barren.

Physically, I am not barren.
Biologically, I am not barren
Mentally, I am not barren.
Financially, I am not barren
Spiritually, I am not barren.
Who said so?


And if you believe that it is, let me hear your amen.
Everything about Jesus is good news.
His conception was good news.

When the Angel came to tell His mother that she is going to have a Son in Luke chapter 1 verse 26 to 33. He told her the Baby you are about to conceive is going to be great - that is good news for someone here already straight away.

The baby you are going to conceive this month shall be the great.

When He was born, and Angels came to announce the birth.

In Luke chapter 2 verse 10 to 11, the Angel said, we brought you good news, good tidings, of great joy.

His conception - good news.

The announcement of His birth - good news.

When He was going to be introduced to the public, in John chapter 1 verse 29, it was good news.

John said behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world.

Good news - The same carrier has come.

When He was going to introduce His ministry to the world, it was good news.

John chapter 2 verse 1 to 11, He did introduction at a wedding.
And what was it the MC said before that wedding was over?
The MC said, you have kept the best wine until the last.

So, the introduction of the ministry of Jesus Christ says the best is yet to come, which is special good news for me tonight.

Adeboye, your best is yet to come.

Before He went to the Cross, He gave good news to the Disciples.

John 16 verse 33, He said, whatever may be happening, be of good cheer, because I have overcome the world.

In other words, there is good news for someone here tonight, it doesn't matter what you are going through - All will be well.

On the Cross, He gave good news.
He said, it is finished.
Meaning what?

For somebody here tonight, your days of weeping are over.

On the resurrection morning, it was good news.

Mathew chapter 28 verse 1 to 6, the Angels said He is alive.
And so, from that moment onward, I can sing:

"I know my redeemer liveth
I know my redeemer liveth
I know my redeemer liveth
He liveth forever more"
(I know)

"I know my redeemer liveth
I know my redeemer liveth
I know my redeemer liveth
He liveth forever more"

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.

I am saying with confidence that for someone here tonight, the good news is your tomorrow will be alright.

Before He ascended to heaven, He gave good news.

Act chapter 1 verse 8, says power is coming - you shall receive power.

Good news for someone here today, your years of weakness are over tonight.

And even after He left, it was good news.

In Act chapter 1 verse 9 to 11, the Angels said to the Disciples - the said hey, hey, they said don't worry, you see Him going, He is coming back.

Good news to every Christian is that Jesus is coming again.

If you know He is coming again, let me hear you shout halleluyah.

Good news for everyone.

But let us begin with those who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb.

Because this is their own special month, the rest of us are just joining in.

1Samuel chapter 1 from verse 9 to 20 tells us the story of Hannah who had been going to Shiloh for years.

But a particular day, as she was praying, the man of God noticed her, and said to her in verse 17, my little girl, don't weep anymore because your prayers have been answered.
I stand here this evening representing the most High God and I say to all of you who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb, you prayers have been answered.

In Judges chapter 13 verse 1 to 5,...and then because the Holy Spirit is moving so mightily, I didn't even have time to comment on the Preacher who preached before me.

That was fantastic, isn't it?

That shows that God is already on the move even long before I get here.

Glory be to God.

In Judges chapter 13 verse 1 to 5, an Angel came to a woman who had been barren for a long time, the wife of Manoah, and the Angel said to her, not only are you going to conceive but you son will not be ordinary.

I am decreeing in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, that every child that shall be conceived because of tonight meeting shall be extra-ordinary.

In 1Samuel chapter 2 verse 20 to 21, because I can sense in my spirit that when have been saying you will have a son and your son will not be ordinary, your son will be great.

I can sense some people who are saying, Daddy, thank you, but I am not looking for one, I want more than one.

Well! 1Samuel chapter 2 verse 20 to 21, the same Eli who said to Hannah that her prayers had been heard, also said to her, you will have more than one.

As a matter of fact she ended with three additional boys and two additional girls.

I don't know how many you want but as many as you want receive in Jesus' name.

In 2King chapter 4 verse 8 to 17, the Bible tells us about a wealthy woman who had everything except a child.

When the man of God said to her that she will have a son within a year, she didn't believe.
But in spite of the fact that she didn't believe, she still had a son

And I am saying to someone here tonight, who is thinking I have been coming for a while, I was here last year, nothing has happened yet.

I have even come to Shiloh hours nothing has happened yet.

In the Name that is above every other name, in spite of your doubt, this month God will answer you.


Genesis 18 verse 9 to 14 in the case of Sarah.
When God told her she will have a son, she laughed.
Because she thought it was too late.

There may be one or two people here tonight saying, why they didn't have a service like this twenty years ago, thirty years ago, when I still have hope.

Why is it that they are now having the service when I am already too old to have a child?

Well, God has heard you, He will make you laugh.
Because He said to Sarah, you are laughing?
He said go ahead laugh.

You will soon discover that with God nothing shall be impossible.

In the Name that is above every other name, your own will not be too difficult for God.

You all know this testimony.
You know the fellow concern.

But there are some of you far away, maybe in Australia, Guinea and so on listening to me, you probably have not heard the testimony, so I share it for you own sake.

There was a sister and there is a sister, she still very much alive, who was barren for so long because of demonic intervention.

And one day the relatives of the husband called him and said stop bordering yourself, your wife can never have a child, because we have taking away the womb.

Well, she came to one Holy Ghost service like this and the word came that 'there is someone here they told you, you can never have a child, but God asked me to tell you, you have a set of twins'.

And she grabs it.
That month she conceived.

She went to the hospital for test, I think she went for test after about three month because she didn't believe at the beginning, the Doctor said I don't know how it can happen but you are pregnant, and I can see a child in your belly.

And the girl said to the Doctor, no no no, you must have got it wrong - not one, two.

The Doctor well said don't let us argue, I don't even know how you got one anyway.
You said two; she said two is what my God said.

Okay! Okay!

Two month or so later, she went for another check and the Doctor said ha! I don't understand this but there are two in there now.

And when she delivered, it was a set of twins - two bouncing girls.

Both of them are alive and well today.

There is someone here today, it doesn't matter how impossible it may sound, by August next year, you will bring forward your twins.

Now, so, that has settled the case of those trusting God for the fruit of the womb: they have already got their own good news.

But there is good news for the sick.
And what is the good news to the sick?
It shall be well you.

Well, only those who are sick can say amen to that.

Those of you who are not sick, in the mighty name of Jesus you will not be sick.

In Mark chapter 5 verse 25 to 34, the Bible tells us the story of a woman with the issue of blood, who had been sick for several years, and had been transferred from one Doctor to another for years and instead of getting better she got worse.

But then she came in contact with Jesus.
And like I said Jesus brings good news.

I have told you before; Jesus Christ is the Doctor who never refers a case.
The day she came in contact with Jesus Christ she got her healing.

I am believing God for someone here today even though the Doctor have told you that your options are almost nil now, I have good news for you, the greatest option is Jesus Christ and you shall be well.

In Mather chapter 8 verse 1 to 3, the Bible tells us about a leper who came to Jesus, I know you can make me clean, I know you have the power, what I am not sure is whether you will be willing.

What was it he had, it was good news.

Jesus Christ said, you are not I am willing but let me tell categorically I am will.

So, if there is anybody here tonight who is considered incurable, in the Name that is above every other name, you shall be cured tonight.

In John chapter 5 verse 2 to 9, ...

Ha thank You Father! The Lord says the woman concern would understand, He ask me to tell you that the flow will not be reversed again.

He says you will understand. I am sure you do

John 5 verse 2 to 9 ...

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He says there is a lot of crisis going on in your head, He asks me to tell you I will resolve all of them.

John chapter 5 verse 2 to 9 tells us the story of a man who had been sick for thirty-eight years.

And tried and tried to be the first person to get into the pool of Bethesda when the Angel comes to stare the pool.

He tried for thirty-eight years, failed for thirty-eight years, came in contact with the One who is good news, and he had good news.

Because while he was still trying to tell Jesus the story of his problem, of his sickness, Jesus ignored the story and just gave him the solution and said be well, get out of this place.

I am shifting your level out of the level of the sick, of the failure, I am shifting your level to higher level.

That is for somebody here right now.

You are moving to a higher level tonight in Jesus name.

It was 1981, one of my daughters came to me and said please daddy I don't know what to do.

I am a Medical Doctor, my mum is old and she has very bad eye.

And a Doctor said what they can do to cause her to see just for a few more years is to perform an operation on the eye.

But they say because of her age, they operation itself has only fifty fifty percent chance of success.

And now they want me to sign before they can conduct the operation.

What do I do?

If I don't sign Mama is going to be totally blind in a matter of weeks.

If I sign she may be blind in a matter of hours because the operation does not guaranteed success.

What do I do?
I said is Mama nearby?
She said oh yes, she lives in Yaba.
I said let us go.
In those days we are fewer and I still have plenty of time.
So I followed her home.
We prayed for Mama.
Mama lived for more than thirty years after that with bright cleared eyes.

I have good news for somebody here tonight, no matter how difficult your situation may be, no matter how critical, no matter how impossible it may be for Doctors, in the Name that is above every other name, be heal right now.

Let us talk a bit about good news for the poor.
When you read 1Kings chapter 17 verse 8 to 16...

Thank You Father.

I can see that Daddy is concentrating on those trusting God for the fruit of the womb.

Because He says there is a man here tonight, He said my word that energized the seed of Abraham will energize your seed tonight.

In 1Kings chapter 17 verse 8 to 16; if we are talking about somebody who is poor, we have a classical examples here.

This is a widow who has only one meal left.
Now that is now just poor, that is destitute.
She had a single divine encounter, and what was it that she had?
She had good news that says to her - your poverty ends today.
In 2King chapter 4 verse 1 to 7, there was the case of another destitute.
She was so poor that the Creditors want to sell her sons.
She also had a single divine encounter, and she got good news.

The good news is: in less than 24hours your debts are over, and number two, she will never borrow again.

I told a story last week in Dubai because by this time last week in Dubai we were having Holy Ghost service.

And suddenly God told me... yea if you want to clap you can go ahead and clap.

God is doing marvelous things in that part of the world.

You won't even believe me if I tell you the story - what God is doing there, it is unbelievable.
Anyway, as I was preaching, the Lord asks me to tell the people a story.

Well, I am telling you the story now not that He asked me to tell you but I will tell you.

You never can tell what He did in Dubai, He can do it here.
I told them the story which many of the elders here would remember.
When we are at our very first auditorium by the express way.

I was preaching when God spoke to me that there is someone here who is going to have three financial breakthroughs.

God said, the first breakthrough belong to God completely.

He said the second one is to be shared between God and the Fellow - fifty: fifty.
And then God said the third financial breakthrough will wipe her debt.

I just announced it, as I had it.

Not long after that a widow came and says ha glory be to God daddy, I have already got the first financial breakthrough.

And I am talking of 1980, some thirty years ago when Naira was still Naira.

And she came with an amount of money that was over a hundred thousand naira - a lot of money then.

I said, I am sorry ma I can't take this money from you.

She said why?

I said I know you, you are heavily in debt: you owe in Nigeria, your husband owed in Nigeria, he owed in Britain, and you have seventeen children living with you.

I said in any case how do I know that you are the one God is talking about - Please keep this one.

Use this one to take care of some of your problems.
She looked at me and said daddy, I thought you love me!
I said yes ma I do.

Ha ha, you want of defer me from the remaining two!
I said no, so, she said please, and she gave me the first one.

I collected the money - I am confessing to you, I didn't touch it at all, I just kept it somewhere.

May God forgive my little faith.

Not long after that she came back; I have got the second one.

Ha! Well! Maybe this is the woman, maybe not, even though the Bible says the Just shall live by faith.

Occasionally the General Overseer needs prayers.


And when the third one was going to come, it came in a manner nobody can believe.

She got a letter from London; the bank in London wrote that they made a mistake that the husband is not owing them, that they are the one owing the husband.

Because the Almighty God just went and there and rearrange the register, whatever they called it over there, and in just one sweep, all of the widow debt was gone.

Now when I told the story in Dubai last week, God asked me to back it up with a prophecy.

I am glad He has given me the permission to back it up with a prophecy for you here too.

He says the story of one of you will be exactly like that.

Thank You Daddy.

The Lord asks me to tell someone here tonight, He said you will understand, He said two will start the race in your womb and too will finish the race.

I think I will say amen to this one before I tell you.

This one has to be me.

Because God says there is someone here tonight, He said before this time next year there will be a great gathering of joy in your house; and He adds, He said even your enemies will be compel to attend.

Let us go quickly then to those who might be in bondage.

The good news is you shall be free.


Because Jesus is good news.

John chapter 8 verse 32 says you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.
John 8 verse 36, it says whosoever the Son shall set free shall be free indeed.

The question is when am I going to be free?

Well! Luke 13 verse 11 to 13, (thank you very much), Luke 13 verse 11 to 13 tells us about a woman who had been bound by Satan for Eighteen years.

The day she met Jesus Christ and Jesus said to her, woman, thou art loosed - she was loosed immediately.

In that wondrous name of Jesus, the one who saved my soul, the One who called me, the One who sent me, I say to all who are in bondage be free right now.

Oh thank You Father! The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He asked me to tell you, and He said I will restore harmony back into your home and business.

And then what about the Hopeless
What about those that considered their case hopeless.
Well! There is good news.

Ecclesiasts chapter 9 verse 4, says that, as long as you are still breathing, there is hope.
It said a living dog is better than a dead lion.

You are still breathing.
I want you to breathe up and down as if you can do it.
Do it just for the funny if it - breath in and breath out.

If you have been able to do that one, let me here you shout halleluyah.
As long as you are still breathing, there is hope for you.

Let me round because God want us to spend quality time in prayer tonight, because He's going to answer our prayers.

What is the good news for Christians as a whole?

Number one. According to John 14 verse 1 to 3, there is a mansion waiting for you in heaven.

Jesus said, in my Father's house there are many mansions.
He says if it were not so, I would have not told you.

He said I am going to prepare a place for you, and when I finish preparing a place, I will come back for you.

Let me assure you brethren, the houses in heaven are mighty.
You ask me how do I you know? It is because I have seen my own.
And that is what I have always told my children - glory be to God.
And I will see you in heaven in Jesus' name.

I have always told my children, if I die don't let anybody told you that a witch killed him.
Which witch?

Where is he coming from? In the face of the power that is in the blood of Jesus! In the face of the power that is in the name of Jesus!

I saw my house, and I am telling you, if you see your house in heaven it takes the special grace of God to remain here.

Every house over there is made with gold - the mold there is gold, and we are talking the purest good. Gold so pure you can see through it like glass.

I saw my house in heaven for the first time in 1975, and at that time they were still building it.

I stood at one end looking at somebody who is at the other end, is movement that showed me that somebody is moving - that is how big it is.

What I saw in 1975 is far far bigger than this auditorium, and they were still building it. Only God knows how big it must be now.

When I woke up from that dream, I ask the Almighty God: what am I going to do with this kind of house?

Because rooms upon rooms upon rooms, haa! He said every fellow you bring to Jesus we have a room in your house.

Now, that tells you that those of you who are my children you already have at least a room.

He said because your children will be coming to great you in heaven - come for fellowship.

You know that there is no night there, nobody hurrying, is one continuous day.
That is while I am going to see you in heaven.

But you will have your own mansion too.

I have my own, you have your own - how are we going to get enough space for such houses?

I wish I have the opportunity, may be one of this days, I will show you a film that shows the universe - That shows how big the universe is.

Then you will know that there is tremendous space. Everything God does, He does it big.
There is mansion waiting for you in heaven - that is good news.

But then the question is, will I make it?
Well! Good news.

Hebrews chapter 7 verse 25 says Jesus Christ is a able to save to the uttermost. Do you know the meaning of uttermost? That's to the very very end.

In other words, by the very special grace God you will make it.
I say you will make it.

You are not going to fall by the way side.

It doesn't matter how hard the Devil may try, you will not fall by the way side.
Now, what about the Sinner? Any good news for Sinners?

Oh yes!

Mathew 11 verse 28 to 30. Jesus gave an invitation more than two thousand years ago, and the invitation is still valid today.

He said 'come to me o ye that labour and heavy laden and I will give you rest'.
Anyone may come. It doesn't matter how rotten you have been.

If you come to Him, the good news is that the blood of Jesus cleanse from all sins: any sinner no matter how rotten.

You come to Jesus Christ; there is enough power in His blood to wash clean.
And I tell you one more story and then it will be time to pray.

Again, some of the Elder ones here they know the testimony.

Is one Alhaji that we met in Ilorin, he had the gospel, gave his live to Jesus, and went home rejoicing - now you have surrendered your live to Jesus, all your sins are gone.

He went home rejoicing.

Second day he came back, he said I can't believe what you told me, he said you don't know how bad I have been.

God can't forgive all I have done.

Haa! I said the blood of Jesus cleanse from all sins once you give your life to Jesus Christ - you are a new creature old things are gone, all things have become new.

He said you are sure? We said yes.

He went home dancing.

About two days later he came back, he said you don't know all I have done and then he told us some of the things he had done, and then some of them are very very bad.

Well, we said, the word of God says, the blood of Jesus cleanse from all sins.
Okay! He went again, after some times he came back, he said I am not sure.

He said alright, I will tell you one thing, if I tell you this one and you believe that Jesus can still forgive that, I won't doubt anymore.

Okay what is it?

He said he wanted to make a charm, and to make that charm, he needed a heart of a boy (a heart of a man), so he waited till one of his cousin died - he's a boy, and they buried the boy.

At night, he went, dug out the boy, and cut the place; the body opened, took the heart and used it for the charm.

And that charm brought him a lot of money.
And he said you think God can forgive that?
Fortunately he can read.

So, I open the Bible to 1John chapter 1 verse 7. I said read it for yourself.
The blood of Jesus Christ His son cleanses from all sin.
I said what is the meaning of "all"?
Ha! He said all means all.
That is what I am saying.

The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from all sins - good news to every Sinner
It doesn't matter what you have been.

You could have been a murderer, you could have been an armed robber, you could have committed adultery, you could have committed whatever any kind of evil.

You could have committed abortion twelve times or more, if you come to Jesus Christ, He will forgive you, He will give you brand new beginning.

One day when you stand here to give your testimony, you will tell us that you started as harlot, you have committed abortion so many times-you have lost count, and then you still show us one boy on the right, one boy on the left, because the blood of Jesus cleanse from all sin.

So, the only fellow who can go without good news tonight is the fellow who refuses to surrender to Jesus.

So if you are here and you have not yet surrendered your life to Jesus and you want to do so, I am going to count from one to fifteen, because I can see that the crowd is very very far off.

I will count from one to fifteen; before I say fifteen, please come and stand before me here, let me pray for your salvation.

And then when you join us in the prayer that we are going to pray, the Almighty God will answer you by fire.

So if you want to give your life to Jesus, begin to come now as I begin to count.

One, two, now if you are far away you better begin to come because you have quite a distance to walk, three, clap for them they are coming, four, five, six, seven, eight, those hands that you are clapping will never withered, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen,

Now, those of you who are already in front and those of you on the way cry to Jesus now, ask Him to be merciful unto you, ask Him to save your soul, ask Him to wash you clean with His powerful blood. Promise him that from now on you will serve Him.

And the rest of us please let us stretch our hand towards this people and begin to intercede for them. Let us pray that the One who saved our souls will save their own souls also, that God will give them genuine salvation. Please intercede for them.

Pray that God will give them a brand new beginning. Pray for them brethren. Intercede for them. And let the Counselors move near, there were quite a crowd here, so Counselors will need to come close to them.

Those of you who are still on the way hurry up, because I am about to pray now. Make sure you get here before I finished praying for salvation. Talk to God, ask Him to be merciful unto you, ask Him to please forgive all your sins, ask Him to please wash you clean with His powerful blood.

Thank You Jesus.

Hurry up hurry up those of you still on the way Hurry up, I am about to pray now. And pray as you come; ask Jesus to pleas save your soul today, ask Him to please forgive all your sins, ask Him to please wash you clean with His powerful blood. Promise Him that you will serve Him for the rest of your that you will followed Him, and you will do His will form now on. Thank You Father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Saviour we want to thank You, thank You for Your word that has gone forth tonight, thank You for all these soul that have decided to surrender to You, please remember Your promise that whosoever will come unto You,

You will know wise cast out, they have come to You now Father, please receive them in Jesus' name, forgive them in Jesus' name, let Your blood wash away their sins in Jesus' name.

As You are saving their souls tonight please write their names in the Book of Life.

From now on any time they call on You, please answer them by fire, and please Lord don't let them go back to the world, let them serve You till the end. And I pray in Your kingdom they will not be missing, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Now those of you in front let me hear you shout halleluyah.

I am rejoicing with you because right now in heaven Jesus is dancing because of you. And I am also rejoicing with because from now on by the special grace of God, every day of my life I will be praying for you.

So, I am going to need your names, your address and your prayer request.

The Counselors will give you a card wish I want you to fill very quickly. If you don't see them before you then just look behind you they are there.

They will give you the card and fill the cards very quickly. We will wait for you till you are finished before we continue.

As soon as finish filling the card, give back to the Counselors and then you can go back to your seat.

In the main time we will be praising God with some worship song.

Fill the form very quickly, submit to the Counselors and then go back to your seat. God bless you.

Worship song going on (by the saxophonist)

Now, may be you want to write down the following prayer points quickly so that you can go to God in prayer.

(Number One) - You want to praise Him because He has already spoken good things concerning your future.

(Number Two) - You will say, Father, please clear all obstructions to my fruitfulness.

(Number Three) - Father, every plant you didn't plant in my system, please uproot tonight.

(Number Four) - Father, please repair whatever needs to be repaired in my system tonight.

(Number five) - Father, whatever cannot be repaired in my system, please replace it tonight.

(Number Six) - Father, let all my good seeds become very fruitful.

(Number Seven) - Father, let me hear good news this month and for the rest of my life.

The altar is open, and we are going to pray for at least thirty minutes.
Let us cry to the Almighty God. Let us begin by praising Him.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let us join our hands together, let us apply the law of harvest - is what you sow is what you reap.

Lift your voice to the Almighty God and say Father, this Your child that I am holding, don't let him never weep again. Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

This Your child that I am holding don't let him or her never weep again. Wipe away all tears from the eyes of this Your child that I am holding.

No more tears, no more sorrow in the life of this Your child that I am holding - no more tears, no more sorrow, forever oh Lord. In the lives of all these Your children no more tears, no more sorrow, let it be only good news now, from now on Father.

Oh yes Father, no more tears, no more sorrow, no more hake, no more pain, no more disappointments, no more failure, no more fruitless efforts, Almighty God in the life of all these Your children, no more bad news, thank You Father, no more pain, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Pray one more time and say Father, concerning this Your child let it be only good news from now on. Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

Concerning all this Your children, let it be only good news from now on, good news alone, good news alone, good news alone, good news from now on, good news from now on, good news from now on, let it be good news from now on, let it be good news from now on, thank You Father, from this moment onward let it be good news.

Good news concerning all of these Your children, good news alone, thank You Lord, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Now, before I pray for you, stretch your hand towards me and pray for me. And say Father, concerning this Your son, let it be good news all the time.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty God, thank You Father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

The All sufficient God will answer your prayers. Every obstruction to your fruitfulness is gone now. Every plant that the enemies have planted in your system is gone right now.

Everything that needs to be repaired in your body shall be repaired before the sun rises. Whatever cannot be repaired in your system shall be replaced tonight. All the good seeds in your life shall become very fruitful.

From now on you will only hear good news. For the rest of your life no more sorrow, no more failure, no more fruitless efforts, no more barrenness.

From this moment onward at home it will be good news, from abroad it will be good news, and the Almighty Himself will support you. He will fight your battles for you. He will promote you; he will enlarge your coast.

He will move you to a higher level. Before the end of this month you will be dancing for joy. He will answer all your prayers by fire. He shall be well with you and you will serve God with gladness. So shall it be; in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


If you receive that, let me hear you shout halleluyah.

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