Sunday, July 24, 2016


2Corithian chapter 9 verse 8.

We want to talk about Victorious Grace.

I don’t need to begin to define what is victory – you all know what it means.

And I am sure you know what grace is.

Grace is favour from God that you did not even deserve.

When God gives you a miracle you don’t deserve, we call it grace.

And 2Corithians chapter 9 verse 8: “And God is able to make all grace abound towards you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work”

Beginning from now, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, you will never lack again. You will never lack health; you will never lack joy; you will never lack peace. You will never lack any good thing.

Life is war.

From the moment you are conceived, to the moment you died – it is a continuous war.

If you don’t believe me, ask your mum; she will tell you…

One of the ways they know in those days that a woman is pregnant is that: she began to have morning sickness.

Yeah! Something good had happen in the belly, nobody knows but the woman knows – morning sickness.

Then, very soon the baby inside begin to kick; at a stage, she cannot even lie on her side. And then if you know what she go through before she can push you out – you will know life is war.

That is why, when you land here in this world, the first thing you do is cry not laugh. You will begin to say: hey! I have come (laugh) to take share of my own fight.

And for the Christian in particular, life is intense war.

Because you used to be a slave of Satan and now you are born again, you have escaped.

And the elders will tell you, it is good for the slave to escape and is proper for the owner to purse.

That is while 2Timothy chapter 2 verse 4 says that a Christian is chosen to be a soldier; you are not chosen to be a civilian.

And as I have told you again and again: the Lord Jesus Christ is not civilian, He is a soldier.

The Bible calls Him the Lord - the Lord strong and mighty; the Lord mighty in battle; not mighty in dancing; mighty in battle.

That is while the Bible says in Ephesians chapter 6 verse 11 says: you are to put on the whole armor of God.

You don’t wear armor to the dance floor; you wear armor to the battle front.


Because 1Peter chapter 5 verses 8 and 9 says: you have an adversary, the devil; like a roaring lion, steadily walking about seeking for whom he may defile.

Every day the devil is after you.

And the Bible did not say you are to fold your hands and say devil leave me alone…

There is only one language the devil understands, that is the language of violence.

So, the Bible says you are to resist Him steadfastly.

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, beginning from tonight, none of you will ever be defeated again.

But you need grace to win.

So, tonight, as usual I am going to be calling on you from time to time to pray.

If you like pray like a lady and gentle man. But if you will take my advice, pray like warriors.

May be I should ask a question.

How many of you are tired of suffering anyway?

You need grace to win.

Let us take these battles/wars, maybe under five headings only. There are other headings, but I have another meeting after the Holy Ghost service; so, I will try and be brief tonight.

Let us take the Physical Aspect of life – I am just talking about your body.

When you are sick, it means there is a war going on in your body. That is while when you have fever your temperature rises. It is because certain fighting is going on in your body.

Ask the Medical Doctors, they will tell you there are soldiers in your body…; they have their name for them. But they are put there to defend your body against outside attack. They are there!

That is while whenever they discover something is wrong, they begin to fight; in the process they begin to generate heat, so your temperature rises.

That is while when you suffer a cut, immediately blood will rush there and rush there to prevent invaders from coming in, and as soon as they get there the blood begins to clot, begin to form a shed to prevent an attacker for coming in from outside.

If you don’t believe that sickness is war, ask Neman, the leper – he is an example.

He had everything but the Bible says: he was a leper. And that single but destroy everything.

And of course you know what leprosy does?

If you have ever seen a leper before you will understand.

The sickness kills a little bit at a time: one finger will drop off; one toe; and later on a little bit of the hair; a little bit of the nose; which tells you the way the devil operates…; He steals, then he kills, then he destroys.

Or consider the woman with the issue of blood: when what was supposed to last for a couple of days every month, now became a continuous flow.

And she was getting weaker by the day and getting poorer by the day.

Or Luke chapter 13 verse 10 to 17 tells you of a woman that the Bible says, Satan bound: she just bent double; no matter how hard she try, she could not lift herself up because there are invisible forces binding her.

But then, the God of grace has grace to give victory in physical battles.

Luke chapter 4 verse 27 says: there were many Lepers in the land but the grace of God chose one leper and said in your own case I will give you victory.

Every one of you today, fighting some wars in your body, you will receive grace.

In John chapter 5 verse 2 to 9; you know the story very well, we always referring to it; it tells about the multitude at the pool of Bethesda – multitude! – Sick people, lame people, they were there waiting for the turning of the water by an Angel; because the first fellow to jump him after the angel as come will be made whole.

Then the Lord of grace paid that place a visit and out of the multitude, He chose only one fellow for healing.

And I don’t know who He is going to choose tonight but I know the God of grace is going to choose someone for physical victory tonight.

The fellow had been there for thirty eight years; God of grace healed that single fellow who did not even pray for it.

He was just lying down waiting for the Angel, when the Creator of Angels came and set him free.

I have told you the story before of a woman who was sick at Luth here in Lagos.

Her case had degenerated to the level that no way she could live – no way

So, the husband came on a visit one night; and the Nurses and Doctor told him there is no way that your wife can still be alive by tomorrow morning – no way

All sign show clearly she cannot last a night.

So, the husband pretended to be in love: ‘hello my dear, I will see you tomorrow’; and then he left.

As soon as he left, he phoned his concubine and said come, come over that stupid fellow is not going to be around by tomorrow morning; and so, they were having fun.

Everybody gone to sleep, when all of a sudden someone appeared to that lady and said that I AM the LORD that healeth thee and lifted her up from the bed; and she was completely whole.

When the Nurses saw her they thought that she had died that it is the ghost that had come; so, she discharge herself and came home.

And because the husband was not expecting her, he did not even closed the door and she just walked in and saw the man with the concubine.

There is still a God in heaven who can step in when the world has forsaken you.

Stand on your feet this evening; lift your voice to the Almighty God and say: Father, in this great assembly, let Your grace bring me total wholeness tonight.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

I know we have many people here Lord, I know this is a great assembly but let Your grace bring me complete wholeness. Let Your grace bring me total wholeness tonight. I know You can single me out for complete healing tonight – please do it. Do it. I want victory over sickness, over disease, over germs and virus in my body; in this great assembly Lord, let Your grace single me out for complete wholeness. Let Your grace single me out for complete wholeness tonight; I want to be made whole: body, soul, spirit. I want every ache, every pain, every sickness, every disease to be gone from my body. I know we are many, but You are the God of grace, give me victorious grace tonight. Victory over sickness, victory over disease, victory over ache, victory over pain, do whatever You have to do to make me whole again, do whatever You alone can do to make me completely whole again. Do it O Lord. Make me absolutely whole again – whole: body, soul, spirit; from the top of my head to the sole of my feet to the tips of my fingers, Lord God Almighty and the tips of my toe, make me whole Lord. Make me absolutely whole tonight. By Your grace give me a total healing tonight, I know You can do it. I know You can repair what is damage in my body. I know You can do it and I know what cannot be repair You can replace; Lord, give me total wholeness tonight by Your grace, by Your grace, by Your grace. Give me a total wholeness tonight by Your grace. Thank You Father. (Speaking in the Spirit). Make me whole Lord. Make me absolutely whole Lord. Even sick and diseases that are already in my body that I don’t know, flush it out, flush it out, make me whole tonight. Make me whole tonight. You are my Doctor, You are my Physician, You are my Creator, You are the One who can do what no Doctors can do, please Lord, make me whole tonight, let me find grace with You for complete wholeness tonight not tomorrow. Any ache, every pain, everything that might be wrong with my system that the Doctor may say this is due to old age, this is due to that, Lord put everything right. You said will renew my age like the eagles, do it tonight Lord, do it tonight. Take the glory for it Father. Thank You Jesus.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

So shall it be in Jesus mighty name.

God bless you. You may be seated.

And then, let us look at this warfare from the Material Perspective.

Any sensible fellow will tell you that ‘Business is warfare’ – real warfare.

You have something to sell; hundreds of others also have the same thing to sell and you have the same market; so, it becomes a matter of survival.

Business is warfare particularly for the Christian: the moment you become a Christian… oh, oh…

You see the devil does not care if a sinner gets rich that does not border him.


Mark chapter 8 verse 36 says: what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul’.

As long as the devil knows that your soul belongs to him, then, you can go ahead and prosper. He knows then that you are nothing other than a ram for the slaughter.

I wrote a trait “a ram for the slaughter” way back in 1970-something; and I describe what happens from my observation during the Ileya festival.

You will see a ram has been bought for the celebration and they keep on feeding this animal; the children will begin to watch his body; play with; and the ram is looking at himself, saying: hey! Look at how popular I am; not knowing that he is being prepared for the slaughter.

And that is the way it is for the sinner who is prospering.

Devil will say go on! go on! Get fatter! Prosper more! So that you can burn better when you get to hell!

But the moment you give your life to Jesus Christ, the moment you become committed to Christ, the devil says: oh oh! If this fellow prospers, the kingdom of God will expand.

And I told those who came for divine encounter on Monday; and it will be a good idea if you get that tape; the devil knows the Bible very well.

He knows that it is written in Zachariah chapter 1 verse 17: the Almighty God says through prosperity, My city shall yet be built throughout the whole world.

In order words, when My children prosper, they will begin to build My kingdom.

Let me ask you a question

If God gives you the money, how many of you will like to build a church single handedly for God?

Let me hear you say amen.


If God gives you the means, I know, I know many of you will love to spread the gospel by using your resources and the devil knows it too.

I won’t mention the state, but several years ago, the first time I decided to go on television, they told me that before I went to the television station, they won’t allow you to preach Christ on television in this particular state.

I won’t mention the name of the state, but I was working in that state as at that time.

I said that will be against the Law of the Land, you cannot deny me.

So, I went there and since they knew I was a lecturer in the University that I might be able to cause some trouble, they decided to use wisdom and they charge me an amount so high that they thought I would say I cannot pay,

They said well, for thirty minutes you will pay so so much, I said I will pay. I said I will pay.

So I began to preach.

I guess some people in high places saw what was happening and they challenge the man in charge of the station…

Why did you allow this?

So, after one month, he called me and said, we are reviewing our price and they doubled the price, I said I will pay.

A month later…, I am telling you through story that happen; witness is seating on the altar here.

A month later, they tripled the price, I say, I will pay.

I decree tonight, the money you need to do the work of God you will never lack it.

And at that time, things got so though, by the time I pay for this thing there is hardly any money left in the house to eat. But then God began to send helpers.

That is why those of you who are my partners, God will keep on sending helpers to you.

So, the devil knows that if you prosper that the work of God will be done; that the gospel will be spread all over the world.

So, he knows that if he tries to fight you directly on your finances, he knows God will rise up to defend you – he knows that, he is not a fool.

Call the devil any name, but don’t call him a fool because He is not a fool.

So, what does he do, he turns you against God. He causes you to do things that would then cause God to be the one who will be fighting you – and I am talking of financially.

It is there in the Bible, if you read Malachi chapter 3 verse 8 to 11 very well and the devil knows it.

Malachi 3: 8 to 11: God says, if you rob Him of your tithe and offering, He will put you under a curse – the devil knows that.

God went further to say, the moment you repent and you begin to pay your tithe and you give your offering, He will rebuke devourers for your sake – it is there in the Bible.

God says when you are robbing Him, He sent an army against you – an Army of devourers.

The devil will just stand by and be laughing as the Army of devourers begins to come.

But God says, the moment you repent and you begin to do what He asked you to do, He said, I will withdraw the devourers, I will take them away – He said so; it is there. I did not write the Bible.

I have told the story before of a friend of mine, I am sure he is listening now, a Lawyer, very successful Lawyer, he became born again and we are talking, we are discussing the issue of tithes and because he is a Lawyer, he is far far clever than myself – he know how to argue.

No, you don’t have to pay tithe. No! that is old testament. No! no!

At that time I was not a full time Pastor.

I said sir, I am not saying this thing because I need your money, you know I am a lecturer in the University; I am well fed, but…

So, finally, we reach an agreement: why don’t we let God settle this matter.

Haa! He said that is good – let Him settle the matter.

And when God set into a situation, you know God can move fast.

He lost one case; then, he lost the second; then, he lost the third – three cases in one week.

And ask any Lawyer that is not good for your reputation.

And then, he had a bakery where he produced bread in those days for the town; and the time we had our discussion was close to Christmas which is the top time for sale.

Few days before Christmas, all his bakers came to him together as one and say: sir, we are resigning.


He said, please, if you want me to increase…, I mean this is moment we make our money, if you want me to increase your pay; they said no, it does not matter what increment; we are going.


You are going to celebrate Christmas at home, will you come…, they said no, we are not coming back.

So, throughout the period of festivities, his own bakery was closed down.

And then, I went home for New Year and we met; and he said, God has proved Himself.

I was struggling giving Him tenth percent; now, I have zero.

I said ‘you repent?’

I repent.

He appealed the three cases, he won all the three; and all of a sudden, Bakers from all angles saying it is you will want to work for.

You don’t want to fight God!

I pray in the Name that is above every other name, God will fight for you.

The devil knows that what God said in His word is the truth: “give and you shall be given”.

So he causes you misalign.

He knows He says if you sow bountifully, you will reap bountifully; it is not the Pastor who said that, it is God.

So, when it is time to sow you will sow sparingly. You want to take the money, he will say, it is too much now, are you the only one in church.

And then, he begins to puff you up: I am the one who made this money, it is my brain that done the job. It is my strength.

He causes you to forget that it is God who gives the power to get wealth.

And the moment you begin to think: you are the one, it is your cleverness that is making you to succeed; it is your ability that has brought you thus far, then, it becomes difficult to honour God.

So, when we talk about first-fruit, you will say: forget that one!

God says you are to honour me with this.

You will say: hey! Mind your own business.

But there is grace when the enemy thought he had finished you financially – grace can come in and give you victory.

The Bible says in Luke chapter 4 verse 25 to 26. He said there were many widows in the land but grace singled out the widow of Sarepta and sent Elijah to her.

There were many widows, many widows; but grace said no no, this one will not die in poverty.

I pray in the name that is above every other name, every one of you here listening to me you will not die in poverty.

But you see, the grace of God prepared the widow in advance.

I have told you the story before; many of you were there when it happens; when we are in the first auditorium.

I was preaching like this when God spoke to me and said: there was someone there in the congregation; and God said, I am going to give this fellow three financial breakthroughs – big ones.

He said, the first one – 100percent, belong to God.

The second one would be shared with that fellow 50:50.

The third one is for the fellow and it would clear all her debt.

And I announced it.

I don’t know who God is talking about.

But there was a widow in the congregation with seventeen children living with her; heavily in debt, and she said that must be me.

We left.

Some days later, the first financial breakthrough came and it was a lot of money.

She came and said Daddy, the first miracle has come.

She showed me the money, I have brought it to God.

I said haa! Because I knew her problem; are you sure you are the one God is talking about; I am sorry I cannot take this kind of money.

Go and clear some of your problems with it.

She said, sir, do you want to block the way to the remaining two.

I said, no ma.

She said, I thought you love me

I said, I do

God have mercy on me.

I took the money from her but I did not touch it.

I know you will say: you of little faith.

Yes, you are correct.

I took the money I kept it.

Soon, she came back; the second had come, I have brought the fifty percent of it.

I took it, I kept it.

And then, the third one came.

Her biggest problem was that her husband owed a bank in London a lot of money.

All of a sudden she got a letter front that Bank, saying, Madam, we have made a mistake, your husband is not owing us; we are the one owing your husband.

They don’t make that kind of mistake in London.

But there is God in heaven who can manipulate things.

That destitute widow, very soon after that, became an executive of a bank here in Nigeria.

Stand on your feet; lift your voice to the Almighty God loud and clear and say: Father, in this great assembly, let Your grace find me out and set me up for a major financial breakthrough.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

I know we are many here but I need a breakthrough so that I will never know poverty again; A breakthrough so mighty that I will never lack again. A major breakthrough that from now on, I will not even have to think before I spend; and I know You can do it right now Lord – work it out. I don’t know how You will do it but I know You are able; let Your grace find me out. Give me a major breakthrough and do it this month oh Lord, this month. I need a major financial breakthrough, so I will never never never lack again; never never lack again. Father, there is a lot of work I want to do for You. I want to preach the gospel all over the world. I want to complete the work of Your auditorium. I want to do some mighty things for You and I need that breakthrough Lord – I need a major breakthrough so mighty that I will never need to beg anybody before I do whatever You have called upon me to do, give me that breakthrough tonight Daddy. So that I will never never lack again that I will have much more that I can ever need. Father, give me a major breakthrough and do it tonight. Father in heaven, You are the owner of the earth, You are the owner of the fullness thereof, You know where those who can help are, send them quickly Lord, send them speedily. I need a breakthrough Lord God Almighty that I will never have to beg again; never have to lack again. Single me out Lord for a major financial breakthrough; I am tired of having to beg; I am tired of having to rely on somebody else before I could do what I need to do for You. Give me that mighty breakthrough Lord God Almighty that anything my heart desire to do for You I can do it easily; I can do it without having to sweat. A breakthrough Lord God Almighty so mighty that will permanent my barricade between me and my poverty; never to beg again. Give me a breakthrough Lord, a big one, a permanent one – ONE Lord God Almighty that would help to cross the border of poverty forever. Give me a breakthrough Lord that Your name might be glorified. Thank You Saviour. Thank You Lord. Thank You Ancient of days.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

And so shall it be in Jesus’ name.

The grace to cross the border of poverty forever you shall receive it tonight.

Please be seated.

Then, let us look at the war from the Marital Angle.

The word of God says in Proverbs 18 verse 22; says, ‘whoso finds a wife, finds a good thing’.

If you look at that passage closely, it is saying: finding a good wife is not easy; there are many women but there are very few wives.

Anybody can give birth to a child that does not mean that fellow is a good mother or a good wife; and some of you here know what I am talking about; just pretend as if you don’t understand because of who might be seating next to you – and the devil is a liar.

I hope you can still hear me?

Ehen! Just keep hearing.

Consider Job’s wife – the moment Job lost everything, the woman came out in her true colour and said to Job in Job chapter 2 verse 9, she said, curse God and die.

You know what she was saying?

Die so that I can marry somebody else.

All money is gone, let me get somebody else to marry – go – and that is a wife.

When everything was going fine she did not say that.

You know, I always trembled when I hear young people taking the oath: “I hereby take you to be my lawful wedded wife; to have and to hold in sickness or in health…”

I say hey!

What kind of sickness are we talking about?

Are we talking about fever? Or, are we talking about madness?

“…in wealth and in poverty”


What kind of poverty are we talking about?

Are we talking about: you have lost your job, you are yet to find another one or are we talking about sleeping under the bridge?

Many people don’t even know the meaning of what they are saying.

If the Pastor say, say after me; they keep on repeating.


Job’s wife said to the husband when all money was gone. She said, curse God and die – just get out of my life.

She was a wife.

Or, consider Lot’s wife.

You know the story, Genesis 19 verse 17 to 26, tells you about what happen when God was rescuing Lot and his family from Sodom and Gomorrah.

The wife looked back; she wanted to stay.

The Bible said, she became a pillar of salt.

What kind of woman was Lot’s wife – you want to know?

No problem.

You will find out how terrible she was by taking note of Ezekiel 16 verse 44 says “as the mother is, so her daughters”.

What king of daughters did she produce?

Read Genesis 19 verse 30 to 38, she gave birth to two daughters.

These two daughters made a plan. They said one to the other “let us make our father drunk and then let us go in sleep with him so that we can produce children by him – that kind of daughters produce by Lot’s wife.

The elders have a proverb: instead of things getting better for the witch, all her children dead.

If you don’t understand, that is no problem.

Finding a good wife is warfare.

There are some people who know that from the day they married that was when their problem began.

A friend of many years ago told me: I am going to divorce my wife.

I said haa, don’t try it.

He said why not?

If you do it, you will be going to hell

He said, haa! Where have I been since the day I married?

True story

Every one of you having problem with your marriage, the Almighty God will intervene.

But it is not finding a wife alone that is warfare; finding a good husband is warfare also.

There are husbands like Nabal in 1Samuel 25 verse 2 to 34. But for the wife, this ungrateful fellow would have brought destruction to the entire family in one day.

Or, consider Gehazi, 2Kings chapter 5 verse 20 to 27, that brought a curse of leprosy not only on himself but to his family forever.

There are many of us who had been struggling under the yoke of a curse caused by one funny man who had been in our generation.

But in the Name that is above every other name, any curse that remains in your generation will be cancelled tonight.

Then of course, as I told them during the Shiloh hour on Monday: there is this satanic operations against great children whenever Satan sensed that a great child is about to be born.

He goes to war against the mother-to-be by causing barrenness.

The mother of Isaac was barren.

The mother of Joseph was barren.

The mother of Samson was barren

The mother of Samuel was barren.

The mother of John the Baptize was barren…;

Before God intervened.

I stand on this Holy Mountain tonight, and I decree, all of you who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb, out of your womb will come great men.

But the greatest war maritally speaking, is the fact that the Bible says, Jesus Christ Himself said in Mathew chapter 10 verse 36: He said “a man’s foes shall be those of his own household” – enemies within.

Enemies without are a bit easy to deal with.

But how do we deal with enemies within?

How do we fight when your enemy is your father?

How do we fight when the enemy is you mum?

How do we fight when the one who is supposed to love you, help you, protect you is the one saying no? But there is grace for that too.

In Judges 15 verse 9 to 15: it is the relatives of Samson that bound him and handed him over to the Philistines.

Enemy within handed him over to the enemy without.

Ask the elders, they have a proverb. They said if the death within does not kill you, the death from without cannot kill you.

They know what they are saying.

How many cases do I have to remind of?

You will remember of the fellow whose father had to die before he could be promoted.

You will remember the case of the woman that God had to intervene, spoke through us and said, there was somebody in the congregation that it is your mother that is not allowing you to marry and if she does not let go within a week she will die – you remember the story!

And then, I just announced what God told me and the following day this girl came with her mother.

And the mother said, are you the Pastor?

I said yes.

You are the one who told my daughter I am going to die.

I said me!

I don’t even know you.

My daughter came home and said if I won’t allow her to marry I will die.

I said I did not mention your name, don’t mind the stupid girl.

I kindly ask her, why are you not allowing your daughter to get marry?

And in any case, I did not mention your name. I just announced what God said.

There were many people present.

She said, I did not know it is like that.

I said it is like that ma.

So she told the girl to leave.

She said you step out.

The girl left my office.

And Mama turn to me, she said Pastor, is it true that the fellow you are talking about will die within one week.

I said, I am not saying it is you ooo, but as God lives, whoever that woman is, who is standing in the way of the daughter not allowing her to marry, within one week she will be dead.

She said, it is not that I do not want her to marry, it’s that she is the only one taking care of me.

Haha! She is taking care of you and you are blocking the way of her own joy!

I said, I will talk to the husband to be; they will continue to take care of you.

Six month later, the daughter was married.

I decree, I am not prophesying now, I am decreeing, if there is any mother standing in the way of the daughter, preventing her from getting fulfillment, that mother will die.

And if there is any father, standing in the way of the children, not allowing them to become what God want them to become, that father will die.

Well! Some of you are already standing; the rest of you join them because we are about to pray.

Lift your voice to the Almighty God and say: Father, by Your grace, any enemy within my household, deal with them in Your own way.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

I don’t know them, You do; anybody within my household who is walking against my progress, walking against my success, walking against my joy, deal with them in Your own way; I don’t know how you will do it, just do it in Your own way. You know them, I don’t know them but You do Almighty God, any enemy within my household, any relation who is an agent of the devil working against my success, working against my progress, working against my joy, ,just deal with them in Your own way Lord. I won’t tell You how to do it, You deal with them in Your own way; deal with them in Your own way; deal with them in Your way; deal with them in Your own way. I don’t know how you will do it just deal with them in Your own way. You know them, they have been smiling at me, they have been pretending as if they love me, they have been pretending as if they wish me well, but they are plotting, they are planning evil, You know them Lord, I don’t know them, I don’t know if they exist or not – any enemies within my household, Lord God Almighty just deal with them in Your own way; I don’t know how You will do it, I am not telling You how to do it, just deal with them in Your own way, deal with them in Your own way. Thank You Lord. O Yes Lord, I am just asking You. If there are enemies within my household, haa! just deal with them in Your own way, in Your own way, Your own way. Thank You Father. Glory be to Your holy name.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

So shall it be in Jesus’ name.

Please be seated.

I know some of these prayers are not what we want to pray for three minutes but you can continue them later on.

Then, let us look at this war in the area of emotions – Emotional warfare

Thank You Father.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight. He said the fire in the soul of your feet had been put out.

Amen and amen.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said, because I have chosen to bless you mightily, I will inspire you to pray more.

The devil knows the devastating effect of fear and sorrow. So he uses these two weapons mightily to fight.

Almost everyone at one time or the other had come against this weapon of warfare of the enemy: fear and sorrow.

He knows the Bible say in 1John 4:18 that fear has torment. So, he torments some people with fear.

And when you ask them, what are you afraid of?

They don’t really know – they just know fear.

Proverbs 29 verse 25 says: the fear of man brings a snare.

The devil knows if you are afraid of men, you will fall into a trap which is a method some false prophet use. They just keep on frightening you.

They begin to give you prophesies of danger here, danger there, danger everywhere; some people now become so afraid, they cannot even drink water from their own fridge.

They believed that somebody might have poisoned the water while they were away.

The devil knows fear is the opposite of faith and he knows according to Hebrews 11 verse 6: “without faith, it is impossible to please God” – he knows that.

He knows Romans 14:23.

In Romans 14:23,” whatever is not of faith is sin”; and he knows fear is the opposite of faith.

He knows the Bible say it again and again, “the Just shall live by faith”; not by fear.

He knows it takes faith to move mountains.

That is while God keep on saying: fear not! Fear not! Fear not!

You know in the Bible there are three hundred and six-five places where God said fear not.

Somebody say there is a fear not for everyday of the year.

Fear not! Don’t be afraid! God is on His throne!

Isaiah 41 verse 10 to 13: the Almighty God say: don’t be afraid I will help you; I will hold by your right hand and I will help you.

Please help me tell the fellow next to you – fear not!

When you begin to fear, are you the one who had been looking after yourself up to till this moment?

Do you know how many battles God had fought for you?

You remember the story of one man who came all the way from Ilorin with his daughter.

The daughter woke him up one morning and say Daddy, do you know I am a witch?

The father say: hey! what kind of nonsense is that, who thought you that kind of nonsense in the school.

The girl said I am not joking – “I am a witch”.

The father said, what do you mean?

She said, I go out every night, to suck blood and so on.

The father said what nonsense are you talking about.

The girl said, do you want me to give you proof?

The father said yes, where is your proof.

So the girl went under the bed of Papa and brought out a calabash full of fresh human blood.

The father just grabbed the girl, bundled her into the car and drove to the camp.

He brought her here; told me the story and I ask the girl: do you want to be set free?

She said that is why I am confessing; I don’t want to be part of that group any more.

I said well the job is easy – so I prayed a prayer of deliverance for her.

When I finished praying, I said you can go now.

They father said, no way.

(Laughing) no way! Let her stay here with you.

I would have told him but he was in the troubled state of mind.

I would have told him the elder say: enibabimo oran lonpo (the one who gave birth to a dangerous child, is the one who will mount the child); but I did not say that.

So, I said to him, I said sir, all this days you have been sleeping in the same room with her, who had been protecting you?

Before you know what you now know; who had been taking care of you?

And in any case now, she is free.

Please tell the fellow next to: fear not.

As for sorrow; the devil knows what sorrow can do.

Job chapter 17 verse 7…

Haa! thank You Daddy.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He says I will not only remove that mountain, I will reduce it to rubbles.

Job 17 verse 7 tells us that sorrow deems your vision.

Job said my eyes are deem because of sorrow.

The devil knows that when you are sad, it is difficult to pray.

Luke 22 verse 45, when Jesus Christ came to His disciples at a time when He said they should be praying so that they won’t fall into temptation.

The Bible says they are sleeping because their eyes were heavy for sorrow; it was sorrow that cause them to sleep at a time when they should be praying.

Proverbs 17 verse 22 says: sorrow dries off the bone.

If you are sad, it makes your bones dry.

Proverbs 18 verse 14 says: if you yield to sorrow it will lead to despair: man’s spirit will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear?

When you allow sorrow to gain access, it can lead to despair; and when despair comes they can lead to suicide.

Sorrow is a mighty weapon in the hand of the devil – don’t give room to sorrow.

I mean you will find the example in 1Kings chapter 19 verse 1 to 4: when Elijah was sad, he said to God, take my life.

That mighty man of God, when sorrow came, he said he wanted to die.

But grace is available to give you emotional victory because Nehemiah chapter 8 verse 10 says: the joy of the Lord is your strength.

Let me tell you the truth, there is no man of God that you know who had one time or the other that had not felt very low – brought low by sorrow – it takes the grace of God to bounce back.

I have told you the story before when I was a young Pastor; we held a Pastor’s meeting at Ebute-Metta and the man who brought me to Christ stood up in the mixed of the Pastors, we are not very many then; and lay some very grievous allegation against me and everybody believed him, even my father-in-the-Lord.

I wanted to defend myself, my father-in-the-Lord said then; and I am a man under authority; keep quite means keep quite.

I wanted to say these things are not true…

They said I should shut my up mouth.

I was very sad.

I still remember the day as yesterday.

I left the meeting after we closed; I was driving back to University of Lagos where I was a lecturer then.

I got to St. Agnes and there was a junction there, light stopped me.

And at that stage I was so low, I said well, if this is the gospel; if the people who are supposed to even asked me ‘what is your own side of the story?’ refused to listen.

If the one who brought me to Christ is the one who is my number one…,

I say, if I cannot go forward and may as well go back.

Then God spoke.

May the Almighty God speak to you in the time of crisis.

And He said son, you have been disappointed by the one who brought you to Christ; you have been disappointed by fellow Pastors; you have been disappointed even by your General superintendent; have I disappointed you?

I said no Lord.

He did not need to say more than that.

Within seconds, my joy came back.

Stand on your feet; lift your voice to the Almighty loud and clear and say: Father, speak peace to my life and wipe away all tears from my eyes.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

Speak peace; speak peace to my life Lord. Wipe away all tears from my eyes; wipe away all tears from my eyes. Don’t let me ever give in to sorrow, Lord God Almighty speak peace into my life and wipe away all tears, all tears, all tears from my eyes. Wipe away all tears from my eyes Lord. Speak peace into my life; wipe away all tears from my eyes; wipe away all tears from my eyes. Speak peace Lord; speak peace into my life so that I won’t be afraid again. Just speak into my life. Wipe away all tears from my eyes. Wipe away all tears from my eyes. (Speaking in the Holy Spirit). Wipe away all tears from my eyes. Don’t let me know sorrow again; speak peace into my life so that I will no longer fear; so that I will never fear again. You word says the Lord is my salvation, I won’t fear what man can do unto me; speak peace Lord in to my life. Thank You Jesus. Glory be to God. Wipe away all tears from life. Thank You Father. Thank You Saviour. Thank You Ancient of days. Speak peace into my life. Wipe away all tears from my eyes. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

So shall it be in Jesus’ name.

Please be seated.

We are almost there now.

One more area I want to consider tonight is the area of Spiritual warfare and how grace can bring you victory in that area too.

I really don’t fully understand but I know that once Satan has an incline of your glorious future. The moment Satan realizes God is going to do something great for someone or used someone mightily, haa! he goes to war.

Take Joseph for example for example.

Genesis 37 …

Haa! thank You Lord.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, you have someone precious to you who is in a critical condition, the Lord asks me to tell you, the fellow will survive.

I like this one.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight; he said I should tell you: fear not. He said because the furnace prepared for you and your children will be swallowed by the fire of the Holy Spirit.

So don’t fear anymore, just relax.

Genesis 37 verse 5 to 11, Joseph had two mighty dreams that spoke about his future.

As a young boy instead of keeping the dreams to himself, he related the dreams; and the devil sad really! You! and say: we will see.

And the next thing we hear and know very well in the same Genesis 37 verse 17 to 28 is that his brother saw him coming and said: behold, the dreamer comes; let us kill him and see what will become of his dreams.

Thank God, God who is a step ahead of enemy.

I decree tonight, it does not matter how many your enemies are, they will not overcome.

Well, finally they sold him…, let us make some profit from getting rid of him.

They sold him.

They thought they will never see Him again.

But the grace of God went on with the boy.

Genesis 39 from verse 1 to the end; he landed in Potiphar’s houses; and very soon, Potiphar discover this is not an ordinary boy; the grace of God is with him.

So, he handed over his household to him; because of that the house of Potiphar prospered because of him.

I decree in the Name that is about every other name, wherever you may go from now on, because of you, that place will proper.

And when the devil discovered, haha! I thought this fellow would be a slave and begin to suffer instead God is prospering him – he tried another method.

Let us cause him to sin. If he can sin, then his God will be the one who will fight him.

And he decided to use the wife of the Master: come and lie with me.

The boy says haa! Madam, you are the lady of the house, I am an ordinary slave.

She said it does not matter.

Remember what Joseph said, how can I do this thing and sin against God – he said eh ehn; he said I refused.

And the woman lied against him; and they threw him to prison.

He landed him prison, the grace of God was with him and the Jailer handed over the prison to him.

Like somebody said, if you are the one in charge of the prison, then, prison life cannot be very bad. Because Joseph was the one controlling the food; controlling who goes to work – he was in-charge.

When God want to makes you something, it does not matter how many enemies may rise up, the grace of God will settle the matter.

It takes the grace of God to turn a witch to a Divine Treasurer.

Luke chapter 8 verse 1 to 3; Mary Magdalene was a witch of the highest other – seven demons in her alone.

The devil thought I have got this one because she was a wealthy woman, but the grace of God find her out and set her free,

You remember the story of the mad man of Gadara in Mark chapter 5 verse 1 to 20; it takes the grace of God to turn a mad man to an Evangelist.

The devil knew this man was going to be used mightily of God, so, he attacked him, loaded him full of demons; but the grace of God find him out.

Saul of Tarsus himself with his own mouth; he said, I am the chief of sinners – 1Timothy chapter 1 verse 15 – but the grace of God find him and turn him to a Chief Apostle – 2Corithians 11 verse 15.

So, in 1Corithians 15 verse 10…

Thank You Father.

The Lord says there is someone here, He said I will not only get rid of the intruder but I will restore everything to how they were before the intruder came.

I like this one.

He says I showed tell somebody here tonight, He said, all I Am asking you to do is just keep on praising Me and I will make your victory sweet and complete.

So, Paul said, I am what I am by the grace of God.

You know the story of one of our elders, I don’t need to mention his name, his colleagues knows him; he was a notorious criminal.

They got him and threw him to prison.

And when people go there to witness in the prison, he will be eager to collect tracks and those distributing the tracts thought - oh! Maybe we are making progress with this one.

They did not know that he use their tracks to roll Indian hem as soon as they leave.

But one day, he got one of my tracks and something just said to him, read this one before you smoke it.

He read the tracks and gave his life to Jesus Christ.

From prison, he wrote to me and we began to pray.

When he was discharged, he came.

Just to cut the long story short, he is one of my elders today.

I want you to pray a prayer because you really don’t know where God want to take you.

The way the devil had been battling with you; causing you all manners of problem should give you a hint that God has a great purpose for your life.

So, stand on your feet and cry to that God today and say: God of all grace, whatever You planned for me to be, let me be.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

Whatever You want me to be Lord, I may have my own plans, they might be different from Your own plans, the enemy might have been doing all manner of things to divert my attention, but whatever You plan for me to be, Almighty God, let me be, let me be. Whatever You want me to become, let me become. Wherever You want to take me to, please Lord just go ahead; go ahead. Whatever You want me to be Lord, let me be, let me be Lord, let me be, let me be. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Father. Whatever You want me to be; it does not matter where You want to take me Lord, that is where I want to go. Whatever height You want me to reach Lord, let me reach it; regardless of all the actions of my enemies, whatever You want me to be Lord let me be, let me be. Wherever You want me to reach let me reach there, let me reach there by Your grace Lord, by Your grace, by Your grace. Whatever You want me to be Lord let me be, let me be, let me be. Thank You Father. Whatever You want me to be Lord that is what I want to be. Wherever You want me to reach let me reach there. Have mercy on me; let me become what You want me to become. Let me become what You want me to become. Let me reach the goal that You have set for me. Whatever You want me to become, that is what I want to become – help me Lord, help me Lord. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

I want you to pray a prayer now before I close.

I want you to join hands with your neighbour, please pray for him or her with all your heart.

Remember the Law of harvest: what you sow that is what you will reap.

Lift your voice to the Almighty God and say: Father, any war that may be in the life of my neighbour, fight that war tonight and put an end to it.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

Whatever war may be in the life of my neighbour: physical, material, marital, emotional; whatever war may be in the life of my neighbour, Almighty God, fight the war tonight and put an end to it; put an end to it. I know You have settled my own, settle that of my neighbour. Whatever secret wars my neighbour had been fighting, Lord God Almighty, fight that battles, fight the war; end it tonight Father, end it tonight, end it tonight, end it tonight. Give my neighbour total victory tonight – total victory Lord; total victory, total victory, total victory, total victory O Lord, total victory, total victory tonight. Thank You Father. Glory be to God. O yes, complete victory, absolute victory for all these Your children tonight; Total victory Lord.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

And so shall it be in Jesus mighty name.

Please be seated.


1Peter chapter 5 verse 10 to 11 says: our God is a God of all grace.

Grace – physical; grace – material; grace – marital; grace – emotional; grace – spiritual; and so on and so forth – He is the God of all grace.

And He said in Romans chapter 9 verses 9 and 15 says: I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy; I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.

He is the God of all grace and He is Sovereign – He does has He pleases in the kingdom of heaven

But God is not arbitrary; Yes! He is the God of all grace and He decides on the person He wants to show mercy to and nobody can query Him; He is the original Majesty.

But Acts 15 verse 18 says: known unto God are all His works from the foundation of the world.

He does not make mistakes.

He knows who will make good use of His grace – He knows

I mean for example, take the widow of Zarephath that will mentioned earlier on in 1Kings 17: 8 to 16; when Elijah came to that widow, she had only one meal left, one meal left; and the man of God says: give me the meal; put my own first.

How many widows would be willing to surrender their last meal?

How many widows would be willing to put God first?

How many widows honour God with their first fruit?

How many widows would be like the one I mentioned to you earlier on who was in serious debt and then she just had one man of God saying: three miracles is coming your way, give me the first one hundred percent and so on and so forth – how many widows?

So, God knows in advance who you are; what you can do; He does not make mistakes.

Take Neman for example, you the story, read the whole story from 2Kings chapter 5, read it all to the way to verse 19; as soon as this man was cleansed, he came back to say thank you in a big way, very big way.

Even though the man of God says no no no, I don’t want your Leprosy, so, go away with your something; but at least he came back.

There are many of us who had received miracles from God, we won’t even testify.

When we say it is testimony time, we seat down there hiding His miracles.

If all of us just tell everybody around us what God has done for us, there will be no need to preach.

When He says, you will be my witnesses – a Witness is somebody who will say this is what I know about this case. This is what I know about Jesus; this is what He did for me.

Neman said to the man of God, I want to say thank you. The man of God say no, I don’t need your money; he said alright, let me do one thing: I want to take some soil from here, when I get home, I am going to build an altar, I will worship your God for the rest of my life.

God knew; He knew in advance.

Paul said, I am what I am by the grace of God; but he said, I laboured more abundantly -1 Corinthians 15 verse 10.

God knows.

He knows those who will serve Him – He knows; O yes! He knows.

Someone said to me, you should stop fasting now, you should stop doing this; I said, I would rather die than stop serving Him.


I know where He is bringing me from; If anybody knows the meaning of grace - I do.

I know how many times the devil tried to kill me when I was young and God rescued me.

I can never say thank You enough.

What about you?

And then, He keeps saying to some people: come; surrender your life to me…

Ehen! Leave me alone.

Ehen! I am the owner of my life.


The grace of God brought you this far; don’t abuse that grace; because if you abuse it, He can withdraw it.

If He saved your soul, you must not keep quiet, you must tell others.

If He healed you, you must tell of His goodness, tell of His mercy. Serve Him.

If He gave you grace, use that grace to labour abundantly for Him.

If prospered you, you use that prosperity to build His kingdom – don’t abuse His grace.

Have a word is enough for the wise.

But then, there are even some of us who have never considered surrendering your life to Jesus – we come to church: we sing, we shout because we like the music; we like the company but we still run our lives our own way.

The grace of God brought you here tonight in particular, so that you can hear this massage and take a decision now; that from now on I want to surrender my life to Jesus completely – body, soul, spirit.

I am telling you if you do so, heaven will rejoice and the Almighty God will begin to take the person to greater heights.

Last Friday in London, the word of prophesy came, God said there was someone there who is already blessed. God said, I am about to show you the true meaning of blessing.

That can happen to you tonight too; you can be that fellow.

So, if you want to give your life to Jesus Christ, come now.

I know we have a huge crowd here tonight, so, I will count from one to fifteen.

If you want to surrender to Jesus Christ just take a step forward; come here, and I will pray for your salvation and the grace of God will continue to abide more in your life.

I am counting now

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen…

And Counselors come and attend to these people here.

Those of you who are still on the way keep coming; make sure you get here before I finish praying.

And those of us who are already in front, talk to the Lord – ask Him to be merciful unto you.

Tell Him, I have come to surrender my life to you; from now I will do Your will.

I will love You; I will serve You; I will do Your will; just forgive me; save my soul; cleanse me in Your blood, give me a new beginning and I will serve You from now on.

Go ahead talk to the Lord.

And the rest of us, please, stretch your hands towards this people and intercede for them.

Pray that the One who saved your soul will save their own souls also.

Let us talk to the Lord for about a minute or two before I prayed for them.

And those of you who are on the way, hurry up and get here before I finish praying – this is your day; your day of salvation.

Come quickly.

Don’t stop by the way, just keep coming, keep coming; and let us intercede for these people for another one minute.

Let us ask the God of all grace to please save their souls, to forgive them, cleanse them in His blood and make them new children of the Most high God.

Keep coming those of you on the way. Hurry up, hurry up, I am about to pray now.

Make sure you get here before I finished praying.

Thank You Father.

Thank You Lord.

Yes! Keep coming, keep coming, I can see you; I will wait ten seconds longer.

Another ten seconds and I will pray.

Thank You Father.

Just keep coming.

Glory be to God.

Keep coming, keep coming, keep coming; keep coming; don’t miss this opportunity, this is your day.

Thank You Father.

Keep coming; get here before I finished praying because I must pray now.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Saviour I want to bless Your name for Your word. I want to thank You very very much for the grace that has brought these people forward tonight. You promised whosoever will come unto You, You will in no wise cast out. They have come to You now Father, please receive them in Jesus’ name. Save their souls; forgive their sins; let Your blood wash them clean; write their names in the Book of Life. From now on, anything they call on You please answer them by fire. Please don’t let them backslide; let them serve You till the end.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Now those of you in front let me here you shout hallelujah.


By the grace of God from now I will be praying for you.

So, I am going to need your name, your address and your prayer request.

So, the Counselors will be handing over to you a card which I want you to feel very quickly and return to them.

And then I promise you, I will be praying for you.

Before I say the closing prayer; maybe there is something you want God to do for you in this special month of grace. Something you want God to do before may end.

I give you two minutes to talk to Him.

Father, I know You are a gracious God, I know You control them; I know nothing is too hard for You; Lord, long before the end of this month, give me a major testimony. Give me this particular breakthrough, so that by the time we return in June, I too will stand up here to testify.

Let us begin to bring our prayer to a close.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

God of all grace, I thank You. Thank You for Your grace in our lives. Thank You for the grace that brought us salvation; the grace that could save the soul of an armed robber; thank You for Your grace that can divert the bullet of armed robbers. Thank You for the grace that can cure the incurable. Thank You Lord God Almighty for the grace that can open prison doors. Thank You, thank You, thank You. Father, accept our thanks in Jesus’ name.

Eternal Rock of ages because of that grace and that grace alone, everything Your children have asked for tonight, give to them in Jesus’ name. Even before the sun rises O God, fill our mouth with testimonies. Father, by the time we return next let us have mighty testimonies. Bless Your children as a whole. Bless their offering, sanctify it, use it for Your glory. I pray none of us will ever beg again.

Thank You Almighty God.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Who got the biggest miracle tonight?

Shout the biggest hallelujah.
Pastor E. A. Adeboye

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