Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Good! Tonight we want to discuss Divine Visitation and our ministration will be broken into 3 small parts, that is if the Almighty God allows it to go that way because He’s free to interrupt us any how!

Now when we talk about ‘Divine Visitation’ what do we mean? Thank You Lord! We have not started somebody has received a miracle! The Lord said there’s someone here, you are a man but you don’t even have a single testicle and the Lord said. “Check now you already have two!” O Glory! I know tonight will be special!

Right! Now when we say ‘Divine Visitation’ we are talking about the visit of the Divine One. Now who is the Divine One? You could say the One with many names because the names of our God are so many. In Revelations 1:8 He said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the ending, the One who is and the One who was and the One who is to be, the Almighty.” There you could see so many names in just one introduction.

But then when you go to John 1 verses 1-3, the Bible says, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The same was with God from the beginning and by Him were all things made and there’s nothing that was made that was not made by Him.” He’s the Alpha and the Omega; He’s the Maker of all things. That’s the One who’s going to visit you tonight!

And then in Psalm 24 verse 1, the Bible says, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” In other words, the Divine One we are talking about is the O who owns all. And then in Jeremiah 32 verse 27 – well I think a miracle is happening there already! Glory be to God! That’s just the beginning! Very soon you’ll be clapping all over the place because your own miracles will come – Glory be to God!

In Psalm 24 verse 1, O my Lord! the Bible says the Lord we are talking about, the One who is going to visit you tonight is the owner of all. That is why I know that an end has come to your poverty. And then in Jeremiah 32 verse 27……….well, these people don’t want…that’s all right! Congratulations! We will hear your testimonies later! I told you He’s visiting us tonight…….so He’s started from the right. I’m sure He’s already coming to the centre and very soon He will go all the way round! I’m sure He’s not going to forget the people up here too! (Amen!)

In Jeremiah 32 verse 27 He said, “I am the God of all flesh, is anything too hard for me? Tell the fellow next to you – “My own will not be too hard for the Lord!” And then in Genesis 17 verse 1 the Bible says, “He’s the Almighty, Jehovah El-Shaddai, the All Sufficient One”, the One who is able to supply the needs of everybody and there will still be plenty left. In Psalm 139 verse 1- 6 the Bible says He’s the God who knows all things. In other words, the One who’s going to visit us tonight knows all your problems! Before you left the house He knows why you are coming here and I can assure you, He’s not going to allow you to go home empty-handed! Now when you read the same Psalm 139 from verses 7-10, the Bible tells us that this God is everywhere at all times. This means that wherever you are now, God is there and I’m sure very, very soon He’s going to touch you and say, “I’m by your side.”

Now in Psalm 115 verse 3 the Bible says, “Our God is in the heavens and He does as He pleases.” There’s nobody who can query Him. So when He decides to give you a miracle tonight nobody can query Him! Whether the enemies like it or not, whether the witches in your village like it or not, tonight is your night. The God who brought you here is going to surprise you tonight. As far as you are concerned, the fact that you got here tonight means that the Devil has lost the battle! If you believe that shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

In Daniel 6 verse 27 the Bible calls Him the wonder-working God, the One who can perform wonders. That’s why I know that tonight there will be wonders because the wonder-working One is visiting us! In Psalm 24 verses 7-10 the Bible calls Him “the King of Glory” that’s why I’m sure that tonight all your shame will be changed to glory! Not only is He called the King of Glory He’s also called the Lord of Hosts, the Lord of Hosts, the One who has never lost a battle and He’s going to fight for you tonight Amen! (Amen!) And then when you read Psalm 33 verses 8 – 9 the Bible says, “Let all the earth fear the Lord.” – why? Because “He spake and it was done!” The moment He speaks – that is a settled matter. Now He has already spoken to someone here tonight. He has already said, “Your joy will overflow and because He has spoken it is done! I say, it is done! I say, it is done! I say, it is done!

Thank You Father! The Lord says there is someone here tonight your head is always shaking like a leaf. But Daddy says you can tell your neighbour to look at it now because it is already steady. No more shaking. Thank You Father!

Now, what happens when He visits? We’re going to run very quickly through the Bible and select some people that received a visit from the Divine One and we will see from their lives what happened when God visited them so that you can know what to expect because God is going to visit you tonight.

Let’s begin from Genesis. In Genesis 18 verse 1 – 5 Abraham received a visit from God and that very day the barrenness that had been with him all these years disappeared completely. That’s why I know that all barren women who are here tonight by the time we’re meeting like this next year, your children will be 3 months old! Amen! (Amen!) He visited Abraham and the man who had already lost hope suddenly found that his hope was renewed because the One who visited him is the hope of glory! He visited Abraham and suddenly laughter came into his home because the One who came to visit him is the One who is known as the fullness of joy. I am sure that when my Daddy says someone is going to cry for joy tonight it is because the fullness of joy is going to visit that fellow!

Now when you get to Genesis 19 from verse 1 to 22 you find the same God visiting a man called Lot, And when He did, when He visited Lot several things happened – one of the things that happened was that all the enemies of Lot that wanted to kill him were blinded. So all your enemies that have been pursuing you all these years they shall be blinded today! In Jesus’ Name! And then because God visited Lot we discovered that the destruction which was to come on the town where he was living did not come near his house! And I’m saying that there’s someone here tonight, destruction will never enter your house again Amen! (Amen!)

Then when you get to Genesis 32 from verse 24 – 30 God visited a man called Jacob – Thank You Jesus! The Lord said there’s someone here tonight, you have tested positive to HIV… you have tested positive to HIV…. You are on your way to having AIDS…but the Lord asked me to tell you – go straight back to the doctor for another test – He has already cleaned you! – God visited a man called Jacob and on that day the One who is known as the Unchangeable Changer changed the name of Jacob to Israel – today He is going to change the names of some people from children of sorrow to children of joy! Thank You Father! The Lord said there’s someone here, the meaning of your name is “wait” and God said for a long time you have been waiting for blessings. He asked me to tell you that He has changed your name from ‘wait’ to ‘blessings’!

When God visited Jacob He changed his destiny. Jacob was to die the following day. His brother Esau was coming to meet him. He had promised that the day he saw Jacob again after he stole his blessings he was going to kill him. But God visited Jacob and changed his destiny. When he met Esau the following day – instead of Esau killing him, Esau embraced him and kissed him. I don’t know who God is talking to tonight but there is someone here that the enemy had planned you would not see the New Year and the Lord is telling you the enemy has lost the battle.

In Matthew 21 from verses 12- 17, God visited the temple and you know that that means that God visits you because you are the temple of the Holy Ghost. Now when He visited the temple what He did was that He chased out all those who were buying and selling. He chased out the thieves. Because He’s visiting you tonight – all those things that are buying and selling in your body, all those plants that my Father did not plant shall be rooted up! In Jesus’ Name! Amen! (Amen!) Praise the Lord!

I learnt that one speaker is not working. Now the technicians are working very fast on it so those of you in that section wherever the section is – just be patient – I will shout as loud as I can until they finish the repairs but just remain calm wherever that speaker is. Don’t worry! Your miracle will reach you wherever you are tonight. Now, who are the people who cannot hear me? Wave your hand! Is it right or left? It’s working now? Let somebody shout Alleluia! You know the devil is angry because he knows he has lost the battle over you, so he goes to fight the speakers but he has failed again and he will continue to fail!

Everything buying and selling in your body, every sickness, every disease, every demon shall go out today In Jesus’ Name! When He visited the temple He said – “My house shall be called the house of prayers.” Whenever God visits you – one thing is certain – all your prayers will be answered because the One you are praying to will come to visit and in any case He himself is the answer to all prayers so tonight every prayer that you had prayed and the prayers you will yet pray – all of them will be answered tonight! In Jesus’ Name!

Then when He visited the temple the Bible said children begin to praise Him and some people said, “Why are you praising Him? “ They even asked Him to tell those children to keep quiet. Oh, He said, “Have you not read that out of the mouths of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise.” Tonight there will be perfect praise coming out of your mouth! You know there are all kinds of praises, there are some praises that you… “well….we thank God…after all He said ‘in all things give thanks’” But there are some praises that come from the bottom of your heart because of the wonders He has performed in your life. Tonight He’s going to do something special for you so that your praise will be perfect!

And then in Mark 5 verses 1-15…..Thank You Lord! The Lord says there’s someone here tonight, you ran away from the hospital because the doctors told you that you have leprosy. The Lord asked me to ask you to check – that the leprosy is already gone! Let’s give the Lord a big hand – that’s a big one! Let’s give the Lord a big hand for that! Thank You Father! Glory be to God! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord!

Now, Mark 5 verse 1-15 God visited a man. He was a mad man. In fact, he was a very special kind of mad man. Among mad men he was a mad man – when mad men saw him coming they ran. But one day God visited him and every power of darkness in his life was chased out. Because the One who visited him is the Light! That’s why every power of darkness that has been troubling you will be chased out tonight. Now this mad man was a very lonely man because he was a living in a tomb – there was nobody who could live with him! The issue of marriage does not arise. When God visited him his loneliness ended and I know there is someone here tonight who is very lonely and God is going to visit you and your loneliness will end in Jesus’ Name! This man, this mad man was living in a continuous storm because the enemies were not giving him rest day or night! But the One who visited him is called the Prince of Peace and from the day God visited him, peace came into his life. There might be some people here tonight who are facing one kind of storm or the other because God is going to visit you tonight there will be peace forever in your life.

And then when you look at Mark 5 and you read the story from verse 21 to 24 and then 35 to 42 you find the story of a man called Jairus who lost his only daughter and God visited him.

Thank You Lord! The Lord said there’s someone here tonight, they carried you in. Daddy asked me to tell you – you can stand up now and continue to walk because you are already healed! Oh yes! Let’s give the Lord a big hand! Thank You Father! Glory be to God! Thank You Lord!

Now we were talking about Jairus. God visited him and when God visited him the first thing he did was he chased out those who are enemies who were pretending to be friends! Oh, they were weeping before God came in but the moment Jesus came in they began to laugh. They changed from weeping to laughter so fast that everybody will know that the weeping they were weeping were crocodile tears. From tonight all my enemies that are pretending to be your friends God will expose them all!

The second thing that God chased out of his house was death. Death had come to swallow the only child of Jairus but when the One whose name is “the Life” got there He chased out death. Tonight every form of death whether physical or mental or financial or marital or spiritual that may be in your house, by the time you get home you will not meet them Amen! (Amen!) He chased out sorrow from the house of Jairus and replaced it with joy – so shall it be for you In Jesus’ Name! (Amen!)

And then in Mark 10:46-52 the Bible tells us of a man called Bartemaeus who was sitting by the roadside begging. He was blind. There was no way he could be cured but one day the Divine One came visiting and He visited Bartemaeus. By the time He finished with Bartemaeus suddenly his eyes were open, the One who was incurable became cured. So if you are here tonight and the doctors have told you that your case is incurable – I have good news for you – the Great Physician is going to visit you tonight and if there’s any part of your body that the doctors said, “There’s nothing we can do,” my Father will do something tonight. Bartemaeus was a beggar that automatically means he was number one when we are talking about poverty. But because the Divine One visited him, from that day he never begged again. Now, there are some of you who are here tonight who are deeply in debt. I tell you in the mighty Name of Jesus! by this time of next year – you will come in your own car! Amen! (Amen!) All your debts will be paid off! In Jesus’ Name! (Amen!)

But there’s something else about Bartemaeus. When God visited him there was a crowd there but God heard his cry – even though he was a poor man God heard his cry! I am sure there is someone here tonight whose cry God is going to hear! If you are the one say Amen! (Amen!)

Then in Luke 5 verse 1- 11 there’s a story of a man called Peter. He fished all night and caught nothing. Early in the morning God visited him and suddenly failure became success. There might be some people here tonight that if we were to write your story – what we would put there in capitals is FAILURE but because God is going to visit you tonight today will be the beginning of success for you. In Jesus’ Name! (Amen!)

Thank You Father! Brethren, the Lord is healing so fast I can’t tell you all. For example, He has just healed someone of tuberculosis and there’s somebody here with a child, the child is mentally retarded, the Lord asked me to tell you, that child is going to become very brilliant because He has changed the brain! Oh Lord! Thank You Jesus! The Lord says there’s someone here for example who has cataract in the eye – the Lord asked me to tell you – by tomorrow morning you will see that it has disappeared! Thank You Father!

So He visited Peter and changed his failure to success, and gave him a brand new beginning. And because He’s going to visit you tonight you too will have a brand new beginning! In Jesus’ Name!

Then in John 2:1-11 the Bible says there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee and Jesus was invited and He accepted the invitation – all of you who are yet to marry, next year Jesus will attend your wedding! Amen! (Amen!) Now when the wedding was going on – you know the story very well, they ran out of wine and shame came but because Jesus was there, because the Divine One was visiting, their shame became glory – so will it happen to you in Jesus’ Name! And then when the mother of Jesus went to Him and said they need wine. Jesus said, “Woman, my hour has not come yet!” But that very day the hour of miracles came! For somebody here tonight who had been expecting miracles for a long time – your hour will come today!

And then in Acts 16:19-39 – Thank You Lord! The Lord said there is someone here, a woman, your womb that has been considered dead is suddenly shaking, the Lord asked me to tell you - that womb that was considered dead will soon produce a set of twins! Thank You my Lord! Acts 126:19—39, the Bible tells us about the Bible tells us about two brothers – Paul and Silas. They were thrown into prison by the enemy. And then God paid them a visit. Because God visited them, number one, the Bible says everyone’s bounds were loosed – so every yoke that has bound you whether the curse that was upon your family, whether a covenant that your parents made with one idol or the other…..Every yoke that has bound you will be broken today in Jesus’ Name! And then because God visited these people the Bible says prison doors were opened! Now, there are some people who have been kept in prison by forces of darkness. Some of you had been kept in prison by poverty; some of you had been kept in prison by some sickness or disease. Tonight prison doors are opened, I say, prison doors are opened! Amen! (Amen!)

And then because God visited Paul and Silas in prison. Those who started off as prisoners suddenly became the commander of the jailer – in other words; whenever God visits there will be supernatural promotion and there are some of us who need that kind of promotion. If you need a promotion wave your hand. You will get double promotion from now on In Jesus’ Name! (Amen!)

I’ve just tried to give you some samples of people that God visited but then let’s ask another question quickly. When is God likely to visit? Oh! He can come anytime but usually He comes when the fire is hottest. When they threw Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego into the fiery furnace God visited them. When the storm is fiercest, that’s the time when He loves to visit! When the disciples were in a boat and there was a storm – it was the darkest hour of the night. Jesus came to them walking on water. Whenever there is trouble within and trouble without the God will visit. When His children were huddled together in a house……..O Glory be to God! Another baby has been born – that brings it to 3 – there’ll be many more to come! That’s good news for the barren because it means God is really interested in the barren and He’s going to give you babies very, very soon! In Jesus’ Name! That’s good news for those who are yet to be married because you can’t have babies unless you marry so you know Jesus will attend your wedding next year. When the problem is toughest that’s when God will visit you so those of you who are going through any troubles right now, you can be sure God arranged this programme because of you. And even if you have no problem and you want Him to visit you, He’s more than willing to come!

And then the question comes – who will God visit? Well, I thought somebody will answer that question. I say who will God visit? Surely it’s me that He’s going to visit tonight. But if you want God to visit you……Thank You Father!

The Lord said there’s someone here whose back is bent – no matter how hard you try you couldn’t walk straight. God asked me to tell you, you can walk straight now because He has loosened your bond!

Who will God visit? Deuteronomy 23:14 says if you want God to visit you, you must be clean – physically and spiritually because the God we are talking about, the Bible says His eyes are too pure to behold iniquity. In any case when He wants to visit He will look at the fellow He’s going to visit and say, “Oh, this fellow is too dirty! No! I can’t go there!” In other words, If you are not washed in the blood of the Lamb, if you are still living in sin and then you want God to visit you, He will say – “I want to visit you but I cannot stay where there is sin!" But if He finds someone who, even though he’s living in sin, is willing to repent and change his ways and begin to live in holiness, Oh, God is willing to visit the fellow!

In Luke 19 verses 1-10 the Bible talks about a man called Zaccheus. He was a terrible sinner but deep within him his heart was crying out to God. He wanted to see Jesus, so the Bible said he ran ahead of the crowd and climbed a tree so that at least he could see Jesus. Jesus saw his heart – that even though he was a sinner he loved God, he wanted to be a child of God! Jesus called him down and said unto him ”Zaccheus, I am going to have lunch in your house today!” There is somebody here today – Jesus is going to have breakfast in your house tomorrow morning!

Why? Because Zaccheus was willing to change! How do we know that? As soon as Jesus got to his house Zaccheus began to confess: “Oh! I robbed some people! I have defrauded some people! I have taken money I should not take! But I will change, I will change, I will change! And Jesus said, “Today, salvation has come into this house.” My brothers and my sisters! If you are here tonight…! You took all the trouble to be here tonight! Some of you had been here since yesterday morning! You sat in the sun throughout because you are waiting for Divine Visitation……please, why don’t you let go of the sin in your life so that God can visit you – it’s very simple – the Bible says 1 John 1 verse 7, it said, “The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from all sins.” In other words if you will come to Jesus tonight and surrender to Him, His blood will cleanse you from all your sins. It doesn’t matter how many sins you have committed in the past – He’s willing to forgive you, He’s willing to wipe away all your sins so that you can become a child of God; so that He can visit you from time to time; so that all the miracles you want can come and meet you at home!

Now, therefore, before we go on – thank God for all the miracles that had happened already – but I know that greater ones are yet to happen! In order that you may not come in vain, in order that you not be watching other people receiving miracles while you don’t get any, I want to stop for a while and give you an opportunity to surrender your life to Jesus. Now the space in front here is small so I am not going to ask those of you who want to give your life to come forward. But if you really mean business tonight, if you really want to surrender your life to Jesus wherever you are now I want you to stand on your feet. If you have already given your life to Jesus, if you are sure that if you die today you will go to heaven, remain on your seat, but if you want to give your life to Jesus, if you want Him to forgive your sins, if you want to be one of those people that God will visit - I want you to stand where you are now because I’m going to pray that God would save your souls. Those of you who want to give your life to Jesus from all over the place, including those of you on the other side of the road – if you want to give your life to Jesus I want you to stand now and lift up your hand to the Almighty God so that He can see that you are saying, “Lord! I surrender!” Now some men would come to you where you are standing. They are coming to give you a piece of paper where they are going to write your name, your address and your prayer requests so that they can bring that all together to me so that I can know how to pray better for you.

Now, I can see so many of you already standing but I know there are still several thousand that are yet sitting down. Please, I’m begging you tonight – don’t let pride rob you of your salvation! Tonight is your night of salvation! Stand up boldly and say I am standing up for Jesus! Tell the Lord! - “I am surrendering my life to you!” Just stand up and lift your hands to Him and He will see you where you are and He will come right there and save your soul! And those of us who are sitting down, I want you to begin to pray for these people who are standing, that the Almighty God will save their souls, that He will have mercy on them, that He will write their names in the Book of Life. Please begin to pray for them now – all of you who are already saved, begin to pray!

There are several hundreds and thousands of people now standing. Pray for them! Let’s begin to pray for them now. And you counselors move very quickly now! Move very fast and go to these people and hand over to them the decision cards and stand nearby until they had completed them. This is the greatest moment in the life of these people and let’s get them, everyone of them including those on the other end of the road! Counselors please spread over and move very quickly and the rest of us let’s begin to pray for them. Let’s pray for these people and those of you who are standing talk to the Almighty God and ask Almighty God to have mercy on you today. Ask Him to have mercy on you today! Ask Him to save your souls! Ask Him to forgive your sins! Ask Him to have mercy on you today! Ask Him to write your names in the Book of Life! Pray now! Begin to pray and brethren let us keep on praying for these people. Let’s pray for these new ones, there are so many of them. Let’s rejoice as we pray for them that the Lord would save their souls and have mercy on them!

Let there be not a single counselor standing by. Please go - all counselors and reach all these people now – as soon as possible! The Lord wants to save every soul tonight and we must pray for them! If you are still sitting down and you want to give your life to Jesus, I want you to stand quickly and lift your hands so the counselors can see you. I’m going to pray for you in a moment but I want the counselors to reach you first before I pray for all of you.

All of us left - begin to pray that God would save these souls. Don’t stop praying – this is the crucial moment. Let’s quickly move now into their midst. Counselors, please don’t forget those who are on the other side of the road. There are very many of them there.. And they need you there counselors! Brethren! Let’s keep on praying – that God would save the souls of these people, that He would have mercy on them; that He will wash them in His blood; that He will write their names in the Book of Life! Command that the Devil should loose hold of them, that from now on they would become true children of God Pray for them now brethren! Let’s pray for them! Let’s pray for them! Let’s pray for them now! That every one will be saved, that all those who are standing now will become true children of the living God!

If you are not one of those giving your life to Jesus please sit down. Only those who are giving their life to Jesus Christ should be standing now! O Lord! Thank You Daddy! Please keep on praying for them! Keep on interceding for them – that the Lord will save their souls; that not a single one of them will go from here without being saved because God cannot visit a sinner unless the sinner is willing to repent. These people are ready now; they are ready to surrender their lives to Jesus – that’s why they’re standing. Pray for them! Ask the Lord to save their souls! Ask the Lord to wash them in His blood! Command that they be free right now as we pray! Come on now, pray. Brethren!

I will wait another 2, 3 minutes because there are so many. Please pray for their salvation and those of you who are standing, please, also keep on talking to God and say: ”Lord, You see me, I’m standing up for you now. I’m surrendering my life to you; have mercy on me! Have mercy on me! Forgive all my sins! Save my soul! Make me a brand new creature! Let me begin my life afresh! I want to become a child of God! I want to serve You for the rest of my life! From now on I want You to be my Lord and my Saviour! I want You to be my Controller! I want You to be my Director! From now on Lord, I am Yours! Receive me as I am! Forgive my sins! With Your help I will not go back into sin. Please have mercy on me!” Pray now! Pray for another 1 or so minutes and then I will pray for you very soon and brethren - keep on interceding for them. Oh, keep on interceding for them!

The Lord is doing marvellous things in our midst – the greatest He could do is salvation. The greatest He can do for us is salvation of souls. Let’s rejoice! Let’s rejoice as we intercede for these people because I can see people standing all over the place. Oh, there are so many of them! Let’s rejoice because of these and begin to pray for them that they will never go back into the world, that they will remain true children of God forever. Keep on praying for them - that’s why they are here! Ask the Lord to have mercy on them. Pray for another 30 seconds and I will be praying. Ask Almighty God to wash them clean and make them as white as snow. Pray for them brethren! I’m going to pray very soon now but you keep on praying, keep on praying that these people who have surrendered their lives to Jesus, they would remain true children of God for the rest of their lives and the Name of the Lord would be glorified in their lives like never before!

Let’s praise Him; let’s praise Him! Thank You Father! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! O Thank You Saviour! Save them! Save every soul, every sinner here Lord, everyone standing right now, my Father and my God! Save their souls! Those who are yet to stand, my Father, I command that the Devil will release them that they will stand now, right now, that they too can receive their salvation! Don’t let any sinner go out of here without salvation Father! Thank You Lord! Please pour salvation on all these people – let there be showers of salvation on all these people tonight to the glory of Your Holy Name! Thank You my Father! Glory be to God! In Jesus’ mighty Name! we have prayed!

Now, I want to pray for those of you who are standing for salvation and as I pray I want your “Amen” to be loud and clear! In the mighty Name of Jesus! (Amen!) In the mighty Name of Jesus! (Amen!) Father, I thank You because Your Word says no man can come unto me except my Father draws him. Thank You for drawing these multitudes to Yourself. Accept our thanks in Jesus’ Name! . Now, everyone O Lord that have come unto You because of Your promise that whoever would come unto you, you would in no wise cast out! Please save their souls tonight in Jesus’ Name! Forgive their sins tonight in Jesus’ Name! Write their names in the Book of Life in Jesus’ Name! Wipe away all their sins with Your Blood in Jesus’ Name! And from tonight continue to visit them in Jesus’ Name! And in the Kingdom of God don’t let them be found wanting in Jesus’ Name! Thank You Father! For we pray In Jesus’ mighty Name! Amen!

Now those of you who are standing for salvation if the counselors have not yet reached you please remain standing. This is very, very important. This is the most important…I want them to get your names and your prayer requests so that I can be praying for you. If the counselors have not reached you, we will wait for you; we will wait till they have attended to all of you. We are here all night! More miracles are yet to come and we are not in a hurry! Is there anybody here who’s in a hurry? Are you in a hurry? I can’t hear you? All right now! Stand there until the counselors have attended to you!

Now the rest of us while we wait for these people, I told you that when God comes to visit – every prayer will be answered. I want to appeal to you, in the next five minutes, the kind of prayer you have never prayed before, begin to pray! Forget everybody by your side and begin to pray! Call on God now! Every miracle you need – this is the time to ask for it. You begin to pray because I’m going to pray for myself right now! For the next five minutes, keep on praying – God is visiting tonight and the prayers of tonight will be answered. Go ahead continue to pray now!

Ask Him for mighty things, not small things! Mighty things! He’s a great God and He’s visiting tonight! Ask Him for the impossible. He said He’s the God who said, “With me nothing shall be impossible.” Ask Him to surprise you – Oh yes, if you are the poorest man here ask Him that before January you want to move to your own house! Ask Him for the impossible! If you are barren ask Him for triplets! If you don’t have anything ask Him to make you a millionaire by this time next year! Ask for the impossible! Ask for great things - and counselors – I know you have so many hundreds and thousands to attend to, hurry up! And begin to attend to them as quickly as possible!

Intensify your prayers right now! If you don’t know what to pray for say, “God visit me tonight! God visit me tonight! God visit me! If You visit me all my problems will be gone! If you visit me, I know I will have testimonies! Visit me tonight! O Lord! Visit me! O King of Glory! Visit me tonight!” And if you find your neighbour sleeping, wake him or her and say, “Ah! This is not the time to sleep! This is the time to pray! God is answering prayers now. Don’t sleep! This is the time to pray! This is the time to call on Almighty God! That is why you came!” Wake them up quickly! And say, “Begin to pray! Begin to pray! God is moving in our midst! He’s doing the impossible now! One more request or two! Quickly, quickly! Throw in one more requests or two, quickly, quickly, quickly! Remember that great miracle that will make your joy full! Throw it in right now O Lord! Thank You Jesus! That miracle that will make you the greatest, the best, the richest, the closest to God…….ask for it now! Ask for it now! Ask for it now! And then let’s begin to bring our prayers to a close. Thank You Lord! O blessed be Your Name! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus’ mighty Name we have prayed!

Father! In the Name of Jesus! In the mighty Name of Jesus! Today is the day of Your visitation! Visit your people in Jesus’ Name! All their prayers – let them become testimonies In Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) Everything they have asked for now, even before they leave this ground let them become testimonies! In Jesus’ Name! Everything they need to ask for that they forgot, do for them anyway In Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) Thank You Father! Glory be to Your Holy Name! In Jesus’ mighty Name we have prayed! Thank You Father! Glory be to Your Holy Name! In Jesus’ mighty Name we have prayed! Let’s give the Lord a big hand! That’s right!!! Amen!

Now they told me at 2.25 am another boy has been born! That brings the children to four! Now as we get ready to go to the second session, I want us to sing and dance a little because this is not the time when you should allow anything at all to hold you down. We are just about to go to the real realm of miracles. There’s a song that the band will start with and then they can add their own along the way. I want you to dance to that song – it says, “I’m serving a God of miracles, Yes, I Know……” If you know that one then stand on your feet and let us dance…………………Shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Tell your neighbour – my miracle is about to happen. Say it loud and clear! God bless you! You may be seated because that’s exactly what’s going to happen now!!

Is there anything that is better than Divine Visitation? Oh yes there is, there is one thing better than that God should visit you and that is, that God should stay with you. Oh! If He visits He will perform miracles but if He stays then you will be living with miracles! I want God to come and dwell in my house. I want Him to dwell in my house so that when I wake up in the morning, He will be there! In the evening, He will be there! In the nighttime, He will be there!

But then suppose God arrives at your house today – how do you receive Him? What are you supposed to do for Him to even consider the possibility of entering your house? If we had the time we would have gone through the entire Bible again to show you one by one those who received God and God stayed in their house. But there is one thing common to all of them – they were all hospitable people – they know how to entertain.

When God visited Abraham after He said, “God! Let me give you water to wash your feet.” He said, “Come and eat in my house.” There’s a woman of Shunam in 2 Kings 4 from verse 8-10. The reason she became the landlady of the Holy Ghost Carrier was because she was hospitable – that tells you one thing straight away…..God is not going to dwell in the house of a miser. In other words, those of us who want God to dwell in our house, we have to make up our minds from now on that we shall be hospitable.. The Bible says we should keep on entertaining strangers because you never can tell when one of the strangers will be an angel. And the reason why God always performs miracles in the houses that he visits is so that He can remove any obstacle so that the people can have time to serve Him. Everything that will not allow you to serve God, God will remove tonight!

In Matthew 8 verses 14-15 the Bible tells us that when Jesus entered the house of Peter and found the mother-in-law was sick, sick of fever, He healed her immediately! The story goes on to say the moment He healed the in-law of Peter, the woman got up and began to serve Him. She began to prepare food for Him. All of you who want to serve God and poverty is hindering you, and sickness is hindering you and demons are hindering you and barrenness is hindering you; every hindrance will be removed tonight In Jesus’ Name! (Amen!)

Those who are miserly, they don’t know what they are missing. Oh! Thank God tonight is a special night! I know some of you had already given a very good offering – at least you think you have done something good but God is going to go home with some people today who are known for hospitality. He’s going to stay in the house of givers.

Now if God decides to stay with you – what and what will happen? If God decided to begin to live in your house what are the things which will follow immediately? Number one – according to Psalm 16 verse 11 the Bible says, you will feel fullness of joy. He said, “In His presence there is fullness of joy.” There’s somebody here tonight, the only thing you will know in your house is joy! Amen! (Amen!)

If God decides to stay in your house the next thing you will discover is that your blessings will begin to overflow! According to 2 Samuel 6 verses 11 and 12 there is a man called Obed-Edom and he allowed God to come and stay in his house. Everything he touched prospered. There is somebody here tonight, from this day onwards whatever you touch will prosper! Amen! (Amen!) Thank You Lord!

The Lord said there’s someone here tonight you are neither sick nor well. Anybody looking at you will think you’re all right but there’s a problem. You are neither sad nor happy. You are not weeping but you are not laughing. God asked me to tell you He will give you a divine push today! He will push you to full health and push you into true happiness! If you are the one shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Oh! Thank You Lord!

The Lord said there’s someone here tonight because of a growth inside your throat you are vomiting blood constantly. The Lord asked me to tell you – haven’t you noticed that you are no longer vomiting blood. He said the growth has already disappeared! Let’s give the Lord a big hand! Thank You Jesus! Glory be to God! Thank You Father!

If God decides to stay in your house you will have permanent victory because according to Psalm 27 verses 4 to 6 the Bible says if you are dwelling with God, God will lift your head above all your enemies. In other words, the enemies may be there but you’ll be living far above them! You will have permanent security! Because the Bible says, He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Oh, you will find problems happening to the people on the right and on the left but it won’t come near you at all!

Oh, if you will just allow God to come and dwell in your house then you’ll be able to say as David said, “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me…” for how long? – All the days of my life! And I will be dwelling with God for ever! Oh Thank You my Father!

The Lord…right now every kind of tumour are dissolving now, tumours are dissolving now. Oh! Thank You Father! The Lord says there’s a woman here with the issue of blood. It has dried up – it’s not going to start again! O Glory be to God! The Lord said there’s someone here tonight, you are dying! The doctor said so! You know it yourself but you had prayed a prayer tonight. You said, “God, if only you can heal me! I will show you how faithful, how grateful I can be. God asked me to tell you, He has added 30 years to your life!

Oh! Thank You Father! Glory be to God! The Lord said there’s someone here tonight, when you walk you stagger because of certain imbalance in your brain. The Lord asked me to tell you, you can take a walk now because you are now walking steady. Everything causing the problem in your brain He has removed. Thank You Father!

The Lord said there’s a man here tonight, your male organ has practically disappeared. The Lord asked me to tell you – it’s coming out, it’s already coming out, it’s already coming out now, you can check! It’s already coming out! I’m sure your wife will be happy to hear that – the thing is already coming out! Let’s give the Lord a big hand! Thank You Jesus! Glory be to God! Thank You Father! Alleluia! Lord!

Now suppose God comes into your house. How are you going to get Him to stay? So that He won’t go, He won’t leave at all? Very simple. As the Englishman would say, “Birds of a feather flock together.” If you want Him to stay in your house you must be addicted to holiness – because He said in His Word – 1 Peter 1 verse 15 and 16. He said, “Be ye holy for I am holy.” If two of us are going to stay together, holiness is paramount. So if you want Him to stay in your house you have to get rid of every form of sin, every form of idol, because He will not share His glory with any man. He’s a very jealous God. He will not stay in your house with any idol or with any sin!

Secondly, if you want Him to stay in your house you must be wise. What do I mean, you must be wise? Because God does not like fools at all. Because the Bible says in Psalm 53 verse 1, it said, “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.” God says, “Well if you say there is no God then why should I stay with you?” So you must be wise.

How do we know those who are wise? The Bible says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” So those who fear Him are those who are wise. But there’s one other way you can know the wise. The Bible says in Proverbs 11 verse 30, it says, “Whosoever winneth souls is wise.“ In other words, if you want God to stay in your house, the moment you leave here, for the rest of your life, you must go about winning souls. Just keep inn telling the whole world – what God has done in Lekki – what you have seen, what you have heard; what He has done for you! Keep telling others and then invite them to Jesus!

Then comes the question. There are so many millions of us here now. And I want Him to come to my house. How do I invite Him in? According to John 4 from verse 23 to 24, the Bible says, “God is a spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.” So if you want Him to come to your house, that same passage says God is seeking for those who will worship Him.

Not only that. In Psalm 22 verse 3 the Bible says, “God inhabits the praises of His people.” In other words, anytime where they’re praising God, where they’re worshiping Him, where they’re singing praises unto Him, God will always be there. There are some homes, all they do is quarrel, all they do is grumble, all they do is murmur. God can’t stay in such a place so you have to go home and change your attitude and begin to praise Him and begin to worship Him. As a matter of fact one of the things He told me as I was preparing for tonight is that if you will praise Him He will do certain things in your life that all your prayers cannot do! Is there anybody here tonight ready to praise God? Are you sure? Let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) I am not sure…Let me start with the sisters because we are at a very crucial point now. Miracles are about to fall like a rain! So let me ask the sisters. All sisters who are ready to praise God now let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) That’s good! That’s good! Now brothers – all brothers who are ready to praise God now, let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Very good!

You know what we’re going to do? For the next five minutes………Thank You very much…..I think those people are serious……….For the next five minutes we are going to just praise Him and then we will see what will happen. There’s a song we are going to sing – I hoe the band is ready. It’s a very simple song……..Alleluia! ayyy , I dey worship my God, E dey do am for me, Alleluia! ayyy…….” How many of you know the song? Now I want you to stand on your feet. We’re going to sing that song and every prison door will be opened now! Every yoke will be broken now! Let’s sing that song for the next few minutes. That’s right! Over to you……..Alleluia! ayy, Alleluia! aaayy…………Don’t sit down yet! Don’t sit down yet!

Daddy just told me that there’s someone here who has been begging for death because of pain. The Lord asked me to tell you – the pain is gone and you are not going to die! The Lord said there’s someone here, you have several companies but they have all died down one by one. The Lord asked me to tell you – even as you are praising me – one by one they will all jump back to life! Alleluia!….aaayy, I go worship my God oh…….

Daddy says, Daddy says there’s a pregnant woman here, the enemies have told you that they will not allow you to deliver your baby. Daddy asked me to tell you – He will put them to sleep when you are ready. And the Lord says right now He’s doing blood transfusion - every problem that has to do with blood is being dealt with right now! O Thank You Father! The Lord says right now He’s distributing spare parts for eyes, for ears, for brains, for wombs, for lungs for every part of the body. He’s distributing spare parts now – O let’s praise Him! Let’s praise Him! Let’s praise Him! Let’s magnify His Holy Name! Let’s bless His Holy Name! He’s distributing spare parts now! Let’s praise Him a little…………Alleluia! haayy, Alleluia! haay…….I go worship my God! E go do am for me………. Oh my Lord! Glory be to God!

Daddy says, He’s not just healing bodies now, He’s healing marriages, He’s healing finances, He’s healing ministries, He’s healing now! Healing is flowing like a river now! Like waves of the sea…..oh! Lift up your hands now and begin to receive! This is not the time to pray! This is just the time to thank Him! He’s distributing healings now! The healings are flowing like waves of the sea now……..The healing waves of the Almighty God are so strong right now! Just begin to bless His Name! Just, just begin to bless His Name! Just begin to bless His Name! Just begin to bless His Name! Just begin to worship Him, begin to worship Him, begin to worship O Thank You Father! Blessed be Your Holy Name! Lord! Glory be to Your Name! Thank You Father! Thank You Jesus! Glory be to God! Oh! Amen!

The Lord said that there is a man here, someone, someone that to show you that He is the God of restoration, your head that is bald-headed will be covered by fresh hair!

O Thank You Father! Thank You Jesus! The Lord said there’s a woman here, the doctors have told you that the baby in your womb is dead and they want to evacuate and you said you will come to Lekki first. The Lord asked me to tell you, the baby is already moving now! The baby is back to life now – it’s kicking now, kicking now! Glory be to God! Alleluia! Father!

The Lord said there’s someone here tonight, doctors have told you you have a short time to live. You also said, “I will go to Lekki first….” God asked me to tell you – Go back and see your doctor tomorrow” They will tell you, “we don’t understand but you are now well.” Glory be to You God! Thank You Jesus! Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Now let’s do it this way. We are going to sing that song one more time and as we sing I just want you to check your bodies – those things you cannot do before, for example some of you, it’s a long time you can’t bend to touch your toes. Some of you say you can’t even lift your hands for a long time. Some of you say you can’t twist like this. Whatever you can’t do before – as we begin to sing now begin to do them because He’s healing, the healing has flowed………. Come on let’s have that song… I go worship my God o……….

O Thank You Lord! Let’s give the Lord a big hand! Let’s give the Lord a big hand! Now, Amen! It will be foolish of me if I say that all of you that have been healed should come forward because there'’ be no place to put you but just those of you who have checked and you know you have been healed – let me see your hand….. That’s almost everybody….let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

But just in order that we might be able to show some people that all the things God had been calling out are not just joke – that they are true – if God mentioned your case specifically tonight – this is your problem, its gone and you have said and it is gone, those specific cases that He mentioned, I want you to please do me a favour and do yourself a favour. I want you to find your way to the front – we want to take just a few testimonies, just a few so we can glorify God together and then we will move on to the final blessing. There is something still more wonderful coming!

Tonight is the night of Divine Visitation. Now those of you that God mentioned your case specifically and you have checked and you’ve……..Allow those people to come…..Alleluia! aay, Alleluia! aay…. I know many of you are coming from 2km away but you have to hurry up a little so that we can quickly listen to some of your testimonies and if you are coming please make sure you come with your bag because you may not be able to locate where you are coming from. For those of you who are coming, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!

Now as they come counselors could you please interview them. We want to take just a few of their testimonies. Let’s sing. Let’s sing for a little while – they are coming from a long distance……Alleluia! aay………………….Many of you who are still coming from a distance, keep coming now in order that those of them who are going to listen to them might be able to hear what they are saying I would ask that the rest of us would just keep thanking God quietly and then brethren maybe you would need to get down and just select about six of the testimonies or so for me. They are already out there and then you counselors you may listen to some of them that are already there. We just want to hear just a few and then we go to the final blessing.

In the meantime why don’t you begin to praise Him? Begin to cultivate the habit of praising Him. Practice how to praise Him. And those of you who are coming from a long distance keep coming, keep coming! Let’s hear your testimony – it will bring glory to God; it will put a seal on your miracle so that the enemy would not be able to steal that miracle from you.

***Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise Jesus! The shouting at the top of my voice is the sign of my miracle. I have been suffering from tuberculosis for the past 4 years but tonight when our Father in the Lord made mention of my case that there is someone here who has been healed of tuberculosis I got hold of it! That is my first miracle. Secondly, this very morning I still noticed the sign of blood in my sputum, early one, this morning and I know from the cause of the tuberculosis and whenever I take a deep breath I will feel a big pin in my chest. That is the sign that the tuberculosis is still functioning there. But secondly, when our Father in the Lord made mention again that someone used to spit blood and vomit blood, that the person has been healed – again I got hold of it as my second miracle. And my daughter in respect of this tuberculosis she has been contacted too but she’s not here today, but I have received her miracle for her! In Jesus’ Name!

***Praise the Lord! Praise the living Jesus! My name is Taiwo Rasheed. I’m the happiest person to be here this night. I thank God that God brought me to this place this night. My testimony is about the issue of blood. I’ve been menstruating since almost 8 days now. I usually menstruate for 5 days and it continue to flow, flow, flow! I don’t know what I’m going to do! I just told my twin sister that this is what is happening to me o... I don’t know! Even when we were coming to the beach this morning something was flowing. Daddy mentioned that there’s a woman here with the issue of blood and the something has stopped. I just said, “I claim it in the Name of Jesus!” so I’m happy to be here! I know that the something has stopped! Praise God!

***Praise the Lord! Praise the living Jesus! The Lord is good all the time! I give God the glory. I honour His Name because He’s the King of Kings, the Ancient of Days, the I AM that I AM! I’m barren for 2 years. My name is Mrs. Olaniyan. Our Daddy just mentioned it that there’s a woman here that her womb is dead but immediately our Daddy just mentioned it I perceive, and I notice that my womb was just picking up! Praise the Lord! Praise Him! Praise the King of Kings! Alleluia!

***Praise the Lord! Praise the mighty Jesus! My name is Adebamiji Omotayo Ashifat. I

M from Modakeke in Oshun State. My problem started about ehh! let me say about 4 years ago. I had a type of intestinal problem. So that intestines happened to be tied somehow and since then whatever I do had always been in pain. The intestines, whenever I eat self, the food I eat will not fall from my body. I’ve gone to Mount Olivet Hospital, Abeokuta – they say there is no solution! Medical Centre – they say there is no solution! Shadrach Hospital also in Abeokuta – they say there is no solution! Later I decided to come on the advice of somebody but tonight when they said that we should be praising God, we should be singing, I feel that very…. feel loosing, that it has now loosing completely! Amen Glory be to the Almighty God!

***Praise the Lord! Praise the living Jesus! Praise the Almighty Lord! My name is Oluwole Chris Ogunlani. I’ve lost my sight over ten years ago and I’ve gone for series of medical attention but today…..yet I cannot see well. Today when we started this service I received my sight! Praise the Almighty God!!

***Praise the Lord! Alleluia! Praise the living Jesus! I just want to report what great thing God has done in my life this night. I was brought here on a motorcycle in the morning. I could not walk because I’ve been suffering from kidney problem for one year and some time during the course of prayers our Father in the Lord said God was changing spare parts in the body and I’ve been believing God that if I get to Lekki today He’s going to change my kidney. I even ran from my seat! I ran up and down! I felt different! Praise the Lord! Alleluia! Praise the living Jesus!

***Praise the Lord! My name is Esther Damolekun. Since last 2 weeks I’ve been praying to God because of the pain I have that the Lord should take my life, that it will be better to die instead of me to be living in this world and now when we were praying also I was praying to God that God please take my life! And immediately I just finished praying the Pastor just talked about someone that had been praying about death! Praise the Lord! God has said He has already reached in my life!

***Praise the Lord! I came here with pains in my womb, on my body. My name is Funmi, Mrs. Funmi Kuti. There is a report that I will die if I have this baby. So Daddy specifically said that there’s a woman here, they said she’s going to die when she’s having her baby, that God says she’s not going to die again. And the pain I had after the operation for this baby was there when I came – so I pressed the whole place, now, there’s no more pain there! Praise the Lord!

***Praise the Lord! Praise the living Jesus! I thank God. My name is Mercy Emenege; I really thank God for what He has done in my life! Actually I wasn’t born a baldhead but all of a sudden my hair just stopped growing at the middle! Everybody started complaining that your hair is thin; that maybe I stole akara and kept it there and my hair started to stop growing like that but I thank God this night as the man of God mentioned that you that your hair that has stopped growing for a very long time that you have received your healing! I now felt the hair - the something was natural at the middle like that! I really praise the Lord and I thank Him for this miracle! Praise the Lord!

***Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord God! My name is Kerechi Raymond and I’m so excited to give this testimony because I know that this problem I had it was from childhood! When I was a very little girl. I was always having lumps around although my mother told me that it was sore throat and the rest of them. Last month I went to the hospital – they told me that it was tonsillitis but after all the drugs they gave me nothing happened – the lump was still there but they then told me that after, I was going to come back for an operation! I then went to the church – they prayed for me and told me I can go but it was ridiculous…..After vomiting, spitting out all those rubbish, when the Pastor, the Overseer then announced my problem – I swallowed spit, I found out there was nothing! Praise the Lord!

***Praise God! Alleluia! My own case....... My name is Olusola Adedeji. My own case is imbalancing of balancing organs. This thing happened to me about 4 weeks ago – I came back from office, I was the one that drove up inside my house but the following morning when I woke up I could not stand at all – I was staggering! Then I wanted to go out. I couldn’t go out. Later I sat down, I prayed, prayed but until I move out. Now, since that time I could not stand well at all! I could not even hear anything! I went to the hospital – I was admitted but it was as if I did not receive any treatment at all. Now when I came in.....I mean on Tuesday this week I went to my office to go to collect money that I want to go to LUTH for medical treatment but one of my colleagues, he told me that I don’t need to go to any hospital again that I should come to Lekki ’98 that I will receive my balancing there! I thank God today at this moment, as we were praying I received my balancing. In fact, I run from a very far away to this place now whereas before I could not stand at all! So the children of God should help me to shout big Alleluia! To God Alleluia!

***………for past 22 years she had been bent double – walking with walking stick but tonight God visited her and made her whole! Praise the Lord!

***My name is Mrs. Sowande. I’m from Abeokuta. The Lord said that the child in my womb is already dead but the moment the Pastor is praying for us that we are praying “Alleluia! aaay” I just see that the womb is moving and I thank God that the child has restored, all the child restored back…. Praise the Lord!

***Praise the Lord! Alleluia! Jesus can actually give one a miracle! I never believed in miracles but tonight I do! I came from Port Harcourt and I had this dream that our Daddy, the man of God healed me in the dream! And he prophesied that I was going to have 10 children! That was why I came to this program and beloved today He changed my name! My Name was Edin, meaning “Wait” I have waited for a long time. I cannot wait any longer! Alleluia! Today He has changed my name to a blessing and I will be a blessing unto my generation! Amen!

***Praise the Lord! My name is David Durojaiye and by the grace of God I’m a Pastor but I’ve been struggling in the ministry and it seems as if my waiting is endless! But tonight, my problem was told to my name and the servant of God said your name is “Wait” and you have been waiting on God for God’s divine blessing and tonight God has turned your name from “Wait” to “Blessing” and immediately I caught it. I said, “That’s for me!” because I know that Word came specifically for me! TG for what He has done, that He repeated Biblical history in my life! Praise the Lord!

***Praise the Lord! Alleluia! The child of this sister has been mentally retarded because it’s now 23 years old yet it could not walk nor do anything meaningful. But tonight, by the touch of the Almighty God the healing of God has been effected in his life! Glory be to God!

***I got married in 1993. 4 months to my wedding, I noticed that my manhood started ceasing. But Glory be to God! Tonight……. Anytime I want to meet my wife during her fertility, my manhood will cease – tonight I received my healing! Alleluia! I receive it! The Pastor said my wife will be happy. I know by the grace of God when I get home she will be happy In Jesus’ Name! (Amen!)

***Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! I am Joseph Ogoagu. I had an operation some few long years ago on hernia and as I was operated upon my testes was tampered with and as a result of that I had an imbalance of testes so when the man of God was speaking he said there was a man here, he’s a man but he has imbalance of testes and his testes is being restored and I claimed the divine restoration and now I’m being restored! Everybody Praise the Lord! with me! Alleluia!

Well, I can see several hundreds still waiting there. Please, I want all their testimonies taken and take their names and short testimonies but if we don’t do something we won’t leave here today! In fact the people I’m seeing over there they must be close to 2000 so we can’t take all of your testimonies. Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Every Word that has come from God is true concerning the one He has said concerning you, every one will come to pass!

Now we want to go on to the final blessing. But before we do that I want to make 2 or 3 announcements quickly…………

I want us to do one thing now before we pronounce the final blessing on you because its almost 5 am now and I want some of us to be moving before the rest of the world will wake up. I want us to remain on our seat singing, praising God and let’s give God a thanksgiving offering that will show Him we appreciate Him and what He has done in our life tonight and also that from now on He’s welcome in our homes and we will show Him that we can be very hospitable. Let’s do that very quickly. Ushers get ready to help us and then we will have the final blessing and we can go home rejoicing. Now, over to you brethren……..Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest………………………………. You are worthy Lord!

Let somebody shout Alleluia! Now we know that the ushers are still busy –they can continue their work, after all we want to dance a little more! But you see as I sat down there several messages were coming. For example God said there’s a young widow here today who will sing a new song in the New Year and He said there is a student here, you had your worst report this year and that next year you are going to have your best report! Amen! (Amen!)

He said there is someone here that your life is like the story of a trailer that was separated from the engine; that you were travelling steadily and speedily in life before and then all of a sudden you found yourself slowing down, slowing down, almost about to stop. He asked me to tell you – the engine has returned to pick you up! Amen! (Amen!)

He said there is someone here, because of a particular problem in your life many members of your family have refused to accept Jesus. Now He asked me to tell you – I will intervene! Amen! (Amen!) I will intervene! He said there is someone here, for example the enemy caught you when you were young knowing fully well that if only you are free you will really serve God. The Lord asked me to tell you – from tonight onwards, you are free! Amen! (Amen!)

Well, let’s dance a little more! While we wait for the ushers……. I thought you’re ready – Yes sir, we are – come on………O Lord! I love to sing your praises, I just love, love, love to sing it; I just love to sing your praises!………

Ah! Ah! The Lord said there’s someone here tonight who said, “O Lord, I wish I can sponsor the next festival!” Daddy asked me to tell you, whoever you are, I’ve heard what you say and I will make you a divine treasurer! Amen! (Amen!) The Lord says there’s someone here, you have watched others celebrate, you have helped others to celebrate and you have been asking the question – “When will my own day of celebration come?” The Lord asked me to tell you - your day of celebration is nearer than you think! Amen! (Amen!)

Then Daddy asked me to ask you to do one funny thing: I have to, you remember anyone who wants to enter the Kingdom of God will have to be like a child – are you ready to be a child for Jesus? (Yes!) Are you sure? (Yes!) Well Daddy asked me to tell you to laugh – just go ahead – laugh ……. I mean laugh…..Laugh from the bottom of your heart!……I mean laugh – really laugh! Some of you are not laughing! You are not laughing – come on laugh! I’m not the one asking you to laugh! Better laugh now! Glory be to God! Alleluia! Daddy asked me to tell you, all of you who laughed sincerely – your days of laughter have started! Amen! (Amen!) Maybe I better give you another opportunity to laugh now! – Glory be to God! O Thank You Jesus! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

And now ushers you have to hurry up now. I want you all to ask God for a Christmas present – something you want God to do for you before Christmas. Please don’t ask for little things, ask for something special. Come on now, ask Him! In Jesus’ Name we have prayed! Amen!

Father! I just want to thank You. I want to thank You for this glorious night. Thank You for the extraordinary things you have done here tonight. I thank You for the hundreds of thousands of souls that were saved. I thank You for the millions that you have healed. I thank You for visiting Nigeria. Glory be to Your Holy Name! (Amen!)

Father! My own Christmas present that I want is that everybody here will have a testimony. Father! Give me my own Christmas present in Jesus’ Name! Everyone here tonight who asked you for a present before Christmas Day, let them have testimonies! (Amen!) I pray that even as they go your blessings will be with them! (Amen!) Your miracles will continue to multiply in their life! (Amen!) I pray that they will meet home in peace! (Amen!) That they will meet joy on the way! (Amen!), that for the rest of their lives it will just be better for them! (Amen!) The offerings that your children have brought to you Lord! Restore to them a hundredfold in Jesus’ Name! Everybody here tonight and the families they represent, let them enter the New Year with great joy! (Amen!) Every sorrow in the New Year take it far away from them in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) All the blessings of the New Year, give to your children in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) Wherever your children go from now on – let them find favour with God! (Amen!) Let them find favour with men! (Amen!) Let ways be opened unto them! (Amen!) And in your Kingdom don’t let them be found wanting! (Amen!) Thank You Father! Glory be to Your Holy Name! For we pray in Jesus’ mighty Name! (Amen!)

Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Who received the biggest miracle tonight? Then let your Alleluia! be the biggest Alleluia!………………Amen! As you are going, if you find any piece of paper or something on the ground, pick it up and as you do so any problem left in your life will be removed! Amen! (Amen!) Number two - my Daddy told me that your miracles are not going to end here – even as you are going home the miracles will continue! Amen! (Amen!) Number three – When Daddy told me that this ground will not contain us even tonight, I found it difficult to believe but now that there are half a million beyond the road……. Now that means we cannot hold the next year festival here because it will be too small! Glory be to God! So if there is any of you who knows a place much bigger than this because next year we are going to be over 20 million! Amen! (Amen!) Please try and contact us.

I want you to shake hands with 2 or 3 people and say, “Thank God I came, I came, I came, I came!” Now as you go in peace, go home rejoicing and your joy will never end.

Now in the meantime because there are so many people on the road already that may not allow those of you near here to move yet. I think those of us who are on the main ground now should dance for some time……………………

Alleluia! aamen…………
Pastor E. A. Adeboye

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