Friday, June 20, 2014


Let's lift our hands to the Almighty God and bless His holy name, worship the King of kings, worship the Lord of lords.

Bless his Holy name, He is worthy to be praised, He is worthy to be adored, give Him all gory give Him all honor, bless His holy name.

Bless the King of kings, bless the Lord of lords, bless the Ancient of days. Give Him glory, give Him honor. Give Him adoration, there is no one like Him, He reigns forever.

Oh yes worship Him,; worship the Rock of Ages, worship the Unchangeable Changer, He is Greater than the greatest, He is Better than the best, He is Older than the oldest.

Bless His holy name.

in Jesus mighty name we worship.

Glory be to Your Holy name. Accept our worship in Jesus name.

Father, it was like yesterday when we were saying happy new year, months are already gone, we are already in the six month, Father, please hurry up to help us in Jesus name, send help to us speedily in Jesus name.

Let our testimony begin right now in Jesus name. Long before this month ends, my Father and my God in every one of our homes, let there be shouts of joy. Let our blessings overflow and let your name and your name alone be glorified.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let someone shout hallelujah!

Shake hand to one or two people and prophesied to them; your peace will be like a river. And then you may please be seated.


Tonight we want to talk about PEACE LIKE A RIVER

Isaiah 48 v 18: Oh that thou had hearken to my commandments, then shall the peace be like a river, and your righteousness like a wave of the sea.

Let's put it in modern language; God said if only you have listened attentively to my commandments, then your peace would have been like a river and your righteousness as the waves of the sea.

Peace like a river; anytime you hear the word storm; a picture goes through your mind.

Picture of disturbance, picture of trouble, picture of everything unpleasant;

But when you hear the word peace, you have a picture going through your mind;

Everything pleasant, everything restful, everything harmonious, that is the picture you get.

So storm stands for; trouble, unpleasant things, lack of rest.

Peace stands for; harmony, rest, everything pleasant.

Which is why Jesus Christ was called the Prince of peace. Isaiah 9 v 6.

And because He is the Prince of peace that is why He has the ability to still every storm.

In Mark 4 v 35-41 the Bible tells us that when there was a storm and Jesus was sleeping when they woke Him up, He spoke a word, all He said was Peace Be Still.

And suddenly everything became calm.

So that people came to him and say "what manner of man is this, that the wind and the sea obeyed Him?".

Now the Prince of peace is here tonight, because He said where two or three are gathered in My name, I will be there, so He is here tonight, and I am speaking on His behalf.

When I say to someone who is going through a storm; peace be still.

For God to give you peace like a river, you will need peace physical, peace in your body.

Like I told those of you who came to the holy communion yesterday, A man who is in pain cannot say he is at peace, or if your head is pounding or if the doctors have told you that you have an incurable disease if when you are trying to move the pain is going through your entire body we can't say you are at peace.

But tonight in the name that is above every other name, anyone with any storm in his body system receive peace in Jesus name.

In Mark 5 v 25-34 when the Bible talks about the woman with the issue of blood who had suffered a lot of things from physician she has spent all her money because she was bleeding.

And if there is someone who is bleeding continuously you can't say that fellow is at peace.

When she managed to get to the Lord Jesus Christ, instantly peace came.

You have come to this holy ground tonight, in the name that is above every other name, that storm in your body will be stilled tonight.

In the case of a man in John 5 v 2-9 who have been sick for thirty eight years, you can't say that man is at peace, for thirty eight years he has been going forward and backward looking for healing, but all of a sudden when he wasn't even expecting at all, his day came, and one word from the prince of peace and suddenly peace came.

Some of you who will remember the story of a young man who came to us and said the day of my wedding is fixed; I think it was three weeks to go, and then we went for a medical test we discovered that the bride to be is HIV positive.

When you talked about a storm, that is a storm.

The young man said what do I do now invitation cards had gone out we are already looking forward to the day of joy, what do I do now?

Thank God there is a God who can cure the incurable; you know the rest of the story, we cried to him the prince of peace, they went for another test and what was positive became negative.

Every one of you here tonight with any form of incurable disease as long as Jesus is still alive, you will walk out of here healed in Jesus name.

A man cannot be at peace if he has problems financially.

Like I told of you who came to divine encounter of last Monday and I want to encourage everyone of you get that tape, even if it is the only thing you buy this month, get that tape it will do you good.

Material storm is one of the worst storms anyone could have because it could lead to other more horrible storm.

In 1 King 17 v 8 -16 it was because there was no money left, no food left in the house of the widow of Zarephath that she said rather than sit down and watch my son die of hunger, we will eat our last meal and just go ahead and die. Material storms can lead to suicidal thoughts.

Some of you know the story of my uncle that I told before, when things went so bad that he had to be taking the wrapper of the wife to make buba (shirt) sokoto (trouser) he decided that death is better than shame, so he made up his mind he will go to church on Sunday he will sing, he will dance, everybody will noticed him, then he will come home and kill himself.

Fortunately, he heard a word; God will speak to somebody here tonight.

When the preacher said, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego said we don't know how God can deliver us but we know he will.

He heard that word and said I don't know how God will bring me out of this storm, but I refuse to die and the Prince of peace spoke peace into his storm.

The day he was sharing his testimony he had just purchased fourteen cars from his company.

If you are going through a financial storm tonight; peace be still in Jesus name.

In 2King 6 v 24 - 30 the Bible tells us that when things got bad in Samaria when there was no food, no money, nothing.

Two women reached an agreement, each one had a son, let's kill my son today and eat him and tomorrow we eat your own son, when women begin to eat their own children you know things are bad.

Like I told those of you here on Monday; you may say that kind of situation can never occur in our nation.

Really! I told them about the story of a woman who was arrested for selling her child, when they arrested her, she said you can do whatever you like to me but hear my story first.

It is true, I sold the child, but at least where the child is going, the child will have something to eat where she is going and as for me, the little money I make from her I will eat something for a while.

That situation that will cause you to want to sell your child, that kind of financial storm will never come your way again in Jesus name.

But God can still financial storm because by the time you get to 2king 7 v 1-11 within twenty four hours the tide turned and food became surplus.

That God is still on His throne, those of you who are in a serious financial storm because you came tonight, very soon in your life there will be peace like a river.

Another kind of storm is what we call emotional storm.

Daddy says I should let you know that many captive shall be free this month.

Emotional storm; usually a storm that comes when something has come to frighten you and you are afraid or you are sad, usually fear.

In Exodus 14 v10- 28 the Bible tells us that when the children of Israel looked behind and they saw the Egyptians coming, they were sore afraid, there is a kind of fear that can tear a man apart, that renders a man helpless.

They were sore afraid.

Now when a man is afraid he says thing he doesn't want to say, he does things he doesn't want to do.

The children of Israel turned on Moses, "Moses are there no graves in Egypt that you brought us to this place to die?

Somehow they just decided that Death is coming and this time it is going to be dead without burial, but thank God the Almighty God spoke and said to them that they should take a good look at the enemies, because he said the enemies you are seeing tonight, you will never see them again.

And I believe that is a message for someone here tonight; whatever it is that is frightening you, whatever it is that is causing so much fear in the mighty name of the Lord of host that thing will be gone tonight.

You know the rest of the story; by the time the sun arose both Pharaoh and all his hosts had become food for the fish.

In 1Samuel 17 v1 -51 the Bible tells us that for forty day Goliath terrorized the nation of Israel, but in a single day the Almighty God silent him.

I don't know for how long you have been afraid, but after tonight you will have peace like a river.

How do I know? Isaiah 41 v 10-13 Bible says the Almighty God said fear not, I will help you and we have already God prayed hurry and help me.

God is saying I will help you, he said those who are incensed against you will be as nothing, He said you would look for them you won't find them, so shall it be in Jesus name.

I know what it is to be afraid, and some of you are looking at me now like you don't know what is called fear, when you find yourself face to face with death and there doesn't seem a way of escape you will know what is called fear.

Told some of you the story before, when once I was travelling on our beloved airways of blessed memory, am sure those of you who have travelled by plane before knowing that once they say fasten your seat belt and they shut the door, your life is in God's hand.

How many of you will say amen to that?

Because that is true; once they take off, God have mercy, because unlike motor car, if your car gives trouble you park by the road side, over there no parking space, so until you land safely again your life is in God's hand.

So we got to Heathrow they have already asked us to fasten our seat belt, we were about to land and then all of a sudden the captain came back and said

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have a little problem; the door in the belly of the plane has refused to open which means the landing gear cannot come out".

I was in first class because somebody bought me the ticket.

I enjoined first class, and all kinds of rich people were there.

The moment they heard the announcement, that day I discovered that rich people don't want to die.

Suddenly there was commotion; all those who have been behaving as if butter cannot melt in their mouth, suddenly we saw human beings. Because the meaning of the door can't open is clear! You are about to crash.

I can't forget there was a particular man there he has a golden walking stick with a diamond at the top.

From Lagos to Heathrow he has been pretending he wanted to go to the toilet so he can show us the walking stick.

But this time now he really wanted to go to the toilet.

He got up, The hostess said sit down, sir, He said who said so?

And there was a woman behind me who was screaming: Oh God! Am going to London to look at my grandchild,

Who asked her?

You are laughing now because you are seated on the ground, if you have been there that day it will be a different story.

And I am telling you Pastor Adeboye was frightened, anointing or no anointing,when you come face to face with death shut in an airplane you know what is called fear.

Quickly my mind went through my life, who did I offend, who offended me that I have not forgiven and then I said Daddy, you didn't tell me this is how it is going to end.

Last night I was just saying to my son bye, bye I was going to bring you some toys, we didn't say bye, bye.

Then God spoke to me, He will speak to somebody here.

He said "son, you are not going to die, I want to talk to you and I know as soon as you landed in London they won't let us talk.

There is something I must tell you before you land",

Suddenly, peace came.

Tonight everyone of you going through a storm, receive peace in Jesus name.

For forty five minutes the plane was going round in circles while they were struggling if they could press one button or the other to get the door open.

The plane was going round and round and I was enjoying my Daddy.

All of a sudden the pilot said when the commotion was great,

"Ladies and gentleman settle down after all this is Heathrow; the fire fighters here are very good.

Ah! Firefighter?

Those who didn't know about fire said you mean we are not only going to crash we are going to burn?

After forty five minutes when God finished speaking to me suddenly the door opened and we landed safely.

Every one of you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, in all your journeys you will arrive safely.

But then there could be another kind of storm; and that is marital storm,

In Genesis 16 v 1-4 the Bible tells us the story of Sarah who told her husband Abraham, and said well am barren take my house girl after all a child is a child.

Just go into her and let's have a child to play with and Abraham agreed.

Went in and the girl became pregnant immediately, Soon as she became pregnant, she turned on her husband

"Look at you all this year you have not been able to produce look at me now, just one time".

Barrenness can be a storm, that is why I am praying for you who are believing God for the fruit of the womb, before the end of this year in your home there will be shouts of joy.

The Bible tells us about what happened to Hannah in I Samuel 1 v 1-6 not only had her a problem bearing children, the other woman in the home, the Bible said vexed her sore.

The other woman began to grind her nose in the dust;

"Hey, what are you doing in my husband's house?"

"Just eating his food producing nothing"

But when God stepped into the situation, when the stiller of storms stepped into the situation of Sarah in Genesis 21 v 1 -6 she said God has made me laugh those who hear, will laugh with me.

In the homes of those of you trusting God for the fruit of the womb, this year there will be celebrated.

When God stepped into the situation of Hannah, she wrote a new song.

lSamuel 2 v 1-10

Many of you today long before this year ends will be singing a new song.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; He said from now on no more downward movement for you.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said you will begin to enjoy rain because there will be frequent answers to your prayers.

In Mark 5 v 45-42 the story of Jarius who had an only daughter, when they told him that the only daughter was dead you could imagine the storm. The only one daughter;

Not that he didn't want more children because the daughter is about twelve years old, but for one reason or the other none came.

There was a storm.

The Lord told him to fear not. The stiller of storm stilled the storm.

Every one of you going through family storm, in the name that is above every other name, the storm will be over in Jesus name.

I'm sure the older pastor will remember the story of one of our pastors who may be sitting up there, his wife was pregnant.

Was almost ready to deliver, they went to church, had a wonderful service, came back home, the wife cooked.

She sat down to eat and while they were eating, the wife just fell from the chair knocked down dead, pregnancy and all.

When you talk about prayer, I have told you there are all manners of prayers.

There are prayers you pray like a gentleman when you have no storm, when you have a storm you will pray you won't care who hears you.

So the pastor began to cry unto the Lord, the neighbors heard the noise they came, somebody checked the pulse found she was dead.

What is wrong with this man praying, they grabbed the woman, because the death came so suddenly the baby in the womb was still breathing, they rushed her to the hospital and since the woman was dead there was no need for anesthetic.

They began operation immediately to see if they could at least reach the baby before it was too late.

And everybody was praying that God save the baby, only the pastor was praying "God save my wife too".

So the doctor brought out the baby; fortunately the baby was still alive.

They quickly sewed up the woman, they didn't do it so tidy because she was dead anyway.

But just as they finished showing her up; she came back to life.

True story not they say! One of my pastors.

There is no storm too big for the Lord to still, whatever storm is in your family tonight shall be still in Jesus name.

And then of course there could be storm spiritual.

It is probably one of the worst storms you can think about, in Mark 5 v 1-20 you know the story of the mad man of Gadarene; the man who had the legions of demon.

Each time I told you about this story, in the past, I used to say he was so mad that mad people call him mad.

One day one of my children said madness is madness. I say madness can be in the category.

I told him a true story, in the early day of the camp when we first moved here, because nobody was living here, only the carpenters and myself when I come to pray.

We have a room where we can keep sick people, we have a Bible college student there too. So when they find a case that are no responding to medical treatment, mad people they will refer them.

They brought one from Ife shackled hand and feet after about three days he hascalm down, then they brought one from Abeokuta who was still a hundred percent mad.

So they put him in the same room as the one from Ife and the one from Ife ran out. Shouting, come and see these people do, they have brought a madman to come and stay with me.

Lord has mercy. Madness can be in category.

The mad man of Gadarene was mad of the highest category but when he met the prince of peace within the twinkling of an eye, the mad man became an evangelist.

All of you who are being tormented by one demon or the other you shall be free tonight.


Because Philippians 2 v 9-10 says God has given Him a name that is above every other name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow.

Every demon, no matter it is being tormenting you will leave you alone tonight in Jesus name.

But then even though peace have been defined accurately by my brother who spoke before me as the absence of war, but the greatest peace actually there can be peace even when the storm is still raging.

It is possible to have peace within a storm, for example, in 2 King6 v 15 -17 the Bible tells us about how a king, sent a whole army to go and arrest a man of God and the servant of the man of God went out and saw that they were surrounded by horses and chariot and a whole army coming to arrest just one man.

The poor young man was afraid, he ran inside said to his master, "we are done for, we are finished, there is no escape", but the man of God was sitting on his rocking chair completely at peace, saying don't worry my son, those who are with us are more than those who are with them, but the boy couldn't see it, he could only see two of them.

I am sure he must have told his master "master, you don't see what I am saying, there is an army out there and it doesn't how I count, whether I count one two or two one, there are only two of us.

But the man of God prayed a simple prayer and asked the Almighty God to open his eye, suddenly the man saw horses and chariot of fire surrounding them,

I told some of my children not too long ago, those of you who are fasting now, congratulation, when the storms comes you shall rejoice. But those who refuse to fast now; they will fast in those days.

Peace within a storm, in Mark 4 v 35-41 bible tells us there was a storm but Jesus was sleeping.

The prince of peace was enjoying his sleep even though the storm was raging. There is nothing as pleasant as peace within a storm.

And I can tell you several stories, some of them you have heard before, maybe I just tell you one because of those of you who are new.

I was travelling this time again in the plane, this time I think it was British airway, but it was after the experience of the first one that I mentioned.

Young and hungry, I was travelling in an economy and in the food in the economy those of you travelling; you know it can't fill the stomach of a hungry young man.

We have already taken off and they have already served us when the captain came and said ladies and gentlemen the weather boys told us that around the time we will be landing in London there will be a storm, but don't worry we will manage to land.

The man sitting next to me the moment he heard that he just froze, he couldn't eat, but because of my previous experience; I knew if He got me through before, he will get me through again.

I just finished my food then I looked at the man he wasn't eating, so I said sir, you are not eating? He looked at me surprised; apparently he had been looking at me from the corner of his eye.

He said you mean you speak English?

You heard what the captain said?

I said yes sir.

So I repeated you are not eating?

He said no, can I?

He said ok,

So I took his tray and gave him my own tray and I finished his food, after which I slept.

In the name that is above every other name, from tonight forward you will enjoy peace like a river.

When we got to Heathrow and the same captain came on the speaker, he said ladies and gentleman, the weather boys have deceived us there is no storm in London the storm is in Ireland, I looked at the man, he looked at me and both of us began to laugh.

It is too late for him to get his food back, but I heard God speak to me.

Again, God will speak to somebody here tonight and said son, the weather boys did not make a mistake but because of you I diverted the storm.

May I decree as I have done before, any storm coming your way shall be diverted.

Almighty God asked me to tell someone He said the fellow would understand, He said simply your joy will resurrect.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said before the end of this year you will be riding high.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, what gave you the impression that your glorious has passed, He said I am your hope of glory and your glorious day are yet to come.

Prince of peace can still any storm, physical storm, material storm, marital storm, emotional storm, spiritual storm; He can even give you peace inside the storm.

However the text I read to you from where we got this theme "PEACE LIKE A RIVER says if only you will hearken diligently to the commandment of your God, then your peace would have been like a river.

In other word He is saying the reason for the storm in your life is because you did not pay attention to His commandment.

So He is saying you want peace like a river? He said you have to go back check your ways, find out in what ways you have been disobeying God, if only you will hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord your God then your peace will be like a river.

In Exodus 15 v 26 the Bible said if you will hearken diligently to hearken to the voice of the Lord your God, to observe and to do all that He is commanding you, He said I won't even let you to be sick.

Forever thy word is settled.

It is possible to be hundred percent healthy for the rest of your life if you will hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord your God, to observe and to do all that He commands and I will bring none of the diseases there were upon the Egyptian upon you, for I am the Lord that heals you, He said I will be your physician, I will be God your healer.

In 2King 5 v 1- 14 Naaman came to the man of God with an incurable disease, the man of God said go and dip yourself seven times in Jordan.

Naaman said; are there no better rivers where am coming from?

Who is going to dip himself in dirty river like Jordan?

The man of God said alright; if you won't obey simple instruction, go ahead with your leprosy.

But when he obeyed and dip himself seven times not six because when he was coming up after the sixth Deeping he was still a leper.

When God says seven it must be seven.

When he was coming up the seventh times the Bible says his skin came out like that of a new baby.

If you will hearken to observe and to do all these commandments, then you won't have to be sick.

If you will hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord to observe and to do all that He commands you; you won't have financial storms.

It is not me who says so, it is God, Deuteronomy 28 v 1-2 and then 11-12. Deuteronomy have been written a long time ago, before you were born before I was born, so I am not the writer.

If you will observe to do all that he will command you, He said I will set you above nation of the world, He said blessings will pursue you and overtake you.

He said you will never borrow, you will be lending to nations.

I didn't write that it is there and forever oh Lord, thy word is settled.

Some of you will say that is in the Old Testament then throw away the Bible and then cease to be a Christian.

In 2King 7 v 1-4 When that widow of the sons of the prophet, came to the man of God and said I am not only in financial problem, I am in a family storm, because the creditors are coming to take my children into bondage help me, the man of God said to her woman listen carefully.

Number one goes home, number two go and borrow empty vessels from your neighbors, number three shut the door on yourself and your sons, number four beginning to pour the little oil into the vessel, setting aside that which is full.

Step by step, this is what I want you to do, the woman went and obeyed instructions to detail. If she had gone home, borrowed empty vessels and did not shut the door on herself and the child the oil will not have flowed.

And the man of man of God told her borrow not a few, if she had borrowed a few the moment the empty vessel finished, the oil stop. If she had borrowed more vessels the oil will have kept on going.

It is not the pastor who wrote Malachi 3 v 8-11 when the Almighty God said you are to bring all the tithe to His store house.

He didn't say help me spend part, he said bring all. He said he will rebuke devourers for your sake.

Get the tape of Last Monday I don't have all the time to tell you all the stories.

When the Almighty God said to the widow of Zarephath on 1king 17 v 8-16 when the prophet said do my own first, that was a very serious, very difficult commandments and the widow obeyed she never lack throughout the famine. I told those who were here on Monday,

Honor me with your first fruit, he did not say I need your money, I told them and said check those of you who are educated when the university all over the world, when they want to give an honorary degree to somebody who doesn't need it, they don't give an honorary degree to an unknown Famer.

They look at somebody and say what can give this man? We can't give him money, he has money, you can't give him cloth, he has cloth, you can't even say you want to give him room in the vice chancellor lodge he has his own houses, let's give him a degree to honor him that is what God is saying. Honor me, I am the all sufficient one. And then see how I will respond.

In John 15 v 16 the Almighty God said you have not chosen me, but I have chosen you that you should go and bring forth fruit, and make sure your fruit will abide, he said if you do it that way anything you ask I will do it.

Some of us complained that God has not answered our prayers, how many souls have you won?

Some of you have been born again three years, you haven't won a single soul to the Lord and yet you are grumbling that you have storms here, you have storm there, the answer hasn't come.

How many souls have you won? He expects you to be winning souls regularly. He says a tree that is not producing a fruit should be cut down, you should even be grateful to him that he hadn't cut you down yet.

1 Thessalonians 5v 17-18 they say in all things we are to give thanks and that you are to pray without season, why don't we just listen to his commandment and do them and see whether or not you will have peace like river.

We are about to close now because we are about to pray, by the grace of God, some of us will pray, some of us will pray, the rest of us will join us.

In the same Isaiah 48 v 22 I think mummy mentioned this while she was praying, the Bible stated categorically no peace to the wicked saith the Lord.

You are living in sin, you want to continue to live in sin and you are asking for peace?

God said it is not going to happen, no peace to the wicked, you don't come out of your life of sin, you want to be rich and so you are stealing; but the word of God is clear on these things, he said as the partridge sits on an egg and hatch them not he said so will those who gather wealth but not righteousness will die in the middle of their days and at the end be a fool.

Why don't we follow his instructions and then we will have peace, if he is the prince of peace, he can still any storm no matter how big, but you have to surrender to him first, you have to make up your mind to say bye, bye to a life of sin, you want to like a life of holiness, you want to live a life that is pleasing to the almighty God, then the prince of peace will arise for you, he will still all your storms.

So if there is anyone here tonight and you want to say bye, bye to the life of sin and you want to live for God from now on so that you too can begin to enjoy the peace that only the prince of peace can give, you can begin to come forward now, surrender your life to Jesus and I will pray for your salvation and you will begin to enjoy peace like a river.

As you come, begin to pray, ask Jesus to save your soul.

Brethren, let lift our hands and pray for all these people that the Almighty God will cleanse them He will give them a brand new beginning, that today a new beginning will start in their lives, that they will begin a life free of sin, they will leave a life pleasing to God.

Let's intercede for them, that the Almighty God will save their souls, he will give them a brand new beginning. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Savior, I just want to say thank you, thank you for your word, thank you for these people who have come forward to surrender their lives to you, please remember your promise that whosoever will come to you will no wise cast out, they have come to you now,

Father, please receive them in Jesus name, have mercy on them in Jesus name, let your blood wash away all their sins, Father, give them a brand new beginning today in Jesus name, write their names in the book of life, from now anytime they call on you answer them by fire,

Let them serve you till the end, don't let them go back to the world in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Amen.

Those of you in front let me hear you shout hallelujah!

Now I want to make a solemn promise that from now I will be praying for you, very soon you will be receiving miracles, then you will know somebody is praying for you and that person will be me.

That is why I will need your name, your address and I will be praying for you. So I will need your name and your address.


1. Praise God because the prince of peace is your father.

2. Father, Please forgive all my acts of disobedience.

3. Father, let me cease to be my own enemy.

4. Father, give me the grace to restitute my ways and change my attitude to your commandments.

5. Father, give me tonight the spirit of total obedience to your word.

6. Father, please let every storm in my body, in my soul and spirit cease tonight.

7. Father, please let there be no more financial storms in my life forever.

8. Father, command every storm in my family to cease now.

9. Father, please arise and scatter all the enemies of my peace.

10. Father, every plant you have not planted in my life, in my home, in my business, in your church uproot this month.

11. Father, please give us Nigeria of your own dream.

12. Individual prayers.

I want you to pray with all your strength now and say in the mighty name of Jesus from now I will obey God, therefore I command every storm in my life be still... in Jesus mighty name we prayed.

I want you to join hands with your neighbor and say neighbor you are coming out tonight; you are coming out of sickness, you are coming out of bandage, you are coming out failure, you are coming out of fear... in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Just one more prayer and I want you to pray it with all your heart because the word of God says if two of you shall agree as touching anything here on earth, it shall be done for us by our father who is in heaven, so lift your voice up and say neighbor I agree with you from now you will enjoy peace like river in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

The Almighty God will answer your prayers, he will forgive all your act of disobedience, the grace to obey God receive it now,

there will be peace in your body, there will be peace in your soul, there will be peace in your spirit, there will be peace in your home, there will be peace in your finances.

Every storm in your life will end tonight, all the enemies of your peace shall be buried this month, you will enjoy peace like the river.

It shall be well with you; from now on you will serve the Lord, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


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