Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Go ahead and lift your hands to the Almighty God and begin to bless His holy name, give Him glory, give Him honor, give Him adoration,

He is worthy to be praised, He is worthy to be adored, worship the Ancient of days, give Him glory, give Him honor, give Him adoration, bless the King of kings, bless the Lord of lords, bless the ancient of days, magnify His holy name, He is worthy to be praised, He is worthy to be magnified, lift Him high.

He is worthy, there is no one like Him, bless His holy name.

Thank Him for healings, thank Him for miracle, thank Him for signs and wonders bless His holy name for the children that were born.

Magnify His holy name for the mighty testimonies, praise Him. He is worthy to be praised, He is worthy to be adored, He is worthy to be magnified, praise Him ....

Thank you Jesus! In Jesus mighty name we have worshipped.

Lift your voice to the almighty God and say father, in a very special way visit all of us tonight... in Jesus mighty name we have worship.

Alpha, Omega, you are worthy of my praises today (worship)

Alpha, Omega, you are worthy of my praises today

Alpha, Omega, you are worthy of my praises today


Alpha, Omega, you are worthy of my praises today

Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, the Unchangeable Lord;

The God of January, the God of February, the God of March, the God of April, the God of May, the God of June, the God of July, the God of August, the God of September, the God of octomber, the God of November and the God of Dezember.

The God of the Redeemed Christian church of God, glory be to your holy name.

Thank you for what you did during our convention, thank you for salvation, healing, miracles, signs and wonders, thank you for deliverance, thank you for joy, thank you for testimonies. Father accepts our thanks in Jesus name.

My Father and my God we pray that the blessings of last month will last forever, we pray that the blessing will continue even tonight.

Almighty God we pray that tonight in a very special way you will visit every one of us and let this month be our month of Laughter.

Thank you Almighty God, glory be to your holy name, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let someone shout halleluiah!


Genesis 21 1-7 And the Lord visited Sarah as He has said, and the Lord did unto Sarah has he had spoken. For Sarah conceived and bare Abraham a son in his old age, at the set time of which God had spoken to Him. And Abraham called the name of his son that was born unto him, whom Sarah bare to him, Isaac

And Abraham circumcised his son Isaac being eight days old as God has commanded him. And Abraham was a hundred years old, when his son Isaac was born unto him. And Sarah said, God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me. And she said, who will have said unto Abraham that Sarah should have given children suck? For I have born him a son in his old age.

Turn to the neighbor to your right and to the left and say I promise you God will make you laugh.

Sarah said; God has made me to laugh and all who hear will laugh with me.

The story of the laughter of Sarah as you know very well began in Genesis 18 v 1 -14 you will see how one day Abraham at the age of 99 was seating in front of his house and he looked up and saw three men just passing by.

When they got to the front of his tent, they hesitated for a while, they stood briefly. Abraham looked up and realized that this were not ordinary men, so he ran to meet them, bow down before them and invited them to his house.

He said, come let me give you some water to drink, let me wash your feet and if you don't mind let me give you some food to eat, because i know that is the reason why you have come to your servant.

And the Almighty God who have said if He is hungry he won't ask any man, accepted the invitation; went, eat and when He finished eating, He decided to say thank you to Abraham and the thank you He said was that in nine month time Sarah will have a son.

Sarah heard it and laughed, she laughed because her husband was ninety nine plus, herself was ninety and it was a long time ago that Abraham turned in her direction to say Sarah how now? So she thought that this people must have enjoyed the meal and they were trying to make fun of her, she laughed.

And God asked Sarah why did you laughed, she said I didn't laugh at all, what you said wasn't funny, but God said I know you laughed but whether you believe me or not, nine month from now you will have a son.

And what God said came to past, that was why she said God has made me to laugh.

The Lord has sent me at the beginning of the Redeemed year to tell somebody here tonight; The Almighty God will make you to laugh.

God makes you laugh, number one when you get an unexpected divine visitation. It is one thing for a man to visit God, like many of us are doing tonight; we have come to pay God a visit. But it is another thing for God to visit a man.

It is even beautiful enough when God is visiting a congregation, but it is better still when God decided in a large crowd to visit somebody in particular like in John 5 v 2-9 the Bible tells us about the pool of Bethsaida and the multitude of sick people that were there and when Jesus pay that place a visit, He visited only one particular person who has been sick for thirty eight years, and after dealing with the case of that person, He left the place.

I have a feeling deep within me, that there is somebody special tonight here tonight and God is going to pay you a special visit.

In Mark 10 v 46-52 the Bible says Jesus came to Jericho and as He was coming out of Jericho in other words He didn't do anything in Jericho because the man He came to visit was not inside the city; the man was by the road side begging, so He came out of Jericho, saw that one person, dealt with the problem of that one person and continued with his journey.

I'm going to remind you of some testimonies tonight to encourage you to know that you might be that person that God is interested in.

I have told you the story of a woman whose mother' in law went to the market and as the mother in law was coming she ran to meet her and the mother in law said take, eat and block your womb. And the woman laughed and said what kind of joke is this?

How I can I block my womb with a loaf of bread? And then innocently she went ahead and eat the bread. And from that day on her menses stopped and of course she became what we will call barren.

Then it happened that we tried to hold a program in their city, Oyo to be specific. And she heard we were coming, she decided to wait on God to pray.

The afternoon we were to arrive she fell asleep and had a dream and saw some men dressed like doctors, came into the room and they operated her and she saw them pulling out a long rope out of her belly, at the end of the rope was a black loaf of bread and they sowed her up and left the room and she woke up.

When she woke up, lo and behold her bed was soaked with blood, her menses had returned. The last I heard concerning her, I think she had five children already.

In the name that is above every other name, if God is going to visit just one person alone, that person will be you.

God makes you laugh; whenever He accepts your offering; Abraham made an offer to God and God accepted. According to Genesis 4 v 3-5 God does not have to accept every offering.

Cain brought an offering, God rejected it. Abel brought an offering and God accepted the offering. Whenever God accept your offerings a miracle will follow.

In 2king 4 v 8-17 the Bible tells us the story of the Shulamite woman who saw the man of God passing by and made an offer; come and eat in my house.

The Bible says the man of God said 'I don't need your food but the woman insisted, the Bible says she constrained him, compel him, she restrained him.

To come to her house to eat, the man of God eat and kept coming back. Then the woman said instead of the man of God coming for occasional lunch, let's build him an apartment so that he can come and stay. And instead of lunch alone, he will be having breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Then one day, God spoke to the man of God saying; you have been eating this woman's food , when are you going to do something about her problem?

The man of God called her 'woman what can I do for you?"

She said I don't need anything, I am comfortable, am well connected. 'The man of God pressed further and discovered she was barren and the man of God said wonderful! I can give you what money cannot buy.

I am praying for someone here tonight, that thing which you need that will make your joy full, you will receive it tonight in Jesus name.

You know the rest of the story, the man of God said woman you are going to have a son nine month from now. And nine months from then, the son came.

Whenever God accept an offering a miracle follows 2Chronicle 1 v 6-15 the Bible tells us about Solomon offering to God a thousand burnt offering, God was pleased and the Bible said that night God paid Solomon a visit.

I am believing God for someone tonight that before you wake up again, you will get a divine visitation.

I want to encourage you because I know many of you were not here for divine encounter on Monday, I want you to make sure you got the tape for last Monday divine encounter because we explained something to you.

Whenever you give God a sacrificial offering, an offering you know is sacrificial, God is bound to respond and usually He responds with a divine visitation.

Years ago as a young Christian, my father in the Lord said there is a great need in the Church that must be met urgently so he called those of us who were workers, those of us who were children of God, he said go and close your account we need the money now.

Monday morning my wife and I went to close our accounts and brought the money.

The following Sunday at the workers meeting, papa said thank God the need was met but how many of you closed your account?

I raised my hand, my wife raised her hand.

We looked round nobody else raised their own hands, and I looked at my wife and a thought came to my mind, I said I hope we have not mixed madness with this thing we have accepted, then I heard God spoke to me.

He said "my son, it is a test; because you have done what nobody has done, when I take you to where nobody has been, nobody will be able to complain".

There is somebody here tonight; God will take you to somewhere you can never dream of.

When God accept your offering, a miracle will follow!

God makes you laugh, when the All Sufficient One decides to say thank you, He will make sure miracles follow you.

After He accepted the offering of Abraham, He decided to say thank you.

You see in Psalm 50 v 7-12 the Almighty God said if I am hungry I don't need to tell anyone, He said all the beast of the forest are mine, the cattle on a thousand hills they are mine.

If I want to eat I can get as much as I want. But then when the One who says He eats nothing, receives an offering from you, particularly an offering you yourself will know it is a sacrificial offering, the Bible says they that sow in tears will reap in joy, and God decides to say thank you. No doubt about it, laughter will follow.

In Luke5 v 1 7 when He borrowed the boat of Peter to preach from the boat, after He finished preaching He asked him to launch into the deep to throw his net.

Peter threw only one net and caught so much fish, his boat and the boat of his friend were full to sinking point.

In John6 v 5-13 the Bible says that there was a multitude, Jesus has been preaching to the multitude and then they were hungry it was time for them to eat and a small boy surrendered his lunch, talk about sacrificial offering!

The boy had just his little lunch but he surrender it to Jesus, after Jesus multiplied the bread and the fish and fed the people there were twelve baskets left over.

I have asked my little children when they were younger, what happened to the twelve basket and fish? And I got various answers and one of the answers I got was that there were twelve apostles, so each apostle got one basket each.

I laughed; then I told then yes there were twelve basket and they were twelve apostles each apostles carried the twelve basket to the house of the boy because the word of God says all rivers run into the sea and the sea is not full, He said because where the river is coming from that is where the water will return.

The boy who made the sacrifice must have gone home with twelve hefty men carrying baskets full of food.

And I'm sure when the mother saw him with all the basket of food, there must have been laughter in that house that day.

There is a house here today where there will be laughter before the end of this month.

When we were building this auditorium, I remember God told me we want to cover this auditorium it was an open space that is why we use to call it arena.

The Lord said to me; son, we are going to cover this place I was happy, glory be to God.

But then He said you are not going to take an offering, you won't call people together and say give me money towards the auditorium.

How are we going to build it? He said just you and I. Up till that moment I used to consider myself a man of faith, so when God said I will take no offering for this work I ran to the toilet I was frightened!

Well, in His wonderful way He began to send help.

One of the people that He sent, is a Bishop from another organization who came to visit and saw the work in progress and went away and came back with a cheque of (25) million naira and said daddy I must support this work.

He gave me the twenty five million naira I prayed for him from the bottom of my heart, less than six month later he came back with a testimony that in a way he could not described it God replace the twenty five ( 25) million naira for twenty five (25) million dollars.

He will make you laugh.

God makes you laugh, when all his prophecies concerning you become fulfilled in a single day.

God had been talking to Abraham for twenty five years; Abraham, can you count the number of sand, no lord, 'so shall your children be'.

Abraham, can you count the sand by the sea shore? ' No Lord', "so shall your children be". Twenty five years! But in a single day all the prophecy became fulfilled.

Thank you father!

The Lord says there is a lady here, that you felt a sudden movement in your body, He asked me to tell you that demon that has been destroying the seed of your husband has been dealt with.

Numbers 23 v 19 the Bible says God is not a man that He should lie, He is not the son of man that He should repent, once He has spoken it is a settled matter.

And then the Bible says God has a timetable for everything Eccl 3v1- 8, yes when God promises He will bring it to past, but everything at his own season.

However whenever God decide to pay you a special divine visit, whenever God accept your offering, whenever God decide to say thank you, whatever the time that was originally scheduled for the manifestation of the promises will be brought to now.

You see; as far as God is concerned because He is the Alpha and the Beginning as well as Ending, the beginning of time and end of time coincide in Him, if He wants, what He plans to do in ten years' time, He can do it today and there is no one who can quarry him.

And I'm rejoicing with someone that at long last the time to favor you has come.

God can fulfill His prophecies in a single day.

I have told you the story before the first time we went to Tulsa in 1979 to attend Kenneth Haggins camp meeting, my father in the Lord and five others.

Himself, myself and four other people went to this program on Saturday. Then on Sunday we decided to go and worship in one of the churches nearby, we are there and because we were visitor they allowed us to sit in the front, papa couldn't understand English, so I was interpreting.

And you know the way the American preacher preaches, they don't stay in one spot like me, they move around a bit.

And as this preacher was preaching all of a sudden he came down from the altar stood in front of papa and began to say to him: thus said the Lord,

"everything I told you is about to come to past"

then he turned round and went back to the altar and continued preaching.

Papa asked me, 'what did he say?.

I said when we get home.

Because I want to hear the rest of the sermon.

When we got home, Papa said what did the man said?

I said the man said" "the promises of God for you they are about to come to past".

Papa began to cry; I waited for him to finish crying, to ask what are the promises?

Then he told me the promises, how the Almighty God told him that through him, he will start a Church and that the church will spread throughout the whole world.

If God says that is about to happen, well! Papa was weeping, I was happy, I was glad that the Almighty God has brought me to a Church that God said He will spread throughout the whole world.

Less than one year later papa was dying and he called those who were by his death bed and said tell the congregation on Sunday that from now on they will begin to laugh.

That was some thirty something years ago, today by the grace of God; The Redeem Christian church of God is in one hundred and seventy four nations of the world.

God made a promise, He fulfilled his promise and today we are laughing.

We are laughing and I tell you one of the reasons we are laughing. I say this to encourage someone.

I have just returned from a long journey to the far East Malaysia and considering the situation in Malaysia you will understand that I find it incredible to discover that Malaysia now has forty five branches of The Redeemed Christian church of God.

I held a Holy Ghost rally, my children told me they have rented a very big hall I thought they were joking, I got there it was a massive hall, the place was jammed, I gave the altar call two thousand four hundred people gave their lives to Jesus in one night, if that didn't cause you to laugh I don't know what will cause you to laugh.

Let me hear some shout halleluiah!

I'm believing God for someone here tonight, all the prophecies that you have been writing down, before the end of this month, all of them will be fulfilled in Jesus name.

God makes you laugh; when He decides to overrule your doubts. Sarah laughed when God spoke and said you are going to have a son, she laughed she didn't believe,

And it is true that the Bible says the just shall live by faith.

In fact God repeated it four times, Habakkuk 2 v 4, Romans 1 v 17, Galatians 3 v 11 and Hebrews 10 v 38. Four times God said the just shall live by faith. That means living by faith is so important to God that He repeated it four times.

However God said in Isaiah 43 v 13 He said I will work who will let, in order words God says when I make up My mind that I want to do something, nobody can hinder Me, whether you believe Me or not.

If I say I am going to do something, I will do something. Sarah laughed, what I say I will do, I will do.

I know there might be some people here tonight, who will say I have heard God promised before and nothing has happened, I don't believe He is going to do anything now.

Well, I have good news for you, tonight in particular it doesn't matter your doubt, my God will over rule your doubt.

In 2King 4 v 8-17 when Elisha said to the Shunamite woman you will have a son in nine months' time, she said to the man of God, 'man of God don't deceive me', that means I don't believe you.

But Elisha didn't say anything after that one, God has spoken the matter is settled.

I know there might be some of you here who didn't believe me at all, but I'm not the one who chose the theme for this month, Daddy chose the theme and He has made up His mind that;

There is someone here tonight, you are have been weeping every month, this time you are going to laugh.

Several years ago, a young man came to my office, brought by his friend and said sir, I have a big problem, what is the big problem?

The wife became mad and not only just mad, she is gone completely naked into the street.

And according to Yoruba believe, if somebody is mad and the madness is still within the house it can be handled, but when the madness has taken the madness nakedly to the market place that is madness for life.

So he said the wife has been mad publicly. And they have taken the woman and bundled her to the house of an herbalist somewhere in Kwara State.

So they gave me the address, I went, saw the woman and prayed and the husband was informed that yes I came and I prayed but the prayer didn't last five minute.

How could five minute prayer deal with something this serious? The husband says let's take the woman to physiatrist hospital and they took the woman to the specialist hospital, as God will have it, the specialist there says let observe her before we know what we I'll give her, they observed her for two weeks.

And then they sent for the husband, ' sir if you say something is wrong with this woman something is wrong with you, because we have not given her any drug and injection and she is normal as normal can be normal.

I don't care whether you believe or not tonight, in the name that is above every other names, this month you shall laugh!

God makes you laugh when He turns all His prophecies to a single decree, you see when you are hearing, "thus saith the Lord" that is a prophecy but when the Almighty God just decided that "let there be light" there will be light, there is no need for waiting.

In Psalm 33 v 8-9 the reason the whole earth should fear before God is that whenever He spoke it is done. All He has to do is just say it, and it is done.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said some people are convinced that you are going to drown in sorrow; God says this month I will surprise them.

The Lord asks someone here tonight to get ready for a miracle that will open doors to many other miracles.

Like I said in Genesis 1 v 1-3 the Bible says in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, the earth was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep and the Spirit of the Lord moves along the face of the water and God said let there be light.

When did the light come?


There was no need to vote on it, there was no delay because God decreed it.

Some of you will remember the testimony; it wasn't too long ago now when husband and wife stood here to testify.

Two of them came to me and said daddy we are believing God for the fruit of the womb, I said ok what kind of baby do you want?

The husband said a boy; the wife said a girl and they spoke simultaneously. So I said okay maybe we better made it a twin then; one boy and one girl.

Both of them said amen, that was the end of the discussion, nine month later the husband was carrying the boy, the wife was carrying the girl.

Let me ask you tonight, how do you want your babies? So shall it be in Jesus name.

God makes you laugh when He decided to show His Almightiness, He said to Sarah,

He said you laughed,

She said I didn't laugh,

He said you laughed! He said I know why you laugh;

He said but is anything too hard for the Lord?

Is there anything the Almighty cannot do?

Luke 1 v 37 the Bible says for with God nothing shall be impossible;

He is not talking about with man, He is not talking about with your husband, He is not talking with you pastor, He is not talking with your general overseer, He said with God nothing shall be impossible.

Thank you my Lord, the Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said you've had your own share of shame and disgrace, he says get ready for his season of glory.

Thank you Daddy, Daddy says there is someone here tonight, He said your progress has been painfully slow he says I promise you, you will be flying.

Matthew 3 v 9 tells us that the God we are talking about is able to produce children out of stones!

That is God, and you are hearing words like this, the enemies tries to tell you what the doctor has said, the condition of your husband, the condition of your wife, the problems in the past, no, take your eyes off men.

Look unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith and He will show you, He is The Almighty.

Maybe I should remind you of the testimony, of a sister who was barren for several years and the relative of the husband called the husband and said to him, stop wasting your time your wife will never have a child.

Forget because the evil ones have tampered with her womb.

And she came to one Holy ghost service like this and the word of God came and said;

There is someone here, they said you will never have a child but the Almighty God said, get ready for a set of twins.

She grabbed it.

The following month she was pregnant, she went to the hospital to check; they said, yes you are pregnant, we don't know how it happened, but you are pregnant.

She said no, God said twins.

They said okay no argument.

She went back a couple of month later, they checked and say 'now we can see twins'.

And because they were well off they decided to go abroad for deliveries they don't want to take chances.

And the husband told the doctors, 'I don't want a situation where they will say the woman was in labor and one child died, bring out the children, do it by operation, so they put the woman to sleep and brought out the set of twins.

When she woke up she saw everybody looking at her strangely.

She said what is the problem?

Where are my children? They said no problem your children are fine.

The couple told the doctor, we don't need more children tie the womb.

The doctor said I have performed more than four thousand deliveries, this is the first time that am seeing a woman deliver a set of twins without a womb, because when they say tie the womb, he searched and said where did I get this children from?

There is no womb!

There is somebody here tonight, it doesn't matter how hopeless they say your case is God will proof himself to be the Almighty.

God makes you laugh when He makes the impossible possible.

In Jeremiah 32 v 27 He said behold I am the Lord the God of all flesh, is anything too hard for me?

Exodus 17 v 3-6 tells us that this God can bring water out of the rock.

Now I want all of us to please take note, that yes tonight we are focusing on the fruit of the womb but this thing is much more than the fruit of womb; this particular program is for those of you who are tired of fruitless effort.

This is the special night for those of you who are tired of failure.

This is a special night for those people who have tried their best in business, in academic in everything and found that they have labor but they have nothing to show for it.

God will make you laugh.

There is a God who can bring water out of the rock and that God is here tonight, determined to make you laugh.

I tell you a story to encourage you, I told you that several years ago anytime I was visiting London one of my son there who was a taxi driver will come and meet me and take me to where I will stay.

And as we go home along the route there was a place there where they were selling second hand Rolls Royce cars and I will sit in the taxi and look in that direction and say one day I am going to drive one of this thing out of that place and my boy will say amen. (You know the kind of amen)

Keep on dreaming; if you want to deceive yourself go ahead, without my taxi you can't even get home.

But one day we were passing through the same place and I looked in that direction and say one day and am going to drive out one of this Rolls Royce out of that place and he said amen as usual.

Then a little bit down the street there was a shirt where they were selling clothe, they put up a big sign SALE,

So I said let's stop here I may be able to get some shirts and we got there and I began to look at the shirt, twenty five pounds, thirty pounds, forty pounds, so I said to my son, this stupid people, I thought they were doing SALE, let's go.

As we moved towards the taxi, my boy began to laugh, now I understand why he was laughing; here is a man who cannot buy a twenty five pounds shirt and he wanted to buy a Rolls Royce, he was laughing. I didn't say anything to him.

I looked up to God and said I hope you know this boy is laughing at both of us?

He is laughing at me and you are my employer, he says that there is no way in life I can ever ride a Rolls Royce, over to you.

Some months later I travelled to American and as I was passing London on my way back and as usual he was there to receive me.

He carried my bag; and as he was about to put my bags in his taxi, one of my son showed up and said, daddy please don't put that into the taxi, this car is for you, it is second hand but it is a Rolls Royce.

I looked at my son and he looked at me and we began to laugh.

There is somebody here tonight, God will make you laugh!

There are things in your life now that might look totally impossible, the God I serve will make that impossible to be possible in Jesus name.

God makes you laugh when He decides to reverse the irreversible.

In Ezekiel 37 v 1-10 the Bible tells us about a valley full of dry bones and the Bible says lo they were very dry, the Bible says the Spirit of God took the prophet Ezekiel and placed him in the valley of dry bones.

And God asked him, these bones that are dry, very dry can they live?

The man of God said my faith can't carry this one. God only you can tell and the Almighty God said to the prophet okay, you prophecy, just say to dry bones, live again!

You know the rest of the story, the man of God obeyed and the dry bone came together bone to bone flesh covered them, the man of God prophecy again; the wind blew and what was dry bone became a mighty army, God can reverse the irreversible!

All that is required is for His prophet to prophecy

And I prophecy to you tonight, every irreversible shall be reversed in Jesus name.

The Almighty God said there is someone here tonight, He said by the time I finish with you, even those who are mocking you now will help you shout halleluiah!

Daddy said Lazarus heard My voice and came out of the tomb, He said your womb will hear My voice tonight.

I have told you this story before, this is a night for stories because God is going to make somebody laugh.

Several years ago, I was still a young lecturer at the University of Lagos, I went to Nsukka to mark WAEC exams.

I didn't go with my car; it was a second hand Dodged Avenger. I wasn't sure it won't park up on the way so I didn't travel with it.

When we finish marking, I came and I stood on the road side, in Asaba, looking for a lift for somebody to bring me to Lagos.

Whenever I saw a small old car coming, I will wave and they will just zoom past, none of them waited.

Finally I saw a Mercedes Benz 280 brand new coming. I didn't bother to wave because I say this one is not going to wait.

And he zoomed past me, I think I must have lifted my hand weakly and the driver who happen to be the owner must have seen my hands going up a little and he stopped and reversed to where I was.

And he was one of these people who have either have spent several years in America or just like to speak like an American.

He said, "You want a lift?"

I said yes sir.

He said, "Get in men!"

So I got in men!

I put my little bag on the floor in the car and since he was driving and there was a friend sitting beside him, so I found myself sitting in the owner's corner.

The whole thing was air-conditioned.

One moment I was in the sun in another moment I was sitting in the owner's corner, the cool air was very, very refreshing.

I felt like laughing but in that kind of situation you better don't laugh out loud.

Because I don't want to laugh and I don't want the man to look back and say what is funny dude?

He brought me to Lagos and said "where do you want to stop?

I said anywhere sir, I am already in Lagos,

He said no, give me your address, and he drove me all the way home.

After he has left that was when it was time for me to laugh!

There is laughter waiting for you at home, you are going to laugh! God will make you laugh.

God makes you laugh when He stops all the mockers;

I wasn't there but I could imagine when all of a sudden the belly of Sarah began to bulge, that those people who had written her off looked at her and said Mama Sarah must have eaten excess pounded yam.

And she must have been laughing quietly, keep mocking you will soon see, the pregnancy became seven month, eight month.

I'm sure some of them must have been looking at father Abraham; and saying...

What are you looking at?

Why don't you take this woman to the physician?

Can't you see your wife is sick?

They though it was sickness they didn't know it was a bundle of joy.

God will surprise your mockers.

Sarah said it in Genesis 21 v 7 who would have said that Sarah will give child suck? Who would have believed that I will ever have course to rejoice.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said the pendulum of your life has begun a new upward swing and it will never come down again.

In Samuel 2 v 1-5 Another woman who was considered barren Hannah by name sang a song to the Almighty God, She said at long last God has enlarge your mouth over your adversaries.

God will enlarge your mouth over your adversaries.

You probably remember the story of a woman who had four daughters, and all daughters are not married.

The youngest of the four I think was twenty eight, thirty and thirty two. They were like that in that series.

This was a woman committed to evangelism, every morning, very early in the morning she will go round the street ringing her bell and say everybody wake up, give your life to Jesus, surrender your life to Jesus.

One day one neighbor said woman why don't you stop deceiving people. Saying that your Jesus can do everything,

If your Jesus can do everything, how come you have four daughters and not one of them is married?

I pray for you today, everything in your life that is causing people to say where is your God, my God will remove it tonight.

That was when the old woman came and said help me man of God pray for me what do I do.

And the Spirit of God asks me to ask some question and I discover that at the time of ignorance when each daughter was born, each one was dedicated to the IFA oracle.

I said I see, the Almighty God asked me to tell IFA to take his hands off these daughters of God, we prayed a simple prayer, within one year all four daughters were married and as they were getting married pregnancies followed.

Everything in your life that is not making your joy to be completely full, my Father will deal with it tonight in Jesus name.

God makes you to laugh when He decides to do something completely new.

It was something completely new for a ninety year old woman to become pregnant.

It has never happened before, but then in Exodus 14 v 13-28 when God decided to open the red sea it was something that had never happen before.

In Daniel 3 v 14-30 when Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego went into the fiery furnace without being burnt it is clear something completely new, something that had never happened before.

So I don't know what is the situation you find yourself in whether physically, materially or spiritually, God will do something new.

Some of you , particularly will remember a young man who when he was born had only one testicle and the parent in an attempt to help him, took him to a herbalist to try and see if something can be done about it and in the process the herbalist destroy the only good testicle.

Which automatically means now the boy can never have a child because no testicle at all.

Then we held a program at Row Park, it was the first program I held as general overseer, Row Park.

And while the program was on, the boy felt something is happening under him.

And he did a check and discovered that instead of one testicle they were two.

The day he came to see me in the office to share his testimony he came with his wife and the wife was pregnant.

He said sir, do you want me to show you?

I said there is no need I can see the evidence.

Something brand new, creative miracle will be your portion here tonight in Jesus name.

God makes you laugh when He causes you to sing a new song,

In Exodus 15 v 1 -18 after the opening of the red sea and the children of Israel who the night before were afraid that they were going to die, they were now saying there is no one like our God.

Nine month before, Sarah was saying how can I ever have a child, but after nine month he said the Lord as made me to laugh.

The Almighty God is about to put a new song in the mouth of someone here tonight.

Now I will close with the testimony of one of my pastor that we heard earlier this year; they have been married for twenty six years no fruit of the womb, then the almighty God moved in and now she could say to people.

Do you see these three children; the name of the first one is Miracle, Sign, the name of the third is Wonders and all three are mine.

Somebody is about to sing, I was barren now I have triplet. I was condemned to die, now am completely whole again. I was a tenant now I am a landlord. They thought I was going to drown in sorrow, now see me shouting halleluiah!

I can hear the sound of music coming from the home of many people who are here tonight, I can hear of singing:

I am serving the God of miracle

I know, yes I know

I am serving the God of miracle

I know, yes I know

Who is the one who will be singing that song?

Let me hear you shout halleluiah!

Let me conclude; the Bible says in Psalm 16 v 11 He says in the presence of God there is the fullness of joy and at His right hand there are pleasure forever more.

But in the same book of Psalm, Psalm 16 v 4 He said the sorrow of those who run after other gods shall be multiplied.

On one side in the presence of God there is the fullness of joy, on the other side the sorrow of those who run after other gods shall be multiplied and the choice is yours.

Do I want to be on the side of God and enjoy fullness of joy, or do I want to run after other gods and have my sorrow multiply?

The choice is yours but you cannot take the two together, like I told you last month those of you who were here, you either serve God hundred percent or serve the devil hundred percent, you can't combine the two. Impossible!

You are either hundred percent a child of God, absolutely, completely on the side of Jesus or you are hundred percent on the side of the child of the devil, there is no gray area; it is either black or white period.

You cannot serve God and serve the devil at the same time it is not possible at all.

I had a confrontation with a traditional ruler not too long ago; who told me that the reason they worship a particular tree in his town is because it was under that tree that the founder of the town sat when he came to start the town.

I said how long ago was that?

He said about two hundred years ago, he said that is why the tree is scared.

I said Kabeyesi, you want to compare a tree that is two hundred years old tree with the Ancient of Days?

Who planted the tree?

You have to choose, no compromise, if you want to serve God, you serve God hundred percent, I didn't say there is not going to be persecution, the evidence that you are truly in the light is that darkness will criticize.

You are not serving God until people begin to say you are a fanatic. You must be hundred percent for God, let them know you belong to Jesus Christ.

Let me tell you one thing, if you start a project for God , the enemy must criticize you, darkness must always speak up against light, that is the law.

If you don't belief me, ask Noah, when God told him to build an ark, what happened?

They mocked him; look at this silly old man, building an ark when there is no rain, where is the river where he will put the thing.

When Nehemiah decided to build the wall of Jerusalem, criticism came from right left and center, everybody trying to make sure the wall will not be built.

One way you will know you are doing what God wants you to do is that the world must criticize you.

If you say you are a Christian and your co friend, your co sinner didn't say you have accepted madness with religion, I'm not sure you are truly born again.

So tonight you have a choice, on the right; the presence of God there is the fullness of joy, on the left; they that run after other gods shall have their sorrow multiplied, what is your choice?

If you are here tonight and you have not given your life to Jesus Christ before now, come and do so now.

I advise you to choose the side of God that is where joy is.

Come now, the Almighty God is waiting, He will save your soul, He will forgive your sin, He will give you a brand new beginning and you will laugh.

Because God will make you laugh.

So if you want to come begin to come now.

Those of you in the front begin to call on God, ask Him to save your soul ask Him to forgive you your sins, tell Him you are very sorry for all the evils you have done in the past.

Promise Him from now on you will do his will, ask Him to forgive you, ask Him to save your soul.

That from now on He will be your Lord and savior.

The rest of us let us intercede for these people, that God will have mercy on them, that the One who saved your soul will save their own soul also.

Pray for them.

Ask the Almighty God to be merciful unto you, to forgive you all your sins, ask Him to give you a brand new beginning.

... In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Father, I want to bless your Holy Name, I want to thank you for your Word, I want to thank you for all these your children who have decided to surrender their lives to you today, please on their behalf accept our thank in Jesus name.

Father you promised that whosoever come to you will not cast out, Father please receive them in Jesus name.

Forgive them in Jesus name, let your blood wipe away their sins.

Write their names in the Book of Life, please Lord don't let them ever go back into the world, from now on anytime they call on you, answer them by fire, give them a new beginning.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

I want to rejoice with those of you who have come forward tonight, I want to promise you that from now on we will be praying for you.

So I am going to need your name, your address and prayer request.


Praise Him that your time has come at last
The Bible says when God turn the captivity of Zion we were like those that dream, Father please turn my captivity today
Father, I will sow in tears, let reap in joy.
Father, if you are paying only one person a special visit tonight; let it be me.
Father please fulfill all your prophecies concerning me tonight
Father, please decree my fruitfulness right now.
Father, please fill my mouth with laughter this mouth
Father, before this month ends let me sing a new song.
Father, in life tonight prove your Almightiness
Father, please make my neighbor laughs too
Your personal request.


Pastor E. A. Adeboye

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