Sunday, July 7, 2013

Delivarance from all the works of the Devil

Every work of devil on your children, on your family, on your business is destroyed today in Jesus' name. You are free from the works of the devil today. Because of Calvary, your business is free from the works of the devil. Because of Calvary, your family is free from the work of the devil. Because of Calvary, the Lord has set you free. You will never come into bondage anymore in Jesus' name.

Right now, anything of the devil in your own life, in your own family…everything is going to be bruised. Everything is going to be destroyed because Jesus Christ died on the cross. Now you come to identify with Christ in His crucifixion. That identification with the crucifixion of Christ will transfer power from Calvary and transfer into your life in Jesus' name. It can happen now. I said, "It can happen now." Give a chance to the Lord and let that crucifixion take effect right now in your life.

Today, we can be victors. We can be victorious. You can conquer through the crucifixion. Resurrection, power, authority coming into your life. This can be, and this will be, the time of the manifestation of the victory coming from Calvary upon your life in Jesus' name.

That over-controlling power of the body of sin…bring that to the cross today and participate and identify in the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ. When that takes place in your life, that old man will be rendered worthless, powerless, useless, and will not control your life anymore.

Come to the cross. Let the old man be crucified. Let the old nature be crucified. Let the body of sin be crucified. Don't pet that old man. Don't pamper that old man. Don't tolerate that old man. You need to be free. You don't want the body of sin to take charge of your life. You don't want the inbred sin to be the one that will control and direct your life. You want to be able to have the freedom, the liberty to do what is right. You do that as an individual by yourself. This is your decision and this is your determination…that today the old man must be crucified. You won't allow the control of your life, the direction of your life into the hand of the old man (the devil). Let it get crucified.

From the crucifixion of Jesus Christ we have redemption and forgiveness. From the crucifixion of Jesus Christ we have salvation and grace. From the crucifixion of Jesus Christ we have the forgiveness of God and eternal life.

Come to Calvary. Come to Christ. Receive that right now and the Lord will do it for you just by coming, You can tell the Lord, "Oh Lord, I come. Oh Lord I come."

Conversion, restoration, forgiveness, salvation, righteousness, the riches of the kingdom of God…it can come right now as you surrender your life, surrender your heart, surrender everything, the totality of your being unto the Lord. That righteousness can come now. The riches of the kingdom of the glory can come right now to you. Surrender to Him. Surrender to Him. Yield yourself completely unto the Lord right now.

Let Calvary bruise the head of the Evil One. Let Calvary crush out everything that is not of God that is not of his kingdom in your heart and your life. It will happen. Come by faith. Come expecting. Looking unto Jesus. He bore it all for you.

A new life has now begun because now we're risen together with Christ after the crucifixion. Accept it, believe it, embrace it, and possess it. Claim it to be yours…the crucified life. Claim it to be yours…the crucified life. It will be unto you as you believe it, as you accept it, as you embrace it…crucified.

It is done. You are free, and I am free. The devil has been overcome. His head has been bruised. He will not operate unchallenged in your life, in my life, in your family, in my family, in your business, in our ministry anymore in Jesus' name. We rejoice together today because we have conquered. We have conquered because of Calvary. We have conquered because of crucifixion. We have conquered every power of the enemy, and the devil has been bruised and totally destroyed out of our lives in Jesus' name.

Challenge for the day: Raise your voice to the Lord and say, "I've conquered."

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