Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Full Assuarance

This is an Assurance of Healing. That means there is no shadow of doubt. There can be no doubt in the mind of God that He will heal you. There can be no doubt in the mind of Christ that He will heal you. There can be no doubt as you look at the promises of God…the promises of God are not yes and no.

The promises of God are not perhaps or maybe. The promises of God give us assurance and certainty, affirmation and confirmation that this is what God has said, and God cannot deny Himself. I want to assure you today, your healing is coming your way. Your successful achievement is coming your way." You will see it in your body and feel it in your own mind, your own soul, and when that power comes to touch you, when that hand of the Almighty touches you, you know it is time to get out of that sickness, out of that captivity. Today is the day of your freedom, in Jesus' name.

Who shall hinder it? God comes to you today with that pronouncement, and He says in your life today, "I will." Satan cannot change that. Your feeling cannot change that. All the people in the world all joined together cannot change that. This morning, God's "I will" is injected into your life, and that willingness of God, with the divine ability of the Almighty, will get you out of that situation this morning. You're going to have everything the Lord has promised you in Jesus' name.

Today you have have the affirmation, confirmation, and the assurance of healing. Are you ready, this morning? I said, "Are you ready this morning?" Why don't you start telling the Lord, "I'm hopeful now. I'm hopeful now. I'm hopeful now. I'm hopeful now. I'm not looking at what I see. I'm not looking at what I feel. I'm not looking at what is going on around me. I'm looking at the Almighty God."

You're saying, "Oh Lord, yes, I thank You. Lord I thank You." Hope in God. Hope in God. Hope against hope…when the situation appears humanly hopeless, historically hopeless, scientifically hopeless…that you're hoping in God. Nothing negative, everything positive. Gird up the loins of your mind. Chase out all those loitering, wandering, loafing thoughts. Lock the door against all those loafing, loitering, wandering thoughts. Welcome in the promise of God. Welcome in the presence of the Lord. Welcome in the positive assurance of the Lord that gives you hope. Hope in the Lord.

Today is the day of your breakthrough, the morning of your miracle, the morning of your healing, the morning of your deliverance. Open your mouth and talk to the Lord. Have hope in God. Have hope in God. Have hope in God. Talk to the Lord in prayer. The anchor of hope is that anchor that will not allow your ship to stray, or to drift. It is that hope that is an anchor for you this morning.

Thought for the day: I am more than conqueror then Greater is he that is in me

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