Saturday, May 25, 2013

An assured Destiny

"... then thou shalt have good success" (Joshua 1:8).

Success, true success is never cheap. It has a price tag. The student who desires success has a price to pay. Success is costly and yet, every student can afford its price, if so desired. The means of success is wasted on unprofitable ventures by those who are in want of it. The gate to the path of success is open to every student. Only the boy or girl who cares to follow the path will succeed. Success is within the reach of every Christian youth. 'You will have good success in life in Jesus name.
Let us learn three lessons from our reference. Joshua was to begin a course divinely planned and purposed for his life. God promised him good success right from the beginning. However, to get to this God-ordained success:

He must be strong (Joshua 1:5,7, 9) Youths are always known for their strength. Success demands that we exert our energy on goal-oriented actions. We must disperse our energy on reading and studying required by academics. We must be strong and hardworking in all our academic exercises.

He must be courageous (Joshua 1:6, 7, 9). Courage is the ability to be confident in facing dangerous or painful experiences. Courage will put fear under control. It is needed by the youth in pursuit of success. Courage is necessary to take you through the rigour of work for a good success without compromising for an average performance.

He must not be afraid or dismayed (Joshua 1:9). Joshua had giants to face in the battles ahead, hence this divine instruction. To be afraid or dismayed (distressed) will weaken faith and can lead to failure. Every subject must be faced with confidence and faith. No subject should be avoided or disregarded. As we work hard and pursue our goals, good success will be ours "in our academic endeavours. We must always remember to trust God with whom all things are possible.

Challenge: Average performance is not good enough, get into a better level of success.
Prayer: Grant unto me good success in all of my life endearvour, Oh God.

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