Thursday, April 4, 2013

Accelerated Promotion

Father, we bless your name, King of kings, Lord of lords, Ancient of days. The rock of ages, the Holy One of Israel, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Unchangeable Changer. Savior, Healer, Deliverer, Provider, Promoter.

Glory be to your holy name. Higher than the highest, Greater than the greatest, Stronger than the strongest, Older than the oldest, Wiser than the wisest, Holier than the holiest.

Glory be to your holy name. Thank you for January, thank you for February, thank you for March, Accept out worship in Jesus name.

I want you to shake hand with two or three people and ask them are you expecting signs and wonders.

Tonight is going to be a night you will never forget for the rest of your life; I don't know exactly how the program will go, so whichever way it goes, but one thing I know is that God is visiting His people today.

The Almighty God is telling someone here tonight, the night you have been waiting for has come at last.

Some days ago, I was in Ondo State and at a stage in the program I told them a story after which we prayed. As I was praying for this program, the Lord told me to extend the blessing of that day to those of you who are going to be partakers of tonight.

We are going to start with that one.

So I'll tell you the story and we will do what God wants us to do.

I told them the story of one of my daughters who came to me and said Daddy,

"I am pregnant", I said congratulation! Because she was married. "How old is the pregnancy?" She said three month, I said good.

She said that is not why I have come; I want the baby to be a girl. I said ah the little I know about science makes it known to me that by the time a baby is seventy two hour old in the womb, everything that child is going to be is already completed; girl, boy, tall, short, everything done within 72hours.

So you have been pregnant for more than seventy two hours, so you have been pregnant for three month; the sex is already settled.

She said daddy, you are the one who thought us that with God all things are possible.

I said yes but... she said when you were teachings us you didn't add but.

I said okay what do you want me to do?

She said you are not the one to determine the sex, she said all I want you to do is that I want you do is to agree with me.

I said fine infact why did you want it to be a girl?

She said so that she will grow up quickly and begin to wear my dress.

So we agreed, six month later, the baby came and she is a girl.

Now that my daughter is seating with me somewhere there on the altar now.

I know some of you will say well maybe she was a girl to start with.

But then a sister heard the testimony, a medical doctor in Luth.

She came and said, I have already got four daughters, I am pregnant now for 8 month and the scan has showed that it is a girl.

But my in law said you don't give us a boy for our son now, we will drive you out of our house.

So I have come that you agree with me that it will be a boy. I said sister you are a medical doctor yourself.

She said I have not come to discuss medicine, you agree with that lady, you must agree with me.

I said no problem. I agree it shall be a boy.

A month later she delivered and he is a boy!

Why have I told you the story?

There might be somebody here tonight, who wants me to agree with him/her concerning something.

You will stand on your feet now and tell God what that thing is, that thing that only God can do. Not science, not medicine, not anything human. Something that only God can do. So you talk to God about it now.... In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

My father and my God the Maker of heaven and earth, the One who called me and send me;

Tonight, with all these your children including those who are watching by the internet all over the world.

I am in total agreement with them whatever they have asked for give to them now in Jesus name.

Before the sun rises tomorrow, give them their testimonies in Jesus name.

Thank you because I know it is done.

And I am committing all those who are born in the month of March into your hands, three is the number of the Trinity; God the Father bless them in Jesus name, God the Son bless them in Jesus name, God the Holy spirit, bless them in Jesus name.

Let their blessings come in triples in Jesus name. And let them serve you till the end.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed amen.

Let someone shout halleluiah!

When I was about to turn seventy, I asked God for seventy thousand children, He send them so quickly, by Last December I increased the number to hundred thousand. Tonight I have asked the Almighty God to increase the number to one seventy one.

If you agree, let me hear you say "we agree!"

But I have asked for something extra.

I have told Him that before this time next year, among those of you who are listening to me right now, I want God to raise seventy one billionaires.

Now I know there are some of you who will say, how can that possibly be?

That is why He is going to be God, all I want to say is if you happened to be one of them, please let me know as soon as possible, because He is going to turn you to a billionaire because we have work to do.

You see many of us don't know how powerful our God is until we begin to hear testimonies.

A bullet from AK 47 went through the jacket, went through the shirt, went through the singlet and it got to the body and stopped. That is my God and that is the One who will take care of all your children. In the mighty name of Jesus, you will not bury your children.


2Kings 2 v 9-15 and it came to pass when they have gone over that Elijah said unto Elisha, ask what I shall do for thee before I be taken away from thee, and Elisha said I pray thee, let the double portion of thy spirit be upon me.

And he said thou has asked a hard thing nevertheless, if thou see me when I am taken away from thee it shall be so unto thee, if not, it shall not be so.

And it came to pass as they still went on and talked that behold there appear a chariot of fire and forces of fire and parted them both asunder and Elijah went up to heaven by whirlwind.

And Elisha saw it and he cried my father, my Father the chariot of Israel and the horses thereof and he saw him no more and he took hold of his own cloth and rend them into two pieces. He took up also the mantle of Elijah that fell from him and went to the bank of Jordan.

And he took up also the mantle of Elijah that fell from him and he smote the waters and he said where is the Lord God of Elijah and when he also has smitten the waters they parted hither and thither and Elisha went over.

And when the son of the prophet which were to view at Jericho saw him and they said the spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha and they came to meet him and bow themselves before him.

Promotion or progress can fall into seven basic categories;

Category one is called REGRESSION.

Regression means there are forces beyond you that are progressively pushing you backward.

In Mark 5 v 25-34 the bible tells us the story of the woman with the issue of blood, she suffered many things of many physician, she spent all she had instead of getting better, she grew worse.

Forces beyond her control kept on pushing her backwards. Physically she grew worse, financially her money depleted until there were nothing left.


There might be some people here tonight, when you look at where you are now compared to where you are last year, you saw that things instead of staying where they are have been going backward, whatever hands have been pushing you back, the fire of God will consume tonight in Jesus name.

A second category is called REPRESSION.

Repression means there are forces pushing you down and trying to hold you down, at anytime you tried to lift up there is this force that is saying no! Go back down.

In Judges 6 v 3-6 the Bible tells us that a certain group of people decided to torture the children of Israel.

When they are planting they don't bother them, they wait till the time of harvest, as soon as they harvested their crops they move in like locust and gather everything and then leave. So these people will have to start again, and they will watched till they began to lift up their head and then they come and crush them.

Several years ago, when I was very tiny, there was a robber in Lagos, very notorious robber, so notorious that the waxed a record after him.

His name was Anikura and the song writer said concerning him; that Anikura won't ask you not to trade, he won't ask you not to gain, but he will make sure you don't take the gain home.

Now that is repression! Now all those forces that have been pushing you down, in the name that is above every other name, the fire of God will consume tonight.

The next stage is called STAGNATION;

No progress at all, no forward movement, no upward movement, just stagnant like a pond.

In spite of all efforts in John 5 v 2 - 9 it tells us the story of a man who was sick for thirty eight years, always waiting for the staring of the pool of Bethesda.

When the angel will come down stirred the water, the first fellow to jump in will be made whole, as soon as the angel comes down, this man will begin towards the pool of water, before he got there somebody else would have jump in and he will have to go back and wait for another year.

There are some of us at the beginning of every year when they are saying happy New Year, you will say yes this must be my year but gradually January had become December and they discovered that there are still in the same place.

When I was at the University of Lagos as a student, there was a student there, I won't mention his correct name, let's just call him udot, it's very close to the name but that is not the real name.

He has been in the university for eight years, he has never gone beyond year one, he was changing faculties, changing department but he never left year one, we met him there we left him there.

That is what is called stagnation. In the name of the One who made heaven and earth whatever force is holding stagnant shall be destroyed tonight in Jesus name.

Now the next stage is called RETARDATION:

Retardation means there is growth but it's so slow that it becomes embarrassing.

When you see a child who is ten years old behaving like a child who is only three years old, you will say the child is retarded.

The problem with retardation is that they will see a little progress. But the progress is so little it becomes an embarrassment. Another way of talking about retardation is to call it trapped destiny.

In Genesis 49 v 1-4 the bible tells us that when Jacob was about to die, he called his children together and began to make pronouncement concerning each one.

He said concerning Reuben his first born; he said Reuben even though you are my first born, even though you have energy, you have power, you have everything going for you, he said Reuben you will not excel, from that day onward the destiny of Reuben was trapped.

I'll give you another illustration; I met a man of God after we've met for some five years, I said how are things?

He said "all is well", how is your church? He said it is good. I said "what is your attendant like now?" he said we are about a hundred and five.

I said but last time I saw you about five years ago, you were about a hundred five years ago, you are about hundred and five after five years!

Even if you are winning a soul per month by now you should have added at least sixty souls. He said pray for me, I think am suffering from the spirit of Retardation.

I am praying for everyone tonight who is suffering from any form of retardation, that spirit of retardation is destroyed in your life in Jesus name.

And then the next one is called the normal promotion;

in other words you are making progress, steady regular, as you work hard, progress are coming at least every month they increase your salary, maybe once in five years, they remember you to promote you a little.

You see the problem with normal promotion is that it is normal. For the child of God that is not the plan of God.

In John 10 v 10 Jesus Christ said I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly. Let me tell you the problem with normal promotion. I think I have given this illustration sometime before;

When you attend a state function (you must at least be important to a certain extent to have been invited) and then it is time for refreshment and they say all head of state will refresh at such and such a place.

All governors and minister at such and such a place.

Commissioners and so forth at such and such a place and they say all others you will refresh in the stadium.

I decree tonight that from this moment onward, you will leave the group of all others.

Thank you Father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said Lazarus heard my voice and came out of the grave. He said that project will hear my voice tonight.

The Lord asked me to tell someone here tonight He said Elephant don't grow smaller for having babies; He said the more souls you win the bigger you become.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; He said none of your children will die small.

After normal promotion comes what we call ASSISTED PROMOTION.

Someone interested in your welfare intervenes and brings you to a level that you have not even qualified for. Yes you still work hard, but this time somebody says let us help this fellow. Let's move him up higher.

I decree to someone here today; the one who will help you, even if the fellow is sleeping now, God will speak to Him in Jesus name.

One of my children who was preaching and he gave us an example of what I will call assisted promotion; Isaac said to Esau, go and get me food so I can bless you.

While papa was speaking, Mama heard and decided this blessing is not going to be for Esau it is going to be for Jacob. Mama did everything; she maneuvered everything and the blessing that will have been for Esau landed on Jacob.

I don't know who I am talking to tonight, but from the East help is coming your way, from the west help is coming your way, from the North help is coming your way and even from the south help is coming your way.

I can tell you several stories on that, but there is a lot God wants to do tonight,

So that brings us finally to Accelerated promotion,

this is a promotion that is completely unusual; you are at the bottom today, the next moment you are at the top.

A very good example is in 1Samuel 16 v 11- 13 it tells us the story of David who was in the bush looking at after goat and sheep and then suddenly a messenger came 'David you are wanted at home", what for?

I don't know, but I see a man who looks like a prophet, then he came home and as soon as he came, God spoke to the prophet and said this is the person, this is the one we have been waiting for, anoint him, and suddenly they told David to kneel down, he knelt down, by the time he got up, he was already a king.'

One moment, he was a shepherd boy the next moment he was a king that is what is called accelerated promotion.

Do you know there is someone here tonight; by the time you get home your promotion is already settled.

Have told some of you before, on the day we were getting married we went to the registry and then we saw something happening, there is a girl who was dressed for wedding but we couldn't find the bridegroom, the man who said he was going to marry her ran away.

The girl nearly went mad but she survived.

After some time she married a soldier, unknown to her the boy that jilted her also joined the army.

And then God moved. There was a military coup and then the husband of this girl became a governor.

And the boy who jilted her was assigned to be the Aid the camp for her husband.

So anytime this girl wanted to enter a car, the former husband to be was the one who will open the door.

I decree to someone here today, by the time your promotion is accelerated to the point where God will do it, all those who have been mocking you will be bowing down before you.

Because this is exactly what happened to Elisha. As Elisha and Elijah were travelling, other sons of prophets they were saying to Elisha, ehn daddy son! Daddy son! Do you know your water is about to dry behind the fish, your master is going today?
He said I know shut your mouth. They were watching to see what will happen, but in the twinkling of an eye, the one they were mocking at, all of them came and bow down to him.

Do you know there are some people who are saying when they saw you getting ready, she is going again, Papa Holy Ghost service, Mama Holy Ghost service go well!. In the Name that is above every other name, because of tonight this same people will come and bow down before you. Let's have some practical applications; let's just take accelerated promotion in one or two practical area of our lives.

Daddy says there is someone here tonight, He asked me to tell you relax I will still your storm.

Daddy asked me to tell someone here tonight, He said you will never go hungry again.

He asked me to tell you there is someone here tonight; He said from now on anyone who tries to block your way shall be trampled to death.

Let's take the area of health;

Let's look at the example in Mark 2 v 1-12 there was a man who was completely helpless, paralyzed from neck downwards, the friends had to bath him, they had to cloth him, they had to feed him.

One day they got feed up, they heard that Jesus was near, they carried the man to where Jesus was, there was no room at the door, no room at the window but they were determined they won't go home with that problem, so they climb the roof, tore the roof and lay the man at the feet of Jesus.

They carried him in, he walked back home. What they used to bring him in, he carried it back home.

There might be one or two people here tonight; that doctors have told you there is nothing they can do for you, in the name that is above every other name, the doctors will get a surprise.

Healings can be in categories, you can be getting gradually better, but God can heal in an instant.

The Almighty God will accelerate your healing tonight in Jesus name.

And then we can look at the area of bondage to forces of darkness.

Take Mark 5 v 1 - 20 the Bible tells us about the mad man of Garderen...

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; He said I will open for you a new season of glorious testimonies.

The mad man of Garderen, didn't go for ten weeks of deliverance service, he didn't spend all night with a deliverance minister, he was raving mad in the morning, within an hour, not only was he completely delivered, he became an evangelist for God. He switched over from under the power of the devil to the mountain top on the side of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Several years ago, a bank manager ran mad; they had to get four hefty police men to grab him. They handcuffed him, they put chain on his feet and they were carrying him to Aro (asylum), but in his madness he begged them, 'take me to Redemption camp; I know if I get there I will be alright'.

I was in my first office near the expressway when they brought him and they told me the story and the way he was looking, he was as wild as anybody. So I told the policemen he said if my feet touched redemption camp I will be free, let him come down. They ah! We knew what went through before we could capture him, pray for him in the car and we take him away.

I say no, bring him down loose him, they said we will hold you responsible, I said no problem, so they removed the chain, removed the handcuffs, he jumped out of the car as he landed, he said praise God!

He became completely normal.

I have good news for someone her today, it doesn't matter how long the enemy had held you captive simply because you are reading this now, receive your freedom in Jesus name.

But you know the better part of that story, he said to the policeman, he said I told you and they were all looking surprise, so they said to me sir, pray for us.

I said well if you will give your life to Jesus Christ first, they said with what we have seen we are ready to give our life to Jesus name.

He was a mad man; He was being taking to asylum, because of his experience, he won four souls in a single moment.

Not only are you going to be free, when you leave this place, you will begin to set the captives free.

Then let's look at the area of material possession,
when you read 2King 4 v 1 -7 it tells you the story of a woman who was so heavily in debt that creditors wanted to see her son to recover their money because there was nothing in the house that they could sell.

She cried to the man of God, the man of God prayed and gave instructions; go home do this, do this. By the time she returned not only had her debt been cleared, she had enough money to last her for the rest of her life.

I don't know who this one is for, but in the name that is above every other names, God is going to accelerate you financially so mightily that poverty will become a stranger to you.

Many of you already know the story; I am telling it for the benefit of those of you who are hearing it for the first time and for the benefit of those of you who are doubting if you can be one of the seventy one billionaire!

Daddy says, "My son, don't limit me to seventy one billionaire"

Father! As many billionaires as possible!

If you are going to be one of them, let me hear you say I am one of them.

You know the story of the Arab boy; who gave his life to Jesus but because they wanted to kill Him for converting to Christianity they wanted to kill him he ran away from his country, came to London and had no papers.

So he couldn't get a good job and all he was doing was working in a fast food restaurant. Then one day a wealthy Arab came to London to buy houses but he couldn't speak English.

So he would see a house that he likes, he would go to the fellow there and said me house I buy" and that fellow will say get away from me, who told you I wanted to sell my house.

After he has been going around for a while, he was hungry and tired and he saw a sign that they were selling food there, he branch there, sat down and was grumbling to himself in Arabic and the Arab boy went to serve him and herd him speaking in Arabic.

And said Sir, what's the problem, and the man said Ah! You speak my language, the boy said yes. Do you speak English also?

The boy said yes. I want to buy houses, I need interpreter, I want you to come and interpret for me, for three days, the boy said sorry sir, if I go with you for three days, when I come back my job will be given to somebody else. He said I will pay you well. The boy said 'how much?'

The man said 'one million pounds per day,' the boy said please don't go away, he went to the owner of the restaurant, he said bye, bye'.

That one said if you go, if you come back I won't take you, he said I will never come back.

There is some one here tonight; you are crossing the border of poverty forever.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said those who are trying to catch up with you will soon discover, I made you number one and number one you will remain.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said even big rivers have boundaries, He said but so that people will know that it is me in your life, I will make your blessing without boundaries.

Let's look at the area of spiritual promotion;
the text that we read tonight, in 2king 2 v 9-15 in the morning, Elisha was just a son of a farmer following a prophet around, by the evening he was the father of all sons of the prophets in the land. Not only that, by the evening, he had doubled the power that Elijah ever had.

Several years ago at Ebutte metta Head quarters, when we came for workers meeting in the evening, pastors will seat on one side, workers will seat on the other side.

And there was this evening, one Sunday evening, we were doing a little bit of bible study before we pray, so I mentioned a particular passage and I asked everybody to begin to give their interpretation.

All the pastors gave their interpretation; It wasn't anywhere what I was expecting so I turned to the workers "what do you understand by this passage"?

And one young worker got up and gave an accurate evaluation of the topic. So I said congratulation pastor. Soon as he heard me say that he grabbed his chair and moved to the side of the pastors.

The pastors were saying, no, no it's a mistake. He said which mistake?

General overseer calls me pastor, what else do I need?

I said my son, anointing with oil will come but from now on you are pastor.

I am saying to somebody here, the anointing service may come later, but your spiritual promotion is done tonight.

Let me round up quickly so that we can do the next thing.

He said before I round up, I should tell someone that celebrations come and go, he said but I will make your own celebration last forever.

The Lord say there is someone here, He said I will start you with unusual blessing, I will move you on to overwhelming blessing and I will end you up with unimaginable blessing.

You see whether you go up or not depends on actually who is holding your hand; if God is the one holding your hand; the bible says you will go from glory to glory.

Your promotion will be accelerated and then accelerated, then accelerated. But if you decide that it is through satanic means you are going to get your promotion; all you can get ready for is shame.

There is a funny story, the fellow concern is one of the Pastors, maybe you've heard him sharing his testimony. Before he gave his life to Jesus, everybody knows that for you to have unusual promotion, you need a supernatural force.

So he was running around with one false prophet who told him that he must go to the bar beach to wash in the ocean at night. So he went to the bar beach, big man drove his car to the bar beach, removed his clothes, place it on the car and was in the bar beach.

Thank God the wave didn't wash him away. But one mad man was passing by, saw his clothes and took them away. By the time big man came back, no clothe! So 'what do I do know, at least I have to go back home, fortunately it was night, so he entered his car and I think the prophet was also naked with him.

When they got to police check point, when they showed their torch light into the car and saw naked men, the police ran, they thought they were ghost.

One day very soon, you will look back at your years of suffering and laugh.

If you are holding onto God, he will promote you from Glory to glory, if you are holding onto the devil; he will drag you lower and lower.

And if you think you can hold God with one hand and hold the devil with the other, you will soon discover what God said, that if you want to be cold be cold, if you want to be hot be hot, he said but if you are Luke warm, he said he will spew you out of his mouth, that is why I am appealing to you tonight, because this is a night you will never, never forget, make up your mind, with whom do you want to go?

Is it with God or with the devil? If you want to go with the devil, take my advice go all the way; do everything evil, make money by any method, so that when you get to hell, you will tell the devil, at least I tried.

If you want to belong to God, go with him all the way.

This ideal of being a Christian and then behaving like the child of the devil must stop. If you want to belong to Christ, let the whole world know you belong to Christ and then Christ will show himself mighty on your behalf.

Now I know some of you have given your life to Jesus Christ tonight, but some of you came later, So if you are not ere when the first altar call was made and now you want to surrender your life to Jesus, I want you to come quickly now, come and give your life to Jesus.

Let me pray that God will save your soul, so that from now, it will be God who will be puling you up every day, because accelerated promotion, requires divine intervention

So if you want to give your life to Christ tonight, come now....

Those of you who are already in the front talk to the Almighty God ask Him to be merciful unto you, ask him to save your soul, ask him to forgive you your sin, ask him to give you a new beginning, call on him now, promise him that you will serve Him for the rest of your life, that He will be your Lord as soon as he becomes your savior.

And the rest of us lets stretch our hands toward these people that the almighty God will have mercy on them, that the savior will save their souls, that he will cleanse them with his blood, let's intercede from them for one minute.

... In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Savior, we bless your name, we give you all glory, we give you all honor, we ask that you please accept our thanks in Jesus name.

On behalf of all these your children who have come forward accept our thanks in Jesus name.

Father please remember your promise that who whosoever will come unto you, you will in no wise cast out, they have come to you now; please receive them in Jesus name, save their souls in Jesus name.

Wipe away their sins with your blood in Jesus name, write their name in the book of life in Jesus name, give them a brand new beginning now in Jesus name and from now on anytime they call on you please answer them by fire.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Those of you who have come forward shout halleluiah!

Am rejoicing with you tonight, because beginning from now by the special grace of God, I will be praying for you and very soon you will be receiving miracle and then you will know there is somebody somewhere praying for you.

So kindly fill out the form on this website...

1. Praise God that he has made this day to come to past

2. Father, every force pushing me backward or pressing me down, please destroy tonight.

3. Father, every trace of stagnation or retardation in my life, please clear them off now.

4. Father, move me to a higher level rapidly; accelerate my promotion.

5. Father, draw me closer to yourself speedily.

6. Father, make my promotion permanent.

7. Father, please use me to promote others physically, materially, and spiritually

by Pastor E. A. Adeboye - March 1st 2013

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