Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Great Expectation

Text: Mark 5 v 25- 34
Tonight we want to talk on Great Expectations.

"And a certain woman who had an issue of blood twelve years and have endured much at the hands of many physicians and had spent all that she had and was not helped at all, but rather had grown worse.

After hearing about Jesus, she came up in the crowd behind him and touched his cloak.

For she said if I may touched "if I just touch his garments, I will get well" immediately the flow of her blood was drained up and she felt in her body that she was healed of her affliction.

imediately Jesus, perceiving in Himself that the power proceeding from him had gone forth, turned around in the crowd and said who touched my garments.

And his disciples said to him, "you see the crowd pressing in on you and you say , who touched me? And he looked around to see the woman who had done this thing.

But the woman fearing and trembling, aware of what had happened to her, came and fell down before him and told him the whole truth.

And he said to her, "daughter your faith has made you well, go in peace and be healed of your affliction".

Someone will leave here tonight completely whole.

What do we mean by expectation?

In the simplest language expectation simply means you are looking forward to something about to happen.

When a woman is pregnant we say she is expectant, meaning what, she is looking forward to babies being born.

James 5 v 7 tells us that the husband man; that is, the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth and he has long patient for it.

The farmer is expecting that the seed he planted is going to produce fruit. So when we talk about expectation tonight, we are talking about looking forward to God doing something.

And I have come on the authority of the Almighty God to tell you, you will not be disappointed.

When we use the word great, great can mean so many things. It depends on how you use it. When you say a man is great, that is different from when you say the crowd is great.

You are still saying great, great could be large in number, it could mean high in quality, it could mean tremendous in influence and so on and so forth.

For example in 2 King 4 v 8 -17 the Bible talked about a woman of Shunnem and the Bible called her great.

She was called great because she has a lot of wealth, you can't be poor to build a house for a pastor, she was wealthy, but when Elisha said may I introduce you to the king or the commander in chief, she said thank you very much I am well connected, she also had influence.

When we talk about great, we are actually talking about the opposite of small, so the moment you hear great, you know it is the opposite of small.

The Bible gives us several examples to let us know what we mean by great.

In Matthew 2 v 10 when the wise men saw the star that they have been following from the East, standing over a particular house, they had great joy, that gives you a rough idea what great means.

In Mark 4 v 25 the Bible says a great multitude followed Jesus that is another form of great.

In Matthew 5 v 35 the Bible refers to Jerusalem as the city of the great king.

Again this is talking about greatness in another form.

So we can have greatness in quantity, in quality and we can have greatness in influence and we can have of course greatness that combines all of them.

One thing I am sure of today is that somebody will leave here with great joy and great testimonies.

Now expectations depends on many things particularly if we are talking about God and am sure that is the person we are talking about.

Expectation depends on, number one Promise;

If God has made you a promise then you have a right to expect that that promise will be fulfilled.

For example in Genesis 8 v 20 the Almighty God made a promise on which the farmer based his expectation; he said as long as the earth remains seed time and harvest shall never cease.

That is the promise of God that is the basis on which a farmer planting a seed expect there will be a harvest.

Secondly, expectation depends on the track record of the one who promised.

If you are dealing with a man who doesn't keep his promises, and then if he made you a promise, you don't expect anything from him.

If you are dealing with a man who in the past said I am going to the right and you discovered he went to the left, the next time when he says I am coming, you will know he is going.

But in Numbers 23 v 19 the Bible says God is not a man that He should lie, neither the son of man that He should repent.

Once He spoke you know it is done Psalm 33 v 8-9 tells us clearly that the whole earth should fear before God because He spoke and it is done.

Once He makes a promise you can go to bed knowing it will be fulfilled,

Expectation depends on the resources of the one who has promised.

I can remember one occasion several years ago when all my children were very smaller and all of them held a meeting in the room, they didn't know I was watching them and they sent the youngest one to me and said go and ask daddy what he wants for Christmas.

That one came an said "what do you want for Christmas?" I said what can you afford? Because I know he hasn't got anything. He ran back to the people in the room and he came back and said "just ask for anything" I said "what about an aero plane?"

He ran back and he said "no, no! That is not the kind of things we are talking about.

But Glory be to God we have a God who is completely unlimited.

Psalm 24 v 1 says the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof. Haggai 2 v 8 says silver is mine and gold is mine.

In case you want me to complete my story, the fellow came back and I said get me a pen. "What kind of pen?" he went back and told his people. Then he said Daddy please loan me so much, he collected my money to buy me a pen.

Glory be to God! God does not need a loan from you to get you a thing.

Expectation depends on one, promise, two, on the track record of the one making the promise, three, on the resources of the one who is making the resources, and of course, on the ability of the one making the promise to perform.

Jeremiah 32 v 27 the Almighty God said behold I am the God of all flesh is anything too hard for me?

Again I remembered telling you once upon a time I was visiting my people at home in Ilesha and one little boy ran to me and say "Lagos Daddy, I want a pair of shoes for Christmas.

And I said done, I will buy it for you. He ran to meet the others who are playing outside that I have got shoes for Christmas, he hasn't seen it but he believed it firmly.

Then one of them replied and said me too I have new shoes for Christmas and they ask him "who said so?" He said "my father!" they said your shoes are joking shoes.

They know that his father hasn't got money for new shoe he hasn't got the ability to perform.

Lagos Daddy, if he says you will have shoes you will have shoes.

Now there is an heavenly Daddy and he is saying to somebody here today, "I will meet all your needs".

So expectation depends on promise; the track record of the one who promised the resources of the one who promised, the ability of the one who promised to perform and therefore faith on the side of the one who is expectant.

The Bible tells us that faith is the evidence of things not seen.
Hebrews 11 v 1 evidence of things not seen, I haven't seen it yet but I know who promised, I know his track record, I know his resources, I know his ability to perform.


You will see immediately again the link between faith and expectations.

Because faith can be in categories; you have great faith, Matthew 15 v 21- 28 tells us the story of the woman who came to Jesus and said "help me my daughter is grievously vexed of the devil".

Jesus didn't answer her and she kept on crying and the disciple said Lord Send her away her noise is disturbing us.

And Jesus said "I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel and the woman kept on pressing until Jesus said "I cannot give the bread of children unto dogs" the woman said "no problem but this dog is not going home at least without a crumb, Jesus turned to her and said "woman great is thy faith.

She had great expectation because at least she got what she wanted.

Of course there is little faith in Matthew 6 v 30 the Almighty God talks about people of little faith. And then there is no faith at all and you find that in Mark 4 v 40 the Almighty God talked about the disciple he rebuked of having no faith.

So we have great faith, little faith and then no faith, somebody with great faith can go home with great expectations fulfilled and the one with little can then have little expectation and of course the one with no faith cannot expect anything at all.

So expectations therefore are in categories, remember we want to talk about great expectations, expectations is determined by faith, so great faith will produce great expectation, little faith will produce little expectations.

No faith will produce no expectation at all.

Is there anyone who never have any expectation of something good?

We have example in the Bible, take Esau Genesis 25 v 29 -34 he was the first born the blessings of the first born suppose to be double of any other person but then he was hungry and his brother cooked Pottage and he said give me food and his brother said "give me your birthright." he said what does birthright mean to me, he did not expect anything good to come to him, even though he was the first born so he sold his birth right just for a plate of pottage.

You may be amazed if you know how limited the expectation of some people are. I still remembered like yesterday something that happened more than 60 yrs ago when I was very young, one man was quarreling with his ward because the ward refused to go to school and when everybody gathered and said "what is the noise about?"

The man says this boy said he doesn't want to go to school. And so they asked the boy, "Why don't you want to go to school?" he said "I have told him all I want to be is a truck pusher.

He said that is all he wanted to be. Of course if all you want to be is a truck pusher then why do you need to go to school?

But I know deep within me that there is somebody here seating before me here whose determination is to reach the top, if you are the one let me hear you say amen.

And then from no expectation we can have little expectation in Luke 7 v 1 -7 Peter fished all night caught nothing,

Jesus came into the boat preached, when he finished preaching he said to Peter launched into the deep and cast your net.

Peter said I have fished all night I have caught noting, there is no fish here today I will try tomorrow, however because you say so, not that I expect anything to come out of it, I will cast one net.

His expectation was little he thought well maybe he will catch a fish or two but he caught so much fish in that one net that his boat and the next boat were filled and they were sinking.

Even if your expectation is little the Almighty God will still meet you at that level, but I pray that your expectations will be great in Jesus name.

Little expectations requires divine mercy, the Almighty God can meet someone with little expectation.

I know there are probably some people who have prayed over an issue again and again here and they have not seen any result.

I know there some people who have been believing God for something since January and they are wondering is this not November.

The one whose mercy endures forever will meet you at your point of needs tonight in Jesus name.

Several years ago we were talking about going to Israel and one of my house help said well with God all things are possible one day I too will go to Israel.

She said it as if to say, "they say God can do anything", she wasn't expecting much but there was an America lady who was visiting who asked the person next to her what the house help said (because my house help spoke in Yoruba) and they interpreted it to her.

And the American lady said I will sponsor her.

I want to decree to somebody here tonight from the direction you are not expecting help will come to you in Jesus name.

And then great expectation, do you know when you read 1 Samuel 17, you can read the whole chapter but maybe you can take it from chapter 34 -37 to get the point.

By the time David stood before king Saul and he said don't let anybody be afraid of this giant I am going to kill him.

And they ask him you are a little boy how are you going do this great thing?

He said no problem I know who my God is. I know his track record, a lion had attacked me before, I killed the lion, a bear had attacked me before I killed the bear,

This Goliath will be just like one of them. Do you know that even before David got to the stage, he had already asked the people standing by what was the reward for the one who kills this giant?

In order word as far as he is concerned it's a settle mater that he was going to win, he was already asking for the reward.

And I have good news for someone here tonight, in less than a year from now you will stand here and say great is the God that I serve.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight he said your sickness began when you backslid he ask me to tell that if you return to him completely the sickness will fade away.

Daddy says your dreams are extremely big he said but I will fulfill all of them.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight he said before the end of the year you will have more than one reason to dance.

In 2 King 2 v 9-15 Elijah asked Elisha he said what do you want me to do before I had been taking from you.

And this boy had an extremely great expectation, he said I want a double portion of your spirit, even Elijah had to say what kind of boy are you?

You have seen me call fire down from heaven not once not twice, three times.

Anytime I want I just say fire come and it comes and you say you want more than that?

The boy says I want double. Great faith leads to great expectations and do you know what? Great expectations will lead to great manifestations, because that boy got what he wanted.

I have told you before, that several years ago, I asked the Almighty God I don't want to be an ordinary Christian.

I don't want to be an ordinary pastor.

I don't want just the normal something, I want something extra ordinary.

I want double the portion of the anointing of Elijah, double the portion of the anointing of Elisha, plus double the portion of the anointing of Peter, plus double the anointing of Paul, plus double the anointing of Jesus Christ while he was here on earth. Add everything together and double it again.

I know you will say you must be greedy, but the word of God says covet earnestly the best gift.

Is there anyone here tonight who want to say father, give me greater power than you have given to Adeboye, anybody here? Are you sure? So be it in Jesus name.

Elisha said I want double portion of your spirit and he got it; search the scriptures, Elijah performed seven notable miracles; Elisha performed thirteen before he died and in order to make the whole thing complete his dead bone raised the dead.

So he completed it, his master did seven , he did fourteen.

I pray for every one of you who are here today who are my children in the name that is greater than any other names you will be greater than I.

Now great expectations require some efforts on your part; in Mark 2 v 1-12 the Bible tells us that some four boys brought a man to Jesus, they heard that Jesus was in the house so they brought their friend.

When they got to the front door, they found that the place was jammed with people, the doors were blocked, the windows were blocked but they had this great expectation.

If only our friend can get into the presence of Jesus, we know he will be healed.

We carried him in we won't carry him back, they has that expectation, so when they got to the place and saw there was no way in they climbed into the roof and broke open the room.

Now when you read it briefly like that you don't get the real impact. Climbing to the roof from outside required an effort, carrying the heavy body of a sick man, that is an extra effort and then they broke the roof of another man's house without his permission.

You know the Bible says from the day of John the Baptist the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent takes it by force.

Some of us wants great miracles from God and we don't want to make an effort at all.

That is what I was saying concerning the congress in December, some of us want the miracles to come to us via the television screen or video screen, they don't want to make an effort at all.

We want to seat in the comfort of our sitting room and expect that you will get the same blessings as the one who made an effort.

Great expectation requires great efforts.

And of course you know the rest of the story; the Bible said Jesus saw their faith.

Faith can be seen through actions.

In 1 Samuel 17 v 40-48 when David, David had already boasted I am going to kill you I am going to cut off your head.

David, but he didn't stand still, number one he selected smooth stones, five of them! Incidentally when you search the scriptures you will discover Goliath have four brothers who were also giant.

So the Holy Spirit was guiding the hand of David as he was picking the stones. So in case, Goliath should fall and the brothers should say we want to revenge there is enough stones for each of them.

Our God is more than sufficient.

And the Bible tells me that when David saw Goliath coming, David ran to meet him.

Great expectation will require great effort.

2Corinthians 9 v 6 the farmer who has great expectation of a harvest will sow bountifully.

If you think the ground on which you are sowing is not going to produce much then you don't want to waste your effort.

But if you know the ground is fertile then you sow in proportion to your expectation.

So great expectation will require one, effort on your part. Two, divine faithfulness.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight he said there is a flood coming your way not of water but of miracles.

1 Samuel 17 v 49 -51 David said I will kill you, I will cut off your head, but do you know that when he said I will cut off your head he had no sword in his hands?

But the Almighty God provided the sword, God knows fully well that the neck of Goliath is not a small neck; an ordinary sword is not going to cut off that neck.

So God had already provided a sword big enough that big head from the neck and it is the sword of Goliath himself.

When God has seen your faith he will take over from there.

assure you before the sun rises tomorrow you will sing a new song.

when ask people to pray, you can sense from the way they pray whether they are expecting something or nothing.

Intense thirst will produce intense prayer, intense expectation will produce intense petition, if you expect God to answer your prayer you will pray.

I Told some brethren in far way Malaysia earlier this year, there was a world conference on prayer and they said they have heard about what God is doing among us here.

So they asked me to come and talk and I told them the reason people don't pray is because they don't expect an answer.

The reason we pray is because we know he will answer.

How many of you really believe God will answer you tonight. He will answer you today in the mighty name of Jesus.

Several year ago, at about 1984 I heard about the great work God was doing in South Korea through the ministry of a young man called Doctor Youngi Cho.

At that time he had the biggest church in the whole world, four hundred and fifty thousand members.

So I went.

I didn't have much money and you know how much it must have cost to go from here to South Korea.

I wanted to go, so I cried to God and he provided the ticket.

And I listened to this man, I wanted to find out his secret; what made him so successful in ministry.

Of course he taught us about several things like house fellowship and other things but he kept on coming to one thing; Prayer! Prayer!! Prayer!!!

In fact he brought a whole mountain into which they dug little, little holes where people can crawl into and pray.

People came from all over the world, then they took us on tours on the mountain to go and pray, after they release us to go and pray.

I had a lot to pray about because I was tired of laboring in vain.

Is anybody here tired of laboring in vain? Your failure will end tonight in Jesus name.

So I was in that hole and I was praying and of course I forgot myself.

By the time I checked myself, I discovered I have been in that hole for about two hours, I discovered that I was the only one left, because they were waiting for me, thank God am a black man because they discovered one black man was not there.

And they were upset with me, "why have you kept us waiting?" I said "am sorry, I thought we came here to pray".

They said "yes but are you going to pray everything in one day?" You don't know what brought me; I mean they were so upset nobody spoke to me all the way back to the hotel, which was very good because I wanted to continue with my prayer.

Today, you can see the result.

How many of you believed that the Almighty God will answer your prayers?

In Mark 10 v 46 - 52 when Bartimeaus heard that Jesus was passing by, he cried out, they asked him to shut up , he said " you don't need help, I need help, keep quiet and let me cry out because this is one single person who I know will solve my problem.

He had a great expectation and it was revealed in his prayer.

And so that bring us to our case study the woman with the issue of blood that I read to you in the text Mark 5 v 25-34

The Lord said there is someone here he said the invisible hand that is stabbing you in the chest have been removed, therefore the pain will not return.

Thank you father!

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said I will make your progress like that of a car going downhill; easy and fast.

The woman with the issue of blood, number one, had heard about Jesus, that there is a prophet in the land, He is healing the sick, He is opening blind eye, He is solving problem.

She had heard and Romans 10 v 17 says faith come by hearing and hearing by the world of God.

She had heard so faith was born in her and then she said with her mouth if I can just touch the helm of his garment I know I will be made whole.

Romans 10 v 10 says with the heart man believes and with the mouth, confession is made unto salvation.

Matthew 12 v 34 says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Like I said before your faith, your hunger will determine how you will pray. And then she made an effort, she didn't sit down expecting Jesus Christ to come to her house, she came.

She came in the press behind, you put it in the modern language, she forced her way through until she touched the helm of his garment.

James 2 v 17 says faith without works is dead, been alone. You have great expectation you are expecting God to do mighty for you.

It will require an effort and then of course God will do the rest, because as soon as he touched the helm of the garment of Jesus Christ, power flow through to her.

Proverbs 24 v 14 said there shall be a reward. You make an effort, the reward will come!

It is that passage that says your expectation shall not be cut off. There will be a reward! You make an effort God will respond because Hebrews11 v 6 says God is a Rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Don't forget the word diligent, he is a reward of those who diligent seek him. He is the one who answer the prayers of those who pray diligently, he is the one who reward the effort of those who made the effort diligently.

Now, what then can I expect as a child of God?

With faith in him, knowing full well that when he promises he will keep his promise, forever oh lord your word is settled. Psalm 119 v 81.

Thank you Lord!

The Lord said there is someone here tonight he said you have been dreaming of rain he asked me to tell you your shower of blessings will soon begin.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight; he said those who threaten to subdue you shall fail.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, he said you are closer to permanent victory than you can imagine

addy says it take a shout of expectation to bring down the wall of Jericho and he asked me to tell you, you praise me and see.

Thank you Lord!

Let me hear somebody shout a really big halleluiah!

What can I legitimately expect as the true child of the living God? Quite a lot but I will just give you few of them based on his word.

Number one, I can expect healing?.

Because 1 Peter 2 v 24 says by his stripes you were healed. Not by his stripe you are going to be, it is by his stripe you are already healed, if he says I have already been healed.

I have every right to expect my healing will come.

How do you want your healing?

I will explain.

I know that may stand to be a tricky question but I had gone to pray for a man before who was coughing very badly and I said sir, how can I help you? You know what he said to me?

He said "man of God, I want you to pray that the cough will be going down little by little". Little by little!?

So when did you want it to vanish? Little by little?

Do you want your healing little by little? So how do you want your healing?

Number two,

I have a right to expect to live the rest of my life in divine health, I can expect never to be sick again.


Based on the promise of God, Exodus 15 v 26 He says to me son/daughter, if you hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord your God to observe and to do all that he commands you this day, I will bring none of the disease I brought on the Egyptians upon you, for I am the lord that heals you.

He says if I obey him he will be my physician, I have a right to expect that for the rest of life I will not know sickness again.

And I am believing God for someone here tonight; though you might be sick now, before the sun rises you will be well, and for the rest of your life you will not know sickness again.

But how are you going to die if you don't know sickness?

You don't have to be sick to die.

At least I know an uncle of mine who went to church on Sunday, it was thanksgiving Sunday, he sang he danced, he had a wonderful time, went home took breakfast and the wife began to prepare launch and as they were pounding the yam he decided to go into the toilet.

When they finished pounding the yam they came to knock at the door of the toilet and said come out the table is set. When they open the door they found that he has gone home, that is the way to go. No ache, no pain!

That is the way to go.

My own will be slightly different; it is going to be on Sunday, I will go to church, have a wonderful service, eat pounded yam and go.

That is the way! I have a reason to expect divine health.

I pray for every one of you here today, the grace to obey God for the rest of your life will be given to you in Jesus name. Therefore the grace to enjoy divine health for the rest of your life receives it right now in Jesus name.

I have a right to expect total security, based on the word of God Isaiah 54 v 17 says no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

No weapon! It doesn't matter the name of the weapon, he said when he comes to you it will no prosper. it is the word of God and I can tell you stories upon stories.

The very first year when we were here trying to build our little tent, the expressway then were just at the headquarters of the high way robbers.

So they were robbing people every day on the expressway. And because this is the only place when there was a little light then, not now when light is everywhere.

People will run, on one occasion they ran to the camp they came to the carpenters and the workers. And they followed them to go and collect their loads from the car.

They will throw something, the tire will puncture, people will run away and the robbers will take whatever they want.

But the police men had arrived before my boys got there and they laid ambush, so when they saw my boys coming they thought they were the robbers and they cock their guns and the leader of the police patrol said fire!

And the guns refused to fire, they said it again nothing happened.

I decree tonight for the rest of our life no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. I decree tonight no weapon fashion against me shall prosper.

Great expectations;

I have a right to expect overflowing blessings. Deuteronomy 28 v 1 -2 the Bible says again provided I will obey and hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord my God to observe and to obey and all that he commands me.

I have told you there is a level where God will begin to bless you so much you will begin to run and you will be saying God this is too much, God will tell you I have not even started the blessing will begin to follow and overtake you.

I decree tonight there be somebody here even before the end of the year, who will say father, this blessings is too much in Jesus name.

I have a right to expect victory without a fight. Deuteronomy 28 v 7 says they will come against you one way, they will flee seven ways. He says God will cause those who rise up against you to be smitten before your face, you won't do the fighting, you just wait and see the salvation of the Lord.

I have a right to expect a right to enjoy victory without a fight; I have a right to expect the kind of prosperity that will flow to nations. Deuteronomy 28 v 11-12 says never to bow, he said as a matter of fact you will be lending to nations.

And I want to thank God for all of you who are here who are supporters of this ministry.

You may not know it but you are already lending to nations, because by the special grace of God now The Redeem Christian of God is in more than 160 nations of the world.

They called us poor, they say Nigerians are poor, but by the grace of God we are taking the gospel to the world because God promised that we will lend to nation.

Now I want to decree to someone here tonight; very soon you will come to me and say sir, how much do we need for missionary work this year?

I have a right to expect that not only would I be promoted but my promotion will be permanent. Deuteronomy 28 v 13 says clearly, you will be above only and not beneath, you will be head and not tail.

That is permanent promotion because it is one thing to be promoted, it is another thing to get there and stay there. But it is in the word of God that you have permanent promotion.

And of course I can go on and on, on several passages but as a child of God; I have absolute right to expect a mansion when I get to heaven.

Now take note I didn't say if I get to heaven, I say when I get to heaven.

And in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I am going to be there. And I know I will see you there in Jesus name.


Because Jesus Christ said in John 14 v 1- 3 in my father's house there are many mansions there.

He said if it were not so I would have told you. He said I am going to prepare a place for you and when I have finished preparing the place, I will come for you.

He is coming for me again! How many of you are expecting Jesus to come for you again? And the reason he hasn't come yet is that he is preparing the mansion.

Now there are some highly educated theologians who said no, no, what is written there is not mansion, what is written there is hut. I said hut! In heaven!

If you want a hut you will get one, but I am going for a mansion. How many of you want a mansion? You will get your own there in Jesus name.

For those of you who are old members of the church I have shared with you again and again, long ago God had already showed me my own mansion; it was still being built, they have not completed it then and I have not seen it now for a while.

So I don't know how big it is now, but what I saw was so big that if you stand on one end, a man at the other end will be like an ant and they were still building.

And that is more than thirty years ago now. And when I asked the Lord, this is where you need to pay attention, how many rooms do I need?

Is it not only name, He said every soul you win will have a room in your mansion? Because in heaven your convert will come and pay you visit. So those of you who are not winning souls, listen to me you may get to heaven and found that your mansion is made of only one room because there is no body coming to visit you, you have not won any soul.

Those of you who by the grace of God has been converted to Christ through my little effort, there is a room for you in my own mansion, when we get to heaven you are coming to pay me a visit.

I want you to begin to work hard for your own mansion too, every soul you win has a room in your own mansion and am looking forward to my own.

I don't know how my own is going to be.

What I saw more than thirty years ago, is already big but at that time they were still building, that is why you find that somebody like me can't rest.

We finish one program I go on to another. We finish congress, I go on to Let's go-a-fishing. Why don't you seat down? I want to win more soul.

Those ones you've won are they not enough? no , I want my mansion to be bigger.

How many of you are expecting a mighty mansion when you get to heaven?

God will give you one in Jesus name, but make sure you go on winning souls like nobody's business.

Between the promise of God and the manifestation of that promise, the devil would try his best to see if he can double cross you, you must not allow him!

And I will give you one example and it will be time to pray, that is the example of Joseph

In Genesis 37 v 5- 11 God showed Joseph how great he will become, God gave him a glimpse of how great he will be come because all that Joseph saw was that his brothers, his father, mother bowing down before him.

He didn't know the whole world will be bowing down before him but God gave him a glimpse, then the brothers became angry, they tried to kill him they failed, they threw him into a well, the water was gone by the time he landed.

They sold him into slavery; it didn't matter, they didn't know they were selling him into the fulfillment of his destiny.

He became a slave and when he got to the house of the slave owner he became MD and the devil saw the way these things are going and said I better deal with this boy and set a trap for him.

Genesis 31v 9 -12 And the wife of the master said lie with me, sin so that your destiny can be polluted, sin so that your destiny can be truncated, sin so that your expectation can be cut short.

But the young man said how can I do this things and sin against God. There is only one person who can make my expectations come to past I will not annoy Him.

That is why I am making a very passionate plea to you tonight; people have asked me again and again; Sir, why do you keep on hammering holiness?

One reason apart from making it to heaven, no matter how big your dream maybe if you don't annoy God the dream will come to pass. I know that one

All my friends call me the big dreamer.

I dream big, if I tell you one of my dreams, you yourself will call me the dreamer but I know that as long as by the grace of God I can keep myself pure the dreams will come to pass.

If you will stay away from sin, if you will keep yourself pure all your dreams will come to pass, all your expectations will become manifestations.

Because of the one who promise, because of his track record, because of his resources, because of his ability to perform.

And you know the rest of the story; they threw Joseph to prison but from the prison to the throne, because if the one who promise is faithful, if you are faithful to him, he will be faithful to you.

In conclusion he said in Isaiah 1 v 19 -20 he said if you are willing and you are obedient you will eat the good of the land.

He said but if you refuse, if you rebel, if you will not obey him, he said then don't blame him for what will follow.

That is why I am making a special altar call tonight. Do you know that all the promises of God for you since you were born can be fulfilled before the end of this month.

Because God is more than able, but if you persist in your life of sin, you will hear other people testifying you will say but I was there that night, how come my own is not there that night, how come my own was not there?

God will tell you because of your sin.

So if you are here tonight and you have not yet given your life to Jesus Christ and you want to forsake the way of sin and you want to begin to live a life that will be pleasing to the Almighty God, I invite you now to come and surrender your life to Jesus Christ.

If you want to give your life to Jesus come now, or if you are a backslider you use to be born again but you have gone back into sin and you want to return to the Almighty God so that you can begin to live a life of holiness you can come also.

As you come, ask Him to be merciful unto you, ask Him to save your soul, promise Him that from now on you will do his will.

Tell Him to just forgive you all your sins and give you a brand new beginning.

The rest of us let us stretch our hand towards these people and pray for them, that the One who save your soul will save their soul also, that God will have mercy on all of them, that God will wipe away all your sins and give you a brand new beginning even as he promised.....

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Savior we bless your name Almighty Jesus we give you glory and honor for your word that have gone forth tonight, please accept our thanks in Jesus name.

You promised, that whosoever will come unto you, you will in no wise cast out, this people have come now, Father receive them in Jesus name.

Have mercy on them in Jesus name, cleanse them in your blood in Jesus name, even as you save their souls tonight write their names in the book of life in Jesus name.

And the grace that will enable them to never to go back into the life of sin give to them in Jesus name.

Any backslider among them restore fully in Jesus name.

My Lord and my Savior I pray tonight that beginning from tonight whenever this your children call unto You, You, will answer them in Jesus name, and let them serve you till the end in Jesus mighty name we have prayed (amen)

I want to rejoice with those of you that have come forward tonight, because by the grace of God from now on I will begin to pray for you, so I will need your name, your address and prayer request.


1. Thank Him for the past, the present, the future.

2. Father, don't let my expectation to be cut off.

3. Father, my expectation is to enjoy divine health for the rest of my life, Father please fulfill it.

4. Father, my expectation is never to borrow again all the days of my, Father please fulfill it.

5. Father, my expectation is never to backslide, please fulfill it.

6. Father, my expectation is to become a divine treasurer, a mighty one, please full fill it.

7. Father, my expectations is to be mightily use of you to heal the sick, to raise the dead and to perform all manners of miracles including casting out demons please fulfill it

8. Father, my expectation is to win millions of soul, please fulfill it.

9, My expectation is to have blessing that will overflow to many nations please fulfill it.

10. Father, my expectation is that all my children will be greater than I, please fulfill it.

11. Father, my expectation is that I will never bury my children, please fulfill it.

12. Father, my expectation is that my future will be more glorious than my present, please fulfill it.

13 Personal requests.

Thank you so much for your continuous support. We do sincerely appreciate you so much.

Pastor Adeboye E.A.

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