Tuesday, May 15, 2012


when a man's time of favor comes God will do two basic things; number one he will arise, number two; he will show mercy. Only those two basic things, thou will arise and show mercy for the time to favor her yea, the said time has come. When the time for favor comes, God does two basic things.

Number one he arises, now Psalm 68 v 1-3 says let God arise and his enemies will scatter. Now when we will say the enemies of God will scatter the question that comes to your mind immediately is; who are the enemies of God?

When you look at Act 9 v 1-5 you discovered that the enemies of God are the enemies of his children. There was a man called Saul of Tarsus he was persecuting Christians, he was throwing them to prison, he was killing them, he was doing all manners of evil against them and then one day he got permission from the leaders to go to Damascus, that if he should find any Christian there at all he will take them bound to Jerusalem so that they can be dealt with.

On the way the Lord met him and knocked him down from the Horse. Do you know those who are persecuting you are about to be knocked down. Then God spoke to him and Saul, Saul, why persecuted thou me? And then Saul said how can I be persecuting you, I don't even know who you are.

Then God said it is me you are persecuting, when you are persecuting my children. You see those who are tormenting children of God they don't know that they are in serious danger because they are actually fighting against God and when God arises his enemies will scatter.

So if I were you I will congratulate the man beside you and say your enemies are about to be scattered.

When you go through the Scriptures you will see several examples of what happen when God arose, for example if you read Exodus 3 v 7-8 it is when God arose for Israel that there deliverance from Egypt came, he said to Moses he said I have seen the afflictions of my children, I have seen what the Egyptians are doing unto them.

You see many at times, we think God does not see, but God is not blind, everything that is happening here on earth he is observing and when it is time in his infinite wisdom to arise, he will arise.

And I have a feeling that the time for him to arise is now. The time for him to arise is now, he is about to arise for me, he is about to arise for me, he is about to arise for his church, he is about to arise for Nigeria, he is about to arise for the world. If you believe that let me hear you say amen.

When you read Judges 15 v 1 -15 it tells you the story of Samson dealing with the Philistines and then the Philistines decide they were going to revenge and the children of Israel decided; let's sacrifice Samson.

His relatives came to him they bound him and they handed him over to the Philistines.

I once preached a sermon on when God is silent. When they got Samson on the mountain top and they were bounding him, God didn't say anything, when they were binding him; God kept quiet.

When they handed him over to the enemy; God didn't say a word, until the enemies began to rejoice, thinking that now we got him, then God will arose. God will arise for somebody here today.

And when God arose suddenly all the ropes bounding Samson, the bible say it was burnt as if it touched fire and somehow he landed where there was a jaw bone of an ass already waiting. Do you know the weapon that God will use to deal with your enemies is within your reach right now?

And before we knew what was happening; one thousand of the enemies lay dead and the others fled. When you read 1 Samuel 17 v 1 -51 for forty days Goliath was terrorizing Israel; he was getting up in the morning terrorizing them, in the evening terrorizing them and God kept quiet.

But one day, God arose. And when God arose in the morning, by the night time the head of Goliath was already gone. Tonight in the name that is above every other names, the Goliath in your life is about to lose his head.

When you read Daniel 3 v 13 - 30 you will see the story there of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego when the king said they must bow down and worship his idol and they refused, God kept quiet.

When the king was boasting; I am going to deal with them, I am going to throw them into the fiery furnace, I am going to make the fire to burn seven times than normal, God kept quiet. When they were binding the three of them, God kept quiet.

When they were carrying them towards the fire, God kept quiet. But just before they landed in the fire, God arose!

Do you know that whatever problem followed you here tonight, will not follow you back home? Because the time for God to arise for you has come, if you believe that let me hear your halleluiah!

When you read Daniel 6 v 18- 28 you will see it there, that when the enemies of Daniel were holding their meetings plotting how they will destroy him, they said something, they said we know him; there is no way you can corrupt him, the only way you can get him, is to ask him not to pray, he will pray to his God.

You know the enemies had been saying that concerning many of you; they said the only thing you can get him not to do is not to go to the Holy Ghost night, he will go there to pray, so let's wait till he goes, well God is watching and he is listening.

When they said let's get him into the den of Lions, God didn't say a word. When they threw him into the den of lion and they rolled the stone across the mouth so that he won't be able to escape and God arose and suddenly Lions became like lambs.

Do you know all those things that have been frightening you very soon now, they will be toys in your hands?

Let me give you just one more example because the bible is full of what happens when God arose.

In Act 16 v 25- 34 the Bible tells us about what happened to Silas, you know before that they had already cast out a demon out of a girl, the people got angry they beat them, they threw them to prison and they told the jailer keep them save because by tomorrow morning we are going to kill them.

And then the Bible says at mid-night, Paul and Silas began to pray and they began to praise God. They were doing what we are doing tonight and suddenly God arose and when God arose, the earth began to shake and very soon there was an earth quake. And the prison doors were flung open, every man's bound were loosed.

And the man, that they say should keep these people save so that they can kill them tomorrow; is the now the one who began to wash their wounds, who began to give them food.

I have good news for somebody here tonight, because your time of favor has come; your enemies will become your servants.

So number one, when the time of favor comes, God will arise.

Number two, he will show mercy.

I can go through the scriptures from the beginning to the end, to show you all those who received mercy from the Lord what were the outcome.

But the bible says something in Lamentation 3 v 22 - 23 he says it is of the mercies of the Lord that we are not consumed, thank God it is renewed every morning. But for the mercy of God how many of us will be alive today?

If God has not been merciful unto us; many of us were born into a family where the father probably had six or seven wives.

And out of the six or seven wives maybe five of them are witches and maybe your mummy alone is the only who didn't know anything at all and yet the Almighty God preserved your life.

How many people are in that category? Let me hear you shout halleluiah!

It is of the mercy of the Lord that we are not consumed and because of that mercy that is why you are going to get your breakthrough tonight. Because when you read Mark 1 v 40 -45 the Bible tells us the story of a leper who came to Jesus Christ and said I know you can make me clean if you are willing.

In order words I know you have the power, but I am not even sure I qualify for a miracle, the Bible says Jesus Christ did something very great, he touched the leper.

And the Bible says you must not touch a leper, because if you touched a leper you yourself will become unclean. But the one, who made the law, broke the law. Why?

Because they said he was moved by compassion. Mercy moved Him. Tonight every law that is against you shall be broken because God will show you mercy in Jesus name.

In Romans 9 v 15 - 16 the Bible says God said I will be merciful on whom I will be merciful (and am sure I am the one He is talking to now)...

I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. It is therefore not of him that runeth, nor of him that willeth but of God that showeth mercy.

Nobody succeeds in this world except God had mercy on him and he will have mercy on you tonight in Jesus name.

I am going to take just one case study to show you things that will happen when a man is operating under divine favor.

And the example I am going to use is Joseph, there are several things I can tell you about Joseph.

In fact I wrote a whole book on him, on the faithfulness of God (if you want you can go to CRM bookshop and you get the book) it is a whole book, but tonight am not going to go over a whole book, I am going to mention seven things that will happen to somebody who is operating under divine favor.

Number one: You cannot kill a man operating under divine favor, nobody can kill him. Genesis 37 v 19- 20 the bible says when the brothers of Joseph saw him coming, what was it they said? behold the dreamer comes, let us kill him.

They said let us kill him, I mean ten big men decided that the time has come for a young boy to be killed but they forgot something, they forgot that this man was operating under divine favor.

I want to assure every one of you here tonight, you will not die before your date. How do I know? Because Deuteronomy 32 v 39 the Almighty God said I am God and there is no one else, he said I am the only one who can kill, and I am the only one who can make alive.

And he said there is no man who can deliver out of my hand, in other words no one can kill. Nobody can kill anybody God does not kill and I can assure you; God is not going to kill you at all.

So when God arises when there are enemies who have made up their minds that they want to kill you and then God arises what will happen? Deuteronomy 28 v 27 And God will cause the enemies that rise against you to be smitten before your face.

Do you know what that one means? you are standing still, enemies arose against you and while you are watching you just see the enemies collapsing. You don't have to do anything all! God will cause the enemies that rise up against you to be smitten before your face, he said when they come against you in one way they will flee seven ways.

When God arises for you nobody can kill you, the Bible say in Isaiah 54 v 17 he says no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. If God arises for you, every weapon of the enemies will be neutralized.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said all you have left is faith in God, he asked me to tell you that will be enough.

Daddy said there is someone here tonight, he said the doctors are confused about your case he asked me to tell you I will heal you all the same.

Isaiah 41 v 10 - 13 God says I will help you, he said I will hold you by the right hand and I will help you. He said those who are incensed against you, will be as nothing, he said you will look for them, you won't even find them.

When God arises for you, those who says they want to kill you, they will scatter and that is going to happen tonight in Jesus name:

Number two, when a man is operating under divine favor, not only can you not kill him, you cannot kill his dreams. There are several people who just like Joseph had some very big dreams. Big dreams! In Genesis 37 v 5 -11 Joseph had a dream.

Then he told his brothers, even an idiot could interpret the dream; this little boy said the dream I had is that all you my brothers you are going to bow down before me.

And the brother said, "You! We will see". Then he had another dream, again he dreamt, and this time he said not even just the brother; my father and my mother they too they are going to be bowing down, so they said "alright we will see".

When they saw him coming they say we will kill him and when he dies his dreams will die with him.

Many of us when we are young we have wonderful dreams, some of us by now as we are getting old, we begin to wonder what is going to happen to those dreams. I have good assurance for you, if you are operating under divine favor; those dream as big as they were they will come to past.

Because In Genesis 50 v 15 - 21 those brothers, the same brothers, who wanted to kill Joseph and kill his dreams, came, fell down before him and they say we will be your servant.

Am assuring someone here tonight, all those who have ganged up against you who say they must destroy your dreams; very soon they will come and bow down before you, why? Because when a man is operating under divine favor, God arises for him.

The Lord said there is someone here again tonight, who is asking the question again and again, when will the battle be over? The Lord asked me to tell you very soon.

Psalm 33 v 10-11 the Bible says that the Lord bring the counsel of the hidden to nothing, he makes the devices of the people of none effect but the counsel of the Lord shall stand forever.

So it doesn't matter what they planned against you, it doesn't matter their evil imagination, as long as God is on your side the original plan of God for your life shall be fulfilled in Jesus name.

I have told you this story before, but I will say it because of those who are listening all over the world who had never heard it.

In 1951 in my little village but it's no longer little glory be to God. It was a small village, in those days only two Lorries come to town per day, one is Austin the other is Bedford and you can tell by the sound they make.

At that time I can tell you the total number of people with pairs of shoe in the whole village; they were very few, I know the headmaster had one, the king had one, the catholic priest had one and some other people so you don't get the number.

And so the Anglican bishop from Ibadan came to visit our village and we in the primary school we lined up to receive him, the village hunters didn't go to the farm, they were firing their deign guns to give the Bishop gun salute. And he drove in a very new black car.

Remember, only two Lorries come to the village, here comes a car. He was wearing the robe of a bishop, beautiful robe and when he was coming out of his car, I looked at his shoes, oh God! It was shining beautiful, I have never seen anything like that before, my mouth was wide open, and then when it was time for him to go, every farmer were giving him gifts; chicken, yams, eggs.

When I got home that day, I told my mother, I said mama; I am going to be a bishop.

That was 1951, then I grew up, went to school and dropped out of church for years, I didn't even go to church at all talk less of Bishop.

But as God will have it somewhere along the line, He met me, He saved my soul, one way or the other He promoted me and I became General Overseer.

Then in 1981 I was visiting my village as General Overseer, and they arranged for the school children to line up the route, the hunters were firing their guns, I drove in a brand new car and as I was about to come down from the car I looked at my shoes.

Let somebody shout halleluiah!

Thirty years after I had the dream it came to past, your dream too, everyone of them shall come to past in Jesus name.

Number three, when you are operating under divine favor, at home you will shine. According to Genesis 37v3 among all the children of his father, Joseph was special, what made him special?

They said he was the son of the old age, but that is the excuse. He was special because God made him special. Tell your neighbor, you may not know it but I am special to God.

So his father made him a coat of many colors, Isaiah 60 v 1-2 he said arise and shine, why? For your light is come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you, it is not anything particular, that made Joseph special, it is the glory of God upon his life.

In 1 Samuel 16 v 11 - 13 when God wanted to pick a king in the house of Jesse, he picked David, David shone among his brethren.

The Lord says I should tell a particular girl, he said because I reserve till the last, he said your celebration will be superior to those who have gone before you.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said very soon you will know the meaning of all things work together for good to them that love God.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight; he said you have been relegated to the back seat, he said I will bring you to the front row.

In 1 Samuel 16 v 15-18 you will discover that when an evil spirit began to trouble king Saul, and his servant told him, 'sir you need a musician to play so that this evil forces will leave you alone' and he said 'okay, get me someone'.

They said 'we know one man who was an extremely good musician and he was a valiant man of valor' they were talking about David. Even at home he was already shinning.

And in the name that is above every other name, from now on you too will begin to shine at home.

Number four, when you are operating under divine favor even in strange land, he will shine. When Joseph got to Egypt in Genesis 39 v 1 -6 the Bible says almost immediately he arrived in Potiphar house he began to shine, Potiphar just took a look at him and saw the way things were going and said I hand over everything to you.

How do you hand over everything to a prisoner? a prisoner that you have just bought , a prisoner that you don't know anything about. But because God was arising for him abroad he was shinning.

The Bible says in Psalm 121 v 8 God says I will keep your coming and your going out. In other words, it doesn't matter where you go, you will still shine there.

In Daniel 1 v 8-20 the Bible tells us when Shedrack, Meshach, Abednego and Daniel got to the foreign land where they were taken to slavery, the Almighty God showed them favor and by the time they finished their training they were ten times more better than other wise men. Abroad they shine!

In Genesis 24 v 1 - 14 Isaac was in a foreign land and there was farming in the Land and because he obeyed God, God made him to shine at the time that there was famine in the land; he prospered so much he became the envy of the entire nation.

I have good news for someone here tonight, very soon the whole nation will know about you.

I have told this story before, several years ago, when I was still a lecturer at the university of Lagos, there was this conference of applied mathematician in Canada and I happened to be one of the two people sent from Nigeria to go and represent us, and I felt very big because Nigeria is sending two people and they included me.

When we got there for the opening night, the man who was to make the opening remark (I think at that time I had published about 12 papers, it is your publication that they use in promoting you) but when they introduce the man who was going to do the opening talk they said he has published a hundred and fifty papers, I said what am I doing here?

Then he began to talk on what he called the mathematic of the rain. And I know two days later they were going to call me to stand before all these people to present my paper, what am I going to say in the presence of somebody who is talking about the mathematics of the rain?

I tell you a secret , I prayed hard; " Almighty God when it's my time to present my paper don't let this man come", But when the time came he was seating in the front row. Probably he came because I was so young, I am talking of 1976 or so, and I was afraid, because when somebody has finished preparing papers, others begin to ask him questions.

So it is not the presentation I am afraid of, it is how am going to answer their questions.

Then I presented my paper and everybody got up and they began to clap including that man!

I am prophesying to someone here today, anywhere you go, you will prosper.

Number five, when you are operating under divine favor, whatever he does prospers Genesis 39 v 2 the Bible says in Potiphar house Joseph was a prosperous man, then Genesis 39 v 21 - 23, even when Joseph landed in prison, again, God was with him and whatever he did prospered.

When a man is operating under divine favor, anything he touches will begin to succeed, he will begin to prosper.

Thank you father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said that which was introduced into you while you were sleeping had been removed tonight.

Daddy says there is someone here tonight; he said the cause of your delay has been dealt with right now.

Jeremiah 17 v 7 -8, the Bible tells us that when a man put his trust in the Lord he will be like a tree planted by the river side he said whatsoever he does shall prosper.

Do you know that you can sell pure water and become a billionaire? If God is with you, anything you touch will prosper.

You can sell fire wood and become a billionaire, whatever he does shall prosper. In the name that is above every other name, your prosperity begins now.

Number six, when a man is operating under divine favor, his promotion is certain, there may be a delay like in Genesis 40 v 1 - 23 the Bible tells us that after Joseph interpreted the dreams to some people and he told the one that was going to be in the court of Pharaoh he said when you get back to your position please remember me, but the bible says the man just forgot him, for two years he forgot the one who had done him good, but that is because the time wasn't right yet, when the time came, the one who has forgotten remembered.

There are many of us who are here tonight, we have done good to several people, but in our times of trial they have forgotten us.

They don't even want to see us, they don't want to help us at all, but I have good news for you; things are about to change.

All those who should help you, who have forgotten about you, tonight they will have a dream, God will send them a dream so that by the time they wake up they will be looking for you.

When a man is operating under divine favor, his promotion may be delayed but it will surely come to pass.

In Genesis 41 v 38-40, the Bible says finally they brought Joseph out of the prison, and Pharaoh said we can't find another man as wise as this, the spirit of God is in him, therefore let put him in charge.

The Lord said there as you begin to pay your tithe fully he was so move you from not enough to more than enough.

Those who say that we will soon see his end shall wait in vain.

Thank you Lord, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, anytime it is your time they will say no more, he asked me to tell you; I will change all that now.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said for the rest of the year, one success will follow another in quick succession for you.

Isaiah 75 v 6-7 tells us that promotion does not come from the east or from the west or from the south he said God is the judge, He raises one and pulls down another.

God the great promoter will bring your promotion speedily in Jesus name.

Like I told you before in 1 Samuel 2 v 7-8 when the Almighty God decides to promote you, he keeps on promoting, he can take you to any height, and he can take you to place you never dreamt possible. He just keeps on promoting, after all his arm is an everlasting hands.

If human being promotes you they can bring you down, if news paper promotes you one day they will turn against you the same people who are writing good thing about you today, with great joy they will write evil things about you. Because they know it is evil news that will sell their papers.

It is not they are wicked, it is just their job. But when God promotes, you he keeps promoting you forever.

And I have good news for somebody here; your promotion is beginning right now.

Am sure you will remember the story of one lecturer in one university, the Head of department said because he refused to join a secret society he said this fellow will never be promoted as long as he is the head of department.

This young man who gave his life to Jesus Christ mentioned the case and we cried to the Almighty God.

After all the Almighty God said if you have faith and you doubt not, you will say to this mountain, mountain be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea and it shall be so. If the Head of department decided to make himself a mountain, we tell mountain to move.

Every mountain blocking your way tonight shall move in Jesus name.

And suddenly there was a coup a new government came and the new government for one reason or other decides to remove all professors who were head of department at that time.

And the Head of department came. And the head of department said 'I want to see the files of all those who are under me and they couldn't find the file of this man.

The master has seen to it that the file was well hidden. They kept searching and finally they found the file and found out that there had been no recommendation for that man for more ten years.

No single recommendation, because they file was hidden and the new boos said there is only one way to compensate him and he gave him double promotion. Everything that had been denied you shall be returned seven folds in Jesus name.

Finally number seven: When a man is operating under divine favor, he will surely reach the top. There is no way you can keep down somebody who is operating under divine favor.

In Genesis 41 v 44 the bible said Pharaoh said to Joseph, I am Pharaoh and I am saying to you Joseph in the land of Egypt nobody will lift his hand or foot without your permission.

He said they must all obey me and I am saying I am taking the back seat, you rule, nobody will do anything without your permission.

Deuteronomy 28 v 13 when you are operating under divine favor, you will be head and not tail, you won't stop until you reach the top and God is talking to someone here tonight.

In 1 Samuel 22 v 1 -2 even when David found himself in the cave of Adullam and al lot of vagabonds, people in distress people in need, people who had problems, gathered themselves together to him, he was still their captain, even in the cave he was captain.

Then later on in 2Samuel 2 v 4 in spite of everything that the enemies had done he was anointed again to be king of Judah, then in 2 Samuel 5 v 1 -3 finally everybody came and said listen you are to be king of Israel.

I say it one more time, that goal where God is taking you, you will reach there in Jesus name.

The Lord says by the time the sun rises tomorrow, it will bring you a new break through.

Daddy says there is someone here tonight; he said I will give you a taste of exceeding great joy.

Daddy says there is someone here tonight, he said when next you share your testimony people will say surely God is great.

By the time you get to Mark 10 v 46 -52 you hear Bartimeus saying something about Jesus, he says Jesus thou son of David.

Now the bible tells us that Jesus is the king of kings and yet the bible records for us that David is the father of king of kings, now that is absolute top.

He started asking among his brethren, he became captain over vagabonds in the cave of Adullam, then he became king over Judah, then he became king over Israel and then he kept on rising until he became father of the King of kings.

I have good news for somebody here today, in the name that is above every other names, I will see you at the top, because that is where I am going.

I am going to the top, anybody going to the top with me? I will see you there in Jesus name.

This is the reason why anybody who has any common sense at all will not want to offend God.

Because he is the only one who can give you divine favor, He is the only one who can make sure that nobody can kill you, He is the only one who can make sure nobody can kill your dreams, He is the only one who can make sure you shine at home, He is the only one who can make sure you shine abroad, He is the only one who can make sure that even if your promotion is delayed, it will still come to past.

He is the only one who can make sure you will finally reach the top.

That is why in Genesis 39 v 7 -9 when a woman the wife of Potiphar, tried to entice Joseph into committing sin, Joseph said no way.

The woman said nobody will know, I am the mistress of this house, my husband is away, whatever I say is final and when I ask everybody to clear out of the house, they will clear. So we will do this thing secretly nobody will know.

Joseph said I am not talking of your husband; I am talking of God, how can I do this thing and sin against God?

Your husband has done great thing for me, he has left everything in my hand, but he is only an instrument in the hand of God, I cannot dare offend God.

Many at times some people they think when they look right and they don't see any one, they look left and they don't see anyone and the door is locked. They think everything is okay; I can do whatever I like now. God is watching!

I am sure you heard the testimony of a member of the choir, not in our church but in another church. The pastor has agreed with her to go to a hotel and do all kind of things.

And they got to the hotel, they were about to enter the room, again the pastor looked round right and he looked left nobody knows us here, but as they were about to enter the room, the girl said to the pastor, we have looked right, we have looked left, she said but we didn't look up. She said God is watching. That was how she escaped.

Do you know God is watching you? And it is good news that is why the enemy cannot reach you without him knowing. If He is watching you, that is why he can keep your going in and your coming out.

If he is watching you that is why he can monitor what you are doing so that he can make it to prosper. If he is watching you that is why he can make you to find favor anywhere you go.

But because he is watching, that is why you cannot afford to offend him, no matter well you locked the door, you can't lock God out, he himself is the door, when he wants to come in he doesn't need a key.

That is why people have asked me again and again, why do you keep on hammering on holiness? I said 'I have seen a little in my few years in this world, I am seventy years old now.

I have seen people rise and fall, I have seen people promoted by God crashing to the ground. Becoming nothing, why? Because they offend God,

I can assure you of one thing, when I became born again and I was running up and down, winning soul, Doing one program after the other, some people says take it easy that is how they always start, very soon he will go down.

I told them then others may go down, this one is not going to go down. And I am telling you brethren you have not seen anything yet, I am going to go on higher and higher. Why because I have learnt the secret; as long as there is no quarrel between me and God the rest is easy.

Everybody can be against me if God is for me, I am more than conqueror, that is why I am appealing seriously to those of you who are here tonight. Because this is a very special night indeed, if you are still leaving in sin, it is time to repent, if you have not given your life to Jesus Christ before, come and do so tonight.

If you say you are a Christian and you are still living in sin; you are a backslider, come and give your life back to Jesus Christ. Holiness is the master key, you live holy, the rest is settled.

This is a very special night; a night of favor and the Almighty God will have divine favor on you if you repent.

Call on the Almighty God, ask him to be merciful unto you, ask him to forgive you your sins, ask him to save your soul and the rest of us lets stretch our hands to all these people and intercede for them, that God the savior will have mercy on each and every one of them, that God will forgive them and he will watch them clean in his blood.

Ask God to be merciful unto you, ask God to forgive you your sins ask God to put your name in the book of life so that you too can begin to enjoy divine favor ... in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

My father and my God I want to thank you for all these people who have come forward tonight, thank you for your word, I thank you because you promise that whosoever will come unto you, you will in no wise cast out. These people have come to you now, please receive them in Jesus name.

Your blood that cleanses from all sins let that blood wash away their sins in Jesus name. Today as you save their souls write their name in the book of life in Jesus name. Beginning from now anytime they call on you, please answer them in Jesus name.

And let them begin to enjoy divine favor in Jesus name. Every backslider that has come back to you tonight, please restore full in Jesus name, and don't let them ever go back to the world in Jesus name. Thank you Almighty God, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let someone shout halleluiah!

I want to rejoice with those of you who are in front here, I want to promise you one thing, by the special grace of God I will be praying for you, so I am going to need your name, your address and your prayer request. I promise you I will be praying for you.

The rest of us while we wait for our brother to be attended to, why don't you thank God for the mercy of God that have kept you till this moment, if you know how many times the enemies have tried to kill you, if you know how many meetings that the enemies have held at night concerning you and God destroyed their plans, you will be grateful to God.

So go ahead, begin to praise God, begin to magnify his holy name, for being merciful to you, for his faithfulness, for his support, for loving me, for standing by me, for helping me, for supporting me... in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Prayers for the night:

1, Thank God, for his infinite mercy

2, Father, don't let me ever annoy you again

3, Father, please arise for me: for my family, for your church and for my country.

4, Father, don't let me die before my time.

5, Father, don't let my dreams of greatness die; help me fulfill them

6, Father, let me shine at home, abroad, and everywhere.

7, Father, whatever i touch, please make it prosper.

8, Father, please accelerate my promotion now.

9, Father Take me to the very top soon

10, Father, let me forever operate under divine favor

11, Your Private request.

... in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

The Lord will answer all your prayers, the grace never to offend God again, receive now in Jesus name. The Almighty God will arise for you, He will arise for your families, He will arise for his church, he will rise for your nations, and you will not die before your time.

All your dreams of greatness shall be fulfilled, you will shine at home, you will shine abroad, you will shine everywhere.

Whatever you touch will begin to prosper, God will accelerate your promotion. He will take you to the top. For the rest of your life, you will operate under divine favor it shall be well with you.

God will fulfill all your dreams, he will grant all your requests and your joy shall over flow, so shall it be in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. (Amen).

Let someone shout halleluiah!

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