Monday, January 9, 2012

Fresh Focus in the year 2012

“Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain” (1Corinthians 9: 24).

You have to be a scholar with a concrete focus if you want to be an achiever. You cannot be running to nowhere and expect to reach your destination. It is only when you work with a purpose that we say you are purpose-driven. There must be a goal you are pursuing, a target you want to hit and a dream you desire to realize in your academic adventures, if your aim is to excel in your studies.

Don’t run like aimless students who have got no definite things they are pursuing at a given time. If all it means to be busy is to wake up in the morning, go to school, do some work in the school, come back home to repeat the scenario the second day without specific goals and targets to actualize; the labor bestowed on working does not worth it.

It is possible to hit your success target if it is well set and well planned to be realized. Prudence demands that you set measurable, realistic, great, observable, achievable, long-term and short-term goals in your work. The goals that you set become your target that gives direction and focus on which to concentrate your efforts. You can hit the target if you work hard enough to realize the goals. Dare to strive for success like Paul whose commitment is expressed when he said, “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3: 14).

Failure is sometimes inevitable. Nobody has actually achieved something worthwhile in life who has never failed. Youths who are afraid of failing cannot attempt great tasks. People who do not want to make mistakes cannot be fluent in speaking a learnt language. Riding on a bicycle is an interesting game. No one can be skillful in the game without first falling severally before mastering the act. Man is bound to fall, sometimes. What matters is the direction of the fall-backward or forward. It is important to note that when it becomes inevitable to fall, never fall backward.

Youths who fall backward often break their “spinal cords” of focus which is the backbone of success; loosing every stamina and stability to continue on success journey. Learn to fall forward and rise courageously each time you cannot avoid a fall. Failures feed you with good feedbacks on the road of success. You must be wise to learn some lessons from your past failures with a sharp focus on your future success. Do not concentrate on the past mistakes, neither look back to your falls. Face the future with hope and focus on your success goals; you will make it in Jesus' name.

There maybe time where you will need to change your focus. It is possible that like Paul, you too have been moving with a circle of friends who have refused to allow you to influence them positively. Maybe you have given them Christian literature and other magazines but they refused to read them. And maybe they read them only to look for points to use in arguing or ridiculing the things of God. When your times together no longer offer any spiritual value then it is time for you to move off to a new field. If your friends refused to change for the better despite your love and concern, then you better change and leave them before they change you to become like them.

Achieving dreamers are youths who achieve great success and history continues to remember. Joseph and Daniel were example, of young dreamers of their age. They were dreamers who turned their generations around through great achievements in righteousness. You too can start dreaming for greater achievements. When there is no dream, young people live their lives on chances. Dreams will give you direction and a focus of life's pursuit. You must start to dream so as to have a clear vision for life.

The following tips are helpful.
i Conviction on your dreams: Dreamers are not doubters but those who have clear goals for success, and belief that they will succeed.
ii Consciousness of your dreams: True dreams will trigger earnest desire for achievement. You must be conscious of your dreams every time lest you are distracted from pursuing goals.
iii Courage to pursue your dreams: The rough road of success demands for rugged youths who are determined to crush mountains of obstacles. You need courage to move forward despite obstacles.
iv Confidence in yourself to realize your dreams: John Mason said” you may succeed if nobody else believes in you, but you will never succeed if you don't believe in yourself”. You must have confidence in yourself that you are able to reach your goal.
v Concentrate on your dreams: One major enemy of success is distraction and being busy here and there. A constant focus on your goals backed up with purposeful actions will bring results.
vi Conscientious pursuit of your dreams: Dreamers are not wishful thinkers. They are diligent and dutiful youths who aim at success.
vii Consistent pursuit of your dreams: Dreams initiate visions that must be backed up with consistent actions. Purposeful actions are great essentials for the successful realization of our dreams.

Challenge: Dreams and desires give clear vision and a A purpose-driven student will soon be a goal getter.
Prayer: Dear Father, give me dreams to drive me into success and help me dear Lord by directing path to focus only on what makes for progress.

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