Thursday, June 24, 2010

The power of desire

“Through desire a man, having separated himself seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom” Proverbs 18: 1

It is the chariot wheel of the mind, the springboard of energy and the source of power to the soul. It is desire - the stimulating factor behind result-oriented actions. Desire for success in life will motivate the youth to separate himself from outward hindrances, peer influence, needless social amusements, careless discussions and every form of unprofitable activity to seek for wisdom.

Jesus separated Himself unto a solitary place to pray (Mark 1 :35); Paul in Arabia (Galatians 1: 17) and John the Baptist in the wilderness. They had a passion for something special that worldly distractions would hinder. John the beloved was banished in the isolated island of Patmos to receive Revelation.

How can you come across great wisdom while your whole mind is occupied with the world’s vanities? It is wisdom in itself to first detach yourself from unprofitable engagements to search and seek for great wisdom.

Do you know that great achievement does not come per chance? It is not a product of “trial and error”. It does not result from gambling. Great success is a product of dogged determination to study and achieve success. Wisdom demands that you identify those activities that compete with your study time and do away with them.

And do not forget to do away with unprofitable engagements, discussions and relationships too. Separate yourself from what is opposed to your success. It is high time you started a serious study habit to succeed in life.

Challenge: No man can truly have success without being focused.
Prayer: Oh God of heaven, help me to give myself to things that are profitable.

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