Saturday, February 6, 2010

For Glory and Beauty

“And thou shalt make holy garments for Aaron thy brother for glory and for beauty” (Exodus 28:2).

A preacher was excitedly dishing out the word of God to what he thought was a captive audience. All eyes were fixed on him as he blasted on with his sermon - oblivious of the fact that his shirt was not properly buttoned. He missed out a button hole causing his appearance to be funny.

It was this that engaged the attention of his audience and distracted them from his message. No doubt, both the character and the grooming of God’s ministers count and therefore deserve special attention.

In readiness for unified worship in the tabernacle, it was necessary to maintain a family of priests for Israel. Aaron and his children were divinely appointed to serve in the priest’s office. In doing this, the Lord was careful enough to spell out the details of their official dressing.

The recommended garment for Aaron was a multiple piece comprising a breastplate (in which were set twelve precious stones), and an ephod (a short cloak without sleeves), and a robe (an upper garment), and a broidered coat, a mitre (a turban), and a girdle (a linen band tied around the waist). The garments were to be made by no mean persons but only those that were wise-hearted, whom God had filled with the Spirit of wisdom.

Underlying these specifications was the consideration for glory and beauty. Observe the special materials (fine linen) and the choice of colours used - gold, blue, purple, scarlet – all standing for nobility and majesty. It was intended that the priest’s appearance should reflect the character of God to the people. Utmost care was therefore taken to clothe them as such.

Contrary to the perceptions of many Christians, the Lord does not delight in beggarliness. He deserves and demands the best of our talents, material resources and time. The house of God should reflect the character of God – sacred and dignified. A shabby church setting is for neither beauty nor glory.

God’s own children, especially the ministers, must be so exemplary in character and dressing as to point men to God rather than distract men’s attention from God.

Thought for the day: We must present ourselves well if we must represent God well.

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