Saturday, January 23, 2010

Strengthening Our Souls

Memory verse: “Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. The spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is weak” (Mark 14:38).

Ever seen a hen or a chick having its legs entangled with a twine? Its movements will certainly be impeded by the entanglement. Though it may have the desire and longing to be smart and swift in its legs, this will not be possible for as long as the twine or thread remains wrapped around its legs.

This describes the struggle many people have with their spiritual life. Within them is the desire to soar high spiritually, to be victorious over sin, but unfortunately, this is not often the case. Though they sometimes are sincere about the desire to live above sin, they often find themselves weakened and defeated by their flesh.

The spirit within them indeed is willing, but unfortunately, their flesh is weak. Their flesh is a clog on their soul, slowing down and hampering their spiritual progress.

This reality is clearly brought out in the passage under consideration. Peter and the rest of the disciples openly and that sincerely, expressed their desire to follow Jesus all the way, even unto death. However, they failed to take note of the warning of Jesus that they would soon abandon Him.

Peter, basking in self confidence, boasted that he would never deny the Lord. He trusted his resolution but failed to seek the strength, support and grace of God to be able to watch and pray.

Jesus knew that however genuine and sincere our desire and resolve to follow the Lord may be, we will fail if we do not watch and pray. Our spirits may indeed be willing to please the Lord, but our flesh, which unfortunately we sometimes yield to, overpowers and weakens us.

To overcome, Jesus gives the simple panacea – watch and pray. There is the need to subdue the flesh, conquer its desires and be free from its grips through watchfulness and prayerfulness.

Watchfulness will help keep us on our guard while prayerfulness will give strength to our spirit and help it reach a height sublime. If you truly mean your vows and commitment to the Lord, then back it up with prayers.

Thought for the day: Prayers will strengthen your soul’s willingness and bring your body to submission.

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