Saturday, January 9, 2010


“The LORD is thy keeper: the LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand.” (Psalm 121:5)

It’s a great feeling to have God on one’s side. This day, the Lord has promised to be your keeper and you can depend on Him; He will keep you as he said. But note the identification of the keeper – The Lord. Some trust in other keepers. Many depend on human keepers.

It is a great necessity on our part to seek divine protection because everybody sooner or later realizes the necessity of having a keeper. For you, the job has been made easy. Before you woke up today, before you slept last night, indeed, before you were even born, God had positioned Himself as your keeper who will keep you from every evil.

The Lord, as a Keeper, will keep you from sin. He has the power and desire to make you to enjoy a life of bliss in His presence and so will keep you. No matter how polluted the world may be and no matter how sinful everybody else could be, the Lord has promised to keep you and He will.

The Lord will keep you from evil. There are many evil personalities in this world but today none of them will have access to your body, home or life because the Lord will keep you from them all. You remember how the Lord kept Israel from the curse of Balak in the wilderness? Or how He kept Daniel from the jaws of the lion? Even in a more dramatic way, the Lord will keep you. He is your shade and shelter from the heat of the sun of trouble. He will keep you and your joy will be full. Praise the Lord!

Challenge: He that keepeth Israel will not slumber.
Prayer: Thank You Lord for becoming my keeper today.

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